Wayne Burroughs Jr. Gets First SK Light Mod Win Of 2018 At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale got his first victory of the season in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Jon Puleo of Branford was second and Chris Gombos of Naugatuck third.

Jason Chicolas of Sutton, Mass. got his first victory of 2018 in the 27-lap Limited Sportsman feature. The event was shortened by three laps because of rain.

Jordan Hadley of Quaker Hill was second and Bo Norman of Clinton third.

Charles Canfield got his fifth win in nine starts in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon was second and Doug Curry of Groton third.

Because of rain, the scheduled 40-lap SK Modified feature was postponed to next week.


  1. Paul Pytko says

    Way to go Jay Chicolas!!! Congrats on your win!!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy who always is willing to help anyone!!!!

  2. Dale Robertson says

    Another great night of racing at the Bowl. The NLWS divisions had exciting racing as always, as did the NEMA Lites. The STAR and NEAR cars were a blast to see and their drivers were great to talk to. Kudos to Bowl Management for moving the program along and trying to get all races in before the rains came.

  3. Are they getting any kind of a car count yet this year

  4. Ken L,

    Car counts this past Saturday were:

    SK Modified – 10
    SK Light Modified – 11
    Sportsman – 10
    Mini Stock – 14

    Late Models did not run Saturday. Last time they did run, on July 21, they had 11.

  5. Theodore,
    The “bashing they got” from this site. What bashing are you referring to from this site?
    I’m guessing you’re referring to last November when the management announced they were installing new grandstands and then you read on this site in January that there would not actually be new grandstands?
    And then management very publicly insisted that everything reported on this site about the grandstands not being installed was made up, and accused town officials of being untruthful, and insisted that the new grandstands would be in place in for opening weekend. Is that the “bashing” you’re referring to? So how are those new grandstands looking?

  6. Its not just Bowl. I see that Wall Stadium in NJ Saturday $4,000 to win 12 Mods So sad. Supporting divisions not too bad.

  7. It’s time to throw in the towel for sk’s – too expensive and no cars. Time to make all the tracks run sk lites on 10” rubber. Open the engine to either factory sealed or build to gm specs. Weight breaks for factory sealed. Double the sk lite purse, drop the admission.

  8. Geese Steve that’s harsh. “All tracks” are independent businesses so making then do anything isn’t in play. Stafford has lost TC, Ronnie Williams 49, Pennink and DJ Burnham only races occasionally and they still routinely field over 20 cars. And all good cars.
    But for some tracks it’s an interesting idea. Who says there’s a minimum standard for the top division. Modifieds started out as rolling junk with stock flat heads and water pipe roll cages and they filled the stands. Modifieds were downgraded to SK’s weekly and we eventually accepted it. Who says Lights can’t be the headliners. 16ish cars at the Speedbowl with some crossovers from Stafford and tight racing. Why not? If it can be done at a much more attractive ticket price.

  9. Geoff Nooney says

    I personally dislike the idea of 10″ tires. It looks terrible and not traditional to northeast mods, Its an IMCA mod thing. However, they still need a “learner division” so making lights a premier division is not a great idea. I believe a great idea would be ‘604’ crate mods (incorporate same engine as many northeast pro stock divisions) cheaper and more reliable than “spec open engines” and very close hp wise.

  10. Al Coholic says

    I agree Mr Nooney with the 604 class but can’t say I dont disagree with a cheaper tire deal… We have to do something to lower the cost, get the car count up wich comes with higher attendance Wich means more track revenue and with that higher purses!!! Shawn you should do a article looking for racers opinions of how we could achieve this and get some input from the racers.

  11. The assumption being experienced teams would force out inexperienced and new drivers were the Lights to be a premier division. I don’t accept that premise. At one time there were no Lights and drivers got experience in lower divisions before moving up. All you’re telling me is that fewer divisions would have more vibrant fields of cars and better competition.
    It an academic exercise anyway. As long as Stafford is getting 29 SK’s and over no track will break ranks and drop them as an experiment.

  12. Al Coholic says

    Doug, I don’t think it’s so much the ticket price, I paid $18.50 last week at Stafford. We really need to get the car count up wich means lower the cost to run it… Ask any lite racer… No matter how you slice it it’s atleast $1k every time you go to run it!!

  13. 604 crate is a good idea but u have to get rid of the mandatory engine builder thing like the lights. We used to run 17” then 15” now 13.5”- 12 or 10” is a more affordable tire and u will get used to the look in no time Geoff.

