Tommy Barrett Jr. Featured This Week In Sid’s Vault Productions On Board Series

This week’s episode of the Sid’s Vault On Board Series presented by Waddell Communications features Tommy Barrett Jr. on his way to victory in the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 last week at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

Check it out below.


  1. Crazy in NY says

    Sid’s productions just are getting over the top good. That was fantastic. Nice wheel job by Tommy with a struggling pit crew. Please can we not go over his past on this thread? Lets talk about how much talent this kid has. I look forward to racing him at Seekonk.

  2. Al Coholic says

    Omg…. My only words?? THE BALLS SIDS VIEW!!!!!!!

  3. Whether you are hugging a porcupine or wrestling with it you know either way it’s going to hurt. None the less I’m going to hug the porcupine to extend his positive theme.
    The NWMT boys made it clear they thought the Open race was a waste of time. The wmass zip code guy even went so far as to say that it was a VMRS Light race and that entry list’s were gospel So let’s go inside the numbers to see if he and they were right.
    Regarding the entry list 7 teams didn’t show and 2 were last minute additions. Concluding that while NWMT entry lists are gospel Open lists are very flexible.
    Was the Open a VMRS Light race? In the recent VMRS event at Stafford the 1-5, 6-10 and 11-20 average fast lap speeds were 19.13, 19.10. 19.22. The similar numbers for the Open race were 18.73, 19.00 and 19.11. Open cars faster right through the full Open field.
    Did invaders and wild cards come into the race to make it a true Open? Obviously with Barrett and Donwling running one and two. Also of note is invader David Schneider who came in 10th. Who is that you might ask. Well he’s a guy capable of winning at Riverhead which he did on the same weekend.
    Was it a good crowd-yes. Did a lot of people leave early because the end of the race was boring-no. Watch the race on youtube as well as the SK and Light races and you will see the night was a success by any standard.
    Concluding that the NWMT boys lead by Mr wmass are perpetually biased against anything not in their wheelhouse and in this case wrong infinity on their predictions and mockery. While they used the VMRS to heap derision on the Open race I’m sure they’d heap derision on any VMRS race by comparing it to a NWMT race. On the other hand I’m pretty sure the porcupine didn’t go but has the good racing spirit to appreciate any race event that provides a compelling show for the fans. And yes I know I’ll soon be picking out quills but I’m still hugging the porcupine who can destroy anyone in retaliation in the shortest period of time using the widest array of facts, colorful imagery,mockery, taunts and those painful quills.

  4. These videos are awesome, and perhaps the future of motorsports. The different perspectives are interesting, with the side view being revealing for me. Modifieds offer plenty of camera locations.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Crazy, as long as nothing that deserves a response is posted, you should get your wish. It’s all up to you and your ilk.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    If a certain someone was racing there, prickly in NY would have been there. I also volunteered for another team that decided to sit it out so……. I spent time Fri with friends and family in western NY then off to LE on Sat. For the record Stafford is one of my top 3 tracks all time so I wanted to be there and was in spirit. Major theme >> Good Modified racing is where you find it. The series doesn’t matter. Pretty easy really. So there, a quill free post from the Crazy one. They only come out when the truly deranged start typing.

  7. wmass01013 says

    OK DOUG or how ever many other names you use, I AM NOT A WMT GUY, I LOVE MODIFIEDS been going to Modified races since the LATE 70’s from Riverside Park to Beech ridge ME to most every track that has had a MODIFIED race including tacks closed now LIKE shangi la NY, NAZARETH PA, and Flemington NJ, I like good racing, I like competition, yes maybe the days of seeing 50-60 car fields show up for THOMPSON 300’s, which I know u never saw one, or SPRING Sizzlers in the 80s and 90s are long gone, I don’t go back to my car if the line is too long, I make the choice today by 3 factors of attending a race, COST, WEATHER AND ENTRY LIST which the internet world Now provides, I didn’t attend nearly as many WMT races as I did in earlier years the last few due to COST AND NOT impressive entry list, this year has been an exception as I have attended a few with VERY GOOD ENTRY LIST, I went to VMRS race at StAFFORD, the only track you know, I did not go to SEEKONK because weather was IFFY, I didn not go to the OPEN comp race at Stafford because YES the entry list for 30 $ did not impress me.
    I am happy you enjoyed the race and SK and sk Lite races also, I sat thru a BRUTAL SK race at the spring sizzler this year, bravo to you and all yur NERD stats on LAP SPEEDS for allllll series, so I WILLL GO TO ANY MODIFIED RACE ANYWHERE UNLIKE YOU!!! WHETHER WMT VMRS, TRI TRACK, ROC THAT’s race of Champions series DOUG they run in NEW YORK mostly that’s too far for you to go back to your car if a long line or if someone pees on yur cornflakes, YES I WILL BE AT THOMPSON FOR THE WMT RACE THIS WEEK and I am sure will enjoy it as much as you did staffords open comp race, so PLEASE unless you talk to me do not MAKE ACCUSATIONS OF MY FEELINGS about races, oh by the way Thompson is in Ct too Doug or whoever you are this week!

