Tri-Track Open Modified Series Open Wheel Wednesday Event Postponed To Aug. 25

A power outage and lingering storms forced the postponement of the the Tri-Track Open Modified Series Open Wheel Wednesday event at Seekonk Speedway.

A power outage brought activities to a halt at the track around 8 pm tonight following all qualifying heats for the series. 

With little hope for the return of power, and storms still in the area, Tri-Track Open Modified Series officials and track officials made the decision to postpone the 100-lap feature for the series.

The event will now be run on Aug. 25.


  1. Speedbowl14 says

    IIRC the October TriTrack race is a Saturday. Run this one the night before. Yes teams risk wrecking a car for the Saturday race but they only have to drive out to Seekonk once then. I think the Haunted 100 is $5k to win…this is $10k to win…someone put in a $10k bonus to any driver who can win both.

  2. 44 cars in the pits, 5 heat races, 2 consi’s, great action, great crowd, just sucks about the power outage. Not enough rain to worry about and if not for the outage could have got the show in. Can’t wait to head back in August to see the conclusion.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Speedbowl14, I think the Haunted Hundred is at least $6K to win. Any teams that did make the feature tonight will be able to freshen their equipment as needed for October. There are definitely some repairs needed after the heats and consi’s tonight! Might have been due in part to the car count, but those races were worth the price of admission by themselves! Many drivers racing like it was the last lap of the feature!

  4. That’s too Bad .. Weird Happenings… I was in a Pro-Stock Feature years ago.. Suddenly the Lights went out at night during the Race …. It was suddenly pitch Black .. It was a MIRACLE know-one Crashed .. We all lifted at the same Instant… A Lighting BOLT >>> hit a TRANSFORMER across the Street on RT 6… Leo THE LION CLEARY Won the Race driving the # 48 Rollie Linblad car… As it started pouring Rain a few minutes later…… Add this one to the Zany list of races held at Seekonk…. R.A. Silva the Racing Historian can add tonight to His Book… NO McKennedy ,,, I was crushed He was my Pick to WIN….

  5. Was shaping up to be a great night. Certainly not the tracks fault. I must say though, that was one of the most unbelievable lighting shows I think I’ve ever seen from a racetrack!

  6. knuckles mahoney says

    Can you provide a list of those who qualified so far

  7. Can’t wait to see Doug’s idiotic QAdope conspiracy theory as to the double whammy of power outage and the wicked haahd stahm.

  8. knuckle dragger, those results you seek are posted on Race Monitor. 🥄

    Heat 1

    Silk, Barney, Williams, Cipriano

    Heat 2

    JBon, Dowling, Barrett, Kochenash

    Heat 3

    MH, Nocella, Rameau, Sesely

    Heat 4

    Robie, McDermott, Pitkat, Preece

    Heat 5

    Coby, Hinkley, Izzo, Belsito

  9. Where was the 79 and did I see the 44 Kluth modified there as well?You would think they would have a backup generator and a speedy dry truck rather than walk around the whole place with Lowes buckets.They have everything else.

  10. Just like your uncle Donald , call people names and tell everyone how good you are

  11. I was watching the tour modified heats wrapping up from the Barkalounger while simultaneously watching my lights flicker getting hammered by epic thunderstorms in Enfield, Ct and monitoring the mass of clouds moving East Northeast toward Seekonk on radar.. Hmm, would they stay just north of Seekonk I pondered. Then the screen goes dark, then back on as Speed51 does a great job switching to battery power then an hour delay then postponement.
    Sorry for all you guys and gals that traveled to the show it was looking to be a great one. More sorry for all those teams in every division that traveled all that way, that bought tires and fuel and ran laps only to find out they’ll have to make a return trip to race in the event that pays the money.

  12. Where was the 79? Who was driving the Kluth 44

  13. qualified cars from the heats. I didnt see the consis but I hear they ran them. First two get into the redraw, top 4 qualify for feature.

    heat 1
    1 Silk
    2 barney
    3 williams
    4 cipriano

    heat 2
    1 bonsignore
    2 dowling
    3 barret
    4 kochenash

    heat 3
    1 Hirschman
    2 Nocella
    3 Rameau
    4 Sesely

    heat 4
    1 Robie
    2 McDermott,
    3 Pitkat
    4 Preece

    Heat 5
    1 Coby
    2 Hinckley
    3 Izzo
    4 Belsito

  14. nice job Dareal ya beat me and had all the information. Great field of cars.

