Doug Coby Climbs Back To Finish Eighth At Tri-Track Seekonk Open Wheel Wednesday

(Press release from Doug Coby Racing)

Doug Coby (Photo: Tom Morris Racing Photography)

Doug Coby took a gamble on Wednesday, August 25 at Seekonk Speedway, pitting from the second spot during a caution on lap 57 for a fresh Hoosier racing tire, and he couldn’t quite charge all the way back to the front before the finish. 

In the Speed51.TV Modified Madness — the 16th annual Open Wheel Wednesday — Coby spent the final 43 laps climbing through traffic and finished eighth in the Tri Track Open Modified Series special.

The race was originally scheduled for June 30, but delayed two months due to a power outage in the area on that night. In the end, Coby chased the back bumper of eventual Matt Hirschman for the first 57 laps, but felt like he needed to do something different in order to have a shot at winning.

Both Hirschman and Coby entered the race as the only three-time winners of the prestigious event — with Hirschman grabbing his fourth, and Coby coming home eighth.

“I could run second but I wasn’t going to pass him where I was,” Coby said. “I was running a different line than him, but I don’t think I was going to get by him. I knew when we were coming into the pits we were kind of giving up our chance to win, barring the right cautions, and restart positions. But at this point, we were here to win. I don’t think we were going to beat Matt running second, but I think if there was some better traffic there, I could have got up there better than eighth. We came to win, tried our best.”

Doug Coby will return to racing action on Saturday, September 4 at Oswego Speedway with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. For more information on Doug Coby Racing, visit and follow the team on Facebook for the latest updates.


  1. The Atomic Punk says

    What Racer running in 2nd says “I wasn’t going to pass him”???? Top Notch car but….but….but….

  2. Doug will have his hands full at Oswego with both the 60 and 44 entered.

  3. Matty was playing with him…….LOL

  4. Stephen Snow says

    New tires especially these Hoosiers tires are not going to get anybody to the front. Saw 00 tires after 13 laps of practice and they were junk. MM in his groove was never ever going to pit. Race should be 125 laps
    or whatever they can run without getting fuel.

  5. I would do what Matt does as far as pit strategy – if he stays out, you stay out and hopefully you saved enough to get by him with a few laps left. JMO

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