RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Commenter On RaceDayCT?

So let’s let the people decide on the people. Today’s Daily Poll question is, who is your favorite regular or semi-regular commenter on RaceDayCT? Vote below.


  1. I love the poll. Actually got a good chuckle out of me. I voted Stuart Fearn. Honestly there are a lot of passionate fans here. I dont agree with everything everyone says but having a dialogue amongst race fans is important in my opinion. I learn a lot from the comments. Thanks for allowing it and putting up with us.

  2. I don’t know who the most popular is but have an opinion on who the best are.
    First is Shawn Courchesne who does comment. He’s the professional in the forum aside from owning it but is the most knowledgeable as well and by far. In the comments he gets to stray from his strict journalistic standards and introduce emotion and a little anger at times into the mix. In articles he’s obligated to be as correct as he can whereas in the comments he can afford to take a chance to be wrong which he is on rare occasions.
    Next would be Stuart Fearn mainly because he races and is an expert in so much that is involved in the sport. In a place where credibility is always in question not knowing who is doing the writing Mr. Fearn’s resume in racing always puts his observations at the top of the list.
    Of the anonymous posters Fast Eddie would get my vote for the best. Many in the forum make claims to being at races. They make claims to knowing things about racing and races. Many of us mock and insult each other for things pertinent to races and racing as well as things outside of racing. Fast Eddie does none of that. Doesn’t claim to be at races but demonstates he was by the commentary. Never claims to be an expert at things he knows he is not. Never engages in personal attacks or insults and is respectful of others opinions when disagreeing. Can name the amoeba like boundaries of modified country because he’s been to most of it. Not a racer but has been in a race car and done hot laps on the track and knows the challenge of driving a race car. Almost always errs on the side of finding good things to say about every race he views and every series the race is part of. How good a fan is Fast Eddie? It’s pretty clear to me no fan in this forum including those that harp endlessly about their importance to racing sees more races in person every season then Fast Eddie brags less about it. He’s such a good fan that when his son graduated from college in 2018 if my memory is correct he lamented missing a big MRS race at the time.
    The next for my money is Barry. Another guy that doesn’t go around needling others about what he knows and sees. From scanners, knowing the difference between the pits and paddock, to camping to road courses to tech his commentary almost always rings true, is informative and well written.
    Honorable mention to all the guys and gals that treat the forum as it should be as a racing forum and don’t engage in all the other nonsense and insults that go on here that many of us seem to let get out of hand far too often.

  3. Personally, I voted for Liz!

  4. I have to admit, I miss crazy in n.y.

  5. He doesn’t put up with us for free. No need to thank anyone. SC makes a living off our collective, profound wisdom.

    Doug?!?! Seriously? This poll is rigged. That, or all his handles are voting for their leader.

    Good poll but on the day of an historic season opener??? Anyway…My bird just landed in Raleigh. Off to Martinsville. You turkeys enjoy your tv watching.

    Remember, a vote for JD is a vote for fair and balanced race news. It’s also a vote against DaReal which is worth more than money.

  6. Bobf,
    Crazy In NY left in protest because he didn’t like that I was making some of the content here subscription only.

  7. JD,
    On this historic day? Seriously? Its the first day of the season, just like every other first day of the season for this series since 1985. It’s hardly historic. Also, I know you think every story posted on this site should be about how the Whelen Modified Tour is the greatest racing series in the history of the country, the world and the galaxy. That’s not going to happen. But let’s not act like these polls don’t involve the Whelen Modified Tour. Of the polls run Since Dec. 1, 2020, twenty of them have involved the Whelen Modified Tour, including two in the last four days. Cool out dude, you’re beginning to sound like an unstable obsessed lunatic.

  8. Historic? Huh? 🤔

  9. Thanks for the clarification Shawn. I was thinking maybe he got sick, or worse. Whether we disagree on this forum or not, I would never wish anything ill towards anybody. So, I’m relieved it was his decision.

  10. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “He doesn’t put up with us for free.”

    Let me fix that for you… you really meant to write, “He doesn’t put up with me for free.”

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Aside from Shawn’s tireless efforts to put this site together, I had to vote for Stuart Fearn for bringing a “racers view” to the site. I know there are a few others on this site with racing experience and I appreciate their insight, but Mr. Fearn’s still active involvement always gives us a great “racer’s side of the story” view.
    I’m very flattered for receiving votes and appreciate knowing I have some valid input to the site, which is the first and only one I was brave enough to make comments on.
    Doug, thanks for your comments, and not to brag, they are very accurate. I do usually manage to get to at least 20-25 races a year. When commenting I do try to stick to racing and stay positive about it. This site is my opportunity to talk racing when not at the races in person. Thanks to all for that!

  12. I am kind of surprised this isnt a tie for first place among 28 contestants with everyone voting for themselves. I guess we have some additional people voting messing that up. Is there anything better than opening day? There is an excitement in the air for sure. Historcal, not sure about that but today is a better day than yesterday for me and part of that is start of race season better weather. This year more so than others having missed most of last season due health concerns.

    Personally I woke up with great anticipation for today. Much more so than normal. I took the day off. I have the Alma Mater playing in hockey’s final four, Golf and the Bruins on TV. I received my first Covid vaccine yesterday. I feel like I can rejoin society in some small way. Its invigorating knowing that the chance of me passing a potentially deadly disease to someone is substantially less now. Or soon to be at least once I get the second dose.

    Enjoy the race tonight, I have to go sign up for grassroots..

  13. Definitely Stu Fearn. Honorable mentions to Liz Cherokee & Welding Wonders 👍👍

  14. csg wrote, “I am kind of surprised this isnt a tie for first place among 28 contestants with everyone voting for themselves.”