  8. Thank you wmass zip code guy for the response. I admit to being a local yokel Stafford guy which is exactly not the issue. Nor is your broad racing interest and willingness to travel that I’m sure you enjoy. You made two bold statements that were unequivocal that I tried to show were wrong. Now it’s out of our hands and others may decide for themselves if they care to. Thanks again.

    I survived a porcupine hug. How often does that happen?

  9. Fast Eddie says

    “Good Modified racing is where you find it. The series doesn’t matter. ” Crazy, you just described my racing life! TriTrack, VMRS, WMT, Open, SK, SKL… IT’S ALL GOOD! The competition, battles for position, and strategies for a given event make it work for me, regardless of the racing series.

  10. wmass01013 says

    Doug, Bottom line is we all enjoy local racing so lets have fun going wherever we enjoy going, I Love Stafford Speedway, its the closest Track to me and love the drive to it even, But I do NOT think the open comp race from the outside was what Stafford hoped for when they decided to try it, Yes I still think it was a VMRS light race, will I go on July 13th? Maybe, Will decide as it gets closer so I will enjoy Thompsons WMT race and hope you enjoy Staffords Friday races this week.

  11. Crazy in NY says

    wmass are you porcupine light? Did I drop a few quills your way on my way to NE from the not so great state on NY? Are you one of my ilk (elk?) like in a herd? I think most REAL Modified fans find good and bad racing in all the series. We all of course march to a beat of a different drummer. Like..
    Thompson Tour races. Not gonna find me at one of those. Cost , time and what passes for so called racing on that tour at that place. Stafford? Waterford? yes..of course. There is something for everybody though and it’s all good. I’m itching to get to Langley ( Tour) , Jukasa (ROC) and Richmond (Open) this year. Love first times at new tracks. Put the quills down for now but have them at the ready in case (they/he) pops up out of their hole(s). 🙂 🙂

  12. Stafford promoted the race for six months and got 20 cars. Of course it was a disappoinment. No other way to shake it. Certainly not a $30 ticket. I’m with WMass but in reverse order. Entry List, weather and then cost.

    As big as a WMT supporter as I am, the Seekonk Open may be the best event each summer. Then again, look at the entry list. Coby, Preece, Hirshmann etc etc. Loudon and Seekonk are the two tracks I don’t miss.Thankfully Danger Doug goes to neither track.

    Speaking of open shows anyone else sense that this Richmond race in Oct will be the death of the NS Shootout? I don’t see teams traveling down there twice in three weeks.

    Richmond is in Virginia Doug. Just Google RIR.

  13. Well I do feel sufficiently humbled wmass01013. You darned well put me in my place with a solid dose of grace and dignity. Nice thoughts to live by and I wish you the same in your travels. But to all the fans of petty irrelevance, taunts and hubris in their racing superiority not to worry. Mark picked up the theme and is running with his usual reckless abandon toward victory firmly clutching a big cluster of sour grapes. He’s dogged for sure. But when it comes to leaving scars I feel unfazed compared to the scars the porcupine has left that will never heal.

  14. Well, as far as entry list, weather and cost goes, I treat them like a logical statement where all must be acceptable, no priority. If the entry list isn’t there, I don’t go no matter how nice the weather and how low the price. If the weather is dicey, I won’t go and it doesn’t matter what the entry list looks like and how low the price is. I’m doing great on making the weather calls after numerous false starts at a Loudon event many years ago, with a multiple hr one way drive. I’m a long drive from everywhere, so a long drive compounds the weather issue. After all these years, missing an event is not as bad as traveling numerous hours to get rained out, rescheduled and have to do the numerous hours of driving all over again. It’s very different than 3 minutes in the ticket line. If the cost is not in line with the event, I don’t go.

    Teams running for points will travel. A non-points event down south is at risk of weak car counts.

  15. Crazy in NY says

    Doug, why waste your time on a mere racing blog? You should be writing soap operas.

  16. Ouch! another quill. And after a hug as well.

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