Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams And Bryan Narducci Suspended One Week For Altercation Friday At Stafford

Keith Rocco (left), Ronnie Williams (center) and Bryan Narducci (right) (Photos: Fran Lawlor and Jim DuPont)

The 40-lap SK Modified feature at Stafford Speedway Friday will be missing three drivers who have recorded wins in the division this year at the historic facility. 

Four-time and reigning SK Modified champion Keith Rocco, two-time SK Modified division champion Ronnie Williams and Bryan Narducci – who recorded his first career SK Modified win at the track on June 18 – will each be suspended for one week for their involvement in an altercation that took place in the pit area Friday following the NAPA SK 5K

All three drivers were cited for “Actions detrimental to the sport of auto racing” by the track.

Williams and Narducci were each suspended one week and removed from handicapping for their next event at the track. Rocco was suspended for one week and removed from handicapping for his next two events.

All three were placed on probation for the remainder of the season.

Williams is fifth in the SK Modified standings after nine events with one victory. Rocco is seventh with one win. Narducci is 11th in the standings.

Narducci won in his first week driving for Keith Rocco Racing on June 18. Before that he had run the first seven events of the season for team owner Billy “Bear” Callicchio.

Williams drives for team owner Adam Skowyra.

All three drivers are allowed to attend Friday’s event. In addition to fielding his own car, Rocco fields cars for multiple other drivers and also works as a consultant to other teams.

Skowyra put a post on Facebook Monday afternoon seemingly indicating the possibility that the team Williams drives for would be quitting the SK Modified division at Stafford. The post read: “I have 17 season pit passes to Stafford Motor Speedway that can be purchased for an extremely discounted price pm me if you are interested.”

RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Head To Head – Who You Got? Keith Rocco Vs. Ronnie Williams


  1. BOOM!!! 💥 There it is!!!

  2. So, does this change the championship standings and predictions much?

  3. Yeah, but he won the fight, and a win is a win.

  4. Too bad they let their egos get the best of them…. “arrogance”

  5. WeldingWonders says


    STARRING DAREAL ( That doesn’t sound like me) GOODFELLA

    SNIPET 7:

    darealgoodfella says
    June 28, 2021 at 8:32 am
    I would not be surprised if Stafford does nothing, and just lets this fade away. They are probably hoping they can pull a page out of the Trump University playbook and cause another big distraction to get the masses of stupid idiots to follow the next shiny object, and forget the Williams-Rocco incident.

    SURPRISE !!!!

  6. and to think all us old timers got were bloody Knuckles a few bumps and bruises & a beer bought by the OWNER of the track saying , ” glad someone finally shut his big mouth , cheers for that ” see you next week an behave yourself next week ” promise ” ok the Mrs. don’t enjoy enjoy the fights in the pits ” so cool it for a bit…. ” Great night ” the fan’s will be back in droves next week after that dust-up ” Boy times have changed ….. LOL Go TYLER HINES it’s your Championship to grab !!!!

  7. Skowyra can’t find another driver?

  8. Fisheater says

    Put Mike Christopher Sr in the car Friday night

  9. Times change should have fined them 800.00 each no handicap cap for Weeks the fans would have packed the place Jimmy Spencer is coming to Stafford you guys would never stand a chance he would get you in the parking lot lol

  10. Dr. Phil says

    So his driver was penalized for breaking a rule that everybody who races at Stafford knows about and Adam is going to quit? That’s funny. Adam walks around like he’s a big tough guy, but when it comes down to it he’s just a spoiled brat man-child whiner. Always has been that way. Got punished for breaking a rule so he’s going to have a tantrum like a 5 year old who got caught stealing cookies. Have fun racing at the Felon Bowl.

  11. have at it boys says

    slap on the wrist ..

  12. The 50 pulling the plug on Stafford? Fact is all three parties are aggrieved victims now you can bet on that. The implication that Skowyra won’t be back is a pleasant notion as far as I’m concerned but taint that easy. Once they all calm down, are sitting in the shop, looking at the SK’s, the tour type car and the NWMT car it’s kind of hard to walk away from the best track to race them. Then there’s distance to other tracks and what do the William’s say. They fund a good part of the team, live just around the corner in Ellington do they want to commute every week or just quit? We’ll see. Racing and Stafford racing in particular is a tough habit to shake.
    Look at the bright side. Less strain on the depleted tire inventory for one week.

  13. Slap on the wrist but definitely sent a message to everyone. I’ll bet the BS will come to a screeching halt going forward.

  14. ‘Racer’, I completely agree. Obviously I can’t say the Arutes don’t know what they’re doing but I do feel like they are forgetting the enormous DRAMA factor lost (this week) by this course of punishment. Oh well. The show shall go on.

  15. Who Cares says

    That a boy Adam put your tail between your cheeks and walk away you baby, Bye Bye

  16. Glad to see they didn’t need to call in the FBI, not sure I agree with sentences but glad it’s over with , I think Adam is getting advice from Rudy Giuliani

  17. I think I’m remembering correctly, but a few years ago, Rowan Pennink and TC were both suspended a week and removed from the handicap for a comparatively minor Victory Lane shoving incident that followed some on-track fireworks.

  18. Skowyra leaving? Yea right, just an empty knee jerk reaction after his driver violated a track rule and got his butt spanked. If I was the team owner I would be having a conversation with my driver about his attitude. I would also let him know that he represents the team, sponsors and it’s time to grow up and act like a professional or he will be on the outside looking in. Remember there is a butt for every seat.

    Do you really think Stafford is going to change anything after your idle threat? Nope. Take the punishment, shut up and move forward.

