Keith Rocco Wins With Valenti Mod Series At Speedbowl; Rob Janovic Jr. Tops SK Mods

Keith Rocco

The all-time winningest driver in New London-Waterford Speedbowl history made his trip to victory lane at the track in 2018 Saturday night.

Keith Rocco started on the pole and dominated on the way to victory in the 100-lap Valenti Modified Racing Series feature at the Speedbowl.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series event had originally been scheduled for Aug. 11 at the Speedbowl but was rained out.

It was Rocco’s seventh career Valenti Modified Racing Series victory and first since 2015.

Dylan Izzo of Monroe was second and Dave Schneider of Northport, N.Y. third.

Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford got his second victory of the season in the 40-lap SK Modified feature.

Matt Gallo of Meriden was second and Diego Monahan of Quaker Hill third.

Jordan Hadley of Waterford won the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Charles Canfield of East Haven was second and Sean Caron of East Hampton third.


  1. Man how did they get that race in. We got hammered in Enfield.
    Riverheads Schnieder takes a third. Interesting.
    The Roc is back.
    Look out Ronnie, he’s a closer.

  2. Viva race fan says

    Why is that kid back in mini stock? Heard he wrecked Cassidy. Stuck to your decision and don’t change for such a poor racer who uses he car as a weapon. Great call George. ” Duh “

  3. getserious says

    I wonder how many VMRS cars they had at Waterford. I wonder how the Claremont Tri-track group cars race went.

  4. Getserious,
    There were 22 cars taking the green for the VMRS race at the Speedbowl and 17 for the Open show at Claremont.

  5. Hillary 2028 says

    After all the rainouts this year I think they needed to try and at least get the mrs race in. They were able to get 4 features in before the curfew. Hats off to the track crew pumping the place out. We were sitting under the tent and thought we’d need a raft to get out. Ken Barry was flying on the outside but faded at the end. Still good to see him run up front.

  6. Hillary 2028 says

    He’s back because he served his penalty which was a suspension from last season. Hands down the fastest car out there and the wreck in the heat race shouldn’t have happened. Trudeau did his best to take him out in the feature but the kid was just too fast.

  7. Hillary 2028 says

    Will James be suspended after last night? Guy is a clown after what he did. And why didn’t Rocco come out for the sk feature? Too tired from the 100 laps maybe?

  8. Hillary 2028,
    I think the question people have centers around the change of the duration of the suspension. It is my understanding that competitors were told at the beginning of the season by the previous race director that Hadley was suspended from the Mini Stock division for the 2018 season. So it’s understandable for people to question how/why the suspension was changed.

  9. where can i find the results for vmrs

  10. why go out when the feature was only 8 cars… im guessing….plus those cars leak oil and stuff…
    its line when i go to walmart i park away from junks

  11. Hillary 2028 says

    Oh ok. I didn’t know it was a full year.

  12. check under paved ovals for results.

  13. Viva race fan says

    Kids a nuisance in all divisions. The kids got talent but he’s got his grandfather’s mentality. They both could use a good old fashioned redneck adjustment. One day the kids going to need some help or some money Grandpa’s not going to be there and nobody’s going to care cuz they don’t forget. It’s sad so so sad

  14. Wow his hone track !!!!! At great achievement.::: win on the tour ! Oh you can’t …: joke period 🏁🏁🏁

  15. Kid ==== JOKE ! Great family!!!! But you beat who ! Lol makes me sick ….. your a local legend…. way below TC …. you beat ? Kid joke !

  16. flooded grapes of wrath says

    the first contact with james and owen was predictable. viewed the in car from James….after seeing it at the track .. owen was driving the same line…. blocking??? perhaps I saw him using a lot of track however James was left front to owens right rear.. clearly not enough to pass and or for owen to move down.. james tried him two or three times to his own detriment.. should have been more patient the second incident.. owen checked up and was almost punted by the critical car (James video) and in person ,.,,,then james got to him owen checked up or slowed and was punted… DONT see james at fault there ..terrible call by the track BUT don’t leave your car on the track and exit to run to the tower.. STUPID STUPID STUPID move no excuse.. you would think with the low car counts and the time of year all the drivers in each division would have more patience/respect ..guess not.. ok do we want to revisit that James was denied a championship . I agree he was by bad officiating . .its OLD NEWS. but the call last night was terrible … Webster should stick to picking up wrecks with the track crew ….if he in fact made the call. but again james displayed stupidity and zero class with his tantrum..rant over.. PS I have been attending the races since I was a child. if I buy a seat ..I want to see racing. I am willing to wait out a rain delay and expected as much. should they have changed the program and had better continuity ..yes.. if you buy a ticket take what you get or stay home !..

  17. Shaun- just wondering if you are stating facts as a reporter before you report. Regarding the “kid” in the mini stock race…did you do your due diligence and ever ask the driver, owner or former race director what the actual penalty was.

  18. after further researc it was 23 cars…..close to 8 anyways
    also those cars are nice

  19. Ollie360,
    Yes I did.

  20. Shaun- just wondering if you got all of the information. I wasn’t aware you were covering the track news last year. May I ask who informed you of this penalty?

