RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Thoughts On Northeast Classic Tour Type Modified Race

The inaugural Northeast Classic took place on Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The 50-lap Tour Type Modified feature had 11 cars with eight teams that would be judged by most as contenders to win. The race featured 23 unofficial lead changes on track under green over the final 24 laps. Do you think the low car count should mean the race should automatically be judged harshly, or should the race be judged by the quality of the competition on the track not the number of cars. Vote below.


  1. The Atomic Punk says

    a 2 car race at NHMS would have 23 lead changes in last 24 laps. 11 cars is sad….with heat races??

  2. Shaw and Gallup summed up why the cars that normally look to get a top 10 in big races didn’t show up for this one. In my view it had less to do with schedule congestion, location, weather, time of year and more to do with rules and the track. Those lower tier teams won’t get much respect here but they are every bit as important to racing and have their own race to run that’s every bit as important as the favorites. The track too big, the rules too fast and the odds of enjoying good competition minimal to non existent. In short no fun which after all is what racing is all about.
    My question is was the event a success? Forget the modifieds was it worth the effort. The car counts for the most part were perfectly acceptable. There was terrific racing and not just the modifieds. Those super late models give us a lot to look forward to this weekend. But the visual of an empty, cavernous facility with a sprinkling of fans definitely comes off as low energy if you’re a new fan dropping in. Cars on the track surrounded by a panorama of desolation. Still could have been a raging success however based of the PPV audience. We won’t ever know how many fans were in their Barkaloungers riveted to the racing until the event is either scheduled for next year or not.

  3. 🌈JD🌈 got this one right… this is viewed as a club event. Hopefully it will grow, it certainly has potential. The SLMs did a good job. SLMs are considered Modifieds with a body. The COVID-19 coronavirus #TrumpPandemic 🦠 is definitely putting a big damper on things like this.

    What was the estimated crowd? Please, no Sean Spicer nonsense saying that this was the largest viewed event in the history of the planet when all channels were considered. You’ll have to prove all those channels. So what was the in-person crowd?

    Besides, $5k to win is not much at all. There’s not much left after the tire bill. 💵 And it’s expensive to send a crew up to New Hampshire for a couple days.

    I barely had time to check Race Monitor with a baseball game, hockey games, a few pounds of pork belly burnt ends slow cooking on the smoker to watch over, the Cup race, timing a bike ride and other things going on.

    🌈JD🌈 was jamming at the garden center or his garden.

  4. Yeah, what was the point of the heat race?

  5. Darealgoodfella,
    My estimated guess at the crowd in the grandstand (counting heads from the infield just before the Modified race) was right around 1,000.

  6. RaceDayCT twitter stated 850 fans yesterday. 1000 sounds better today I guess. Both seemed high anyway. I predicted 750, so minus the RD skew I nailed that one.

    I was indeed in the garden all day.

    RD destroyed Wall for only getting 14 cars. Beat that dead horse for a week despite nobody really talking about it. These guys get 11 mods and all of a sudden the focus shouldn’t be on car counts, car counts don’t matter, the timing was just bad. The racing is what matters. Like running the Turkey Derby in March wasn’t bad timing?

    Wall may or may not stink at promotions but they got more cars, more fans and produced a decent show and got killed for it on here. Why the puppy dog and rainbow treatment for these guys?

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, I’ll second your guess, I thought about that myself. Seemed to be mostly friends and family of racers along with some die hard fans.
    Dareal, the heat race still set the main event field and gave us a little more Modified racing. To me it was like a B main to set the field for the A main.

  8. JD,

    Here we go … more lies from JD about what has or hasn’t been published here. You know I’d have so much more respect for your knowledge of the Modified scene if you didn’t continually spew misrepresentations (or flat out lies) just to spin your fairy tale narratives.

    The 850 number I posted yesterday on Twitter was just after the Mini Stock race. I did another count just before the Modified race that was definitely increased. I counted heads from the infield, I’m not swearing by it and if anything I’d say I was lower than the actual attendance.

    So you said I “destroyed Wall for only getting 14 cars.” Please, I beg of you to show me exactly where I was critical in any way of how many cars were at Wall. You have a hilarious way of spinning the things I write into something they never actually are just so you can cry and whine.