  19. Bill Realist says

    Maybe Owen can win now.

  20. Bill Realist says

    Suspending narducci is total baloney. I don’t particularly like the guy but that’s total hs.

  21. The Atomic Punk says

    Does Rocco ever get tired of looking like an Idiot?

  22. Great ! Only 19 cars starting in stafford’s premier division (Home Of The SK Modified ) ? think I”am heading up to the Chumung Speedrome friday .

  23. I don’t think any time two of your stars are scuffling in victory lane and Ted Christopher ends up on the ground in front of the entire crowd it could be termed minor. It was every bit as big as this at the time that only faded because of the horrible thing that came soon after. No suspensions involved. Two weeks out of the handicap for Pennink and Christopher, probation for the rest of the year. The next week Christopher came from the rear to win and scoffed at the penalty in victory lane.. Pennink came in third. Rocco won the championship that year and Skowyra’s 50 came in second with Dowling as the driver.
    How about a little sympathy for Stafford. They hate this. The heart warming story when Narducci wins and a week later they are suspending him along with two multi championship stars.
    Why is it so hard to just respect the decision. They’ve got some of the most experienced hands involved in the decision in Tom Fox, Tapley, the Arute’s and others. They have most all the details of what happened unlike most of us here. They made a call that’s counter productive to the quality of the show they are trying to promote and risking adverse reactions like Skowyra’s. I’m particularly happy with the Narducci penalty. For all the discussion about his special circumstances it’s nice to see that when the facts warrant no special treatment. It’s the way it should be.
    What strikes me in this case is the circumstances. Usually a confrontation involves some kind of dumping or wrecked equipment. Here these knuckleheads caused a mess and nothing was broken nor were any of them going to win. Load up, go home, come back the next week and take care of business. Conduct unbecoming it is for sure. I’ve been waiting for an public apology from each but I’m guessing I’ll be waiting for a while on that one.

  24. Atomic Punk, answering your question about KRoc… When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

  25. Coulda been a Contenda says

    Tired of Williams! Ever since he got together with ‘baby Adam’ he has been a different kid! Never would have had that situation with the Family car. – or the Riverhead crap either! Get a new girl friend she has a big mouth LOL

    Tired of all the little Bry Bry crap to! You hit Williams coming off track your at fault and everyone saw what a great ‘ Wheel man ‘ you were when you won and drove the 67 up into the pine trees to get by in turn 4. Give the kid a good car and we’re back to the. Light days of knucklehead racing 2 national Championship NO track Championships LOL – more Bry Bry didn’t do anything to come….

    Keith – what can I say you could of been a ‘ Contenda’

  26. Maybe Rocco will head to Seekonk on Wednesday.

  27. The Atomic Punk says

    Dareal… You’ve used the same lines 1000 times…. So I’m assuming you are an Expert on the Stupid part.

  28. Doesnt look like Rocco ordered tires for Wednesday Seekonk show. List came out yesterday on Seekonks website. I will probably post it on another thread for Open wheel wednesday

  29. Atomic Punk, It’s a famous quote, and famous quotes get used often. That’s what makes them famous quotes. That one is extremely applicable here, I could use it much more often.

    This one is for you: “Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” Think of that throughout the day as things continually go wrong for you 😑.

  30. Barry, that was the incident I wrote of in a different thread. The punishment fit the crime. As far as these 3 are concerned, maybe a little harsh, the incident didn’t occur in public view. Maybe a fine,loss of practice and handicap would have been a better fit. Don’t forget Rocco and Williams are a crowd draw. It will be interesting to see if attendance takes a hit, as it did after the TC- Pennick incident. In the end though rules are rules and if you can’t follow them, stay home. Ultimately this probably killed any chance of a championship for all 3.

  31. As for Adam, knowing him a little bit, I can tell you the guy is far from being a spoiled brat. He works his ass off 50-60 hours a week in construction, and spends endless hours at the race shop. He’s a young guy who has made some smart decisions financially, but very far from spoiled.

  32. Why hasn’t Kroc been able to get a ride above SK mods?

  33. Viva Race Fan says


  34. He ran a full body car at the end of last year
    for a team I think at Phoenix did a good job
    No free ride anywhere won the race at Thompson in his own car takes big money and sponsors to go anywhere

  35. He’s too busy anyway you do realize he gets 2k to rent a car 3 cars in a show you do the math who cares what ride he has lol

  36. Who Cares says

    The only think I hear is. Blah, Blah, Blah, only two guys from New Engkand won a National Championship TC/KR which is way bigger then a Mod Tour Series Trophy that’s 1000’s of competitors in multiple states, where the Mod Tour is 25 guys big freaking deal

  37. Doug, I have absolutely no sympathy for Stafford at all. Stafford made the rules and they have to now enforce the rules equally across the board. You live by the sword and you die by the sword.

    Matter of fact I am very happy Stafford handled it the way they did showing no favoritism.

    Another thing to think about, what is happening at Waterford Saturday night? Fast Five #2 and guess who just might be there? All week to change the cars over and another week to change them back. I wonder what kind of reception they will get from the crowd never mind the potential fireworks!

  38. Racer, Keith ran for Venturini Motorsports in the ARCA race at Phoenix last fall. Venturini is one of the powerhouse teams in ARCA, so he was in good equipment, and ran well all day. If I remember correctly he finished 9th, but don’t hold me to that. It was a small field, under 20 cars.

