Highlight Comments From Shawn Monahan, Noah Korner And Dr. Sean Noel On Episode 20 Of Unmuffled

On Episode 20 of Unmuffled, veteran short track racer, current Thompson Speedway reigning Limited Sportsman champion and former New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan chatted for nearly a half hour on a full range of topics concerning the local racing scene.

On his two years as the general manager of the Speedbowl Monahan said: “I put 110 percent into it while I had full control of what was happening. And when little stuff behind the scenes started getting a little irritating, I realized quickly that your dream job can become your nightmare job. … I couldn’t afford to risk missing out on the other things in life if the dream job wasn’t a dream come true any longer. … I don’t want to feel like I’m a quitter. That’s why I ran out to the end of [2016]. … I don’t have any regrets. I did something I really truly loved and enjoyed.”

On the continued turmoil surrounding the Speedbowl and his relationship with current management Monahan said: “It breaks my heart as a race fan. … One of the things that bugs me is that [former track owner Terry Eames] always knew all the way up to the day that he was out of there, that if the track needed something I would be there for him. That’s essentially how I became a lien holder. … When I got into the sign business I made signs for the track. When I got into the trophy and plaque business I made trophies for the track. Then I open up my heart and I pour everything that I’ve got into the place to make it the best place it ever possibly could be. Want to make it better than anybody in my age range has experienced. And then as I walk away, god forbid they call me for a sign, god forbid they have me make the trophies. I’m the official trophy supplier for Thompson Speedway, yet leaving on good terms I can’t even have an opportunity to bid on a trophy for [the Speedbowl]. There are certain things that have me slightly salty about it and that’s just reality. Because that’s business. You pour something into something that you love and your payback for it is a kick in the ass. It is what it is. It’s reality. But, I just go in there and I go in there with my son and we’re going to go racing, and I go in there with my Modified and I’m going to have a good time. It’s never going to be the same for me. And I don’t want ruin that for somebody else who is in their prime or loving every moment of it. I can’t say that next week or next year, if my wife brings me away on a weekend getaway and I’m not at the track while they’re operating, I’m going to be a whole lot more alright with it now than I was five years ago. Unfortunately the world of auto racing can’t afford to have those people that truly love the sport have that type of feeling.”

Former INEX Legends car national champion Noah Korner talked about spending much of the 2017 season on barnstorming schedule of dropping in at track after track that he had never raced at before.

“It was just hard having to figure out every track,” Korner said. “Only having some time on the new track. Two, three rounds of practice and you’re going out for the feature. And you’re racing against the local hero’s that have been doing it for years and years and years.”

Dr. Sean Noel of LifeCare Family Chiropractic checked in to talk about marketing and sponsorship in short track racing. Noel sponsors three drivers at Stafford Motor Speedway.

“You don’t even have to be a business owner to help out your favorite driver,” Noel said. “Write him a check and help him out. These guys appreciate every penny they get. If you really enjoy the sport and you love it, get involved. It’s the best way to go.”

And there was plenty more said by all the guests on the latest episode of Unmuffled.

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  1. Shawn, thanks for all you have done to the bowl. I think George has pretty much alienated every one. There media coverage sucks now too. Hopefully it will be sold and the new owners can get you guys being Shawn’s and Shawn and Sid back. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Hopefully a new owner can come in soon and lift the Black cloud from over it. I hope it rains more Saturday night and fans will go to Stafford or Thompson. Thanks again for sharing your talents to make the racing fun even when your on fire on the back stretch. Glad you were ok.

  2. Have a lot of respect for you Shawn- you did your best – wish I had the opportunity and time to do what you did. I hope the bowl stays alive, hate to see another track close.

  3. Bob Npt. says

    And now we know the real story. Thanks Shawn.

  4. bowlracer says

    the arute’s should buy waterford. Get people who know what they’re doing running that place

  5. Dark cloud over the Speedbowl indeed. Make that a dark cloud during a full solar eclipse. Playing devils advocate the track is under new management and a completely new business entity. They are free to chose vendors as they wish and Mr. Monahan can race or not race at the track as he wishes. He had an arrangement long ago. One would assume he made money doing it. That’s over with the foreclosure exclamation point. He’s just whining and many will take his side not on the merits but simply the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. But in the end it’s just grousing to no end.

  6. sour grapes of wrath says

    Shawn is correct ..he invested some money with Eames and got gaffed. so did many others .on that he is not alone however, .he had displayed erratic behavior as a driver at different tracks and he doesn`t have the consistent temperament to be running a race track.. his sign business is great and that’s a feather in his cap but ultimately his competitive sprit got the most of him at the bowl along with some bad those feelings that I believe led to behaviors resulting in his departure as a promoter/manager .

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