  15. The announcers said McKennedy had others things to do.

  16. csg,

    Yeah, nice field of cars, haven’t seen anything like this in decades.

  17. They ran the consi’s, 3 out of each consi, Pasteryak, Zachem, McDermott, the black 0 car and can’t remember the last two.

  18. My bad McDermott made it through the heat race. Don’t remember the other 3.

  19. Earl;
    I can’t remember last 3 either, but I do beleive that one was Dan meservy in the 45 and Richard savory in the 99, but could be wrong about that.

  20. Savory was 4th….Galko won…45 was second and I think Ben Byrne was 3rd in the 6

  21. Russ Smith says

    Tri-Track Open Modified Series Modified Madness 51 Feature Lineup
    Pos Car #/Driver
    1 8CT Cam McDermott
    2 60 Matt Hirschman
    3 25NH Brian Robie
    4 14 Blake Barney
    5 16 Ron Silk
    6 06 Les Hinckley
    7 10 Doug Coby
    8 9 Chase Dowling
    9 00 Justin Bonsignore
    10 92 Anthony Nocella
    11 25 Ronnie Williams
    12 5 Tommy Barrett
    13 06MA Sam Rameau
    14 6 Woody Pitkat
    15 13 Dylan Izzo
    16 50C Joey Cipriano
    17 66 Austin Kochenash
    18 16NJ Anthony Sesely
    19 6NY Ryan Preece
    20 21 Angelo Belsito
    21 50B Austin Beers
    22 3CT Matt Galko
    23 75 Chris Pasteryak
    24 18 Max Zachem
    25 6X Ben Byrne
    26 0 Devin O’Connell
    27 3 Matt Swanson
    28 99 Richard Savary

    Did Not Qualify
    45 Dan Meservey Jr
    87 Brett Gonyaw
    8 Earl Paules
    76 Kirk Alexander
    11 Ricky Knapp Jr
    55 Ryan Doucette
    76CT Dana DiMatteo
    27 Derek Robbie
    2 Frank L’Etoile Jr
    55B Robert Bloxsom III
    6NH Christopher Jackman
    39 Gary Rinehimer
    07 Kyle James
    50 Carl Medeiros Jr
    82 Rob Murphy
    16F Colbey Fournier

  22. Bobf;

    I believe Savary finished 4th behind the black 0. I think you are right about the 45.

    Both consi’s were like a mini feature. How about Pasteryak getting taken out on lap 2 running second in turn 2 and coming from the back to finish second. He drove his ass off to get there.

    Don’t know if you saw that 350 super that took the vicious shot in the wall in 2. Looks like he got his bell rung real good. Was a little worried when he didn’t get right out of the car and the ambulance took forever to get to him.

    Nobody from the track to safety crew seems to be in a hurry to do anything there. Then it took forever to clean up the oil from the NEMA car. Putting kitty litter down with 5 gallon buckets and fuel jugs then using brooms to work it in. Talking about wasting time especially when the spill encompasses the racing groove all the way around the track. Come on guys, how about getting a tailgate spreader which would be much more efficient so things can move along a little quicker.

  23. Do do they give provisionals to Swanson & Savory? Only was supposed to start 26.

  24. Earl,
    Yes provisionals to Matt Swanson and Richard Savary.

  25. Well then that’s why Swanson was just hanging around the back saving his tires. Old MH trick that may pay dividends in August. And if I remember correctly he went out early in his heat race. May have the freshest tires of everyone.

  26. Earl;
    I was sitting in turn 1 and the hit was frightening. I hope he is ok. They had him in the ambulance which seemed like forever, before taking him out. I’m sure I missed something here, but was anyone surprised when they resumed qualifying without an ambulance on site in the infield? Thought one had to be there to run anything. Maybe one out in the pits I could not see?