    Yeah, that’s funny. 😆


    Barry and I voted for Liz.

    Doug and all his numerous other screen names voted for himself. He needs all the help he can get.

    csg, the vaccine prevents you from getting sick and dying from the COVID-19 virus. It does not prevent you from passing it on to someone else, someone that might not be vaccinated. This is why even after we are vaccinated we need to continue wearing a mask 😷, social distancing, washing, etc. for the safety of others that are not yet vaccinated.

  15. I’m very stable actually. You get rattled to easily. It’s my first poll, cut me some slack. A guy can only handle so much excitement in one day.

    I like CSG. The guy took the day off to take in the moment. It’s like opening day at Fenway. Nothing but sunshine and rainbows. The dawn of a new season.

    RacedayCT was being discussed at the Waffle House this morning. Kudos for that.

  16. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Hands down Dafella. I need my daily fix of a crazed obsessed lunatic and Dafella delivers without fail. I trust his insight on racing and every other thing he is an expert on. Too many to mention. Everyone else are just idiotmoronfools.

  17. Sharpie Fan says

    Thanks to whoever voted for me. I voted for Doug.
    Totally forgot what day it was — still recovering from getting my second shot 2 days ago.

  18. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “I’m very stable actually. ”


    I’m laughing so hard I can barely type this….

    Trump said he was a stable genius, and was the least racist person.

  19. Hahahaha this poll made my day!

  20. Stuart A Fearn says

    Oh my the pressure now. Don’t know if I can handle it lol.
    Actually I love the question and I’m surprised in a way.
    There are many more people more deserving of this praise, but no one will be more appreciative.
    (Favorite Lou holtz quote)

  21. Yeah I know I cant ditch the mask nor start going to jam packed concerts yet. I do hope to go to something this summer. Netflix and online racing is good but after a year I want to see something in person. My main concern with this virus was always being a carrier, Not knowing I was infected and passing it on to someone else that may not be able to handle it as well. From what I heard you are less likely to get it and the probability of passing it is significantly less having had the vaccine. It would be nice to rejoin social society. By the way my arm hurts a little where the shot was administered and I am kind of tired but I didnt get a good night sleep the past couple of nights. Today being opening day and all that. That is about all i have for side effects nothing significant. I heard the second shot is worse. Enjoy the races.

  22. The Atomic Punk says

    LOL… Love it!!…. and my mother said I’d never amount to anything…..Take that Mom.

  23. Shawn wrote,

    “Bobf, Crazy In NY left in protest because he didn’t like that I was making some of the content here subscription only.”

    Crazy in NY was the one telling others to stop whining about how expensive tickets are, and to peel off a few bucks and go. Even called someone from the low rent area. He relentlessly ridiculed others for bringing up how expensive it is to go to a race.

    So Crazy in NY leaves in protest because some content was made for subscription only? That’s rich, 🤑 totally laughable. 😝😝😝🤪🤪🤡🤡🤡😛😛😛🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I figured he knew everything already and didn’t need to subscribe to anything. /sarcasm/

  24. Congratulations to Mr. Fearn for his resounding and well deserved victory and good old fashioned thumping of the anonymous posters. Sorry there is no purse or bonus for his victory. Actually as a RaceDayCT marketing partner you help make the site possible more then any of we so that should be mentioned as well.
    Of the anonymous contingent The Atomic Punk with a strong performance. That’s the guy specializing in brief albeit explosive grenades of emotion pertinent to any topic.. Liz also with a strong performance bless her soul. A welcome feminine presence with essentially two schticks. One the fierce and much needed loyalty to the only female driver on the NWMT. The other a seemingly endless knowledge of adult beverages. The guy that is wrong almost always and has pretty much insulted everyone that has ever read RaceDayCt articles or commented in them at the top of the anonymous contingent. Leading me to conclude if I am in the same proximity then that is more likely the opposite of a good thing.
    Popularity indeed not to be confused with racing knowledge or being well mannered. Why not. If we can be elected president that was an ill mannered and the loudest of squeaky wheels that never let the lack of knowledge on a topic hold him back then why can’t we as well.
    Were this poll to to read in a manner that rewarded racing knowledge and acting more like an adult Fast Eddie, CSG, Bobf, Just Me the original and plain Just Me, Barry, Suitcase Jake, Elect et al would be topping the leader board.

  25. Where would we be without Narcissistic Judgmental Doug? Like Crazy in NY often asked of you, who are you to pass judgement on what anyone else posts? And that goes for all your other screen names as well. In doing so, you are aping Donald Trump. You are discrediting the vote, just as Trump did. And just like Trump, you are a sore loser.


  26. After 5 or 6 years two geezers saying the same things over and over there’s not much left to add. Other then the fact that being near Darealgoodfella in proximity in the physical poll or results is like living next a sewage treatment plant. You know the sewage treatment plant is beneficial. So many comment sections die from lack of interest. The dumpster fire that is the typical Darealgoodfella post generates energy for the forum and has for going on a decade. It’s still is unpleasant to be near and depressing the results have placed me roughly in the same category.
    The audience has spoken and it is what it is. WeldingWonders and I shall lick our wounds over a few Broad Brook Brewery lagers tomorrow watching the races at the Icebreaker and all will be well.

  27. Fast Eddie says

    Stupid question: How do you get to see the vote tally? Sometimes the results will show up if you’ve already voted, but not on this one. I can’t help being curious on this one.

  28. Fast Eddie,
    Should be fixed now. The app that operates the polls can be a little feisty.

  29. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks Shawn that worked! And I feel your pain, I battle with computer programs for work, and my fat fingers on the keyboard will sometimes add to the challenge!

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