FURY Race Cars Announces New England Distribution And Support Network

(Press release from FURY Race Cars)

FURY Race Cars is pleased to announce two new partners in the Northeastern region of the United States. Stone’s Parts & Performance will serve as a FURY Authorized Parts Dealer, while Race Works Inc. will serve as a FURY Authorized Repair Facility. Both companies will specialize in the support of Modified race cars, which include the FURY Model M, as well as all cars formerly known as LFR Chassis.

Stone’s Parts & Performance, located in Milford, Connecticut, is owned by 2018 championship-winning crew chief in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, Ryan Stone. As one of the last employees at LFR Chassis when they closed their doors in 2016, and one of the original employees at FURY Race Cars when they acquired the LFR product line, Stone’s experience and success with FURY/LFR Modifieds is truly unique and valuable. Stone’s Parts & Performance will be a retail operation, as well as a full-service race shop offering tuning and setup services. In addition to his Connecticut location, Stone will have a full stock of replacement parts and technical advice available at every NASCAR Tour race and select local events.

Race Works Inc., located just minutes away from Stone’s Parts in Berlin, Connecticut, is owned by industry veteran and trusted craftsman Eddie Flemke. Race Works has significant experience repairing both FURY and LFR cars in the past, but this will be their first time doing so in an authorized capacity, working directly with the owner and manufacturer of the FURY/LFR product line.

Both Stone’s Parts and Race Works will carry genuine FURY/LFR Chassis replacement parts, and will be the only two locations in New England authorized to do so.

FURY personnel will continue to be a fixture at NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events, and FURY’s North Carolina location will continue to serve as a parts warehouse and repair facility in the event that authorized dealers require additional resources. And as always, all customers are welcome to call FURY directly for new-car orders, parts, repairs, setup advice, product suggestions and shop tours.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ryan Stone and Eddie Flemke to the FURY family,” said FURY President Darius Grala. “We take pride in manufacturing and selling the highest-quality racecars, and now we’re equally proud to associate ourselves with these two high-quality organizations. I have no doubt that our support and customer satisfaction in the Northeast region will reach new heights.”

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  1. Congrats to all parties.

  2. 🍿

  3. BS story. Stone is NOT a LFR parts dealer. Come on Shawn. Get facts straight before printing garbage.

  4. John,
    It’s a press release directly from FURY. I can’t speak to what they say they are doing or not doing.

  5. So Massa is paying Stone to help other teams race against them? Huh?? So teams are supposed to listen to him on set up advise and then race against him? Double huh?? Wow. Interesting.

  6. Check the Fury website, it’s posted there too.

    Troy, so each team that was working with Fuller was taking advice from Fuller, thinking it was super secret stuff that only they had and nobody else? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 You think Fuller had a super secret package for each individual team? I mean, you’d have to be dumb and nuts to think you were not going to be racing against the same stuff on any other car. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

  7. Thu inner net is gonna be dun broke on this one.

    Anybody hear from Jeffrey lately?

  8. David is now the Goliath and here comes a new David who used to do work for the old David. You’re going to need a bigger sling shot.
    Nice to have a new element to the continuing chassis saga.

  9. Will the day ever come when Fury announces something WITHOUT using the LFR name? Good grief people.

  10. Fast Eddie says

    Are there enough subliminal jabs to the competition in that press release or what! Their marketing people might have a political background… “Let’s make US look good by making THEM look bad!” If your company does not have enough good things happening to be better than the competition without bashing them, then you’re not working hard enough! I wonder how “authorized” they are to be using all the LFR references in their info. I’m thinking this could get REAL ugly!

  11. Fullers coat tails must be made of steel. Hey Fury…..stop referencing other companies accomplishments and go create your own. Fuller had Eddy set up from day 1. Now you are RE announcing what he did 3 years ago? Come on man.

  12. Moonglum says

    Boy Ryan stone and fuller must of had 1 big blow up either that or fury is paying stone a ton of money to set up shop and go head to head against fuller

  13. Forgot to mention that Ryan was one of the first Fury employees to QIUT after Fuller left. Oops!

  14. So let me get this straight.
    Ryan Stone works for LFR, then Fury appears and he is at the NS Shoot out representing Fury, then Stone moves back to CT and represents LFR and works for the 51 car, now he’s back representing Fury again? Wow. I need a dem graph to figure this out. Someone has commitment issues here.

  15. Umm, what about Brad at Northeast????

  16. Billy I think Brad was with Fury for about a week, that’s when according to Dareal he was way smarter than Fuller, now he’s back with Troyer,LFR and Fuller so I’m sure he,s nowhere near as smart as he use to be

  17. Does anybody competively run a Fury on its own merit with no help from LFR?

  18. Bigger names have challenged Fuller in the past. Ask how Hyperco and Eibach made out. EVERY mod in the garage has Fullers Draco Spring on it.

