Whelen Mod Tour NAPA Spring Sizzler 150 Postponed To April 30; Saturday Racing On At Stafford Speedway

Stafford Motor Speedway will get its 2021 season kicked off this weekend, but the sizzling will have to wait until next week.

Stafford Speedway announced today that with a Sunday forecast calling for rain for much of the day they have decided to postpone Sunday’s racing card to Friday April 30.

The Sunday card includes the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour NAPA Spring Sizzler 150, which is the second event of the season for the Whelen Modified Tour.

Also on the previously scheduled Sunday card now moving to April 30 is a 40-lap SK Modified feature, a 20-lap SK Light Modified feature and 15-lap Vintage All-Stars feature.

All tickets purchased for the NAPA Spring Sizzler will be good for the April 30th event.

Saturday’s NAPA Opening Day card at Stafford includes a 40-lap SK Modified feature, a 75-lap Granite State Pro Stock Series feature, a 30-lap Late Model feature, a 20-lap Limited Late Model feature and a 20-lap Street Stock feature.

For more information visit www.staffordspeedway.com.


  1. Oh well.

    Hey, so with this FloRacing deal and NBC TrackPass, are there now two live streaming options?

  2. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Why not next Saturday? Is there a conflict or are Saturday and Sunday rain dates.

  3. 🌈🦄2020,
    If I had to venture a guess on the decision to run Friday I’d imagine it’s a multi-faceted decision. Obviously builds in two possible rain dates with Saturday and Sunday. Also imagine it has something to do with Stafford management trying to work in cooperation with Tri-Track Open Modified Series and not reschedule on top of their scheduled opener at Monadnock on Saturday May 1.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    This is reminiscent of the beginning of last season when the WMT was at White Mountain and TriTrack was the next day at Monadnock. I know it will change throughout the week, but right now Friday weather looks good. Saturday looks a little iffy at the moment. Hopefully that improves as the week rolls on. It will be interesting to see if that entices a few WMT teams to run TriTrack as well.

  5. Bravo to NASCAR. I don’t care what the reason was for choosing the date it just gives them and to a lesser extent Tri Track options. It’s already a money maker with the seat sales banked. Pretty much the ideal situation so now all they need to do is run the race.
    SK’s don’t have to run two days in a row so that’s good. Infection rate in Connecticut and all of modified country pretty much is staying in the lower range excepting Long Island and Rhode Island perhaps.
    This should help the gate tomorrow at Stafford as well.

  6. Yeah kudos to Nascar for not scheduling on top of Tri track. It would be nice to see these tours work with each other as much as possible. I know conflicts will happen but if you can avoid them try to. Splitting cars and fans just hurts the both series and tracks.

  7. NASCAR needs to play nice, because TTOMS or another series/event could just as easily reschedule a race on a NWMT date. These are tough times, play nice or you get it done to you.

  8. Bet it doesn’t rain Sunday now, the forecast for Sunday is getting increasingly better as we get closer to it. It’d be pretty ironic.

  9. I don’t see the irony although I do see a fairly hostile spring day day with clouds, still a threat of rain and colder temps in any event. They made the call, made it early and that benefits most. On to next week with a couple chances at friendlier weather conditions for a big big race.

  10. Camerissa says

    Does this change the availability of any drivers?
    Could Preece run this Friday? Does it conflict with any of McLaughlin’s rides?
    Speaking of conflicts, I’ve seen nothing on Coby giving up his chance at the WMT title by running the SRX race at stafford. Who will he put in his car that night at Oswego? Sorry for all the questions and no answers.

  11. Preece has already Tweeted he will be @ Stafford on Friday.

    Kobe thinks he’s using his Mulligan and others will experience Mulligans, putting them on equal footing at the end off the season.

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Camerissa, don’t apologize! These are all great questions! Unfortunately I have as many answers as you do, but it will definitely be fun to see how these play out.

  13. Imagine you’re a real estate agent. You’ve been asked to provide an estimate on what an executive for ESPN who has been transferred can get on their Cheshire home. Only moments to make an impression. There’s the standard sales pitch for sure but how do you differentiate yourself from other agents. You can say you help rescue dogs which is always a winner and say you are a NASCAR multi time racing champ. Or you can say all that plus add you were on CBS in prime time and raced against some of the biggest names in the business.
    Real estate is about connecting with clients and there’s nothing better then being able to say you were on network television.
    Coby knows the reality. His team lacks the one guy that made it elite, Mike Smeriglio. Now there is one elite team in my view that being Ken Massa’s. Coby is good but not elite. Wins and good finishes the goal. A championship a stretch.
    Plus there is Coby’s ego so there’s that as well.
    All in all any comparison of Oswego to a one time opportunity to be in a truly big event with massive exposure in relative terms with your name right beside the greats isn’t a decision at all.
    On the other hand there’s Preece who is on the big stage already but comes to race on a small stage. . Not for the best opportunity or good business but simply to compete. .

