Tri-Track Open Modified Series SBM 125 At Star Speedway Postponed To Sunday

Cars lined up for the consolation heat under ominous skies Saturday at Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series SBM 125

EPPING, N.H. – Mother Nature won out Saturday night at Star Speedway.

Tri-Track Open Modified Series officials tried hard but couldn’t get find a way to beat the rain and run the SBM 125 Saturday at Star Speedway.

It was under eerily darkened clouds that competitors went through qualifying heats and a consolation heat, but rains held.

But just as the field was being lined up for their feature heavy rains hit the track and hit hard for over an hour.

The race was rescheduled to noon on Sunday.


  1. wmass01013 says

    Only 27 cars and only really Big Money Matt more than what the Stafford open shows drew, looks like Tri Track is losing its appeal to the 40plus teams it used to draw.

  2. They knew that the rain was coming. Just like at Seekonk. I drove 300 plus miles today just to watch Stars weekly divisions. Nothing at all against them because the racing was really good. But I traveled to see the Modifieds. These promoters will never get it. May very well be my last TTOMS race for a while.

  3. Well I can’t imagine why. I traveled over 300 miles today to see Stars weekly divisions race. I mean nothing bad to them as the racing was really good. But I traveled to see the mods. Just like at Seekonk they knew that the rain was coming. But they stuck to the schedule to run the mods last. The division that most people came to see. I traveled nearly 200 miles to Seekonk. This will surely be the last time I support the TTOMS for a while. These promoters don’t get it.

  4. Walt Maguire says

    It’s a joke. Matt gets paid to show up but the rest of the field are a joke.

  5. Dowling in the 25 again. Curious. Pennink hasn’t come back to Stafford and this. Wondering if he’s cutting back and focusing on the NWMT campaign. Never came back to Stafford after misfiring with the back up. He took a pretty good shot in the Stafford wreck that destroyed the 99. Wondering if his back is up to snuff. Hopefully it was just a commute that was too long.
    Race Monitor shows 30 cars in a practice. That’s good isn’t it considering travel issues and threatening weather?
    Stafford Opens vs the TTOMS. As humphry would say apples and donuts.

  6. Die hard says

    300 hundred miles one way. you must have been tired. Hit the red roof inn and watch the race today at noon. Think of it as a 2 day show. Good price for the tickets now. A.

  7. NH MOD CHASER says

    Walt the rest of the field is a joke,I don’t see you out there racing your modified.Oh that’s right your to busy with your Wal Mart greeter job

  8. Of course Matt gets paid to show, his father-in-law runs the series. Got to take care of family first.

  9. Open wheel fan says

    Track promoters do not care about fans. I traveled a good distance to go to seekonk and track management did not adjust schedule with rain coming. Glad I did not travel 3 hours to Star Speedway and I looked at forecast and had a gut feeling they would not get modified feature on the track. 27 cars was not a good car count but forecast had to be a factor. Tri track is the best modified series and try to take in all of their shows. There is excellent drivers in race today. There is at least 10 drivers that could win today. Good luck to them all.

  10. I dont understand why promoters run the main division last. I know they want to keep people there as long as possible to make more on concessions but they may be hurting themselves on threatening weather nights. If I know the division I want to see might get rained out because they always run them last, I am probably staying home. I dont care if I miss some weekly divisions that can be made up anytime but get the traveling tour division in if there is some threatening weather. Most of the touring division drivers and fans are coming a lot farther than the weekly guys.

    If you were not in attendance last night according to a Webber post on Stars FB page it’s 15 dollars for the grand stand today. The ticket stub and pit passes will also be honored for today. I still think Tri track is one of the best shows around for the money. It is a shame the weather issues that have plagued a couple of their races this season. I do think they need to be a little more flexible with the schedule when weather looms. I look forward to the Seekonk show at the end of the year.

  11. My weather expertise is as fantastic as my racing expertise. I didn’t risk the drive to Star.

  12. Well because the Webbers wanted to show case their divisions rather than the modifieds that 90% of the people in attendance were there to see,Me and my 3 buddies will not be attending the Star Classic…that was a good gamble huh Bobby!

  13. 300 miles round trip. Plus the qualifying was to start at 4:00. But instead at 4:15 or so we put the mods on the front stretch for a pit party or meet and greet whatever you want to call it. Heat races started well after 5:00. I couldn’t spend the night as I had family obligations today. TTOMS management needs to put there foot down.

  14. Just wondering and not trying to be cleaver or a smarta__. Other then speeding the program along has a management ever changed the published running order of events at a major race or weekly program because rain was rolling in. I have never seen Stafford do it in 50 years as a fan.Not that I was there every race but the times I was there and it happened and they methodically stuck to the program complete with victory lane interviews it drove me nuts.