  19. Da whoever you are. Why don’t you ask this recent list of drivers who has helped them more than anyone recently.
    Bonsignore (according to his speech at banquet)

    And on and on have ALL gone on record several times thanking Robby. Fuller has changed the game today. No different than any large name in years past. Get over it dude. The Modified series will be talking about that man for 30 years. Fury will be forgotten in 3. No business man keeps a business open that’s losing money. Fuller will live in a tent to keep going. That’s the difference. Passion trumps all in this sport. Fuller has more drive and passion than ANYONE in NC ever had for a Modified. Why can’t you just sit back and keep watching and stop sounding like a Richard head.

  20. Raceworks, seriously. How long have they been around? Since 1980ish or so. Gotta give Flemke credit for carving out a niche and making it work over so many changes in the racing landscape including work with and for LFR along the way..
    This isn’t a play to compete with LFR/Troyer is it? It’s a play to get a small percent and make a buck here and there. To protect the niche Raceworks always has and stay relevant. Can it be an alternative for SK’s,non NWMT business and SK Lights?
    Fury? They had few options, took the best and unfortunately for them it might not be anywhere near enough to make real waves.

  21. Ya sorta like rob did for his customers while running the 15 last year. Worked out ok I think.

  22. Start here:


    That’s the driver, owner, and crew chief record for Mr. Fuller.

    Drove in 26 races. 29 if the exhibition races are included.

    Here’s a capsule of his driving results:

    The 26 Races (Truck, NWMT, NWSMT)

    Running at Finish: Only 10 times. 🤣😂

    Lead Lap Finish: Only 4 times. 🤣😂

    Wins: 0

    T5: 1 (NWSMT race @ Thompson)

    T10: 1 (NWSMT race @ Thompson)

    Laps Led: 0

    Trucks: Average Start: 22.5, Average Finish: 27.6

    NWMT: Average Start:17, Average Finish: 24.2

    NWSMT: Average Start: 9, Average Finish: 10.5

    Consistently goes backwards.

    Wrecked Status: 11 (might be more or less, I was laughing so hard as I was looking this up) That’s CRASHED status for 11 out of 26 races. Wreckin’ Robbie has wrecked far more than Fifield, and he has run just a fraction of the races she has, for a far worse wreck rate. Or most or all the other back markers, too.

    The 3 Exhibition Races

    Average Finish: 15

    Watching Wreckin’ Robbie drive was cringeworthy. How soon was he going to wreck, and would he take anyone else with him?

    That record does not make someone an expert. And y’all really believe that that record is making Modified racing better? Those stats put Wreckin’ Robbie in the class and company of the perennial back markers. Geez, even they do a much better job at not wrecking, and running at finishing. Would you buy a home grown chassis or tune advice from any of the perennial back markers?

    You really think Phil Moran depends on Fuller for set up expertise? Keep in mind that Moran had their Fury/LFR chassis running competitively while Wreckin’ Robbie was floundering and wrecking with his own car, even when he had champions Silk and Szegedy drive for him. Phil Moran was a winning Crew Chief long before Wreckin’ Robbie came along in any capacity. Look at the statistics.


    Okay y’all. Since some of you bring up the springs, you must be intimidated by springs and think that a spring is smarter than you. Perhaps, in some cases, that might be true. A spring is a fundamental element. The design and analysis of a coil spring is simple, the governing equations are simple math. Here’s how it works: you know what you want for a spring, you fill out a standard form with all that info such as rate, free height, load, wire, ends open or closed, load at length, ground ends, travel, ID, OD, etc. and the simple equations do the rest. It’s that easy. The crucial part in all that is that YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU WANT THE SPRING TO DO. If you don’t know what the spring needs to do, you can’t design, specify, or select a spring. You can’t say one spring is better than any other. And if you don’t know what the spring needs to be, nobody should be telling you what you need. If you are involved in racing and you depend on someone else to tell you what spring you need, you are not a racer and should not be involved in racing.

    The Standings

    The standings look the same as they have been for years. The teams with the best talent and resources to continually support that talent are towards the top. The standings rank talent that also has the least bad luck. OH LOOK!!!! Phil Moran is at the top of the standings again.

    You think 🤔 that Wreckin’ Robbie has unique top secret stuff for each team? 😂 If you are a team and you are depending on Wreckin’ Robbie, or anyone else for a chassis tune, you better realize that everyone else is getting that same tune, and you are going racing against that. If you think you are special and are getting the best stuff, you need help. It took several years and a hired gun driver and Crew Chief (Dowling & Kopcik) for Wreckin’ Robbie to finally get his house car to compete with the other Fury/LFR cars that were competing years earlier with the expertise and talent of others.

