Brad Keselowski Moving To Roush Fenway Racing; Keselowski Taking On Ownership Stake

Brad Keselowski (Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The worst kept secret of late in the NASCAR Cup Series garage was confirmed Tuesday morning. 

Management at Roush Fenway Racing announced Tuesday morning that former NASCAR Cup Series champion Brad Keselowski will join the organization next season to drive the team’s No. 6 car. 

Keselowski will also take on a minority ownership stake with Roush Fenway Racing. 

“From our perspective this is the next step in the evolution of our team,” Roush Fenway Racing president Steve Newmark said. 

The 37-year old Keselowski has competed in the Cup Series for Penske Racing since the 2010 season.

“There were four key components to me,” Keselowski said of the move. “The ability to have a long term driving contract was something I valued. I want to stay at one place and be there for a long time and hopefully for the rest of my career. I know that’s the intent and goal. And that position was offered to me. 

“The second position that was very important to me was to be in a leadership role. … We’re forming a competition committee that I’m proud to be a part of leading. That will come together and allow me the freedom to express myself creatively and to lead this company and team to the best it can be. That was really critical to me to be able to have more control over my overall destiny with respect to matters competition related. 

“The third thing was of course the ownership position. Quite a unique opportunity that really excites. Ownership is something that I’ve always articulated to the fans and the media that was important to me long term. It represents growth for me personally and professionally, which is very important. And it creates a deeper tie-in to really the fourth point which is to have a role in this sport when I’m done driving.” 

Keselowski won the 2012 Cup Series championship for Penske. He also won the 2010 Xfinity Series title driving for Penske.


  1. Does Ryan have ANY shot at the Penske ride?

  2. BigKev,
    It was announced last week that Austin Cindric is in the No. 2 Penske car next year.

  3. So what’s open of any value?
    The only thing (so far anyway) is the second car added to the 23 stable, and a second track house car ( old ganassi).
    Lot of talk of Kurt bush going in the mate to the 23.
    Track house mum on second car. So far Newman, Dibeniddetto, chastain and Kurt Bush as possible to definite looking for 2022. See what shakes out. It’s still early.

  4. So I guess he has 0% chance at that ride. LOL

    Honest question. Last year, Ryan was in the 47 and the 37 team performed better. This year they switched teams but now the 47 team is doing better. Is it Ryan or other factors? From afar it seems like his crew chief and pit crew don’t do him any favors but I don’t know enough.

    At this point, I think his best chance is something with KHI.

  5. Silly season says

    Have him to go to SHR in the Xfinity for a year.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Big Kev, definitely other factors. Buescher in the 37 had a little better luck and more experience than Ryan at the time, but I think the teams were about the same. Once Stenhouse and crewchief (Brian Pattie?) came in, there was more $$ on the 47 payroll. They definitely had an A and B team, and Ryan was the B. Would love to see him with the 47 crewchief; I would bet the 47 results would improve!

  7. It’s July 21. Not that long after Preece got the green for completing a season that had been in doubt. Why not take a minute to appreciate what he’s accomplished right now? This story was percolating for a while but it isn’t anywhere near musical ride time. For teams contemplating changes they certainly don’t want to mess with team morale in the middle of the season.
    Preece for my money is doing great where he is right now and I’m loving every minute of it. I want to believe he doesn’t get equal equipment to Stenhouse because it would explain the lesser performance but I don’t know that’s the case. Crew errors at races have been an issue but I don’t know if that’s simply team leadership and chemistry or the organization dividing talent into the varsity and JV team.
    I don’t know Stenhouse has more advantages mainly because I don’t see him doing markedly better. Both teams have 4 DNF’s. Stenhouse has the one top 5 but Preece has 3 top 10’s to the Stenhouse’s 2. 26th in points vs 21. Neither car has exactly outperforming in the points this year.
    I always look at Buescher as a former JTG driver that supposedly made the big jump for a point of reference. 16th in points isn’t exactly a huge jump. No top 5’s and 4 top 10’s not that much better then either JTG car. The 16th in points due in large part to limiting DNF’s to 2. Buescher’s last six races 36,20,19,18,16,29. I suppose Roush sounds more sexy the JTG Daugherty but he hasn’t exactly been among the elite with his move up.
    I’m just savoring the fact that the chatter now is about seats he could move into that are a move up vs late last year and early this year when it was about staying in Cup, going to Infinity or worse. Now not so bad. Add in the increased money and time invested in the modified effort and the results he’s had and this has to be knocking on the door of one of Preece’s most successful years in racing to this point anyway. No not in championships but making a great living in the bigs and winning races in his passion that being modifieds.

  8. Fast Eddie;
    Could not agree more. Not a big fan of Trent Owens. While I’m just a keyboard warrior, seems to me every time preece comes into pits, he comes out 5 spots (at least) further behind. But more troubling to me is the adjustments they appear to make later in the race, are not very good. But again, I’m only an observer.

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