Ryan Preece Tops Field In Whelen Modified Tour Action At Langley Speedway

(Press Release from NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications)

Ryan Preece celebrates his second win of the 2018 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season on Saturday at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. (Photo: Adam Glanzman/NASCAR)

HAMPTON, Va. — In the midst of a Saturday night short-track shootout at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway, Ryan Preece made the right move, at the right time.

The Berlin, Connecticut, driver passed Justin Bonsignore for the lead on Lap 131, and he never looked back en route to his second NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory of the season.

The triumph was the 22nd of his career, and his first at the 0.396-mile Virginia oval. The 27-year-old has now been to Victory Lane in seven of his last 19 stars in Whelen Modified Tour competition.

“Justin’s car started to get tight, and my car just wasn’t at that point yet,” Preece said. “I knew I had to get by him as quick as I possibly could. Once I got in front of him, I knew I could get into my rhythm and drive away.”

When the caution flew on Lap 103 for a planned mid-race break, Bonsignore, Doug Coby and Eric Goodale elected to stay on the track and take over the top three spots. On the restart, Coby lost positions, and eventually cut down a left-rear tire that ended his night.

On the following green flag, Preece began to hound the back bumper of Bonsignore’s No. 51 Phoenix Communications Inc. Chevrolet, and attempted to make the pass multiple times — but to no avail. Finally, on lap 131, Preece took the bottom lane off turn two, and cleared to the point down into turn three.

He was not challenged for the remainder of the race.

Bonsignore settled for second, with Matt Hirschman charging back up through the field late to finish in third.

“He was a gentleman about it, I was doing everything I could to block his crossover move up off,” Bonsignore said of the battle with Preece. “I could see in the mirror that he was most likely going to get me. That was a lot of fun. Good short-track racing. When we are bummed about second, that’s really good right now.”

Preece was out front in the No. 6 TS Haulers Chevrolet for a race-high 83 laps, while Bonsignore was out front for 25 laps.

Chase Dowling finished sixth, followed by Ronnie Williams, Rowan Pennink, Chris Pasteryak and Blake Barney.

Bonsignore holds a 23-point advantage in the championship standings over Dowling, while Timmy Solomito is 44 points back in third. Craig Lutz, who had his motor expire on lap 29, dropped to fourth in the standings.

The WhosYourDriver.org 150 from Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway will air on NBCSN on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returns to the track at Riverhead Raceway on Saturday, July 7.

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour-WhosYourDriver.org 150 Results
At Langley Speedway
Hampton, Va.
Lap length: 0.396 miles
(Start position in parentheses)
1. (1) Ryan Preece, Berlin, Conn., Chevrolet, 150 laps, 54.887 mph.
2. (5) Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, NY, Chevrolet, 150.
3. (2) Matt Hirschman, Northampton, PA, Chevrolet, 150.
4. (6) Timmy Solomito, Islip, N.Y., Ford, 150.
5. (7) Eric Goodale, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 150.
6. (4) Chase Dowling, Roxbury, Conn., Chevrolet, 150.
7. (11) Ronnie Williams, Ellington, Conn., Chevrolet, 150.
8. (8) Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Chevrolet, 150.
9. (12) Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn., Chevrolet, 150.
10. (15) Blake Barney, Lakewood, N.J., Chevrolet, 150.
11. (13) Kyle Bonsignore, Bay Shore, N.Y., Chevrolet, 150.
12. (14) Kyle Ebersole, Hummelstown, PA., Chevrolet, 150.
13. (10) Rob Summers, Manchester, Conn., Chevrolet, 150.
14. (21) Gary Putnam, Vernon, Conn., Chevrolet, 150.
15. (17) Jeff Rocco, Meriden, Conn., Chevrolet, 149.
16. (18) Calvin Carroll, Newton, N.J., Chevrolet, 149.
17. (23) Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., Chevrolet, 148.
18. (25) Ken Heagy, Calverton, N.Y., Ford, 146.
19. (16) Dave Sapienza, Riverhead, N.Y., Chevrolet, 146.
20. (19) Spencer Davis, Dawsonville, Ga., Chevrolet, 145.
21. (24) Wade Cole, Hartland, Conn., Chevrolet, 135.
22. (26) Melissa Fifield, Wakefield, N.H., Chevrolet, 127, handling.
23. (20) Tommy Catalano, Ontario, N.Y., Chevrolet, 118, engine.
24. (9) Doug Coby, Milford, Conn., Chevrolet, 110, accident.
25. (22) Joe Degracia, Nutley, N.J., Chevrolet, 71, clutch.
26. (27) Walter Sutcliffe Jr., East Haven, Conn., Chevrolet, 41, accident.
27. (3) Craig Lutz, Miller Place, N.Y., Chevrolet, 28, engine.

