RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Thoughts On Icebreaker 2021 At Thompson Speedway?

The 2021 Icebreaker weekend became the 2021 Icebreaker Saturday over the weekend when track promoters decided to move Sunday’s scheduled events to Saturday because of forecasted weather issues. So what were your thoughts on how it all turned out at Thompson Saturday? Vote below.


  1. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Did Critical Signs pull out of victory lane sponsorship this year because Monahan won’t be in it as much if at all?

  2. Dean Burhoe says

    Racing was good. The weather was beautiful. I actually liked having it all in one day. What was horrible was your check in procedure. All of us that bought tickets in advance and paid a convenience fee to do so ended up standing in line for 40 minutes to get in while those who bought tickets on-site walked right up to the window with no wait. Heard a lot of angry people some who said they would never come back. It was frustrating. Very poorly planned.

  3. Is it time? You know the inevitable observations on the new format without the NWMT. From the basement judging from the PPV, comments here, pictures and social media reactions the absence of the NWMT was a complete non issue. Or was it because that itch was scratched two days before? The only complaint seemed to be the long pre paid ticket line.
    Who knows what the PPV audience was but the crowd was good. Without having to pay NASCAR all their fees and ceding the streaming rights to them one would think this was about as good an outcome as the Michaud & Mayberry team could have envisioned. We like promoters making money don’t we and the more the better.
    Now the dynamic duo are off to New Hampshire to work their magic for a second week in a row.
    Something new and special may be happening here. They’ll need another success as padding for the risky mid week shows to follow.

  4. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I feel bad for the people who bought tickets online. I won’t do it just because of the fees. I bought my ticket at the track for less and I walked right in. Took me all of 2 minutes.

  5. Dean,
    ‘All of us the bought tickets in advance and paid a standing in line for 40 minutes to get in’ is certainly an exaggeration. With HappsNow, you can print out an actual ticket page or keep a QR Code on your smartphone following your purchase. These are scanned at the ticket window for entry.
    Or, one can still go the ‘Old Fashioned’ route and buy walk-up tickets at the window on race day.

  6. 🥬 Lettuce 🥬, people bought tickets online because they feared missing out, that the attendance limits would lead to ticket sales limits, and the ticket limit would be sold out early because of the COVID-19 capacity limitations on crowd sizes.

    Apparently there was no limit being applied. The place was packed. No reasonable ticket sale would be refused.

    The people that bought tickets online were screwed. The people that showed up to buy tickets at the gate could walk away, a potential lost sale opportunity, so of course they were going to get top priority. 💰

    Ask Doug, he wrote about it years ago… he was looking at a 2 minute wait in line at the ticket booth so he left instead.

  7. Did not go for the first time since no NWMT Tour…

  8. Racing Fan says

    Only thing I would have liked to have seen were to be able to read the results of all positions for all divisions. I could not make it.

  9. The dynamic duo better get to work. According to the PASS website there are only 12 mods entered and 14 street stocks. 41 Super Late Models is a bit more encouraging.
    Practice starts in less than 4 days.

    The MRS put out a schedule this weekend. A little more robust than maybe expected.

  10. A suggestion Racing Fan where you can get the results for virtually any race on any track with the exception of the NWMT and some lower divisions like the Stafford Streets without transponders.
    Type in Thompson in “Search” and you’re in business.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Racing Fan, check the PASS website, complete results lists are on it.
    Dean Burhoe, you must have got there awful late, or were waiting during the Saturday to Sunday transfer. I got there early with my online tickets, bought them online to make sure I got in. Would have been nice to buy both with only one service charge but oh well. Walked right up to the window and changed both over to a wristband, than went right in. Left when Saturday was done, had a quick sandwich in the car and went right back in. No more than 2-3 people in front of me at any time.

  12. Dam good show! Because they’ve got some of the best people in the business to make it great for fans and competitors. Totally expected to be there till the midnight curfew but final checker dropped by 10. Looking forward to Wednesday night shows now! The 300 should be a August or September show though. Not part of World Series.

  13. Liked the single day ticket option. Would have liked a few more Mods to knock Rocco outta the way, like he did to Mike Jr.

  14. Engines in the opens is a story that is yet to be written. Last year what was published indicated that specs were not the engine of choice in opens. Rich, another guy that knows his stuff pointed out that the rules change may make the NWMT spec a more popular choice. Complicated by Stafford not allowing them in their opens. Based on what was published last year the fastest cars for one lap were the 25 (23 degree aluminum head), 46 (23 degree aluminum head), 16ct (NWMT spec-not published), 44 (not published presumed NWMT spec), 57 (Dart steel head)
    The question is in play so hit the 2021 refresh. Who is using what and what impact did the rules changes have on the decision. Hopefully Tri Track or someone will publish that information at some point for the tech geeks. Buckler on introductions also made it a point to mention the chassis maker on some of the cars. That’s all good stuff to know as well.

  15. Doug, here is a breakdown of the engines in the cars you mentioned:
    25 – 18 degree
    46 – NASCAR Spec
    16 – NASCAR Spec
    44 – 18 degree

  16. Great racing.

    Made even better by all the media options: Race Monitor, streaming, etc.

    Given that very few people were wearing masks, 😷, this was not a safe place to be, at all. Those few people that were wearing a mask were being relentlessly assaulted with the emissions of those not wearing masks. How many people were there? There were indeed many, many infected people there. A statistical fact. Connecticut never fully recovered from the ’21 holiday season surge, and Connecticut is one of the states with high and *increasing* active cases.

    Look over the thread of photos https://racedayct.com/2021/04/picture-this-fran-lawlor-gallery-from-icebreaker-2021/#comment-248316 and you’ll see there was rarely a mask. 😷

    I am so glad I did not go. Those of you that are bragging you did, and commenting that attendees are over wearing masks 😷 , well, stupid is what stupid does. Remember, we always talk about how the majority of fans at these events are old geezers, the same demographic that has the least chance to survive a COVID-19 infection.

  17. The Atomic Punk says

    ….Now if we could only lose the mufflers and go back to straight header pipe.

  18. I’m not seeing masks 😷 in those pictures.

  19. Thanks Ben for the update. It’s going in the engine file.
    It’s early and perhaps Rich was correct. That the NWMT spec will have a greater footprint in opens this year based on rules changes. I know the 46 has two choices and if memory serves they made a switch at New Smyrna after the first of second night. They may use the built engine for the smaller tracks. In any event early on it still looks like the engine choice story is alive and well with no dominant configuration. Silk and Santos made late race charges based on tires and setup changes and not the engine packages. That’s what we want isn’t it?

  20. Great show at Thompson. Glad somebody went out on a limb and took a chance at promoting this season’s racing at Thompson. And the place was almost as packed as one of Biden’s child migrant facilities on the border.

  21. The Atomic Punk says

    Wonder what Nascar will do when they find out the NWMT spec is helping the Open shows. Hmmmm

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