  27. Thompson supplies it’s own POWER… CAT DIESEL GENERATORS running smooth every time…. Don Hoeing is VERY SMART…. Save money & not relying on POWER GRID is Excellent Deal …I am sure Don saw those at an Equipment AUCTION and said ” I think that would be great not paying the Electric Company and I can run my Lights as long as I want, Just fill up the Diesel & hit the Start button… Some people have been going there for years and haven’t noticed the Generators behind the Concessions..
    It’s funny years ago they had 3 Scorer’s in the Tower at Seekonk. They would all write the cars down in a straight line on a page, Then start again at the top as each lap ended …. the columns would be perfectly straight… It was Amazing to watch these 3 Ladies looking straight ahead at finish line writing numbers down those Sheets of Paper, Then they would compare numbers to reset the line up minus the accident cars ,, WOW. The modern Scoring Systems need power to operate…Race Monitor is great .. but oh no how can we run these Races with no Power.!!!! The OLD WAY, 3 Scorer’s in the TOWER that’s HOW ..

  28. NH Modfan says

    Muddbus, the 44 was parked next to the 16 trailer on Wednesday. I asked one of the guys under the 16 canopy which car Sesely was driving. He said the newer car (16) and it sounded like they were just shaking the 44 down. (as it was on the track in warmups)

  29. Earl,
    I don’t think they knew they were getting a provisional until after all the qualifying heats and consi’s were complete

  30. Bobf, I don’t remember the ambulance being in the infield, I saw it come from the pits and you are correct seemed like forever. I know when he exited the car he sat on the track for a while before entering the ambulance and the ambulance sat there for a while. I was sitting in front of the scoring tower and could clearly hear the hit. I hope the driver is OK as well.

    CT law doesn’t allow racing unless there is an ambulance on the property, I don’t know what MA laws dictate.

  31. I was surprised that there was no emergency power anywhere in seekonk, other than the basic battery wall pack backup spots here and there.
    Scarier than that suitcase, were the heats that ran with no power at the track. A couple of times, the yellow was thrown and they were barreling down the backstretch towards the caution incident, not lifting, until, I assume, spotters were in their ears. I am grateful nothing bad happened, as the potential was there for sure, in my eyes. I was surprised they ran those heats as dusk crept in on the consi’s. Grateful that the drivers and teams stepped up their safety awareness game under those conditions. Whew! From my view anyway….

  32. Thanks Nh….thought I saw that car walking in

  33. Suitcase Jake, it’s hard not to know that Thompson has diesel generators… they stink while starting and warming up. And since there is a prevailing wind from the west, the exhaust heads right to the stands. When those diesels are warming up, they put out plenty of smoke, can’t miss them. Sure wish they would use biodiesel.

    At Islip Speedway, they sent the handwritten running orders from the control tower to the flagger with a clothesline.

  34. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Waterford Speedbowl. 41 cars for the 2015 Tri Track event in 2015. But Dafella hasn’t seen anything like this for decades 😂😂😂🤡

  35. Goodfella., The smoke clears quicky once the CATS heat up, The sweet smells of Diesel, RACE FUEL, CLUTCH, BRAKES , BURGERS , CIGARS , DRAFT BEERS , HOT DOGS, SAUSAGES , PIZZA , TIRE SMOKE , FRENCH FRIES , All mix together to make the BEST AIR FRAGRANCE EVER, THE SWEET SMELLS are probably what most people missed during lockdown,…………… Bottle this up and or have a RACETRACK YANKEE CANDLE so the stay at HOMER”S can light it before each STREAMING RACE to set the AMBIANCE .OH the SWEET SMELLS OF the RACE TRACK ….!!!!!

  36. Tri Track race at Stafford last year 50 cars

  37. Suitcase… there’s nothing like the aroma of racing gasoline. Well, I do love me some nitromethane. But I do wish Thompson would at least add in some biodiesel to the genset fuel, it would reduce the choking smoke and odor during the warm up. I don’t like when the genset exhaust overwhelms the sweet aromas of the fry-o-lators.