Race Statistics
Time of Race: 1 hour 4 minutes 56 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.905 seconds
Fastest Qualifier: R.Preece (94.749 mph, 15.046 seconds)
Caution Flags: 6 for 33 laps.
Lead Changes: 5 among 4 drivers.
Lap Leaders: M. Hirschman 1-20; R. Preece 21-49; C. Dowling 50-71; R. Preece 72-105; J. Bonsignore 106-130; R. Preece 131-150.
Standings: 1. J. Bonsignore, 261; 2. C. Dowling, 238; 3. T. Solomito, 217; 4. C. Lutz, 206; 5. R. Summers, 204; 6. R. Pennink, 201; 7. R. Preece, 193; 8. D. Coby, 188; 9. C. Pasteryak, 180; 10. R. Williams, 177.


  1. After 6 races, three different winners: JBon, Preece, and McKennedy.

    JBon is building a nice cushion. Very different from years past with solid performances and hardly a lap led to this. Driving is much better, assertive without being dangerous.

    McKennedy is out of contention, can’t get the car to run since the opener. That win is looking like an anomaly.

    The standings look about as should be expected. Goodale, Sapienza and Carroll should advance through the rest of the season.

    What’s wrong with Big Money Matt? He’s cherry picking the races and still no win. Three 3P finishes. Very good points per race stats. These are the tracks he lives for.

    Sapienza is building momentum, and Williams and Pasteryak should be concerned.

    Preece and Pennink are short a race but still solidly in the top 10. Amazing. Preece and Pennink have high points per race stats.

    Next up, Riverhead and more bullring racing. JBon and the rest of the Riverhead guys have a huge advantage. Will Big Money Matt show up at Riverhead, looking for that elusive NWMT win?

    Stay tuned…

  2. NH MOD CHASER says

    Hey Crazy nice finish for your boy ..Did you go to the race ??Have fun @ OWW & good luck not that you dont kickass @ SEEKONK LOL

  3. Crazy in NY says

    Yeah was there. Long and hot day and a little shorthanded. Pretty good day though. Second in time by 4 hundredths . After the stop on 103 the 60 was flying. First time there so a good day for us it was. Ryan was dialed in for sure.

  4. When they announced that Dowling would drive full time for LFR, I said it wouldn’t matter to Coby cause they do their own thing. Looks like I might have been wrong,Coby just doesn’t seem to have the same car he had last year. Of course the 51 being a new customer is probably getting support from LFR but like Coby has a great team behind him. Did Hoosier change the tires for this year? Sometimes that can throw teams off, because, like Coby Tim Solomito seems to not have the car he had last year, even though he sits 3rd in points. I still believe it’s the team behind you that matters, but you also need top equipment, but chassis wise seems to be pretty tight competition.

  5. The NWMT is great, but I found myself more interested in the VMRS results from New Hampshire. Congrats to Rob Silk!

  6. Rob p, it has been posted numerous times that all LFR cars are a team and share setup information. It kinda shows, eh? 😉

  7. The LFR teams do share information , but the final setup is not always the same. Some coil bind and some don’t. They all don’t have the same shocks and spring setup.