    You really think Wreckin’ Robbie comes up with a specific tune for each driver? 😝 😆 He couldn’t come up with a competitive tune for his own self and own drivers!!!! Perhaps that’s why the standings are pretty much the same as they have been for years before Wreckin’ Robbie showed up.

    It’s like the engine builder argument, that some people accuse engine builders of directing better stuff to favorite teams. That was absurd. The engine building business was incredibly competitive and they had to put their best out there all the time.

    So where is that all-important R&D House Car? There will be no house car until there is available talent to run it. The house car needs in-house talent like Dowling and Kopcik to get it to run competitively. How is that Driver Development program doing? Is there a list of alumni? And what are their records?

  23. This is a farce, Grala bought into fury in hopes it would get his undertallented kid a ride in the big 3. He saw an opportunity to take credit, and jumped on it. Anyone running a TRUE Fury car is gonna get smoked by LFR. JBON blew it when he put Fury ahead of LFR. Have you noticed his lack of dominence lately.If you want a fast super late model go to Fury, if you want a fast modified go to Rob Fuller. 🙈🙉🙊

  24. Rob p, please tell us what is a TRUE LFR modified, and what is a TRUE Fury modified. Specifics and details, please.


  25. I just went on Rob Fullers fb page and liked it. Anyone that can spin Richard Head Dareal our that bad is my hero! Man you are bringing up point sthat are strengthening the Fuller effect. Talking about his driving?? haha haha. Who cares!?!? He’s not charging teams to drive for them!! Talking about how simple it is to design springs but Eibach and Hypercoil can’t do it but you can!!! Your a JOKE dude! Maybe fury will hire you for a PR rep because they need one!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  26. Wow so now fuller has morphed into wrecking robbie you talk about hate from one person that posts here that just can’t give fuller any credit

  27. When Eddie at raceworks was welding for fuller/lfr whose jigs was Eddie using were they supplied by lfr if so did lfr take them when he bought into troyer or were they the property of raceworks

  28. Billy wrote, “Umm, what about Brad at Northeast????”

    At this point, he’s probably become besties with Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Elmer T. Lee, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Basil Hayden, Henry McKenna, George T Stagg, William Larue Weller, George Dickel, A. H. Hirsch, John Rowan, John Willett, Johnnie Walker, …

  29. Alias,

    So who was paying Fuller while he was racing? Your missing the point. Ryan is a EMPLOYEE and servicing cars he is racing against. Fuller is NOT anyone’s employee and he has the customers best interest in mind. COMPLETELY different case here. Sorry to disappoint.

  30. Rob P. The only dude here that actually gets it.

  31. What sticks out for me in your continued tortured mental exercise in trying to deal with Rob Fuller and LFR is this never ending wrestling match of DGF with the current reality. For whatever reason you were a Troyer guy, it’s all gone now. Yet you wrestle with reality like somehow by shear force of will you can turn the clock back and make like it never happened. And I’m sure the wrestling match will go on a year from now.
    I have no idea of what Fullers driving record has to do with him being a good designer, technician, marketer and business man. Some of the most average players in sports became superior managers.
    My view going over that driving history that you’ve mentioned often and is no more relevant now then it has ever been. May be good to come up with the Wreckin Robbby taunt but little more. Perhaps the driving mediocrity was motivation to find success in other areas. Many of us have done that in our lives haven’t we? Fail……pivot……change……experiment…….find our niche.
    What Rob comes up with for each car I suspect is based on their equipment and the drivers style but I like you have no idea what the real truth is. Suffice it so say that love him or hate him you have to give credit where credit is due. He wrestled the bear, the fight was long and hard and he won. Is it good for racing going forward is debatable. What isn’t debatable is he’s the king of the hill and a nasty nickname isn’t going to change it.
    Engine building, springs, spring rates, Fury and house car………….word salad. All been covered. Irrelevant, unknown, opinion or unnecessary. My thinking is invent a time machine, go back and change history. Otherwise accept the current reality and use that massive ego, excuse me brain to make relevant observations and predictions going forward about the future of the great Northeast modified chassis wars.

  32. @ Doug, Great comeback and I totally agree…..

    @Moonglum, Fuller has LFR Gen I chassis jig’s at Raceworks & Troyer Manufacturing. Eddie is still doing repair work for Rob.