    I wrote a column criticizing track promoters for failing to use the free tools at their disposal to market short track racing. Nowhere in that column was I critical of the car count at Wall. You saying Wall “got killed” by me for having a “decent show” is 100 percent a dishonest characterization by you of what was published here. If you want to debate topics here I’m fine with that and enjoy that, but coming on here and flat out lying about what I’ve published in the past shows you to be a petulant little child who feels like they can only make a point by using false information to back up what they’re trying to say.

  9. Fast Eddie, in that case, I’d rather they saved the tires for the race, and drew out of a hat. 🎩

    🌈JD🌈, Wall destroyed itself. The Turkey Derby was a turkey of their own making. We just talked about it here.

  10. Where’s the rule about having to let a person stay for dessert that you invited over for dinner who spent all his time complaining about the food he was scarfing down.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, I’ll back you up on that, there definitely were a bunch of people that came in after the features started. People had the ability to go in and out, and there was some tailgating going on in the parking lot. Classic April in NH; when the sun was out it felt pretty nice out, except that only happened for a few minutes at a time every so often. The mostly cloud cover accompanied by and almost constant breeze made for a chilly raceday. Still far better than no raceday though! Hooray for racing in April and May!

  12. Did he say racing in April and May. Yah, you could say that. And June, July, August and September as well.

    (14 SMS OPEN), (15 NWMT RIVERHEAD), 16
    21, (22 TTOMS STAR), 23
    28, (29 NWMT JENNERSTOWN), 30
    4, (5 MRS Monadnock), 6
    (11 SMS OPEN-S), (12 NWMT OSWEGO) ,13
    25, 26, 27
    2,( 3 MRS Riverside), 4
    (9 SMS OPEN), 10, 11
    16,(17 NWMT NHMS),18
    23, (24 TTOMS STAR), 25
    (6 SMS NWMT), 7 ,8
    13,(14 TTOMS MONADNOCK), 15
    (20 SMS OPEN-S), (21 NWMT BEECH RIDGE), 22
    27,28,(29 MRS Monadnock)
    (10 NWMT RICHMOND),11,12
    17 (18 NWMT RIVERHEAD), (19 MRS STAR)
    24, (25 SMS NWMT), 26
    1,(2 MRS LEE USA),3
    22,(23 TTOMS SEEKONK), 24

    (13 ISLIP 300 RIVERHEAD)

    All NWMT events streamcast on NBC Sports Gold- Track Pass- Roots Racing
    All Stafford Opens on FloRacing
    Tri Track scheduled so far” both Star and Monadnock events on Speed51 Subscription based.
    MRS scheduled so far June 5 Monadnock, July 31 Wiscasset, Sept 19 Star on Speed51 Subscription based.

  13. wmass01013 says

    I did not vote for either choice as while i though the race was good/decent, the lead swapping between the 44/7ny then 44/9 was fun But you really cant say the race would not be a better show if Coby, J BON, Silk, Lutz, Pitkat, Mckennedy, Emerling or others were there including the elusive Big Money Matt were there!!!
    Car counts DO MATTER TO ME, guess i am OLD SCHOOL since when i started to to Mod races 40. 50 60 cars showed up
    As someone that has been going to Mod races for close to 40 yrs there IS ALWAYS a increase in crowd size in the main grandstand before any Mod Feature, the pits and yes i guess the parking lot party people usually head in.

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, sorry for unexplained reference and childhood cheer. Not having any racing until mid-Junes last year STUNK!! I missed the spring racing I’ve been so accustomed to seeing over the years. Nice to say I have gone to two events in April with one more pending!

  15. It always interesting to see what folks will home in on when there’s dust up. It appears to be the head count in this case. I never saw any 750 estimate but if it’s that or 850 or a thousand who bloody well cares. We don’t know if it laid an egg with fans in total but the at the track count was not good. That’s not a one time thing at that particular track it’s a recurring theme for modified races at NHMS. Good racing, not supported by butts in seats.
    The unfortunate thing here is not how many heads were counted but complete disrespect for anything that is not a NWMT event. Disrespect for the promoters that are working their butts off to carve out newer racing events by referring to their effort as club racing. Not the first time that club racing handle has been pulled out for a modified race at NHMS. Disrespect to the host of this site by getting virtually nothing right in a ham handed sucker punch that was laughable for it’s ineptness. All based on a grudge that makes absolutely no sense at all.
    But sure, back the big guy up on the head count. That’s the important thing not ethics and reputation.