  8. Didn’t go, stayed home here in Pennsylvania to attend a family gathering. Did keep up with it online however.
    darealgoodfella, I see you have the #60 down pat. Cherry picking is an understatement. The black one goes to the tracks where he actually believes he has a chance (don’t know how he figures Preece, Coby, and Bonsignore among others are going to stay home). He doesn’t do any better now against the top runners than he did when he ran the NASCAR tour before. A few weeks ago, instead of taking the red one to Stafford for the open show, it ended up the next night at the New York circus for a whole lot less money (and a bunch more time in travel). Oh, I forgot, that car goes where there is no chance of any form of technical inspection. And if he went to Stafford, he could take the #41 SK with him too. But, year after year, that car shows up on the roster on the website, but never shows up at the track. Must be tech avoidance again. And with the SK 5K coming up, would have been a good time to tune it up, Like I said, cherry picking is an understatement. I think he out to denounce the “Big Money” handle, just don’t seem to fit.

  9. Crazy in NY says

    The black one goes to the tracks where he actually believes he has a chance (don’t know how he figures Preece, Coby, and Bonsignore among others are going to stay home).

    Could you please explain how you can make such a stupid statement? Yeah he’s “afraid” of Stafford but goes to Langley (a NASCAR Tour event) but is surprised Preece, JBon, and Coby are there?
    Pete are you a disgruntled customer of theirs? Does he own the Pee Dee 60? The 41? or the 50?
    And the afraid of tech thing is your insanity run completely amuck . A lot of guys didn’t do Stafford were they afraid of tech there as well? and … Did he have a chance with second fastest time this past weekend? Or at Seekeonk? or Oswego ?

    “He doesn’t do any better now against the top runners than he did when he ran the NASCAR tour before……..”
    You mean when he finished second in points? Pete ..mental spooning with Dareal isn’t the ticket to credibility friend.

  10. Just Me wrote, “The LFR teams do share information , but the final setup is not always the same. Some coil bind and some don’t. They all don’t have the same shocks and spring setup.”

    If they are running different springs (and they are, it is very obvious), there can’t be much else they can be coordinating with amongst themselves. It’s a package, and everything is interdependent. Different springs require different shocks, sway bar, track bar settings, radius rod settings, etc., etc., etc. to get the car neutral. And what that means is that the chassis has nothing to do with it. It’s the package of parts, and settings.

    Rob p., if Hoosier changed the tires, then all teams could have had some sort of hiccup, and that did not seem to happen. The 2 is struggling for whatever reasons. With the talent on the 2 team, they would have figured out changed tires in stride. I think it was art that said it a couple years ago that the 2 never really had to race, it was always safely out front, but now it is in traffic and has to race, and it is getting into trouble being around other cars.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Justin Bonsignore referred to “the optional tire” in his Thompson interview. Maybe some teams have that working with their setup better than others? Maybe that’s the difference with some front runners being a little off compared to others.

  12. Stop cherry picking, lets see a full tour run! Your old man was one of the best to ever run the WMT. Cmon Matt let’s see it!

  13. Why is everyone always worried about what and where Matt is doing, going,didn’t do, couldn’t do and on and on.His last few NWMT runs were successful and entertaining.What’s the problem?If he wanted to I’m betting he would do very well on our best and toughest mod tour in the world.To imply he is an active cheater is bull.I’m looking forward to seeing him at Oswego,TTOMS,and Turkey Derby.He makes his own decisions and runs his own life.Which reminds me to say people should get a life of their own.BTW dareal it was me who said that, funny thing is he piloted the 52 and won a championship with them.Now I don’t know what’s going on but its still early enough for them to turn it around with the talent and commitment on that team.At least my grandson hopes so anyways.He is not a happy camper right now but still committed to his hero,the driver of the big bad deuce.He can’t wait for July 7th.

  14. art, Matt’s reputation precedes him, he has been put on a pedestal for some reason, like he’s won a dozen championships. Just like Trump can shoot people on Fifth Ave. and nothing will happen to him, Matt can finish in 25th place forever and still be the greatest ever. The way he’s idolized, you’d think he’s up there with Evans, Jarzombek and Stefanik. I don’t know why. He’s good, but nowhere near THAT good. But it is fun going along with it.

    Your grandson is a fan of Colbee? You seem to be a Preece fan. Must be some long awkward silences after some races. 😉 Nothing ice cream can’t fix.

