RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should Short Tracks Use Social Media Regularly To Promote Events And Competitors?

Social media has seeped into every facet of life in 2021. But in the short track racing industry many promoters continue to operate using an old school mentality and virtually ignore the promotional tool that social media can be. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, do you think short track operators should be using social media regularly to promote their events and competitors? Vote below.

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Do You Think Short Track Facilities Should Use Social Media Channels Regularly To Promote Events And Competitors?
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  1. Fast Eddie says

    I voted yes, but not for the obvious reason. Some tracks are putting more info on Facebook instead of updating their website. I think it should be the other way around. Some people (read that as older race fans) don’t use social media. I think tracks should use social media as a contact point to advertise your up-to-date website. Some tracks have given up trying to function due to financial hardships from huge amounts of negative posts on social media. I remember reading about a track in Ohio that gave up for that very reason. Tracks can better control what is on (and NOT on) their websites to positively promote events and drivers. People may view your site and be interested in attending an event. The “media mudslinger” info won’t be directly connected and visible with your promotional efforts to sway peoples opinions. Use Facebook and Twitter to hopefully provide secondary support to your website, not the other way around. Just one race fan’s opinion.

  2. Fast Ed , Very well said. You gotta have some sort of control of your content. With your up to date Website with access to everyone you have that..

  3. Well, given that newspapers and other print information sources are gone, they really have to use social media. But they need to be careful… which platforms?

    Some are untouchable, others are mainstream.

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