  16. I could have been wrong in my predictions but other than New Symrna all these shows have been lite on cars, Martinsville said had 40 and 35 came, Thompson was under 30, Wall was 14, Louden 11 and now Stafford has 26 on Entry for Sizzler. Tri Track posted a roster of 32 cars but that don’t mean all 32 are coming to Monadnock, Stafford Open 80s have 30 on Roster and same deal nobody knows who will actually show up. MRS does not have a roster posted yet but doubt very many are signed up. So are the Teams spread out to thin now with so many different options that all the car counts seem to be lower? Is it a delayed Covid Impact on $$$? maybe Election Results? Guys staying closer to home? something is going on.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I’m not sure if the bottom of your post referred to my comments on head count. For the record, my agreeing with his comment on the crowd count was in effect supporting his ethics and reputation for accurate reporting which was being questioned.

  18. It most certainly was not. It was supporting a head count that in the big picture meant almost nothing. This is about more then that in my view and it’s a little disappointing you don’t seem to get it. It’s the latest entrant in a slow but fairly steady number of people posting that suggest a fundamental bias in reporting or in this case “RD skew” meant to steer the audience in a specific direction. In fact I’d say your blathering on about the head count was pretty much the reason missing the forest for the trees was conceived. in the first place.
    This was not about a head count it was about the questioning of a persons credibility and professional chops based on a continuing grudge completely unrelated to this race, Wall or head counts. And the guy getting sucker punched is providing the space for people to do it which blows my mind.
    Seriously why are people allowed to do this. If you’re artful, get your facts straight and can bust Shawn’s chops when he’s wrong and all the better. When you get everything wrong why are these people allowed to continue?

  19. Doug,

    It’s part and parcel to the world we live in today where everybody has a megaphone to let their voice be heard, whether through social media platforms or forums like this.
    Some people use that megaphone responsibly and some people use it as their personal pedestal to spread misinformation to help forward their cause or argument.
    I think we’ve all learned here that JD will walk through fire to defend the Whelen Modified Tour, even if it means lying to bolster his arguments. I think we’ve also all learned that JD views any other type of Modified racing basically as garbage in comparison to the Whelen Modified Tour. What I’ve also learned is that anybody that doesn’t put the Whelen Modified Tour on a pedestal far above everything else is the sworn enemy of JD.
    It’s sad because I do try to have an open forum here and I don’t really enforce a ton of guardrails in doing that here. And because of that a guy like JD can come on here and accuse me of writing something that I never actually wrote. The best I can do is simply defend myself and offer the link showing what he said about me was an out and out lie.
    I asked JD to show me where I wrote what he accused me of writing and notice he has now gone into hiding. He won’t respond. Been there, done that with him. It’s not the first time. It’s how people like him work. They spread lies and then when they get called out for it they disappear from that thread. It’s easy to do when you’re an anonymous poster who doesn’t have to put an actual name behind your words or opinions. To me it just shows the person to be spineless.
    And he’ll pop up on another thread at some point soon acting like he never posted what he posted. It is what it is. To me it’s a sad existence when you feel like you have to use lies about people or information to make an argument.

  20. You give yourself too much credit. I was on a coffee break on Saturday and took a quick peak at RaceDayCT to see car counts, results ,etc. I saw one tweet(?) that said unofficial head count for NE classic 850. It didn’t say anything else. Zero followups to that statement. Obviously I know you counting heads is not very accurate. That fact that you could count all the fans was a sad indictment on the event to begin with, although predicted quite accurately by me. If I asked you the score of the Red Sox Game and you tell me 10-1 I assume that’s the final unless you further explain it’s only in the 5th inning. I was merely pointing out that on Sunday your count was 850. On Monday it was around 1000. There were no followups to that tweet on Sunday. Part of that is me busting your stones which you know and part of that is calling you out a little. Keeping it real as the kids say. It was bad, regardless of the actual number.

    You do know you completely avoided the car count matter leading up. Several posters asked. That was my big issue. If only 12 cars were entered for the Sizzler you would be on it like white on rice today That’s were this objective debate from me comes from.

    As far as Wall goes. More than 50% responded to your poll that they did know about it. As did RD. You could have easily posted a who’s going poll the week before. Threw them a bone for the off season interviews they gave you. Instead you brought a lot of negative attention to something nobody was really talking about. Which goes back to my point that negativity sells and generates good business which I am completely cool with but it does cross paths of the objective argument.