  39. Rob P you buy your own tires and fuel and have a crash clause every car he helps you at the track with and every car he rents can win and that’s proven say what you want ask around.he might cut people a cheaper deal but that was the going rate

  40. Rob p he treats people right he’s been renting a few years now first class equipment that wins he works at it not that I’m a big fan of his but you have to give him credit

  41. $2000 huh. No I’d say pretty much no one knew that was the KRR cost to lease a car nor do we know that’s accurate but it’s as good as any number. That’s 35 to 40 K per year depending on rain outs. It’s the bare bones price, the lessee supplies transport, tires, fuel, entry fees and all other associated costs to race the car is that how it works? You wreck it then the lessee pays the lessor the cost to make it race ready once again or can they do that themselves if they have the skills and shop to do it? Who keeps the purse? 30 to 40 K isn’t much money. What are SK engines new upward of $20,000. You can amortize the chassis over years and the cost to fix them is manageable. Transmissions and rears also good for years with proper maintenance but engines? How do you manage that cost? Must be Rocco’s connection to Pettit correct? The cost to build and refresh engines based on some mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship between Rocco and Pettit that ends up being a wholesale/volume kind of deal. And I won’t mention the cost structure for the tour type modified rentals that’s a whole other kettle of fish.
    That’s the KRR business model isn’t it? Symbiotic relationships with all kinds of sponsors, suppliers and monied folks making the enterprise go. It says the Rufrano’s own the SK and tour type modified cars in the Stafford and Thompson rosters but John Rufrano has always had strong connections to Rocco. The 57 cars out of KRR, the M&M Stone Creations entries in the Thompson SK’s and tour type opens owned by John Payne? That’s the ownership name on the Stafford roster. The money guy behind all the KRR success in the 57 that includes a new TA4 chassis this year with pettit power that just won the last Thompson open. Speaking of chassis what kind of relationship and discounts does KRR get from Rob Fuller? Bet it’s not retail.
    I’ll never get why talented guys like Rocco and Todd Owen waste all that talent on such a short term business model. Stuart Fearn and Safeco Foam is my idea of an ideal situation. Very successful business in a growth industry and the profits used to fund the hobby. Same with Hummel Hot Dogs, Empower, Les’s Auto Center, Tick Mike, Chapman Apartments, Wheelers Auto and all the other race car owner/key supporters with successful businesses with a long range business model. Then there’s old Keith (old in racing years) with his replacement hip killing himself to pursue his passion he says he lives for and getting into fights while doing it. Seems like a waste of entrepreneurial business talent in my view.
    That’s neither here nor there. Point is Rocco who has a reputation for being acerbic somehow manages all these successful relationships with associates, sponsors and lessees and has been doing it for years. If he didn’t have terrific people skills on some level he couldn’t be managing the juggling act he has going.
    There’s only one Rocco and what he means to local racing can’t be overstated. A video production featuring KRR and Rocco, the business, his family could be just a terrific bit of entertainment as well as document how he is so unlike any other typical racing personality. But you can’t do it. It’s his secret sauce recipe and he doesn’t suffer fools that pretty much we all are in comparison. Not being critical that’s just a brutal reality.
    Someone has to get the short end of the stick and I’d suggest it’s the fans. Rocco is simply too busy to be spending any time nurturing relationships with the racing fan base nor at this stage does it appear he even cares. So far it’s worked out just fine.

  42. Kroc is doing what he’s doing because he couldn’t get a steady gig driving for an owner. Here’s this supposedly mythical driver that can’t get a driving job, he max’ed out at the single-A baseball league. He had a couple looks in a Tour car, it didn’t work out. If he became a steady Tour driver, he most likely would not have become a car rental garage. Look at Kobe and all those championship teams he was a part of and he couldn’t get a ride when MSR shut down, he had to start his own team. And Kobe had sponsorship to bring along. These two have the appeal and personality of a sewage treatment plant on a hot day.

    Kroc needs to respect the tracks… he is a track parasite. 🦠 The tracks can’t let the place devolve into anarchy with thug participants running the joint, for that will surely lead to the demise of the tracks. These are supposed to be family friendly venues.

  43. Kroc said something like he had every right to be in the stall, that it was his $100,000 equipment. Well, along those lines, the track is a several million dollar asset that the track owners have every right to protect against thug behavior. The track is supposed to be a family friendly facility, not a fight club.

  44. Fast Eddie says

    Rocco had a promising wmt ride in the bob our 22 after barrett’s issues, but broke his wrist. Not sure if it happened in the 22 or one of his cars. Then tc drove for a couple if races. Would have been really cool to see that play out with rocco in the seat.


    DAREAL. you are incompetent to bash one of the most successful short track racers in the COUNTRY ! I wouldn’t put your word on a pile of dog poo !. it was a typical dust up that happens once or twice a year at Stafford. funny thing is no on involved was close to winning last Friday night so why did Williams bother to approach anyone ? Ask any racing journalist in the country worthwhile who Keith Rocco is .. they know.. HE DOESNT NEED TO DEFEND HIS ACTIONS TO ANYONE ESPECIALLY YOU DUMMY the same journalists ask who DA REAL GOODFELLA is ?? now that’s funny ? even your real name is unknown you clown. talk about big fish small pond.. ! your an embarrassment

  46. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    So I just Googled “Keith Rocco” and found that a Keith Rocco the artist is far more popular than Kroc. Actually, there’s not much about Kroc available, so he’s not all that popular. Kroc is about as popular as a good Single-A baseball player, essentially only known within a very small population, like his team and family. That sounds about right. But the artist Keith Rocco is wildly popular.

    Nobody should have been showing punches. That is simply indefensible.


    I did to DAREAL googled Keith Rocco racing ..lots of interesting stuff …. your pathetic..