  15. Doug: Yes, there have been rare occasions where I’ve seen programs modified due to concerns about the weather. It’s usually involved a touring series (most likely ACT or PASS), and having them run their feature earlier in the program. **** It made zero sense to me that the TTOMS ran their heats -after- the local divisions. Run them first so they can have time to prep for a consi, if needed. **** There are a couple things I wish more tracks would adopt: 1.) When you have a touring series on the program, skip heat races for the local divisions. And 2) Run a division or two after the touring series to mitigate the outflow of traffic. (That’s a general request to promoters… not specific to Star.) **** If Star had skipped the heat races last night, I think they would’ve gotten the whole show in. Or at least gotten well past halfway. **** Two other things they easily could’ve done: Speed things up between the mains. Took WAY too long between the end of one feature and the start of the next. And, finally, when the forecast looks like crap, maybe just interview the feature winners, rather than the top 3. I really don’t need to hear from the 3rd place finisher in a 7-car main. **** So, yeah, I blame track management for not getting the whole show in. **** On a positive note: How cool to see Todd Patnode grab the victory! First Mike Willis, now Todd. Great to see the smaller teams have success.

  16. Thanks Mike all great information. They do skip under card heats at Stafford for touring series events and I love it. As for starting lower divisions last I just don’t see why they stopped doing it. To this day I can remember sitting in my Street Stock at Stafford on the backstretch waiting for the modified victory lane ceremony to end as the stands emptied out and our race could begin.
    Allowing whomever to wander out for the victory lane ceremony and watching them wander back to the stands at Stafford could use a rethink to in my view.

  17. Crazy in NY says

    It’s a joke. Matt gets paid to show up but the rest of the field are a joke.

    So Woody is a joke? Silk is a joke? Dowling? Who else?
    Former Bristol winner Barrett is a joke. Wow. Hey…don’t look in a mirror.
    Everybody gets paid to show up on TTOM.

  18. Brian Denton says

    You’re right, Matt Hirschman does get paid to show up that’s what sponsors do! If you listened to driver intro’s you’d know Matt is sponsored by Brian Sparky Denton and BC Brennenstuhl! We both help Matt out on the Tri-Track Series. So give credit where credit is due as we are both proud sponsors of the MH 60 Team!!

  19. Crazy in NY says

    Don’t waste your breath here Sparky. This snobatorium called RacedayCT couldn’t appreciate Modified
    racing for what it is if it isn’t the Tour. Matt doesn’t race when and where they want so they make unfounded accusations about him cheating , or getting unfair breaks on TT because Wayne Darling is
    the grandfather of young Matty. My favorite though is he’s afraid of the speed at a place like Thompson or NH. Goes on and on and on…..they know nothing of what it takes to field a car, assemble an all volunteer crew and travel all over Gods green earth to race while running a business back home in Pa. Doesn’t help me defending him here either but it’s more than ironic that their Tour hero’s don’t have the same disdain for Matt that they do. Do you think they would ever ask them those questions?
    Do they have any clue as to how many Tour regulars do business with Hirshman Garage and Speed and have for years? Naw.. too easy for the terminally brain dead to toss crap not only his way but anything not WMT. So called race fans. Why I keep posting here I don’t know. I must be crazy.

  20. wmass01013 says

    Jeez I know yur used to jawing with HOSSIER DADDY but all the insults and name calling make u look like a real loser!
    U don’t like the WMT so be it, it has by FAR been the Best racing this yr averaging 30 plus cars with good racing, go watch the last 10 laps at NHMS and tell me different.
    I follow all series and love all MODIFIED races, MH can race anywhere he chooses he doesn’t need you to be his plaid skirt cheerleader, Yeah the Connection with TRI TRACK AND MH is kinda funny but NO One is ever supposed to say anything because u say so, the TRi track is good racing and congratulations to whoever wins but it has slipped the last 2 yrs from when it started, open yur eyez

  21. Some folks need more fiber in their diets.

    I do believe that most teams are all volunteer, and travel to almost all the same tracks as MH. So, it looks more common than some might think. Looks like standard operating procedure. So it looks like MH can’t get a crew to work for him and get the sponsorship to attend more races. Thanks for the info Crazy.

  22. Crazy in NY says

    I do believe that most teams are all volunteer, and travel to almost all the same tracks as MH.

    What Whelen teams travel to ROC, TT, Wall, Evergreen, Concord and other open shows?
    How many will do Myrtle in the Fall and come to Fla in the winter.? A few at best
    The 60 team has a full plate and you find it informative enough to thank me?
    LOL Come up out the basement once in awhile Dareal.

    wmass Where on earth did you see I don’t like the WMT?. Before you were born (hyperbole) I’ve touted that the Tour at NH is NASCAR’s best product. My cheerleading as you put it is to counter the absolute stupid remarks made by some here as to when and where he should race. Still waiting ….for the “funny” connection between the 60 and TT. Like I said it’s easy for the mindless to throw crap out there. TT slipped? OK if YOU say so.

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