    Well, I’m thinking of making the trip to the ‘Head this time. It’s Riverhead or the NHRA at Epping, NH that weekend.

  15. Well, the 2 seems to be struggling but, he isn’t having the luck that he had the past few years so far. For example, cautions aren’t falling his way like they used to IE: 2015 Budweiser 150 when he got penalized, that whole year there were few cautions at Thompson until that race when the last 50 he got 2 cautions at perfect times, one with 30 to go and another with 12 when he probably wouldn’t have won unless he got them. Also, Szegedy and other drivers got caught up in wrecks that year that was enough to help. Now back to this year, Flat tires are pretty much out of your control especially when you change tires and 8 laps later it goes flat on the restart. Getting spun out sucks but, it’s racing things happen. Next, The new soft right rear tire has been throwing them a curve ball. Coby said they have been chasing the setup with it so that is another variable.

    Now, he still has some luck, for example, Pennink and Preece missing a race and McKennedy having mechanical issues made it pretty tough to get back up there and the 7 is not running a full schedule anymore. Also, the 15 hasn’t been able to “sell the deal” (win) yet no matter if its his bad luck of a lap car getting a flat while he is leading and most likely damaging the suspension enough to make the handling poor or just missing the setup. So, in a competitive series as this is, all those points being left on the board help the 2 because those are points he is able to get back and looking at it from a long-term perspective, if Bonsignore has issues and the 2 capitalizes, guess who’s back in the championship chase? Coby and maybe Preece.

    At the end of the day Coby is human and you can’t keep up a Jimmie Johnson style dynasty forever. You can’t expect him to be a tenth of a second quicker than everyone every race it is pretty much impossible. But, I do not count the 2 out at all and think this will be a pretty interesting championship chase, when we get into august.

  16. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, if you’d like to see the best of the best drag racers, Epping is the place to be! It’s the closest they get to our area, the next being Maple Grove PA (Man, I miss Englishtown NJ!). Picture this: Two Top Fuel dragsters or two Funny Cars have more horsepower than a whole 30 car field of Modifieds! Zero to 330 MPH in 1000 feet! There should be at least 16 of each, along with about 300 other racecars. And there are 3 full days of racing!! I know they can’t turn, but you won’t see anything faster anywhere else!!

  17. Thanks Fast Eddie, I do go to Maple Grove. Maple Grove is awesome, a drag strip in a corn field. Never been to an NHRA national event at Epping yet. As awesome as the Top Fuel class is, my favorites are the Pro Stocks. They are so close, just a couple hundredths separate the 16 qualifiers, and thousandths separate numerous qualifying positions within the 16, and often just inches making the difference at the finish line.

    Tyler, I agree with you about August, this season could have a plethora of cars still contending as we get to August. JBon, T. Solomito and Dowling will get their share of bad luck and that should tighten things up. Lutz, Summers, Pennink and Preece are ready to move up when the other three trip up. That’s racing.

  18. Crazy in NY says

    Dareal’s Whelencentric mind set continues. How many champions has he won you ask. ( of course you mean WMT championships). Well.. you got me there I have to admit that. Here are a few others
    that have never won a NASCAR Mod title. Flemke, Bouchard, Troyer, the Reg, Satch Worley, Bodine ,
    George Kent and host of others but…….. I doubt Matt would mind being in the company of those non champs. Matt picks and chooses for a host of reasons as do most all other racers but hey …keep up the cheap shots. It shows what you’re really made of.

  19. Hirschman has been the most successful Tour Mod driver over the past few years, while Rocco has been at the top of the SK heap. But, both are often criticized because the choose to skip most NWMT events. They seem to be doing just fine …

  20. Crazy in NY wrote: “Dareal’s Whelencentric mind set continues. How many champions has he won you ask. ( of course you mean WMT championships). ”

    Please go and quote your claim that I asked that, and use the cut & paste capability. Now go ahead.

