RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Thoughts On New Netflix NASCAR Themed Show “The Crew”?

This week Netflix released its new NASCAR themed comedy series called The Crew. The sitcom stars Kevin James as a crew chief overseeing a NASCAR Cup Series team. So what are your thoughts on the new show? Vote below.

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Your Thoughts On New Netflix NASCAR Themed Show "The Crew"?
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  1. I saw a preview of the show. It seemed pretty stupid. Have absolutely no interest in it.

  2. daRealWannabeFamousGuy says

    Do they have a vain character who thinks he knows everything?

  3. It’s good. But like I’ve heard, UPS drivers didn’t watch King of Queens for the package delivery scene. While NASCAR based, it’s not “about NASCAR” It’s about character interaction. All in all its a good Kevin James sitcom.

  4. C’mon… we’re talking Kevin James and NASCAR, not Carl Sagan and NASA.

  5. Bill Realist says

    Rob p and dreal hate it because James is a conservative. It does suck though.

  6. Its not bad. Give it a shot. I started watching it and ended up watching a good bunch of episodes over a few nights. They had a few cameos from current Nascar Cup drivers which makes me think its Nascar approved. The show focuses on the interaction and relationships of members of a small Cup team. There is very little racing in it, I think all the race footage was stock footage. If you like Kevin James in past movies sitcoms you will like this one.

  7. Michael Bargas says

    Great Show, good comedy and a nice mix of interesting characters. It’s well worth the watch it is both fresh and different. Tired of the same old stuff this is a nice spin on comedy!!

  8. I don’t have Netflix… ;^)

    We do have xFinity cable TV and DirecTV service, Peacock, HBO, Showtime, and Amazon Video.

    Sounds like a decent show. I like Kevin James a lot.

  9. A poll on sexual harassment gets under 200 votes and a TV show 450 plus. Interesting.

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