    Car counts do matter by the way. They matter in terms of entry fee paid, back gate driver and crew $$, front gate fans $$ of said drivers. More people more concessions sold. Every dollar counts.

    Why were the counts low. These guys don’t want to race weekly. They value their time off for family, recreation, businesses. You hear that all the time from TT drivers. The WMT guys like not have more than two or three races a month(except Sept). Right after a long Martinsville trip and a week before Stafford(which turned out to be 6 days before) is no good. TT kicks off the week after and then Star later in the month. I’ve said all along there are too many races and not all of these will survive. Less than 30 for the Icebreaker does not bode well for the Wed program. The 300 will probably be a grand slam but so was TT at Stafford and that didn’t return.

  21. Fast Eddie says

    Rich, I think some of the car counts may be COVID related in a round-about way. I recently read an article saying issues with personnel and mandated staffing limits have adversely affected many supply chains in the racing world all over the northeast. Race car fabricators can’t get sheet metal and tubing. Engine builders can’t get parts to complete customer builds. Some teams are buying used engines to start the season due to parts shortages. Billy the Kid said he had over twenty engines in his shop he can’t finish due to waiting on parts.

  22. JD,
    Let’s go back to what you missed in my last response to you: So you said I “destroyed Wall for only getting 14 cars.” Please, I beg of you to show me exactly where I was critical in any way of how many cars were at Wall.

    All those words you just posted, but you avoided answering the question. So again I ask, where in any published material on this site or on social media did I “destroy” wall for only getting 14 cars as you very plainly stated? Where in any published material on this site or on social media was I in any way critical of the car count at Wall Stadium? Just answer the question instead of typing another 800 words just to avoid admitting you’re a liar.

  23. Doug, I guess it’s time to remind you that you encouraged people to support the ‘bowl to further enrich Bemer so there would be even more wealth for the victims to go after, and you regularly call people a scumbag.

    You are a depraved cretin of negotiable virtuosity. That goes for you and all your other screen names.

  24. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “That’s were this objective debate from me comes from.”


    If JD were objective, it would be obvious and he wouldn’t have to tell us. That’s insulting.

  25. 🌈JD🌈 wrote,

    “Which goes back to my point that negativity sells and generates good business which I am completely cool with but it does cross paths of the objective argument.”

    🌈JD🌈, you want all news that is not in favor of your interests to be suppressed. Sorry, not sorry.


    What is the objective argument that you speak of?


  26. You and JD both have things in common darealgoodfella. You both like to brag about what you know and predicted. You’re both opportunists that nitpick to further grudges here being a good example. You both think if you say it, it should be taken as gospel. You’re both uncompromising sectarianists with a view of virtually everything being good and evil, right and wrong, no empathy, no goodwill and no compromise.
    All these screen names you say. If you’re referring to WeldingWonders then what difference does that make? He copy’s and pastes exactly what you say raw and unfiltered and lets it speak for itself. Copy and paste this reference you’ve made dozens of times with regard to Bemer and we’ll see if you got it in context. I’d bet money the darealgoodfella prism of hatred changed it entirely. Copy and paste all the people I’ve called scumbag. Actually you’re the only one and as much as it was painful I apologized for it but that was of no consequence to you.
    For you, like JD, the grudge must be perpetuated because I am the enemy at all times on any topic.
    Virtue was never and issue here but if you meant reputation and credibility it was that of RaceDayCt and not I that was at issue. The unfettered disrespect for the moderator in space he provides at his own cost and my confusion on why he allows it to be published if it’s based on untruths. Trying to publicly embarrass the guy when he could address the issue in an email if he felt that strongly about it. You should be standing up for the exact same thing darealgoodfella but you can’t because like JD you have this grudge, I am your enemy and this is an opportunity to score points.

  27. My last response was written before your last response so all that garbage about me being in hiding was nonsense. Wrong again! Sorry I have a real job and responsibilities and can’t respond at a moment’s notice to talk about silly nonsense.

    You have called me a liar and child several times this week. I have never called anybody a liar on here. Never spoken the word. I would think a journalism graduate could do a little better than school yard name calling. I must have struck a nerve.