    Crazy in NY, you are behaving as if the grapes are sour. Matt can never be considered in the company of the greats as long as he runs in the off-off-off-off-Broadway series, and does not run full time on the NWMT. And should he ever run in the NWMT, he’ll have to run for years to prove he has the ability and it is consistent dominating performance, like the greats did. Running a couple years with hardly dominating results just doesn’t count as much towards any legacy. Cherry picking the bullrings and big left turn tracks that he specializes on just doesn’t count. It’s like he’s a specialist, like Boris Said that gets called in to run the road courses. Matt runs the bullrings. You want him to be considered in the company of the greats, he’ll have to run full time on all tracks for years and years, like the greats did, and dominate on all those tracks year after year like the greats did. It’s just not happening like that for your boy.

    TC ran the NWMT for 10 years over a 12 year span before he got his first win, only 11 top 5, and only 22 top 10 over that period. He ran from ’87 to ’17, less 2 years, he paid his dues on the BIG STAGE. Matt has run on the NWMT 12 of the last 14 years, and only 4 seasons full time, finishing 11th, 3rd, 2nd, and 6th. And he only has 2 wins TOTAL on the NWMT over all those years and 96 races. Let me make that clear… MATT HAS ONLY 2 WINS ON THE NWMT OVER 12 SEASONS AND 96 RACES. Sorry, but not sorry Crazy in NY, those stats just do not make it for consideration with the greats. Not even close to the greats that never won a championship. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    Like art was asking, why does anybody care about what Hirschman is doing? Unless Hirschman logs several full time seasons on the big stage of the NWMT with dominating winning seasons, he’s just another occasional invader from off-off-off-off-off-Broadway. And his father happens to be a championship NWMT driver. But what daddy did doesn’t count towards Matt’s record. Matt’s record stands on its own.

  21. Dareal still mad about the Hillary Clinton situation I see with constant political crap. Matt is a good racer. A top 5 is good at any track and at any race. Get over him already. Like a nagging Ex. Girlfriend… jeeze

  22. Rafter fan wrote, “Hirschman has been the most successful Tour Mod driver over the past few years, while Rocco has been at the top of the SK heap. But, both are often criticized because the choose to skip most NWMT events. They seem to be doing just fine …”

    Hirschman? Really? Over the past few years? LOL!!! He CHOOSES to skip most NWMT events? Didn’t realize he had the means to run a full season but CHOOSES not to.

    Rocco CHOOSES to skip most NWMT events? Really? What team would this be?

    What owners have been offering rides to full NWMT seasons for these two drivers over the years?

  23. Joe p wrote, “Dareal still mad about the Hillary Clinton situation I see with constant political crap.”

    Your boy did say he could shoot people on Fifth Ave and get away with it, right? It’s played in the news over and over. He’s your hero and role model? Well, I thought it was a perfect example for the point, and it appears you got it. If you don’t like the things your boy does, and you are mad about it being brought up, well, nothing can be done about it. It doesn’t bother me.

  24. sweet and sour grapes of wrath says

    I don’t think Matt Hirschman or Rocco are worried about being considered among the greats right now.. They are essentially making a living off racing in a regional series.. almost impossible for others to do… they are also still young for race car drivers with many more wins coming their way.. they both apparently have been proven to be “difficult to work with” hence the labels they cant maintain a tour ride.. who cares.. the tour ..really… hey if I could make a living doing what I love I wouldn’t`t give a hoot what da real or anyone says.. jealous…PS everyone criticized Ryan Stone when he was crew chief for tineo racing .. and for the partridge team. now he is praised.. your all a bunch of fair weather fellas… “oh its a short field” … oh “he`s coil binding”.. oh “he wont pass tech”.. ..WINNING !!! Rocco and Hirschman put fannys in the seats .. that’s where its at… TC used to do the same .. wait til these guys hit their fifties and lets see the numbers are .. way to soon to pass judgment..

  25. sweet and sour grapes of wrath… I really can’t buy into the theory that folks playing AA baseball want to spend their careers there, and do not want play in the MLB. A winning record in the big league would add much more value. They are NEVER going to be able to be compared to the greats of modified racing if they don’t play in the major league. And they are of an age where they don’t have many years left to build a credible record in the big league.

    And Chase Dowling is making Ryan Stone look real good right now.