  14. wmass01013 says

    GEE Doug i gotta say you have some interesting words, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO a guy who is a 6 time series Champion whose car owner retires/stops/Quits or whatever u want to call it has to be the owner of a team, yes with mostly the same cast but much more responsibility than just showing up with a fire suit and helmet, during a Pandemic season which threw curve balls at every team, series and track, races 2 times at WMMP,NEVER SEEN BY WMT, 2 TIMES AT Jennerstown, not on WMT since 2006, had 1 win and 8 top 10’s in 9 thats NINE races is Missing Smeriglio which made that team ELITE??????????
    You and DADUMB are quite a pair

  15. Stuart A Fearn says

    Raining here by Stafford when I’m waking up and NOBODY is driving Coby’s car at Oswego. He’s not going, not sending the car, no fill-in driver. That race is a money loser so when SRX came knocking it was an easy decision, plain and simple. I don’t blame him, pretty sure I would do the same thing in his shoes

  16. There’s two points in play here. The first being career related incentives to deprioritize the NWMT championship when a once in a life time opportunity presents itself. I think I’m on solid ground on that one.
    The other is the importance of ownership and I believe I’m the only one banging the drum on that point.. You appear to want to give Coby credit for starting up in a challenging year and doing pretty well. I don’t disagree but that’s not the point I’m making. Which is that ownership matters.
    If you want to admire Coby for what he’s accomplished so far please do so. You’ve made a very good start of it with the points you made. With regard to the importance of ownership only time and results can determine that so for now I see no disagreement.

  17. Pretty simple… Dug Kobe is just not likable. Think about it… a 6x Champ is not scooped up by another team. That’s embarrassing, that’s harsh. That is telling and revealing. So Kobe had to start his own team or sit it out. Ego would not allow being left out. The 10 is not running like the 2 did. Kobe needs to create the illusion that the success of the 2 was all his. Kobe fears fading into irrelevance, especially at such a young age, and is certainly wondering why he isn’t getting any looks. Mod guys like Stefanik and Lia got opportunities, why not Kobe? 🤔 That Dug Kobe is taking an opportunity to drive with a bunch of retirees is kinda entertaining in itself. Maybe Kobe thinks Joe Gibbs will be watching and give him a call. 📱 Kobe just wants to race with these very famous celebrity drivers so he can put their names on his résumé and make like they’re his best buds.

    Remember, Dug Kobe is first and foremost, a SALESMAN.

  18. Is there another rain date option?

    Make sure you wear a mask, and fit it properly. No leaks!!!

  19. fyi nascar has nothing to do with choosing the rain date

  20. Fast Eddie says

    Modfan, I find it hard to believe that NASCAR and NBCSN wouldn’t be the primary decision makers in setting rain dates, although I’d bet Stafford had input on it as well.
    The good news is the weather outlook for Friday is improving.

  21. Weather forecast for Friday, April 30, around race time:

    Sky Cover: 75%

    Air Temperature: 55º

    Wind Chill: 44º

    Wind: 14 MPH out of the east

    Gusts: 25 MPH

    Precipitation Potential: 28%

  22. Pull the plug. It’s going to miserable even if it doesn’t rain. Sunday is going to be pristine.

  23. Fast Eddie says

    Easy Doug, they can’t all be pristine nice weather days. As long as it’s dry it’s a raceday or racenight. I’m sure it will be sunny and 70 in your mancave either way. Besides, I have a selfish motive; my Friday ticket will be useless on Sunday due to a prior commitment. And don’t get me wrong, tickets, Flo racing, NBCSN, it’s all good!

  24. You hate that don’t you Eddie. You’re traveling all over the place going to races like it was always meant to be. Quiet so far you couldn’t resist busting my chops especially since I’m so vocal about the benefits of live streaming. Actually with my pellet stove doing a great job these old bones are almost always wrapped in 74 or 75 degrees as I lay back in the Barkalounger.
    I always come in on the side of taking the most viable day if there’s flexibility and it won’t have anything to do with my location. I recall those nights where it was cold, it showered or there was a thunderstorm. No enclosed trailers in those days so we crammed into the Blazer to wait it out then wait out the drying process. Hoping it doesn’t rain again. If you don’t get the race in a lot of money is spent for nothing and if you do it’s usually misery this time of year.
    All the fans that take a pass because the conditions suck that bought tickets come out on the short end as well.
    As tragic as it would be to lose the value of the tickets teams that travel long distances and end up in delays or not racing much at all should be considered besides old Fast Eddie.

  25. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I think you’re delving way WAY too deep into this! I thought you were making your observation with a little friendly sarcasm, so I chimed in. After all, how often have we had beautiful weather on a Friday night in early May? For those participating in live streaming any rescheduling is a minor interruption and not a big deal, which is great for all of you. I’m certain to be watching a replay of the NBCSN stream myself. And realistically you’re right, it would be a better fan event on a Sunday with nicer weather. Although for the race teams, Fri. night, Sat. night, travel home Sunday may work better than Sat. night, Sunday afternoon, travel home Sunday night. The other possibility is that NASCAR doesn’t play nice with TriTrack, possibly due to TV crew availability and/or commitment, and races Saturday afternoon. I’m just being greedy in my wishful thinking, as I’d like to be at Stafford Friday and I have a possibility of going to Monadnock on Saturday. Unfortunately Mother Nature hasn’t made up her mind yet.

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