Tough Day For Sam Rameau Ends With DNF In Tri-Track Open Mod Series Event At Star Speedway

(Press release from Rameau Family Motorsports)

Sam Rameau (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

It was a tough two days for Sam Rameau and the Rameau Family Motorsports team at Star Speedway.

Competing in the third round of the Tri Track Open Modified Series season, Rameau struggled with the handling of the No. 06 Central Mass Tree machine, starting with practice on Friday, and rolling into Saturday’s race day.

Rameau wasn’t able to qualify through the heat races, but received a Tri Track provisional as a past winner during the 2021 season. He started the race back in 27th position, and improved on his spot early in the race, but wasn’t able to finish following an accident in turn one in the late stages.

However, the team put forth a terrific effort against 40 of the top Modified drivers in the Northeast in one of the highest paying races in the history of Star Speedway and the Tri Track Open Modified Series.

“We had a tough day but I can’t thank all of my guys enough for their hard work over the two days at Star,” Rameau said. “Looking forward to trying to improve at the next race.”

Sam Rameau will return to the track with the Tri Track Open Modified Series on Saturday, August 14, back at Monadnock Speedway, where Rameau won in May. For more information on Sam Rameau and Rameau Family Motorsports, visit and follow Rameau Family Motorsports on Facebook.


  1. knuckles mahoney says

    I have to ask why you keep profiling this dude? He was in a solid qualifying position in the heat, and punts the second place car. He gets put to the rear, and a lap later punts the 6th place car. Goes storming off the track. I see him over at the tri-track tent acting like a baby with a big tough guy scowl on his face. Except for a couple wins at Monadnock, he’s really not a contender at all. I feel bad for the 0 car who he punted out of second place, who never made the show. Top four guys in that heat were gone and would have qualified.

  2. Is that why people were booing him?

  3. Dave Secore says

    When I read this article I had thought the same as “knuckles mahoney”- “I have to ask why you keep profiling this dude?” — Until I saw (Press release from Rameau Family Motorsports) above the photo. Now it makes sense, I at least hope he has to pay Raceday something for your continued support. Also a lot of news site I read now have the word (AD) next to something like this.

  4. wmass01013 says

    GEEEZ HIM and Dad QUIT the MRS, QUIT the WMT now he keeps getting penalized on Tri Track, maybe just Maybe its THE WAY U DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You’re right of course wmass but that one Tri Track race last May where he beat both Silk and Hirschman was really the definition of a dark horse win wasn’t it?

  6. Bruce Hill says

    Sorry Guys. The kid can drive, how about the 2 wins at Monadnock. He was by far the best driver on the track in both of whose wins. Open your eyes & watch him rise to the top !!

  7. wmass01013 says

    And he was Bigtime done wrong By JBON at the Musket race at NHMS couple yrs ago and yes he looked good in the win BUT when u keep gettin black flagged and quit series you dont leave many options or respect!!!

  8. Who was driving his back up

  9. Muddbus,
    Russ Hersey.

  10. knuckles mahoney says

    Bruce, you must be watching someone I am not. He had Monadnock dialed in both times, and was no fluke for sure. But, other than that he’s not that competitive. What I see is a cry baby throwing temper tantrums and quitting series. By all means leave, no series director cares, yet he thinks they do.

  11. It is truly amazing what publicity can do.

    Sam Ram-who????

  12. Dave Secore says

    Did some googling on the main sponsor Central Mass Tree, i.e. daddies business. Look at the reviews, like father, like son? WOW

  13. Doug wrote, “You’re right of course wmass but that one Tri Track race last May where he beat both Silk and Hirschman was really the definition of a dark horse win wasn’t it?”

    Doug, I seem to have missed the definition of this Dark Horse which you speak of. Can you please tell us the definition of a Dark Horse?

    Thanks in advance.



  14. According to Racing Reference. Rameau on WMT 28 Starts 5 Top-10’s (not impressive), Avg Start 17.4, Avg Finish 16.5 6 DNF, Finished on lead lap 15 times. Just because he has two wins at ONE track, does not make him a good driver. He can be a ONE trick pony. So maybe he should refine his racing, and get better at his craft

  15. “Doug, I seem to have missed the definition of this Dark Horse which you speak of.”

    Never let it be said I am not accommodating to the challenged.


    Now really pay attention Darealgoodfella


    You took a break from your typical avalanche of insults Darealgoodfella and had a lucid moment where you actually tried to be constructive and recommend some rules. In my view it was less the a success to be kind but you tried and that’s the important thing. Such a good boy, yes you are.
    See if you can take another respite from that seething rage, put on your thinking cap and pick the drivers for Seekonk you think should be excluded from dark horse consideration. I know Suitcase Jake values your opinion and will be grateful for the input.
    1 8CT Cam McDermott
    2 60 Matt Hirschman
    3 25NH Brian Robie
    4 14 Blake Barney
    5 16 Ron Silk
    6 06 Les Hinckley
    7 10 Doug Coby
    8 9 Chase Dowling
    9 00 Justin Bonsignore
    10 92 Anthony Nocella
    11 25 Ronnie Williams
    12 5 Tommy Barrett
    13 06MA Sam Rameau
    14 6 Woody Pitkat
    15 13 Dylan Izzo
    16 50C Joey Cipriano
    17 66 Austin Kochenash
    18 16NJ Anthony Sesely
    19 6NY Ryan Preece
    20 21 Angelo Belsito
    21 50B Austin Beers
    22 3CT Matt Galko
    23 75 Chris Pasteryak
    24 18 Max Zachem
    25 6X Ben Byrne
    26 0 Devin O’Connell
    27 3 Matt Swanson
    28 99 Richard Savary

  16. Unbiased says

    Kid is very young and has been driving tour modified for a few years now. He won a couple MRS races in a year when that tour was relevant. Has shown some flashes in other series. The Monadnock win this spring was impressive, both Silk and Hirshman gave him high praise and that says something, he drove the wheels off the car. That being said he gave a cocky interview spouting off cliche after cliche and regurgitating TC quotes. He obviously has some talent, top notch equipment and good help. Could he grow up a little, sure that comes with time. He is a young kid who like many young kids lets things get away a bit when it is not his day. He could help himself out a bit with learning to play the humble card a bit more but overall he is a 19 year kid who has some tour type wins and should have an MRS championship, he wasn’t allowed to finish the season. Not many 19 year olds can check all those boxes.

  17. Doug, I’ll give you another chance… would you like to reconsider your definition of the Dark Horse and make another submission?

    By the way, did you see the Commissioner’s definition of Dark Horse?

  18. Doug, I still don’t understand your definition of a Dark Horse. Please explain it so we can use it going forward.

  19. Terrific entry reeling the mind set back in with a measured assessment.
    This is a Rameau press release designed to promote the racing efforts of the family. I don’t know why they would do it after a sketchy performance that from all appearances backfired based on fan base reaction.
    I have to go back to that first TTOMS race and how it ended. That’s what we watch racing for isn’t it or at least a good part of the reason. On that one day Rameau was the master of the universe at just the right time making easy work of two of the most respected drivers in modified racing. Then he turned back into a pumpkin and has not been exceptional nor even good since.
    Besides having as many or more resources then just about every person in his age group he’s really smart as well. He’ll figure it out eventually. Parental guidance enabling some of the antics may delay it a bit.

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