  48. Clearly you did not.

    💻 🖥 📱

  49. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    369 Atomic Punk, answering your question about KRoc… When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.(saying Rocco is stupid)
    370 This one is for you (Atomic Punk): “Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” Think of that throughout the day as things continually go wrong for you
    371 Here’s this supposedly mythical driver (Keith Rocco) that can’t get a driving job,
    372 If he became a steady Tour driver, he most likely would not have become a car rental garage. (Keith Rocco Racing)
    373 These two have the appeal and personality of a sewage treatment plant on a hot day.(Doug Coby and Keith Rocco)
    374 he is a track parasite (Keith Rocco)

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 181……………………………374

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 179……………….…………..6



  50. Well, when you put it that way, I look like a slacker.

  51. Just Me - The Original says

    @Doug, KRR is a Troyer/LFR dealer so he isn’t paying retail.

  52. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



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    151. Doug has toned down his generous use of insults, and calling others scumbags, but his idiocy remains.
    152. He’s (Doug) just an idiot now
    153. But the idiocy (of Doug) remains
    154. Why can’t some of you understand that? Just how daft are you?
    155. Well, by now, the not-totally-dumb ones around here should know
    156. all those big guys, with the big beards, covered in tats, leather vest and jackets, and wallets chained to their pants, are the biggest babies by far.
    157. JD graduated from Trump University.
    158. Then there are those that are nothing more than shills.
    159. JD went to Trump University, and flunked out.
    160. Shills are never objective.
    161. So those that have gotten the TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus virus vaccine, how does the microchip work?
    162. First, Doug knows nothing about the SPEC. Or the built. Nothing.
    163. Doug, call all the engine builders and find out how many brand new Tour Type Mod built engines have been sold since the deployment of the SPEC engine. Go ahead, report back. Idiot.
    164. Hey Doug, instead of annoying all the engine builders
    165. you (Doug) don’t have a chance at understanding what little you know
    166. . I’m laughing all the way.(at Doug)
    167. So you tell me (Doug)… are you an idiot?
    168. Doug also posted the following from an alleged email from Rob Fuller:
    169. What’s your point? But then, you (Doug) are pointless.
    170. Doug is carrying on a conversation about things he has no clue about.
    171. he (Doug) is tripped up with his own idiocy.
    172. How many times did you (Doug) repeat the second grade?
    173. Coby went from idiot to zero (or maybe it was zero to idiot) in no time
    174. I do not do FB… it is a cesspool of humanoids.
    175. Doug hasn’t been outside in 22 months. This keeps up, he’ll never see the light of day again.
    176. Some are untouchable, others are mainstream.
    177. For those that don’t know, like Doug
    178. JD , you judging objectivity is absurd.
    179. 2020 bloviated
    180. You people, humanoids, or whatever you are, crack me up
    181. Tell other people to go spend their money while you have your wallet clamped shut in a vise. Idiots, one and all
    182. The current 4th wave surge going on is a result of idiots defying that advice
    183. you whine like 2020 about spending a few bucks
    184. There’s a pandemic going on, you (2020) idiot.
    185. Here in the USA, corporate America has brainwashed the work force to not take time off, be tough, and work through illnesses.
    186. It’s the crazy white people, Trumpians, that will not do what is needed that is driving the persistence of the TrumpPandemic.
    187. Oh Chris, you present yet another target rich environment. You must share DNA with knuckles mahoney.