  26. Fast Eddie says

    All a baseball player has to do if he gets an opportunity to move up is basically grab his bat & glove, and pack his bags. That’s not quite the same as packing up the truck & trailer, along with getting a crew & sponsors to commit the time & money to run the tour. There is some serious “up front $$” and people needed to commit to the WMT, something many racers don’t have access to and the primary elements that hold them at their current level. BUT… that doesn’t necessarily make them any less of a racer for not running at the top level. Much respect from me to ALL racers who find a way to compete at ANY level!!

  27. The goal for you Dareal here like in many of your entries is to marginalize, demean and otherwise devalue that which you do not have an interest in nor find value in. It’s not an absolute its all relative to you.
    Clearly the NWMT while being the oldest Nascar series in not the big leagues. It’s equal to numerous regional series NASCAR supports throughout the country. The big leagues are the big leagues and that would be the Monster Series and then Xfinity. Two series by the way fewer and fewer modified drivers get to. Were one to be demeaning one could say it’s a regional dead end of local interest. One could say that the absence of crowds at events outside of the Northeast are an embarrassment of empty seats as opposed to the great crowds in the region.
    Which is not to say that the NWMT is not loaded with talent, compelling and popular. Nor does it suggest that fans such as yourself are not engaged and informed. It just means that you don’t need to trash everything and everybody that suggest other drivers and series are talented as well.
    Rocco and Hirschman need to me your standard for you. They do not need to meet your standard for every other person.

  28. Hey Dareal,
    How is Chase Dowling making Ryan Stone look real good right now?

  29. So happy sybil is back all over the place full time with his insipid homilies.This is the same clown who not long ago vowed self banishment.No self control.Can’t wait for the next public emotional meltdown.

  30. Just Me, whether it’s Kopcik, or any other Crew Chief du jour. (Not Ryan Stone, got too many Ryan’s going on.) The crew chief listed for the 15 has been called a figurehead since it has been said that Fuller calls all the shots and the rest just follow orders. But a driver that wrenches his car can make a crew chief look real good. I would not be surprised if Dowling sets the car up as he likes and tells Fuller everything is exactly as he said. I’ve seen that happen elsewhere. Take a look at the 6. Ryan Preece makes his dad or whoever is listed as the crew chief look like a genius.

  31. I lost count how many times insipid Sybil promised self imposed banishment. Just can’t believe the girl, guy, whoever.

  32. Hey Toilet Car Art. So glad to hear from you. RickyinMass says high. We still gets a chuckle on how he got you to talk about using your car as a toilet on those long drives to races. And Diaper Dareal piggy backing on you with is diaper suggestion. Man you guys are funny.
    Insipid. That’s a really great word and so unequivocal. And you know what else leaves no room for misunderstanding is your sense of humor. Like when Mark referred to a restaurant near the TTOMS race at Claremont and your lone contribution to the thread was this.
    “NH Mark,Did you hear a rumor that they will be serving the corpse at the carving station?”.
    RickyinMass thought it was a riot. Welding Wonders is kind of a straight laced guy and he thought if you were a child you’d get a smack for saying something like that. But you’re not, you’re a geezer. Me, I just thought it was ironic that the guy that’s too good to eat the food at Stafford actually pees in his car and talks about eating corpses of murdered folk. Keep it coming Art, your “killing” it.

  33. Dareal, Rob tells Chase what setup to put in the car and Rob calls all the shots as far as adjustments. Both Chase and Stephen are learning from Rob. Both these kids will good at some point in time but they’ve not ready yet to be on their own.

  34. Dowling on his relationship with Kopcik in Shawn’s recent article.
    “When I say something over the radio he knows before I can really put it all together. He can just click it together quick and make the changes and we get back out.”
    Kopcik has been building and driving modifieds for years and a good part of it at Chassis Dynamics with Mike Paquette I would think. To imply he is some kind of trainee that looks to Fuller as soon as a decision has to be made seems mostly inaccurate and completely unfair.
    And Diaper DAreal’s usual over the topic label of “figurehead” is just so predictably condescending and stupid.