    We can go round and round about Wall. My interpretation of your written word was Wall is not very good at promotions and lack of promotion was directly reflected in low car counts. If that’s my interpretation then that’s my interpretation. How can I lie about a written document? It’s like a book club. People have varying opinions of what they just read. To answer your question, you stated “very low car counts” in the poll question itself. The very article was unnecessary. It’s easy to take shots at a track you don’t visit. If I am wrong, prove it. Interview Wall management about that poll,about the steps they have taken to improve, about the upcoming season, about anything. If they are cool with what you wrote and what I view as your deep criticism of their overall promotion I will take it back. I don’t know in what world you think that was anything but a slight of Wall management but you have their phone number. I’m sure they will be happy to hear from you.

    I assume you are not going to answer why you covered up the car counts leading up to this past weekend. We all know the answer anyway. I also don’t know anymore ways to answer your question. No matter what I say I get a third grade liar liar answer. So with that, I have decided it’s time for JD to move on. Ironically, like the many WMT drivers who already won’t speak to RD. I hear Jaws runs a good site. Maybe it’s time to bring the Chrome Horn back. Many options.

    I do look forward to that Wall interview.

    I’m sure this will be followed up by more cowardly name calling and cheap shots directed at me knowing I can’t respond but I can sleep well knowing I never called you any names. Quite frankly, I generated a lot of business for you looking back at all the responses to my nonsense. Hopefully you get some help with that anger stuff boss.

    JD signing off.

  28. What got buried in all this nonsense is a great observation from Rich. If it’s Rich the guy that knows a lot about motors I don’t recall any prediction other then the rules changes that he felt would increase the viability of specs and make them more common. We don’t know how that will turn out yet. Santos won this race with a Billy the Kid 18 degree engine didn’t he? The election result affecting car turn out Rich????
    The reference to supply chain problems is kind of a big deal and links to articles would be nice. Otherwise I don’t see the Martinsville turn out as anything but outstanding. The Icebreaker was perfectly fine as well at 29 cars in heats with no red flags I could see other then on the track. Wall was what it was, a duck out of water in every respect. This race as well not a harbinger in my view seeing as how it was NHMS, big and not friendly to all but the big motor budget guys. Stafford a lemon you say with 26 cars. NWMT guys cutting back and staying closer to home were stories that were printed in RaceDayCt so no surprises there. Again not the norm but a perfectly acceptable car count with a full compliment of top names so that too me doesn’t say much either.
    How about we wait and see. Next week at Monadnock will tell a story then the Stafford open then another TTOMS race at Star. Reserving judgement until we get a more representative sampling from events that are established or on shorter tracks.
    Worst case is what, car counts in the low twenties. What’s wrong with that? Especially if it’s in a show like at Stafford that will likely have a very strong supporting cast.

  29. Doug, stop making 💩 up. There is no grudge, so your last post is nothing but 💩.

    No grudge, no victim card for you to play.

    Regarding your comments about RaceDayCT and the moderator, what the hell are you talking about?

  30. Any news re: the upcoming season at the Speedbowl?

  31. JD,

    It’s funny how a spineless anonymous troll makes the decision to leave after they got called out directly for lying and can’t actually offer a reasonable explanation.

    Let’s go back once again, you stated that I “destroyed Wall for only getting 14 cars” and that I “killed them” for having a “decent show”.

    I asked you – twice – to show anywhere that I was critical in any way of the 14 cars at Wall. You offered nothing to show that I was in any way critical of that fact, just a bunch of blah blah blah words strung together that had nothing do with ANY opinion I published ANYWHERE.

    And now that you’ve been called out twice and have nothing to show to actually back your entirely untruthful accusations about me, well now you’re going to take your ball and go home. Oh no, the tears that flow are real.

    I have two words for you: Boo. Hoo.

    You’re really just the guy that throws gasoline on the fire and when the fire truck shows up you say “I don’t know how the fire got that big” and then you just walk away laughing. Now you got called out so you’re pouting like the petulant child you are.

    Your continued absurd rationalizations and bogus explanation have gotten old and stale quick. I won’t shed any tears that you’re leaving. So fly little bird. Have fun at the other places you’re looking to go to. Get used to listening to your own echo there. Jeez, after offering those two alternatives I’m almost afraid that next you’re going to say you’re going to take your rants to a MySpace page too.

