RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Tour Type Modifieds Do You Expect For The Icebreaker At Thompson?

Sure, there’s snow on the ground, but it’s just over six weeks until the Connecticut short track racing season kicks off with the running of the Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway April 10-11. The event will feature a 150-lap Tour Type Modified feature as part of the newly introduced Thompson Outlaw Modified Series for 2021. So today’s Daily Poll question is how many Tour Type Modifieds do think will be entered for the first event at Thompson. Vote below.

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How Many Tour Type Modifieds Do You Expect For The Icebreaker At Thompson?
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  1. Racers gotta race. Given the pandemic 😷 and how things can be called off at any time, I’m thinking racers are gonna race just about any opportunity they can. We’ve all learned much from last year, and things really are not any better, anything can still happen and get far worse. Masks 😷 will be needed well into 2022.

    We could see some good car counts.

    Any event being a chance to race, and not assured.


    So here are some latest COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic statistics:


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  2. None. We are getting a blizzard that week. 100 year storm. It will snow for seven days and nights. Bright in sunny in VA though. LOL.

    The real question is how many show up for a Wednesday show? Seems like far fewer prominent entries.

    If this Thompson thing works out does Thompson boot PASS/ACT out in 2022 and do it themselves again?

  3. I’m thinking 33-38 for a few reasons. First, it’s the first race of the year and everyone is anxious to get on the track. Second, there were 31cars for the Open Modified race at the World Series. And third, probably the most important reason, is $10K.
    JD, I’d bet the Wednesday events have good turnouts with $5K to win. Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk has been getting car counts in the mid 30’s. “If you pay them they will come.”

  4. Open Wheel Wednesday is a week before the July Wednesday show at Thompson. I can run for $10k to win at Seekonk or wait a week and run for $5k to win at Thompson. Wait another week and a half and I can run for $3500 to win at Stafford.

    By the time OWW rolls around I think you might have several TT “regulars” who have yet to make a race in 2021 and start looking at Thompson or Stafford as alternatives if they have the motor. That might help the CT tracks. I’ll give you that.

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