First Fast Five Event At Speedbowl Postponed

Cold temperatures and the threat of rain through the afternoon and evening forced New London-Waterford Speebdowl management to announce Saturday morning that they will postpone tonight’s racing card at the shoreline oval. 

The track had been set to host the first Fast Five event of the season for the SK Modified division. The track is set to host five Fast Five events this year for the division, which will offer higher than normal purses and awards. 

The first Fast Five event will now be run on Saturday June 5. 


  1. Fast Eddie says

    So now there is a choice for Saturday racing next week, SK’s at Speedbowl or MRS at Monadnock. Hhhmmm…

  2. The Waterford Speedbowl ! The new home of the SK modifieds

  3. MRS has done very little promotion meanwhile the Racing Guys actually are boosting the Waterford Program. Waterford wins this battle pretty easily with fans and car counts.

  4. I just looked at the MRS web site (wasn’t sure there was still a series). 14 cars on the roster…? Todd Owen is one of them, thinking Todd will be at the Bowl?

  5. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Owen is 3 points out of first in points. If he’s point racing he’ll be there. I don’t see any reason to run the MRS anymore. Just stick a fork in it already.

  6. I was scolded at one time that the MRS was started in part as a place for Northern tier modifieds to race. They drifted south and now are retreating north again. Many of the Northern teams are having a rough go in Tri Track as the series gets more competitive. The MRS gives them another choice where they are not butting heads with quite so many heavy hitters. It’s two different classes of cars a long way from each other so how about live and let live.
    Owen signed up for the MRS race that was before the Speedbowl postponement. This is an easy one. Closer, more competitive, may have other cars to support at Waterford via Chassis Pro and more money. He never was a big traveler anyway with regard to MRS or Tri Track races.
    There may be a good number more cars for the MRS race and it is on Speed51.
    The Speedbowl the new home of the SK’s?? Or the Racing Guys and LI Mod Mania the new kings of promotion for SK events? They turn out cars like the Speedbowl had at the Bob Potter memorial and that could be on the table.

  7. MRS roster on website is from last season, Rumors are MRS needs 20 cars or this will be a 1 and done for the Series. Not sure how true that is and I personally doubt that, but the Series is definitely on fumes at this point, I think they are trying to sell laps to increase the purse to attract more cars but no lap list or sponsor names have been posted and no purse increase has been released to attract racers. Shawn probably has no idea what MRS is doing either but you would think the Opening Race would have a little more juice behind it.

  8. Seriously, how many time have we thought the MRS series was toast and here they are……still. 2019 when Stafford announces their schedule with no MRS race comes to mind.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    It would be great if both events had a posted entry list sometime this week. Pro’s and con’s to both. For the Speedbowl, I would think the $$ would draw a good number of cars, but it is only a 50 lap race. Looks like the SK light car count has been decent. I think I went to the high and low for the MRS last year. Great turnout for the Star Classic event. Only 14 cars at White Mountain, but most were quality cars and still put on a good race. MRS is 100 laps and Sportsman Mods at Monadnock always a good race as well.

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