  33. Dareal. List of facts get over it.
    Has Fuller ever had a pole in a Modified. Yes
    Has Fuller ever won a Modified race. Yes
    Has Fuller ever had a pole in a latemodel. Yes
    Has Fuller ever won a late model race. Yes
    Has Fuller designed a championship chassis. Yes
    Has Fuller driven a NASCAR Truck series. Yes.
    Has Fuller won a Cup series race as crew member. Yes
    Has Fuller ever won a race as a Xfinty crew member yes.
    Has Fuller ever won a major division championship as a crew member. Yes
    Has Fuller owned a Xfinity team. Yes
    Has Fuller owned a NASCAR Cup team. Yes
    Has Fuller made you look dumb. Yes.
    Buddy that’s WAY more yes’s than ANYONE you know had I promise you that. Every time I see that man I say hello. He has NO clue who I am but he says hello back. That’s all I need. He’s got my vote.

  34. Thanks for the update I was curious on what or how Eddie was gonna work his deal and what fuller might of done in regards to the jigs

  35. Just me. Actually Eddy has Gen2 jigs at Raceworks which Fuller worked on with him. The 51 cars were cut apart at Raceworks AFTER leaving NC. Then Justin showed up to mount seats. He forgets that now though. Maybe the bill was too high. Wait…….there was no bill.

  36. Hillary 2020 says

    LFR has a rebuttal on their FB page.💩’s getting crazy. And how many dafellas do we have here now. Isn’t one enough?

  37. Dareal, the only true LFR car that I know of is the 2 which was built before the split. Are there others, don’t know don’t care. But if your so smart why don’t you tell us

  38. One person to think about,Ed Flemke. If you recall, when LFR was getting their chassis’ from Fury they would go to Flemke for unknown modifications. Could these unknown modifications be being done to the Fury cars?

  39. Rob P. Fury is well aware of the modifications that Fuller was making to the chassis post purchase. They have been using his designs for years. Now that he does not need them that’s where the issue lays. The ONLY Real fury chassis is Burt at the Stadium. I have been coming here for 6 years. This year Burt has struggled admittedly. The real question is did fury take fullers Gen2 design and test it with Burt and struggle? I say yes. Fuller tested it with Doug Colby at Thompson and let’s just say it was pretty good. All goes to show you it’s the brains behind the chassis. The nc boys will never hang with Fuller on mods. Oh btw, if those facts listed about Fuller are true that’s impressive. I had no idea on half those. I do remember watching him run up front at concord in a Ford latemodel though.

  40. Fuller is God says

    Rob you are the greatest thing ever, not just in racing but in every way possible. Is that good enough for you, or are you going to continue posting with fake names about how great you are. Shut up already

  41. Todd Carey says

    Cant believe people really care that much about this.

  42. That’s would be pretty brave of Fuller to post here knowing that the IP is available for Shawn to see. Not sure he’s that stupid. I agree with Todd. Who cares at this point!

  43. Steve says, “Dareal. List of facts get over it.”

    Steve, get a dictionary and look up the definition of “facts”.


    Steve says: “Has Fuller ever had a pole in a Modified. Yes”

    Steve, please define what you mean by “ever had a pole”. What Fuller and what race? Post links.


    Steve says: “Has Fuller ever won a Modified race. Yes”

    Steve, what Fuller and what race? Date, track and series. Post links.


    Steve says: “Has Fuller ever had a pole in a latemodel. Yes”

    Steve, who cares? 🤡


    Steve says, “Has Fuller ever won a late model race. Yes”

    Steve, who cares?


    Steve says, “Has Fuller designed a championship chassis. Yes”

    Steve, what chassis is that? Tell us how he designed this. And what championship did it win? Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller driven a NASCAR Truck series. Yes.”

    Steve, how many races and what is his record? 🚗 Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller won a Cup series race as crew member. Yes”

    Steve, as what crew member? Tire carrier? Water boy? Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller ever won a race as a Xfinty crew member yes.”

    Steve, as what crew member? Tire carrier? Jack man? Water boy? Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller ever won a major division championship as a crew member. Yes”

    Steve, what major division was this, and what was his crew position? Tire carrier? Jack man? Gas man? Water boy? ⛽️ Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller owned a Xfinity team. Yes”

    Steve, what xfinity team did Fuller own? How many full seasons did he run? What was the record? How many races did the team run to completion? Why isn’t he running this team anymore? Post links.


    Steve says, “Has Fuller owned a NASCAR Cup team. Yes”

    Steve, please tell us some more. What team was this? Car number. How many full seasons did this NASCAR Cup team run? How many wins? How many races were completed? What was the record? So why doesn’t he own this team anymore and why isn’t he running a Cup team anymore? Post links.

    😂 😝

  44. So Dareal…… how many yes answers do you have here? Just curious without debate. Oh yea…..keyboard warrior wasn’t a question. D bag.

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