Justin Bonsignore Returning To Tri-Track Open Modified Series Action At Star

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Justin Bonsignore (Photo: Souza Media)

Justin Bonsignore’s busy stretch of Modified racing continues this Saturday, July 24, at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire. The Tri Track Open Modified Series is heading back to the track for their third race of the season, and Bonsignore will drive the Jimmy Paige prepared No. 00 in the 125-lap special event.

The race is the 10th annual SBM classic — showcasing some of the top talent in all of Modified racing from across the country, with a purse of more than $65,000 on the line, with multiple special awards. The base purse to win the race is $6,000. The last time Bonsignore was at Star Speedway, on May 22, he was running inside the top-five with Tri Track late in the race before an overheating issue sidelined him from the finish.

Since then, the series had practice at Seekonk Speedway on June 30 in preparation for a $10,000 to win race, but it was postponed to August 25 due to a power outage at the track. He’s hoping the May tune-up at Star was enough to prepare the team for success this time.

“We’ve definitely been hitting on something since the first time at Star and had fast cars at the track right off the truck,” Bonsignore said. “Bummed that we couldn’t get the Seekonk race in before the postponement last time out, because I felt like we had a really good car. We were strong at Star in May before our issue, and I’m really excited to have a shot at winning this race. Hopefully we can start towards the front, lead some laps, hit the pit strategy and be in contention for the win.”

The schedule for Saturday’s race events begins with Tri Track practice from 1:30-2:30 p.m., with qualifying heats set to begin just after 3:30 p.m. The 10th annual SBM 125 is set to take the green flag at approximately 6:30 p.m., and for those who can’t make it to the track, the race will air live on Speed51.TV.

For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit tritrackmodifieds.com and follow the series on social media. For more information on Justin Bonsignore, visit JustinBonsignore.com and visit his athlete page on Facebook.


  1. Every time there is a poll to pick a winner in a race greater RaceDayCt nation turns it’s back on this guy. That latest being Loudon where he garners 3% support for the win. Second last year and in it in this years Loudon race. Right on Coby’s tail for NWMT wins and no respect. If you take all the mentions by all the fans and compare Justin Bonsignor to that guy from the midwest that barely pops in to race on the NWMT Bonsignor wouldn’t even come close. It’s a puzzler.
    Tri Track is a competing race promoter nightmare. Offering free entry into the paddock for one car owner as a thanks. Probably not that great a sacrifice financially but is something that just hits the right note promotion wise.
    No entry list but who needs one. My picks are Hirschman, McKennedy, Silk, Preece and Williams in the 25. No dark horse.
    Ryan Preece Racing on Facebook indicates he will be there and leading the CBYD combined Tri Track/Stafford challenge expanding his lead is likely. Who’d a thunk it going into the season?

  2. I will go with my Top 5 –>>> Pick’em Pool >>>> TRI – Track Race — Star Speedway >>> July 24th >>>>>
    1. McKennedy 2. Hirschman 3. Preece 4. Silk 5. Barrett … DARK HORSE – Hinkley …….
    Have Fun= Be Happy Get you picks in soon as you feel ready , but before practice & qualifying …!!!!

  3. Doug, Please keep Track of the Points Again for the Commissioner , Thank you in Advance.
    3 – Points to pick the Winner
    1 – Point for each car that finishes in top 5 , order does not matter.
    2 – Points for most picks that finish in top 5, If there are any ties, each will receive 2 points.
    5 – Points for picking a DARK HORSE WINNER, Defined as NOT WON in that Series in 2021.
    Tie Breaker will be Most Picks CORRECT in the Final Finishing ORDER , of TOP 5 ….
    Example ; you had Picked the Winner 1st place , & 3rd & 5th in the EXACT position , that would
    give you a Total of 3 for the TIE BREAKER , Whomever has the most Correct is the Winner if a TIE.
    Picks must be in BEFORE PRACTICE OR QUALIFYING Starts …. THANK YOU !!!!!
    OK have FUN = Be Happy . Get you Pick’em pool pick’s in soon ,

  4. Sorry Jake you’re on your own. No worries your rules are the important thing. People can determine their success on their own.
    Hirschman, McKennedy, Silk, Preece and Williams in the 25. No dark horse.

  5. CSG picks for Star

    1 Matt Hirschman
    3 Mckennedy
    4 Silk
    5 Hinkley
    dark Preece can you pick him if not I will go Nocella

  6. CSG, you already have Preece at #2…. which one… #2 or Dark Horse?

  7. Dark Horse is outside your TOP 5 … Anyone who hasn’t Won a Tri – Track Race in 2021 is eligible to be your Dark Horse…

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