  14. Al Coholic says

    Good point Steve.. have to keep the greedy engine builders out of it with there “5 more HP” $1500 carbs or there $4k more then quoted when you go to get your motor BS! Get rid of them!!!
    And as far as the tires absolutely!!! Lower the cost!!! Then look at the crazy over priced fuel!!! It all kills the sport and lowers the car count!!
    Come one Shawn!! Do and article requesting input on how to lower the cost!!

  15. Joe Lajoie says

    So Steve, one of your ideas to save teams money is for them to throw away their entire wheel inventory and buy 2 sets of narrower rims?
    Right now SK Lites are only allowed 1 tire credit a week, so I don’t think tires are a problem, although when the division first started, there were quite a few teams that used to buy SK takeoffs so they never had to worry about buying new tires. The tire credit program put an end to that.

  16. 10 inch tires. Man that’s playing with fire. Right now at Stafford and Waterford one of the strengths of the division is passing on the outside and they do it routinely. And you want to mess with that with narrower tires? And don’t narrower tires have a shorter life span. Not proportionally but shorter nonetheless. Bet there’d be more wrecked cars to fix as well.

  17. Joe, first of all you don’t have to throw out your rims if they went to a narrow tire…you can have them narrowed or you can sell them. When the sk’s went from 86” track width to 84” for no reason at all we all had to bite the bullet and buy new right side rims… btw if they came out with a new trick rim tomorrow, everyone would go buy that new trick rim.

  18. Doug, I have watched mini stocks and limited late models run side by side for a whole feature race many times and they run 8” tires (I believe they run 8”)

  19. Come on Steve. LLM’s running side by side for a whole feature many times? Hyperbole right? More like 4 laps and maybe a couple times. Mini’s are slower and a different thing altogether.
    We’ve got one actual driver in the thread Geoff Nooney and he’s not a fan of the idea. Bryan Narducci is on record as saying he prefers the Lights over the LLM’s because they’re easier to drive. They get consistently strong light fields at Stafford and the racing is outstanding. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is the way I’m seeing it. Fix the LLM’s and LM’s.

  20. Doug, I agree with you that the sk lite racing is outstanding but i would say 20 cars is not a strong field. Geoff said – (I personally dislike the idea of 10″ tires. It looks terrible and not traditional to northeast mods, Its an IMCA mod thing.) but I bet he would like a $100 tire vs $170 tire, maybe he would like the looks of a 12″ tire better.

  21. Al Coholic says

    Joe, you neglect to mention you buy eight at the beginning of the season…. Conveniently or you don’t know?… At say $150 ea??? That’s $1200… No used take off deal… All must be bought from track vendor and inventoried with the track..

  22. Al Coholic says

    Steve I’m with you… It’s all about decreasing the cost to run… Wich brings up car count and with that comes attendence.. don’t forget.. with every competitor comes family and friends..
    Respectfully Geoff must have a CDM race budget…Cost Don’t Matter…
    And Doug? Oh he’s an expert all right.. knows it all… Doesn’t aknowledge in any way suggestions to lower the cost for competitors yet he complains about the general admission price?? Seriously???
    Shawn, I love this site… Keep up the good work!!!

  23. If you were being fair Al you’d say I mentioned lowering the ticket price as part of Steves idea to eliminate the SK’s. Ticket prices are just fine otherwise. As for tires let the teams decide. I’ll love the division if they are on street tires.
    Not an expert, just a dumb fan trying to see another side. And wondering why all the interest on Lights when LM’s and LLM’s could use a brainstorming session.

  24. Simple math exercise here from a fan whose beern going to races since the 60’s. The Bowl had 4 divisions and only 45 cars signed in in total. I get it that you can never go backwards but I remember nights at the Park where you had 50 mod’s trying for 24 spots,. The consi was the best race of the night and now you barely have enogh cars in any division to fill a heat race. I don’t know how anyone can find that exciting or be willing to pay to watch it. Its a hobby, people. In m y humble opinion Waterford has nothing to lose by making the lites a headline division and furrther adjusting the rules to contain costs , whatever that is, tires, engines, metric front clips, no quicK change rears , whatever. Lessons learned from Danbury Racearena. Make the cars affordable as a hobby make them unique to your track. if you want to run three nights a week go reace somewhere else. Then put a little more in the purse by cutting out a couple of support divisions that you don’t really need . Shorten the show so you can lower the ticket price a bit . Less is more less cost to race = more cars and more butts in the stands (and consessions). Just one fans humble observations . Yes it will be painful for some to go through the transition but in the long run Waterford in particular has little to lose and everything to gain by trying to be different than by sticking to the cookie cutter cars approach . How’s that working out for them now with 11 mod’s?

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