  53. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    188. Only an idiot (GP) can write something this stupid:
    189. You (GP) should just get “IDIOT” tattooed across your forehead.
    190. knuckles is a surgeon?????? What kind? Tree surgeon? Fish monger? Butcher? What grocery store do you work at?
    191. You (Earl) really are a special kind of idiot.
    192. Your (Earl) claim to fame is that you have 98.6º.
    193. knuckles, it’s not possible to do a double blind mask test. That is more idiotic than everything Doug has ever posted.
    194. How stupid are you? (knuckles mohoney)
    195. Idiot.(knuckles mahoney)
    196. Same here… a bunch of insolent idiots refusing to wear masks
    197. As long as idiots like you want to claim
    198. There are lots of idiots out there that refuse to do what they are told to do,
    199. There are too many stupid, uncooperative people.
    200. Doug and all his numerous other screen names voted for himself. He needs all the help he can get.
    201. Even called someone (Doug) from the low rent area
    202. I figured he knew everything already (Crazy in ny) and didn’t need to subscribe to anything. /sarcasm/
    203. Where would we be without Narcissistic Judgmental Doug?
    204. you (Doug) are aping Donald Trump.
    205. And just like Trump, you (Doug) are a sore loser.
    206. I found myself giggling at these idiots.
    207. There’s plenty of idiots out there
    208. Stupid is as stupid does
    209. Dug Kobe (Doug Coby) made it clear
    210. Dug Kobe (Doug Coby) did not get a deal to drive for another team
    211. No owner would pick him up.(Doug Coby)
    212. his mouth (Doug Coby) will sink him in VL
    213. His schtick (Doug Coby)hasn’t worked, he has no appeal.
    214. Ask Doug, he wrote about it years ago… he was looking at a 2 minute wait in line at the ticket booth so he left instead.
    215. GP, you’re an idiot. And you are enraged. I’m loving it
    216. LOGICAL CONCLUSION: GP is an idiot.
    217. You’re (GP) an idiot and have no place whatsoever commenting on how real science works.
    218. You (GP) aren’t even close to the facts, you are fact phobic.
    219. Or you (GP) are an idiot incapable of comprehending and understanding facts.
    220. The states where it is deemed weak to wear a mask , where it is deemed Government overreach to wear a mask. Where wearing a mask deemed a sign of not being tough and strong. Where wearing a mask is not genuinely and strongly advised. Yep, idiots one and all.
    221. Those of you that are bragging you did, and commenting that attendees are over wearing masks , well, stupid is what stupid does.
    222. They clearly do not give a (vulgar emoji)
    223. Folks, this is pure idiocy.
    224. And the comment from Paul about the Vit D & C is pure idiocy.
    225. NASCAR just made Sap a hero, and brought a whole pile of hate upon itself.
    This was profoundly stupid. IDIOTIC.
    226. Stupid is as stupid does and says. Idiotic.
    227. Texas is run by idiots.
    228. Or he was an idiot.
    229. the GOP objected on grounds of their own idiocy
    230. Pure idiocy (Atomic Punk)
    231. Thanks Earl, I knew you were full of (Vulgar emoji)
    232. JD is gonna pull an Insipid Cybil(Doug)
    233. Doug, stop making (vulgar emoji) up. There is no grudge, so your last post is nothing but (vulgar emoji)
    234. You (Doug) are a depraved cretin of negotiable virtuosity. That goes for you and all your other screen names.
    235. Wall destroyed itself. The Turkey Derby was a turkey
    236. You really are a very special idiot.
    237. But after decades of mask use, what kind of idiot (GP)
    238. GP, this is for all the special idiots out there:
    239. You’re (GP) still a very special kind of idiot.
    240. I’m imagining someone with an orange spray tan and a hideous orange combover.
    241. ‘bowl = drama queen
    242. Doug, you’re flip-flopping more than Mitt Romney.
    243. But then, you are Doug, et al., idiots one and all.
    244. Sez my little ankle biter.(Earl)
    245. Dug Kobe is just not likable.
    246. JBon and Kobe are simply not likable,
    247. Add profound narcissistic personality disorder to the long list of Doug’s disorders.
    248. Doug is an idiot. And all his other anonymous screen IDs.
    249. Earl babbled
    250. Doug proves he is a big idiot every chance he gets.
    251. which made himself (Doug) look like an idiot, or pathological liar.
    252. Well, that is a big fat lie, you (Doug) little anklebiter.
    253. Are (Doug) you dumb, nuts, or both?
    254. . You (Doug) are so narcissistic you don’t get it at all
    255. And you (Doug) are a target rich idiot that has to use multiple screen names.
    256. you (Doug) exposed yourself as a pathological cretin
    257. Doug, you’re an idiot.
    258. Since you (Doug) are replying to just about everything I post, you are clearly not ignoring my posts, liar.
    259. Whomever was calling the shots (for the Sizzler) are complete idiots.
    260. Stupid is as stupid did (Stafford and Nascar)
    261. Stupid is as stupid did. (repeated Stafford and NASCAR)
    262. stupidity has to be called out (Nascar and Wilson on Sapienza)
    263. tyranny by the NASCAR weenies (Sapienza penalty)
    264. All these stupid rules do is give weenies (NASCAR officials) too much power and authority over common sense.
    265. It is deserved and needed to prevent more stupid decisions and tyranny.(by NACAR)
    266. Besides the content of what is being announced (at Stafford) as useless to bizarre, it is loud
    267. No driver will call NASCAR or the track the bunch of idiots that they
    268. You idiots are going to go after someone that is clearly not well versed in using a computer or managing auto-correct?
    269. Bragging about going to Stafford on Friday, or ridiculing another for not going, makes you look like a very special idiot.
    270. TC would trash cars and fans would go wild in adoration.
    271. psychologist or other mental health expert would be amazed at what goes on at track and how sheeple do what they do
    272. If cars didn’t get out of TC’s way, they were setting themselves up to get walled by TC.
    273. racing community is made up with people that live by deliberate ignorance
    274. They (all race fans) are Trumpsters to the bone, and COVID was a hoax to make Trump look bad,
    275. You are the idiot, and moron for bringing up the Tuskegee study as if it has anything to do with COVID-19 vaccines.
    276. Knucklehead (Knuckes Mahoney), as I am always in the pits,
    277. That’s one person dead for every 562. Feeling lucky, punk?(In Sickness or in Health)
    278. crazy evangelical thing
    279. My question is Earl, is there any point to your stupid question
    280. troglodytes and neanderthals like Mod Guy.
    281. Conclusion: You are an idiot.(Mod Guy)
    282. The racing community is known to be quite discriminatory.
    283. Earl, you and your redneck buddies must be a bunch of master baiters.
    284. Along with the handful of cult idiots that are saying the is great.
    285. Danny just identified as idiot.
    286. Spinless Ambiguous Earl wrote
    287. Talk about zero cognitive ability, (Earl)
    288. the answer is right there in my original post that you are challenging, you idiot (Earl)
    289. When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.(Earl)
    290. Hence, therefore, and in conclusion, you are the idiot.(Earl)
    291. All of you that are ignorant, idiotic, etc., and it is obvious who you are, are exposing yourselves.
