Open Modified 80 At Stafford Speedway Just Got Twisted

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

Stafford Speedway’s Inaugural Open Modified 80 is about to get a little twisted as Twisted Tea has signed on to sponsor the Friday, June 8th event, dubbed the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80. New for 2018 the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 is the first of two open modified events on the Stafford Speedway schedule. Set at 80 laps, teams will compete for posted awards of over $24,000 including $3,500 to win and $660 to start.

“Twisted Tea is coming to Stafford Speedway and we are thrilled to get involved with the Open Modified 80,” explained Nick D’Angelo, Eastern CT District Manager for Boston Beer Works. “We are looking forward to promoting great racing, meeting the fans, and creating some memories at the race track. Twisted Tea is excited to offer a sampling of some our Twisted favorites and offer some giveaways on race night. Be sure to grab your seats and an ice cold Twisted Tea as we all get ready for a great day at Stafford Speedway. Remember Tea fans, be sure to ‘Unwind with a Twist’.”

The Inaugural Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 is shaping up to be a competitive field of drivers from across New England. Twenty teams have already registered for the June 8th event including Woody Pitkat, Chase Dowling, Eric Goodale, Andy Jankowiak, and Keith Rocco. With two weeks until race day and nearly every driver in last weeks Modified Racing Series event signaling intent to compete in the June 8th event, the excitement is building for the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80. With only twenty-six starting spots available for the 80-lap event, drivers will have to race their way into the big show.

Unique to the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80, teams will be allotted 6 total tires for the night and will be allowed to change tires during the 80 lap feature. This presents interesting options for race strategy, to pit or not to pit. Last week (5/18) in the Modified Racing Series 80, eventual race winner Rowan Pennink hit pit road late to swap front and rear tires. Swapping tires allowed him to charge through the field and inherit the race lead from Woody Pitkat, who chose not to pit, with less than 5 to go. Both teams are expected to compete in the June 8th Twisted Tea Open Modified 80

“We are thrilled to have a reputable brand such as Twisted Tea supporting this new open show concept,” remarked Stafford Assistant General Manager David Arute. “The rules package we pulled together is compatible with many open modifieds in the northeast, the purse is over $24,000, and now we have Twisted Tea on board. Twisted Tea products are always a fan favorite and we’ll make sure the winning driver and crew has a few Twisted Teas to enjoy in victory lane. Grab a Twisted Tea from Double Hooked Bar, and sit back, you don’t want to miss a lap.”

Teams can register for the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 online or by calling the track office at (860)-684-2783. Rules for the two Open Modified 80 shows can be found in the TEAMS section of

Stafford’s five NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions will join the Open Modifieds in feature action. Tickets for this event are priced at $30.00 for adult general admission tickets, $5.00 for children ages 6-14, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Reserved seat tickets are $32.00 for all ages. All ticket prices include 10% CT Admission Tax. Stafford Motor Speedway offers plenty of free parking along with overnight parking available for self-contained Recreational Vehicles.

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. Stafford gets the sponsor / did the purse go up? They should at least waive the entry fee for the car owners

  2. wmass01013 says

    I Love Stafford, love modifieds, love open comp shows but woody, goody, rocco, chase and Jankowiak wont make it worth 30$

  3. Hank Hill says

    $30 the price sucks. 20 is more reasonable and don’t forget that asinine CT screw job tax.

  4. Brian Raymond Nye says

    So a regular show is $18 and this show with a huge purse is $30 and some people are complaining. Welcome to 2018 it’s not 1984 anymore. Those cars we all enjoy watching are expensive to run so a uptick in ticket prices for a special show isn’t really a big deal. If money is that tight stay home.

  5. Greased up says

    So a regular show is $18 and this show with a huge purse is $30 and some people are complaining. Welcome to 2018 it’s not 1984 anymore. Those cars we all enjoy watching are expensive to run so a uptick in ticket prices for a special show isn’t really a big deal. If money is that tight stay home.

  6. If they are gonna charge tour prices then I just assume go see the actual tour on June 2nd and June 13th. Lots of choices out there for races. There are tour or open shows every weekend though Sept.

  7. The NWMT is $35 and the Open 80 $30 but point taken.
    Stafford may like the $30 price point. A decent crowd, more income and don’t have to share it with the VMRS folks. Here’s the reasons to go. The show blasts off with heats for full blown modifieds. No 5 or 6 car LLM or LM heats to endure. Then with no fiddling around the features start and you’re off to the races. Pun intended. The SK Lights and SK’s are always good and may show up in force like last night. Then you have the open modifieds and absolutely no idea of what is going to happen.
    Is it worth coming from NH or NY to see. No way. Is it worth the $30 for we locals……..could be. And if they can rope a some heavy hitters from the NWMT then look out Nelly. It could get real interesting real fast
    Don’t forget. Stafford believes in incremental promotion leading up to an event. They may have a trick up there sleeve to announce at the last minute.

  8. Joe Lajoie says

    I went to the Albany-Saratoga opener last month. It was a Tuesday rain date so a bunch of big name invaders showed up – McCreadie, , Sheppard, Friesen in addition to the regular runners Hearn, Tremont, Britten, Flach… It had a definite Tour race feel to it. 40 big blocks showed up. 44 laps, $7500 to win. Place was absolutely packed. Why?? $11 to get in, or $25 to get in the pits.
    It can be done.

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