  35. Joe Lajoie says

    Matt and Keith are both great racers, know all the ins and outs of every piece of their racecars, run successful businesses, help fellow racers, all while balancing a family life. They’re resumes speak for themselves. Keith has won a national championship, and both have been cover stories for national racing magazines.
    But THANK GOD there’s someone around like the King of Trolls to examine what Keith and Matt’s lasting legacy is. After busy days at the track or in the shop, I’m sure Keith and Matt will log onto Racedayct, read the King of Trolls comments, then walk away with their heads hung in shame because they’re entire racing careers have been totally worthless because they aren’t successful on the NWT. But then again, according to the King of Trolls, even 5 time NWT champion Doug Coby isn’t really that good because it’s all car, the driver really hasn’t had to race anyone in the 12 full time seasons he’s been on the Tour. We’re still waiting on the KOT’s resume of ANYTHING that was even close to being successful besides the fact you do a great job of lining up all your Matchboxes on the bleacher seats during the races.
    I think the best synopsis of the KOT is this. If there’s was someone drowning in a lake, and the KOT was standing next to a life preserver, he would chastise the guy in the lake for not knowing how to swim rather than help the guy out.

  36. Hey Doug. Do you listen to any of the #15 radio communications? It’s always Rob telling Stephen and the crew what to do (springs, shocks, stagger, sway bar, etc.) during practice and the race. Watch them in the pits and you’ll see how the team works.

  37. Thank you Just Me for clarifying the source of your information which I have complete confidence is accurate. So now I have the outstanding article that Mr. Courchesne wrote and your observation on what you’ve heard and seen. I believe both at certain times, in certain situations and at certain places accurately describe different pieces of a complex, collaborative, highly technical relationship but not the sum of it. Thanks again.

  38. Hey Doug, did you read Just Me’s advice? Watch them in the pits and you’ll see for yourself. Listen in on the radio, you’ll learn even more. Rent a radio for a race. You’ll be amazed.

  39. Crazy in NY says

    Thank you Joe Lajoie. A salient post from a real race who has a fundamental understanding of what it
    takes because he’s been on both sides of the fence. Shop time, pit time and time in the seat will give an appreciation of this sport that the bleacher expert Matchbox racer kid flagger wannabe’s will never
    understand. Lost on him was my point that a lot of the greats in this game never won a NASCAR title but he twisted into I was comparing Matt directly to those I named. Each era has it’s stars. In this day of racing only Dareal delusional would exclude him from a consideration as one of todays stars.
    Wonder if the Whelen stars of today think lessor of him? Maybe Dareal you should ask them.

  40. Hey Dougie, get yourself a scanner, then you can sit outside the track with a bag of fried pork rinds and a couple Keystones. You can get a used scanner for cheap, it will pay for itself after just a race or two that you won’t have to pay for anymore, wait in the ticket line, or wait in the concessions line.

    Hey Shawn, any news on the TriTrack Seekonk event? From what I saw before it was called off due to rain, it looked pretty good. No action on the outside groove. Plenty of cautions in only 22 laps. The only success on the outside was Pennink passing McKennedy in a heat race. Maybe the outside will work out as the track rubbers in. Lots of side-by-side, but the outside cars always fell back and got inline to run inline on the low groove. Yes, inferior cars will be passed on the outside by superior cars. Passing was done by getting under the car ahead.

  41. Crazy in Ny says

    No action on the outside groove.

    What solar system do you live in? you obviously weren’t there but yet you know so much about what went on. ( good thing you weren’t though as Barrett was in the field and all those fanny’s in the seats were imperiled by his presence). Tommy looked sober though slicing both high and low from 19th starting to 8th. Did you see the 60 up high fighting for a spot? no? yeah… you’re right no “action” in the outside going on.

  42. Crazy in NY, what part of ” Yes, inferior cars will be passed on the outside by superior cars.” didn’t you understand? I stated that earlier. There were a few superior cars passing inferior cars, on the outside. These were the non-competitive passes. The competitive passes were happening when the overtaking car got under the car ahead and passed on the INSIDE.

    Like I said, the only competitive pass on the outside was Pennink over McKennedy in the heat race.