  21. Viva race fan says

    Ty Shawn ..

    Kids been wrecking cars since he started in x-cars. And we all know its not just Waterford he’s no different at other tracks. Kid has that little man syndrome.

  22. BLA , BLA,BLA,BLA,BLA, More like Mod Woman, ur freaking idiot U have no life it sounds like, come over hang out with the KID an will give u an autograph, then u can take it,go out to the parking lot an stick that sucker up ur a$$

  23. Ollie360,
    Just because I wasn’t reporting on news at the track doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware of what was happening there.

  24. tothehaters
    you have no clue and are broke
    i seen you begging for hotdog at starr

  25. Viva race fan says

    I have asked him to take a walk with me few times buy he has to bring his butt kissing friends. He’s just a little punk . And grand dad needs a back hand . He’s to stupid to see what’s going on and encourages the kid. Like I said the kid has some Talent but he won’t get help for most of us ever. So he better make sure his grandfather lives for a long time. Anybody that’s part of his friendship or just different people. I think they call it a cult. LOL

  26. Ronnie doesn’t race in the MRS. If he did, he’d be 66 points ahead of Rocco! 🙂

  27. Bill Realist says

    A racer from CT won $5k in Claremont NH on Saturday night, I heard.

  28. wmass01013 says

    And the Big Money racer from PA finished 14th!! Will the bIg Money racer be at NHMS for 25K to win and 25 K lap $$????????????

  29. knucklesmahoney says

    Bill and wmass: Silk won at Claremont, Hinckley second, Patnode third. Hinckley started 16th, and was leading by lap 25. Led from lap 25 to 80, and but for a caution would have walked away with it. Silk got by on the restart, and both Silk and Hinckley were the only two who had a shot for the win. They were in another league compared the rest of the field. Hirshmann had motor problems, likely broke something, as he pulled off the track, and they were looking at the motor in the pits. The owner of the 25 should get Rowan back in the car, Dowling wasn’t even close to the front at any time.

  30. Crazy in NY says

    knuclkles: let me add to your accurate assessment that the 60 was up to third after coming from 9th
    earlier in the race. The Horn 50 was fast for sure but the quick pit stop for a RR helped them a ton. ( just a note they had two ringers from the Tour 51 team changing) We had a so/so stop but didn’t matter as the motor bug came up after the lap 80 pit stop. Getting crunched by the 88 didn’t help either but yep for sure Silk was the best when it counted. Ask BHR if they learned anything watching Money Matt the last few years. No Chicopee the Pee Dee will not be at NH.

  31. Silk has always been a wheel man if he’s comfortable in a car one of the best

  32. NH MOD CHASER says

    Hey Crazy you boys going to be at Seekonk for Tri Track in October ??

  33. wmass01013 says

    Thanx Crazy, to clarify I do like to yank yur chain about Matt, I like Matt, I loved watching his father race in the 1, 3 and 48 for many yrs, I do find the races choose funny but again that his and teams choice, I also would love to see Matt race the tour not for any sneaky reasons but because I think he is a great talent and would add to any race he runs, same thing for Barrett, I make comments not to cut down but because I miss the opportunity to watch them race, I would love to see Hossfeld, Beers, leaty, Scherer and Jankowiak at more NEW England races along with some guys that run VMRS and tri track, I love competition!!

  34. Bill Realist says

    It didn’t matter how fast silks pit stop was ar Claremont. The officiating crew totally botched the opening of pit road. Hinkley stayed out initially then pitted a lap later. They reverted to the order the field was in when the caution came out. The 9 had a GREAT stop and came out in 4th but then was moved back.

  35. NH MOD CHASER says

    WMASS sounds like you enjoy MOD racing like I do.I like it ALL !!! I like Matt , Barrett and as of late i have enjoyed watching Hinckley wheel his car..

  36. One of the best threads ever filling in the void of information on the Claremont Open. It’s shaping up to be a very good year for Silk.

  37. Crazy in NY says

    wmass…Chicopee to Oswego ain’t that far. Pee Dee vs the Tour LOL. Should be a show.
    yes on’s on the schedule. Crew availability is always a premium and the 250 runs
    against the US Open at Lancaster and that race is always a do on his list. Personally I’d rather
    be at NH. The deep pocket teams will all be loaded up with fresh specs on the $$ Tour . We also have the ROC 250 a week after the Open so it kind of spreads everybody thin in Sept. Choices….it’s always about choices.

  38. wmass01013 says

    Crazy haven’t been to Oswego in maybe 10 yrs, if knew the pops Leaty race was night before the WMT I would have scheduled both races but too late,and always wanted to visit Spencer/Apple Valley, yeah also would love to go to Lake Erie for ROC, looks like nice track but they schedule against Fall Final, DUMB MOVE BY SLOTNICKI I think but just My opinion.
    NH MOD I HAVE loved Modifieds for close to 40 yrs since my first race at Riverside Park, will always be my passion no matter where they race.

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