  32. Rafter Fan,
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, nope. I’d say check their social media, but there’s nothing there either.
    I will say that I did have a conversation not that long ago with the current general manager. During that conversation he made it clear that track management is really not interested in any type of media coverage of events or news at the track. He also stated that social media promotion from within the staff is not a focus they have at this point in time. It sounds like they’re most interested in running a racing club rather than a public entertainment venue. And if that’s what works for them then so be it. Just don’t expect a lot of information to come out of there. I think it’s very easy to tell from viewing their social media channels that they are not interested in promoting racing at the track or using those channels to communicate with or attract fans. They pretty much just use their social media almost entirely to communicate messages to their competitors.

  33. JD is gonna pull an Insipid Cybil. Threaten to leave but be back in a few hours. How many times did Doug et al. do that? 1, 2, 3, …



    👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋

  34. For years the ‘bowl failed to live up to released plans. If you don’t release a plan, or don’t have a plan, then you can’t fail to achieve it. Oldest trick in the book.

  35. 🌈🦄2020 says

    CT lifting covid restrictions. So the question is, what is Dafella doing? Putting up a bigger wall around his house or moving to Canada?

  36. Shawn – not terribly surprised; thanks. I saw an article on the Speedbowl in AARN a few weeks ago, and hoped that more info would be forthcoming from the track this season.

  37. What no copy and paste of my Bemer and insult quotes darealgoodfella. So let me guess. If I ask for any copy and paste regarding my numerous times leaving that would not be forthcoming either. I’m shocked.
    What I can promise is what WeldingWonders just told me. The darealgoodfella insult counter will continue, it will be all direct quotes from you and we’re thinking you can hit 800 for the entire year. I mentioned JD not being around as one of your favorite targets might hurt your production but WeldingWonders said you’ll probably make it up on me. They guy you don’t have a grudge against.
    I’ll miss JD for sure but if he were a stand up guy and had a real problem he would have contacted Mr. Courchesne directly and privately via email under his actual identity and thrashed it out. What he did was trashy and unnecessary.

  38. If the ‘bowl isn’t announcing anything, it doesn’t look good.

    Radio silence is never a good sign.

    Super Dooper Blast Off should be happening soon.

  39. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Oh here we go again. Dafella and the speedbowl. Nothing happening at the track. No practice this weekend, nothing.

  40. Doug, yes its me, and I did see the 18Deg won at Louden and Thompson which I do find interesting. I have also heard of some delays in parts mostly motor related from manufacture’s especially Dart. I predicted the Opens would have 35 Plus this yr, sofar I seem to be lite on that, Monadnock will be definitely telling. Keep eye on Stafford for the Sizzler make up on Friday the 30th, Tri Track is very next day and has a open practice on the same day, Tri Track always reacts to changes that could impact them by the WMT, since the Tracks are within 100 miles of each other its most likely the same fan base. Schedules are very tight and weather will mess a lot of it up.

  41. I drove by the ‘bowl today.

    Deader than the proverbial door nail.

    Although there is a beautiful field of dandelions covering the parking lot.

  42. Ben stated with some authority that the engine finishing order at Thompson was 16/NWMT spec, 57 Dart Steel head, 44/18 Degree, 46/NWMT spec, 25/ 18 Degree. For my money that’s that way I like it, a nice mix. We know the 44 is a Billy the Kid engine and may just be as good as anything out there.
    The Silk/16 a NWMT spec now, last August for the Stafford NAPA Open it was obviously not.
    So far there is no clear apparent movement to the NWMT spec but it’s early. If Stafford gets a really good turn out or a bad turn out that will say a lot.

  43. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Breaking racedayct news. Dafella has emerged from the basement. We can only speculate as to why. My guess is he was making a garden supply run.

  44. I know there have been supply chain shortages especially at the end of last year and beginning of 2021 in a lot of commodities especially metal, aluminum and wood products. Companies took production off line in last spring have been ramping up for a while but can’t catch up to demand. Biggest problem besides delayed deliveries is that the prices are through the roof.
    I tried to find anything from the chassis builders to engines builders regarding shortages. If they are experiencing them which could be the case they aren’t saying boo about it on social media. LFR continues to make the point they’ve been balls to the wall for months. Billy the Kid does all sorts of motors for different racing series and consumers so if he has a backlog it may or may not be local circle track related. One thing is for sure. The material costs are greater if they can get the supplies. That may very well be a factor as we progress through the season.

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