Keith Rocco, Bryan Narducci Back On Track At Stafford; Ronnie Williams Missing From SK Mod Lineup

Keith Rocco works on the SK Modified of Noah Korner Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Last week – after two consecutive Friday night rainouts at Stafford Speedway – SK Modified drivers Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams and Bryan Narducci each served their one race suspensions handed out for a post race altercation following the June 25 NAPA SK 5K.

Friday two of the three drivers suspended were back in the pits at Stafford readying for tonight’s SK Modified feature.

Rocco and Narducci will be back in action in the 40-lap feature tonight, part of Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night at Stafford.

Two-time SK Modified division champion Ronnie Williams and his Adam Skowyra owned team were not at the track.

“I guess I drove another one out of the sport,” four-time Stafford SK Modified champion Keith Rocco joked.

After Stafford Speedway management announced the suspensions on June 28 Skowyra vaguely hinted on social media that his team wouldn’t be returning to Stafford.

Williams, the 2018 and 2019 SK Modified champion at the track, did not respond to a message Thursday evening concerning the situation.

“They said they weren’t coming,” Narducci said. “I’ve heard the last few weeks they weren’t coming. Showed up today and they weren’t here. I hear they’re going to the [New London-Waterford Speedbowl]. We’ll see what happens I guess.”

Before the suspension Williams was fifth in the SK Modified standings after nine events with one victory. Rocco was seventh with one win. Narducci was 11th in the standings. Williams fell to sixth in the division standings after the suspension. Rocco is now 10th in the standings and Narducci 13th.

Narducci was at the track last Friday spotting for SK Modified race winner Mike Christopher Jr. Rocco, who runs Keith Rocco Racing, was at the track in support of his customers competing at the track.

“I enjoyed coming here and working with my customers,” Rocco said of his week off from competition. “That’s my priority.”


  1. I suppose it would have been a big deal in years past when the championship was a Williams, Rocco and Owen affair but that’s not the case any more. There’s a lot more cars that are in the top tier now. If Rocco had quit Stafford now that would have been a big deal.
    Ryan Fearn suspended indefinitely. I can’t recall the last time that happened. He clearly needed a time out and this should help him sort it all out.
    Hopefully Williams will find his way back to Stafford. I can see where getting suspended after getting punched would leave a bitter taste in his mouth. As far as Skowyra is concerned good riddance.

  2. here come da judge says

    OMG Williams and Skowyra so outraged over the treatment by Stafford officials they have decided to support a convicted sex offender ? LOL good choice guys ! where is dareal ? oh the humanity ! . If I was in charge at Stafford they could have requested Williamd and Skowyra make a donation to UCP?. that’s how its done in The courts with Traffic violations …

  3. Honestly I hardly even noticed he was missing until seeing this article. It stinks as he was a top competitor at Stafford but the show will go on. I thought the local racing scene would suffer significantly without TC. While I will say it has to some degree with on track entertainment I still see a bunch of TC shirts in the stands. Those TC fans just became fans of Mike Christopher Jr or someone else. They are still at the track though.

  4. Will Williams still show for the Open mod show next week? Does Skowyra own that car as well? I saw on Facebook thay are going to run Waterford . But Williams is in the 25 at Star for the Tri Track show tonight.

  5. My reliable source tells me the 50 team will be there Friday night for the open, but will not be running the SK

  6. Shows the lack of CLASS from the Owner. I get the “anger” in the pits after something that might have happened on the track, but the Owner is the one who should be difusing the situation. I have been there. I was on a crew when my driver was taken out with OVER a half lap lead. I wanted to ripped the drivers head off, but the car owner grabbed me and told me to keep it cool. It was a better situation than if I had beaten the crap out of the driver. What I am saying, when the owner should be the “ADULT” in the room, he cannot be the way that says, ‘I dont like this game anymore” and go home. Pitiful, Skowrya

  7. Like kids playing in a sandbox..bunch of big babys. Throw your ego aside and act like adults … Last I noticed… Neither one of them are Cup Stars…. You’re amateurs…. Get it .. amateurs!

  8. Quitters

  9. Young Buck says

    Tough to return when you were sucker punched double teamed then kicked by others while your on the ground.

  10. getserious says

    Hey Ken L, when you are talking about a lack of CLASS from a car owner, are you talking about Rocco coming over and punching Williams while Ronnie had a beef with Narducci? Or are you talking about an owner just removing his car from the competition and avoiding the track for a while?

  11. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Agree with Buck. The one race suspension was a slap on the wrist.

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