Wreckers to Checkers: Avery Stoehr, Randy Cabral Capture Riverhead NEMA Victories

(Press Release from Northeastern Midget Association)

Todd Bertrand, Avery Stoehr and Randy Cabral made up the podium of the NEMA Midget race Saturday at Riverhead Raceway (Photo: Northeastern Midget Association)

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. – In a “wreckers to checkers” storybook ending, Avery Stoehr left Wiscasset Speedway last weekend on a “double hook” with a badly damaged race car, and this week returned in the famed Bertrand 47 to capture his first victory of the season. It was a Bertrand Motorsports podium, with teammates Todd Bertrand and Randy Cabral following him across the line. In the Lites feature, it was Randy Cabral driving his family owned #35 taking down the victory over Danny Cugini.

In the NEMA feature, Doug Cleveland and Alan Chambers brought the field to the green. As the duo raced down into turn one, third starter Stoehr, and fourth starter Bertrand split the duo – with Bertrand going high and Stoehr driving down onto the flat of the race track bringing the fans to their feet as four wide action coming off of turn two was in play.

Stoehr darted out into the lead, and over the first ten laps, Bertrand appeared to be closing the gap, getting to within three carlengths. Further back, Cabral had broken free of traffic, with Jim Chambers in tow.

As Stoehr navigated lapped traffic, a braking issue plagued Bertrand has he hung on through lapped traffic in second. Cabral narrowed the gap on Bertrand but could not make a pass in the closing laps, as Stoehr went on to win unchallenged, followed by Bertrand, Cabral, Jim Chambers, John Zych, Alan Chambers, Doug Cleveland, Pete Pernesiglio, Ben Mikitarian and Matt Janisch.

“A lot of work went into this one. Late nights between disassembling the 39, and getting the 47 ready for this race,” said Stoehr. “I always watched the 47 car growing up, and to win a race in it is just unbelievable. I really need to thank Tim for the opportunity, to my Dad for helping get the 39 apart, and to Dave, Curt, Gil, Nick, Kayla, Tiana and the whole team for putting a great car under me today,” he said.

In the Lites feature, Randy Cabral, driving his family owned #35 would come from his third starting spot to take the lead early in the race. Cabral was quickly into lapped traffic, as he began to stretch out his lead over the first half of the race.

Further back, Danny Cugini and Jim Chambers were slicing their way through the pack. Cugini broke free and set his sights on Cabral on lap twelve, and over the final ten laps closed the gap to within ten carlengths. The story of the evening though was Chambers, who came from very deep in the field to rally into third place over the closing laps.

Cabral went on to win over Cugini, Chambers, Ben Mikitarian, Avery Stoehr, Meg Cugini, Matt Janisch, Kyle Valeri, Richie Coy and Jake Trainor.

“I’d like to thank my Dad for all of his effort. We have less than $4,000 in this entire car, and it’s just amazing how well it goes,” said Cabral. “To be able to win and race this car on a small budget is the spirit of this division and I’m glad we were able to do it. I’d also like to thank K&N, Bertrand Motorsports and all of our sponsors,” said Cabral.

NEMA returns to action this Wednesday with the Lites at Thompson, and a combined show this Saturday at Star Speedway.

Driver, Hometown, Team Owner
1. Avery Stoehr, Lakeville, Mass.; Bertrand Motorsports
2. Todd Bertrand, Danielson; Bertrand Motorsports
3. Randy Cabral, Kingston, Mass; Bertrand Motorsports
4. Jim Chambers, Atkinson, N.H.; Mike Chambers
5. John Zych Jr., Mendon, Mass.; John Zych Sr.
6. Alan Chambers, Atkinson, N.H.; Mike Chambers
7. Doug Cleveland, Sudbury, Mass.; Doug Cleveland
8. Pete Pernisiglio Jr., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.; Pete Pernisiglio Jr.
9.  Ben Mikitarian, Northborough, Mass.; Mike Scrivani
10. Matt Janisch, Nazareth, Pa.; Mark Janisch
11. Harry Weed III, N/A; N/A

Driver, Hometown, Team Owner
1. Randy Cabral, Kingston, Mass.; Glen Cabral
2. Dan Cugini, Marshfield, Mass.; Dan Cugini
3. Jim Chambers, Atkinson, N.H.; Jim Chambers
4. Ben Mikitarian, Northborough, Mass.; John Mikitarian
5. Avery Stoehr, Lakeville, Mass.; Mike Scrivani
6. Meg Cugini, Marshfield, Mass.; Glenn Cugini
7. Matt Janisch, Nazareth, Pa.; Mark Janisch
8. Kyle Valeri, Monument Beach, Mass.; Peter Valeri
9. Richie Coy, Haskell, N.J.; Richie Coy
10. Jake Trainor, Medway, Mass.; Mike Trainor
11. Jim Cataldo, Sterling, Mass.; Jim Cataldo

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