RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Racing Movie?

It’s that time of year to kick back on a cold night and take in a good racing movie. So what’s your choice? Today’s daily poll question is, what is your favorite racing movie? Vote below.


  1. Not long ago I stumbled on Pit Stop, filmed in black and white from 1969 about figure 8 racing. Sid Haig and Ellen Burstyn are the film’s biggest names. Many great scenes of huge American cars banging and crashing.
    Has it’s share of typical movie corn. Perhaps less so than Days of Thunder. If you don’t mind a black and white and you like bullring action I highly recommend it. A fun, groovy 60s movie.

  2. Heart Like a Wheel

  3. Darealgoodfella,
    Great Other choice. My bad on missing that one. Should definitely be a choice.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I had to go with LeMans for being the first racing movie with really extensive detailed racing footage.

  5. 3 weeks to Daytona was a cheesy movie made at Waterford. But it was a real movie with real movie stars. It was pretty cool.

  6. Dr Robert Neville says

    Being from CT, I am a huge fan of Paul Newman. Winning is deserves a mention here.

  7. Dr Robert Neville says

    In 1977, Paul Newman tested John Anderson’s Bob Cuneo car at Stafford. Bob had built some of Paul’s Bob Sharp rides and was trying to talk him into racing the mod.

  8. Did not like Days of Thunder. It was sooo unrealistic the beating and banging at Daytona c’mon

  9. What no Trading Paint?
    The year……1968. The movie……… Speedway…..the star…..Elvis (The King).
    If you were female, 65 plus you’d realize what a huge mistake leaving that one off was.
    Greased Lightning is not the best but at the time I thought it was riveting. Another fading memory was refreshed by Bugsy Stevens referring to his friend Booker T Jones in the Bottom Shot podcast. Many of us would like to see more diversity in local racing. It’s interesting that modified racing was more diverse when diversity wasn’t even a thing.
    Booker T Jones, NEAR class of 2003.

  10. The original fast and furious and 1 are worth watching. Trading paint was disappointing. I expected more given Travolta was in it. It does get a passing grade simply for showing race cars and having Shania Twain in it.

  11. Paul Newman did race a Legend at Stafford. I think he may have won but I may be embellishing that since he’s one of my all time favorites.

  12. Doug,
    I have some fantastic stories about covering Paul Newman over the years at Lime Rock. He was an amazing gentleman and always great to cover.

  13. Shawn, sounds like your paul newnan stories would be a great read here once in a while.

  14. The Atomic Punk says

    Grand Prix starring James Garner…. aka Rockford

  15. Thanks for weighing in on Newman Mr. Courchesne.
    From his early days acting, to Joanne Woodward, to his late career acting gems like Road to Perdition, to Newman’s own and his charitable work I just love that guy. Plus he lived in Conneccticut with his Camp in Ashford on the way to Thompson.
    I can see it in my head. Him popping out of the Legend car all sweaty and disheveled looking not like a star but an old racer that was jacked up on racing. He had a rule. When at the races no talk of anything but racing. At least I think that was a thing.
    Please do consider stories of a guy that was way more then a great actor. My memories may be embellished but I don’t think by much.

  16. Shawn, when you run low on shiny objects, perhaps you can share some of those gems about Paul Newman, and other items of interest from your archives.

  17. If anyone here hasn’t seen “Rush”, make the time…

    GREAT movie that didn’t get a lot of eyeballs.

  18. I agree with the previous posts, we would love to hear your fantastic stories about covering Paul Newman! I was lucky enough that my Dad and I went to Lime Rock in 1977, Labor Day weekend. My 10th birthday fell on the weekend. We were walking through the pits as teams were loading their car, a voice called out, “Hey, can you give us a hand?” My Dad motioned for me to go help. I pushed the Bob Sharp 33 into the trailer with the crew members. I was happy when I was given a poster for ‘helping out’. I didn’t realize that it was Paul Newman that had given me the poster until the ride home when my Dad laughed at me for not recognizing him. Years later I was cheffing at Hopkins Inn on Lake Waramaug. Who stops in for dinner? Paul Newman…and he remembered the weekend from 1977, at least he said he did! He chit-chatted with me, told me thanks for cooking his dinner-a true gentleman!

  19. Scott,
    My favorite story about Paul Newman at Lime Rock involves me witnessing the exchange between a weekend warrior security person and Paul Newman during an event at the track. Paul was an absolute gentleman to the security worker, who ultimately was immensely embarrassed when he found out who he had gotten snippy with. I’ll have to sit down soon and put together a compilation of stories.

  20. Days Of Thunder Was A JOKE It Was Top Gun With Race Cars. Really People. First And Only Movie I Went To See On Opening Night. NASCAR Failed On This Movie!!! What A Disappointed!! Last American Hero By Far Number 1

  21. “The Big Wheel” 1949

  22. “Days Of Thunder Was A JOKE It Was Top Gun With Race Cars.”

    The best thing about DoT was that it probably inspired “Talladega Nights”.

  23. I’m in Days of Thunder.
    Actually I don’t know I am but the year, 1990. At the Twin 125’s they asked us to stand and cheer as the cars in the movie came around the track. Told us they were shooting background for the movie. It’s was exciting.
    We looked so forward to seeing the move and it was ridiculous it was so unrealistic. Then I have to see Robert Duval talking about how he liked horses better then race cars a jeeze. Illusion shot to hell.
    It’s always been Hours of Wasted to me.

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