    292. That’s bringing out the cretins.(forum participants)
    293. All you #BowlAnon’ers are really sad.
    294. You have “IDIOT” tattooed across your forehead?(Atomic Punk)
    295. yet you are without a clue.(Doug)
    296. Doug, you are declining
    297. Doug, you exude idiocy.
    298. Doug exudes idiocy.
    299. You exude idiocy (Doug)
    300. I laugh at you (Doug) and others that do not go to the track and/or have no idea what has been openly available for decades
    301. Y’all love being openly ignorant (all people that don’t scan race teams)
    302. A reasonable person with a slight modicum of cognitive ability would see that. But not you. Doug
    303. Missy and her 01 (mocking NWMT driver Melissa Fifield)
    304. Doug scribbled
    305. Insipid Cybil and her numerous personalities, screen names and avatars (Doug)
    306. no virtual reality life form (Doug)such as yourself will say otherwise.
    307. You or all your other avatars, including Insipid Cybil,(Doug)
    308. That’s just one of your benchmark idiotic projections.(of Doug)
    309. your relentless misogynistic ramblings (Doug)
    310. you now support Missy. Awwww,(mocking Doug and NWMT driver Melissa Fifield)
    311. As of now, “35 or more” has 6 votes. That would be Doug, Insipid Sybil, WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, and all his other alternative screen names.
    312. schmuckles Mahoney wrote,
    313. What about Dug Kobe? Will Dug Kobe be there?
    314. just the remaining 73,000,000 stupid ones left (unvaccinated)
    315. But a whiner, snowflake and sore loser has to make some drama.
    316. You’re a bunch of damn crybaby drama queens.(race patrons that drink beer)
    317. That is a clear datapoint indicating that Doug is a complete stupididiotmoron,
    318. If a person is competent, gathering, reading and understanding the data is natural. For Doug, it is a huge challenge, and he never gets there.
    319. A coarse sieve can hold more water than your analyses and conclusions.
    320. For Doug, time is still an abstract and obtuse concept.
    321. The fact is that Doug can never win a battle, so the war is not even an option.
    322. All the signs of a pathological narcissist.(Doug)
    323. What he means is that he has no idea, or he’s (Doug) making it up. More total (disguised profanity via emoji)
    324. Again, more total (disguised profanity via emoji) from WeldingWonders (aka: Doug, Insipid Cybil, et al.).
    325. Gaslighting again, or just more total (disguised profanity via emoji) from WeldingWonders (aka: Doug, Insipid Cybil, et al.) .
    326. Doug got called out and gang spanked
    327. Insipid Cybil (Doug) got called out by others than myself, and got gang spanked.
    328. I see how you can be confused. “00” looks like an “8” that fell down, or an “8” looks like a “00” that stood up.(Mocking Knucles Mahoney)
    Wow, it has been a right to come and go through the night. Never knew that.
    329. Wow, it has been the right to come and go through the night. Never knew That. Idiotic (Doug)
    330. Yes Doug (aka: Insipid Cybil, RickyinMass, WeldingWonders, et al.), I too meant my comments in the utmost respectful way, no disrespect intended whenever I point out the idiocy and errors in your posts.
    331. This is a normal brain (brain emoji) . This is your (Liz Cherokee) brain (Emoji of brain fried in a pan) .
    332. “Rain Tires”, the way you wrote it, is TWO (2) words.(mocking Viva Race grammatical error)
    333. Doug, you’re an idiot.
    334. Idiot. (Doug)That emoji is a fried egg in a frying pan(Liz Cherokee’s brain)
    335. This is not a tiny brain in a magnifying glass, it is an egg in a frying pan: (mocking WeldingWonders confusing him with Doug)
    336. Things were fine until Doug went all Dougie, and then he got himself slapped silly. As usual.
    337. Doug might read the article, but he rarely understands it.
    338. Missy loves when cars wreck out, she moves up.
    339. Doug’s, (and Insipid Cybil, WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, and his other screen names) cover song:
    340. To the nimrod that said to use a stop watch (fanin4)
    341. A promoter is a carnival barker, like Trump (Josh Vanada)
    342. To the nimrod that recommended use a stop watch… firstly, you are an idiot.(fanin4 a second time)
    343. NASCAR Wilson likes to dole out fines with a hair trigger finger
    344. Charlie Brown contributed this gem, “Whoever wrote this last write up, you have to be the biggest freaking idiot, another one who probably doesn’t even go to the races, so you should just shut your mouth, an go punch yourself in the face real hard and then go hide in your hole you MORON !!” Thank you.
    345. Does Doug, aka: Insipid Cybil, have yet another new screen name?
    346. Be careful, be considerate, and most of all, don’t be an idiot (people that have not been vaccinated for Covid19)
    347. Doug, laughter is the best medicine, and thanks to you, I have never been healthier. My abs are so strong from laughing at you so often. Of course, this also applies to all your other screens names.
    348. Any idiot that tries to tell people they need to patronize the ‘bowl to enrich the already extremely wealthy owner in preparation for the civil cases is just nuts, crazy, idiotic
    349. And your (Doug) promoting the support of Bemer/’bowl as a means to help his victims is a gift that will go on giving forever. It will never get old. That was galactic idiocy.
    350. Your (Doug) idiocy prevents you from playing such a role.
    351. Doug, you are an idiot. It’s in the rules.
    352. Who cares? Clearly an idiot.
    353. And if you (Doug) don’t get it, you are an idiot.
    354. Doug wailed, “Speaking of engines why don’t we know what these guys are packing? ”
    355. Now get back to chasing birds out of your yard.(2020)
    356. So Doug says it’s impossible to compare generations, then does exactly just that. Idiot. Pure idiot.
    357. But yet you (Doug) can go on and on about something you know nothing about. Over and over, time and time again. Idiot.
    358. “Deep thought” reads like another one of Doug’s idiotic screen names.
    359. they (Catholic church) are an exclusive pedophilia club.
    360. Elect-idiot,
    361. Elect-idiot, the issue is about self-policing privately,
    362. if the high and mighty all-judgmental Catholic Church can’t police itself
    363. What the Neanderthals, troglodytes, and knuckle draggers fail to realize
    364. the big orange idiot, Donald Trump.
    365. Ivanka has given up babysitting the big orange brat
    366. I think maybe 6 or so QAnon idiots will show up in DC in mid-August
    367. How can so many people be so stupid?
    368. (Stafford Speedway) get the masses of stupid idiots to follow the next shiny object, and forget the Williams-Rocco incident.
    369. Atomic Punk, answering your question about KRoc… When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.(saying Rocco is stupid)
    370. This one is for you (Atomic Punk): “Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” Think of that throughout the day as things continually go wrong for you
    371. Here’s this supposedly mythical driver that can’t get a driving job,(Keith Rocco)
    372. If he became a steady Tour driver, he most likely would not have become a car rental garage. (Keith Rocco Racing)
    373. These two have the appeal and personality of a sewage treatment plant on a hot day.(Doug Coby and Keith Rocco)
    374. he is a track parasite (Keith Rocco)