  43. I believe that solar system is called Uranus, or maybe your anus, what ever shoe fits……….

  44. humphry doesn’t know the difference between a planet and a solar system.

    Anybody surprised?

  45. Fast Eddie says

    I was there and saw quite a bit of side by side racing by the Modifieds, and the car on the inside was not always the one with the advantage. There was passing high and low throughout the field.

  46. You are just like a fish, you will take any bait that is thrown your way. I fully understand the difference there KOT, just love to throw crap out there and watch you take it hook, line and sinker. Go back under your bridge little man………..

  47. Crazy in NY says

    No fast Ed, you are wrong. Daalwaysright said no outside so….no outside. Stop being difficult.

  48. Fast Eddie, there is a difference between COMPETITIVE passing and passing that is not competitive. The only competitive pass on the high side that I saw was Pennink going around McKennedy at the very end of the heat race. And that might have been because of the problem that showed up with the 7NY. In the feature, when they restarted double file, the outside cars fell in line behind, they did not advance and pass the inside cars. Yeah, there was passing on the outside in the field, of the superior cars passing the inferior cars. Yeah, there was side-by-side action, but the outside car didn’t get it done and fell behind and got in line. Only 22 laps in, we’ll see what the rest of the race has to bring.

  49. Fast Eddie says

    I guess it’s all in a person’s interpretation of the word “competitive”. IMO if two cars are battling for position and one passes the other then the one making the pass could be considered the superior car at that point in time. If neither car was superior, there would be no pass made. My version of a non-competitive pass would be one car lapping another when the lapped car moves over to let the other car by. To me even if a car is fighting to stay on the lead lap, they are still competing for that spot. Battling for the spot and/or the same piece of real estate IS the competition!

  50. “there is a difference between COMPETITIVE passing and passing that is not competitive”, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, “the only competitive pass on the high side that I saw was Pennink going around McKennedy at the very end of the heat race”, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, “yeah, there was passing on the outside in the field, of the superior cars passing the inferior cars”, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla. Round and round we go, where we stop no body knows. Waffling back and forth, one side of the fence to the other, indecisiveness, inconsistency, confusion………….

    Oh I forgot, my answers to the three questions, still waiting little man……………

  51. Crazy in NY says

    Right on hump, It’s like arguing with bacteria.

  52. Using the high lane to get around perennial mid-pack and slower cars on the outside does not mean there is an upper racing groove, and those passes will not be competitive passes. Just a superior car that is capable of passing a slow car on the high side. The 6 going around the 75 on the outside is not a competitive pass. The 6 will always go by the 75. The competitive cars that started in the back roared their way to the front with non-competitive passes, getting by the cars that are not as good.

    But there was plenty of side-by-side action between superior cars that did not result in a pass from the outside. The commentators even said so. The commentators even noted that the cars that tried running the outside had to fall back and get in the low line or risk losing more spots. That doesn’t happen at a track with a true second high RACING groove.

    Back to Langley, what happened to the LR on the 2? Rather unusual to lose a wheel like that.

  53. Crazy argues with bacteria. Now that explains a lot. The bacteria win those arguments too.

  54. If there was ever a reason to become an alcoholic, there it is……….

  55. From the Geek File.
    In 6 NWMT races so far this year the average number of lead changes has been 6 spread over an average of 4.8 drivers. In the one race at Seekonk the number of lead changes was 6 involving 2 drivers. Interestingly the only race with similar results to Seekonk was on a dissimilar track Thompson in the second race. In that event there was only 3 lead changes between two drivers. I don’t know if that means anything but isn’t it interesting?

  56. Most fair minded people would agree Eddie summoned up “in competition” passing most fairly. Dareals definition of ” in competition passing” is basically whatever he judges a specific circumstance to be. What Dareal is implying is that in the absence of his judgement any car that passes another by any means would have done it against an inferior car and therefore it was not in competition. That of course means no pass under any circumstance would be in competition unless Dareal defines it as such.

  57. humphry, you don’t need any explanations. Assigning blame is not a valid excuse.

  58. Not talking about crazy here.

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