    🍟 🍗

  38. I wonder how many you will see for the 300 at Thompson?

  39. That candle idea sounds almost whimsical in it’s mental imagery but in practice would be pretty disgusting I should think. I know for this home gamer it’s not necessary on any level.
    No one can match the pure poetry of the traveling man but the pure visceral sensations described is only part of the racing experience as a fan. Another part concerns the personalities, their backgrounds, racing style and temperament. Another the analytics of racing. Lap times, relative performance, prior record at different tracks as well as car components like engines and chassis. A race is defined in terms of what happens from the green flag to the checkered flag but within the race there are multitudes of races each which can have different meanings to different people.
    Enjoy all the sensations you find so exhilarating at the track. Like any sport however it does not define the sum of the attraction and from a pure understanding of the actual events if that’s the goal can be a distraction.

  40. Anyone else notice who’s on the front row for the feature after the redraw? I did………..

  41. Earl

    That is a great qeustion. How many modifieds do we see for the 300? I would guess they would be around 40. There are a few things holding them back. Tires may be real hard to get by then. Unfortunately this race may be cut or reduced laps because of it. The tri track still has a race left. The track is a motor track. Some of the lesser funded treams may skip it thinking they cant compete.. There are few things going for it. Nice purse, Whelen tour is over, Its the 300, probably the most prestigious race for Modifieds. I would love to see 50 or 60 cars, just not sure we can get there this year with the tire issue.

  42. The 300 with starvation tire rationing is unthinkable. Need tires to race. I can see the race length shortened to accommodate the tire availability at the time.

    We can only wait and see how the tire situation is then.

    And the Delta Variant is simmering, expected to have local outbreaks through the summer and fall. New England is in pretty good shape with some of the highest state vax rates, and highest overall as a region.

    Something like 140,000,000 “Americans” have still not been vaccinated, and it’s going to be difficult to return to normal until these people get vaccinated.

  43. Earl
    I noticed.
    Love him or hate him. That’s what makes him a professional here in this discipline
    Got to give him that respect. I do.

  44. Silk, James, Doucette Silk
    Bonsignor, Barrett, Dowling Bonsignor,Dowling
    Hirschman, Medeiros, Bryne Hirschman
    Paules, Robie, Preece Robie
    Coby, Zachem, Hinckley Coby

    That’s the heat starting order and the winners. They have a system for determining the heat starting order and in this case it worked out about as good as could be expected. We want guys like Hirschman, Bonsignor, Coby, Bonsignor, Dowling and Preece in the feature do we not? If it turns out their path there is relatively smooth fine with me.
    It’s a Wednesday so I’m hoping Preece makes it back for this. He’s actually second in points to Silk for the CBYD bonus which is pretty remarkable considering and in the Stafford listing for the next open while Silk is not running Stafford.

  45. The 300 MUST BE RUN…. We have it all Marked on Our Calender’s since it was Announced. Everyone wants to see this race run, Driver’s, Owner’s , Fan’s , Media …..The Thompson Tradition of the 300 is Strong, All Modern Driver’s want to add their name to the Thompson 300 WIN LIST, A who’s who of the top Modified Drivers… It’ the Modified Indy of the EAST RACE,, Well it was until NHIS took over… The tire Issue should be RESOLVED by the time this Race is Scheduled…. They are making more tires than ever so by This time they should have plenty of tires on hand and many Tracks have ended so the can ship un-used Tires to Hoosier East… 300 LAPS is what we wanna see….

  46. I don’t think you can will a race to happen if there are exigent circumstances for it to be curtailed or canceled. The pandemic comes to mind.
    The greatest likelihood is that it will be rectified by the fall. Starting with the fact that the factory on down are not fulfilling bloated orders used to set up rainy day inventories. They got blindsided and now they’re balancing supply.
    Toilet paper supplies came back and tires will as well once tire consumers are prevented from hoarding.

  47. The race is a long way off with plenty of time for things to rectify themselves. Let’s not go “chicken little” here.

    I think you will see a healthy car count and great crowd. My guess 45-50 cars maybe more depending on how many will take the green.

    Yes Thompson is a HP track however, the 300 is a race where you must make calculated decisions to put your car in a position to make a move to win in the late laps. Car preparation is a key factor as well.

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