    “ I look like a slacker.


  54. The Atomic Punk says

    I will say this . Everyone posting here is more qualified to be VP over “where is the border?” Harris.

  55. Wish I had time to type out 375 lines of totally useless info. Should get Doug aka welding wonders, although I wonder if he can really weld, together with Dareal, give them a thirty pack and let them hash it they’d be friends in the end.

  56. Jerry Fascione says

    Darealgoodfella are you acting or are you really that stupid. Keith is doing exactly what he wants to do just like Evans did. Its so obvious your a hater and a stupid one at that. I wasn’t there Friday but I talked to somebody who was standing right there, Keith asked Wiliams twice to leave his pits and he just got in Keith’s face and got decked. Now that is second hand info If its wrong I apologize for it but not for calling you stupid. And I put my real name I don’t hide behind a silly name like yours

  57. Stuart A Fearn says

    OK enough of that nonsense, are Keith and Ronnie banned from the open 80 next week now that this weeks event is rained out and that makes next scheduled race to run the big show. Possibly no SK but allowed in open division, IDK

  58. Stuart A. Fearn,
    I’ve been told that Rocco and Williams will be allowed to run in the Open Modified 80 but not allowed to run the SK Modified feature on July 9.

  59. Jerry, I’ve never heard of Evans running a race car rental business, we would all know that by now if he did. So Keith is NOT DOING EXACTLY WHAT EVANS DID. No way, no how, and no way you are going to get away with trying to associate Kroc with Evans. Never gonna happen. Kroc is at best a Single-A player, could not make it any higher. He can quit today and be forgotten ten minutes later. Evans is a legend. If so, it can also be said that Kroc is doing exactly what he wants to just like Trump did. How’s that working out?


    Some people should not use their real name.

  60. Stuart A Fearn says

    so there it is, the man with the answers!

    Thank you for the information

  61. Rob p say it ain’t so. Not only do you think WeldingWonders and myself are in fact the same person you doubt WeldingWonders can even weld. That hurts man.
    Don’t we always tell the truth here?
    WeldingWonders is the metal fabrication and welding guy and I’m the design and wood working end for our artistic creations. Metal and wood our niche’. Would I lie?
    I gave you the instructions for copy and paste at one time Rob p. WeldingWonders in no way types everything out. And after all he created none of it, it’s all insults the star of the series has leveled at one and all in 2021 and it’s pretty impressive don’t you think? Rocco a parasite….yikes. So big the comment section can’t even handle the volume. Imagine what it will be like at year end?
    This is a silly little message board and we’re all just killing time here and having some fun. I can say however if there ever were a beer summit I’d insist the beer come from Broad Brook Brewery and my choice would be Hopsillo.

  62. Rob p., don’t place that bet.

  63. From a trusted source, you probably won’t see the #50 SK at Stafford any time in the near future, although they may participate in the open, and NWMT shows. You may see them at Waterford on Saturday night though. The week before the big brawl Rocco had gone into the #50 pit stall to confront Williams. The incident was reported to SMS officials, yet no action against Rocco was taken. The whole incident last week started on track after the conclusion of the event while cars were returning to the paddock, with Narducci being the instigator.
    BTW, I keep seeing Narducci being refered to as being handicapped. What handicap does he have, besides the apparent absence of a brain?

  64. Rob P.
    I think most people will be shocked if the 50 SK team isn’t at Stafford on July 16. Guess it remains to be seen if the social media hints of quitting are just attention-seeking posturing or real. Multiple people have told me they inquired by private message about purchasing the pit passes that were offered for sale online and didn’t get any response. So I guess we’ll see on July 16.
    As far as what happened on June 18, you’re 100 percent wrong in even stretching to compare it to what happened after the SK 5K. I personally witnessed the exchange between Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams and Adam Skowyra following contact between Rocco and Williams in a heat race on June 18. Keith went over toward the 50 team but never entered their pit area. Williams met Rocco outside of the 50 SK Modified pit area. Adam Skowyra then left the 50 SK Modified pit area and joined the conversation with Rocco and Williams. They all spoke and they shook hands at the end and all went their separate ways. There was no confrontation whatsoever. On what basis do you think action should have been taken against Rocco for that incident? He did nothing wrong and 100 percent did not enter another team’s pit area. You’re literally making up a story with that comment.
    I can’t speak for exactly what happened on the track in the late stages of Friday’s SK 5K, but obviously there was some heated racing over the final four laps between Narducci and Williams. My understanding is that Narducci flipped Williams off when the race was over. At that moment he was probably the 500 millionth short track racer in the history of short track racing to flip another driver off after a battle for position on the track. Obviously after that took place Williams entered Narducci’s pit area to confront him.
    And quite honestly, I really thought you were a better person than coldly mocking someone’s handicap. I’ve seen some people go to great lengths on here to go for the low blow, but you really dug deep on that one. What an absolutely disgusting comment that was.
    Indomitable: Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Keep Bryan Narducci From Familiar Family Success

  65. Thanks for the clarification Shawn, regarding the June 18th incident.
    My source says they would be missing more than 1 race, and we’re going to go to Waterford and run some open and tour shows maybe the rainout will give them time to cool down.
    As for Brian, cerebral palsy, and he’s able to race, that’s one tough determined kid.

  66. Back when I was actively involved in the sport, it seemed like every week someone would say they’re all done, never coming back, and on and on. The following week they’d be there, so I guess it’s wait and see. Every track has its rivals, always have always will.

  67. Rob p you know of Bryan’s physical challenge don’t you? You must.
    I interpreted your comment in another light. You’ve done rifs on Ryan Fearn and Chase Dowling where you judged them very harshly based on things you could not possibly know. I thought this was the same thing.
    What seemed refreshing was treating Narducci like Fearn and Dowling. There was nothing about this incident that had anything to do with a physical limitation from Bryan’s perspective. The reference to a mental disability pure racing hyperbole and in context no more malevolent then applied to any other racer.
    Try as I might I guess I’ll never get the racing community to understand Narducci has no more of a handicap with regard to racing then women in the sport do for having less muscle mass. He happens to have a physical disability that has not “handicapped” him in a race car.

    Intentionally of not Rob p brushed aside the disability which in my view was proper. It’s not relevant in this incident at all and those that keep referring to it unintentionally trying to diminish Bryan as less then a whole person capable of defending his turf in a dust up. Stafford gets it by giving him the penalty so good for them.
    In the video narrated by Bonssa Tufa produced in January 2020 Bryan, his mom and Todd Owen provide a snapshot of Bryan’s story. The word “handicapped” is never mentioned. Not mentioned because it’s not recognized as an impenetrable barrier to his participation in the sport.

    He’s a young man now on the cusp of being a grown ass man. A man that is and will be competing in the work place and building a life not limited nor defined by his physical challenge. Time to stop defining him like that poor little “handicapped” kid that needs special consideration in a competitive world that I gauran-freakin-tee will not give a crap in the long run.

  68. Doug, I had seen it mentioned about Ronnie picking on a handicapped guy. Before Shawn’s post I didn’t know if Brian’s condition, he always seemed “normal” to me. Knowing of his condition has me respecting him even more now. People suffering from cerebral palsy that I’ve known have all ended up wheelchair bound at a very early age. It’s great to see him beating it, and able to enjoy racing. Someone told me he’s Ray Millers grandson, is that true?

  69. Rob P.,
    Bryan is Jerry Pearl’s grandson.

  70. Thanks Shawn, I knew his grandpa raced, thought it was Ray because of the 01 when he ran SKL

  71. Your ignorance is palpable Rob p. Bryan’s challenges have been a regular point of discussion in this forum since he was driving the Limited Late Model. More disturbing is your ignorance of cerebral palsy. If you care to become more informed about it you can look it up. Suffice it to say all that have CP are not “wheelchair bound”,. It can be anything from mild and barely noticeable to devastating. It can be a barely perceived peculiarity or lock people with average and above average intelligence in bodies that fight every movement and in some instances be associated with mental retardation.
    Here’s what I know is a fact and applies in Narducci’s case. The human brain is a powerful thing. While it is true Bryan’s motor function is adversely affected the operations helped give him the range of motion to navigate getting in and out of a race car and his mind has found pathways to compensate for the deficit in motor function. It happens all the time for people with physical challenges they compensate.
    Ronnie Williams may have broken some kind of unwritten code about the sanctity of a pit stall but he’s an intelligent and educated person who gave Bryan the respect he deserves as a racer. Not treating him any different and giving him an ear full. Bryan I have every confidence was giving as good as he got. It was never necessary for Rocco to come to the rescue and in fact if he had kept his nose out of it, it would have ended like any other verbal confrontation that happens after races.
    There has been traditionally a stereotype associated with the prototypical local oval track race car driver. Generally a virulent, white, mature male. A risk taker and swatch buckler. It’s changed over the decades and now adolescents, women, people of color and people like Bryan race cars and successfully. Non are the prototypical local weekend racer, none should be expected to have to defend themselves in physical confrontation and none ask nor do they deserve any quarter on the track based on special circumstances. On the track success is merit based only……period.
    It pisses me off this constant attempt to categorize Narducci as something special that deserves special consideration. Biases against him for his physical challenges or reverse bias overstating his accomplishment as a driver. At this stage he’s neither a menace nor is he some kind of race car driving phenom. He’s typical of any young driver ascending the learning curve and a work in progress. His only limitations at this stage being discipline in his driving technique something he’s improved on significantly since the SK Light days. I said his win was a blue moon event and it was based on any number of factors CP not being one of them. . Bryan hit his marks, he did brake and feather the throttle out of the corners and did maintain his interval with a great deal of ability and discipline.
    You might consider re examining some of your biases as well. Bryan is every bit as “normal” as Woody Pitkat who wears glasses to correct his vision. The “wheelchair bound” nonsense as well. It implies limitations the are insurmountable. As we all should know there are a vast numbers of non ambulatory people that use wheelchairs that are significantly more intelligent and accomplished then anyone contributing in this forum. They may very well feel that we that can walk but are ignorant and/or intolerant of others are the ones that are not “normal”.

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