Doug Coby Remains Angered By NASCAR Scoring Decision At Lancaster Whelen Mod Tour Event

Doug Coby (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

Six-time Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby said Monday he still feels wronged by a NASCAR scoring decision in Saturday’s Nu-Way Auto Parts 150 at Lancaster (N.Y.) Speedway.

Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson insisted Monday that the procedure that left Coby two laps down at the start of Saturday’s race made perfect sense.

Coby completed the event in ninth place and was the only driver in the 23-car field scored one lap down from the leader at the conclusion.

The quirky layout of the half-mile oval at Lancaster made for a unique pit road setup that had cars entering the pits from turn one of the oval onto a quarter-mile track on the inside of the half-mile track. Cars went a loop around the quarter-mile track to complete a pit stop pass through and re-entered the half-mile track in turn one where they came in.

A broken shifter sent Coby to pit road during the pace laps just before the start of the event. Coby was on pit road when the field took the green flag for the race. The field completed the first lap with Coby coming off of pit road.

Despite the fact that Coby was on the track with the field before anybody had completed the second lap, NASCAR officials deemed that because there was no scoring loop on pit road, that when Coby came off of pit road and joined the field after missing the first lap, that he wasn’t actually being scored in the event until he went around and crossed the start/finish line. At that point NASCAR deemed his passing of the scoring loop at the start/finish line to be him starting his event, while the other cars on the track with him were crossing the scoring loop to complete two laps.

When the first caution of the race flew on lap 27 Coby was given the free pass, which he thought should have put him back on the lead lap. But because NASCAR had him scored two laps down the free pass put him one lap down from the leaders.

“The shifter handle fell off,” Coby said. “Usually what I do is I pull it into neutral and kind of clean out the motor as we’re going a lap before we go. I grabbed the shifter handle and it was like off in my hand and essentially just laying there. I knew I couldn’t shift on the restart so I passed the field as they were taking the one-to-go [signal]. So I passed the pace car and the field and entered pit road going into turn one.

“… And we jacked the car up and the guys were going to just jam it in gear for me and I realized that where the shifter handle bolts to was enough for me to put it in gear myself. So I got it in gear myself and I took off out of the pits. In the meantime the field had taken the green field and they were coming down backstretch as I was leaving my pit stall. And as I rounded turns three and four of the quarter-mile they rounded turns three and four on the big track. And as they crossed the start/finish line to complete lap one of the race I joined them in turn one. I assumed that I was one lap down and when the first caution came I was the only car that was any laps down so I assumed I was going to be back on the lead lap. And they told me I was two laps down. So I got the [free pass] and they put me one lap down.”

The race restarted on lap 36 after the first caution and went green to lap 125.

“So I was racing as the car that was one lap down and at the next caution I would have been put on the lead lap. Well the problem was with the long green flag run the leaders started putting other cars one lap down so I was then racing those cars to become the first car one lap down. And so I basically drove my ass off for that entire green flag run to try to catch anybody that they put one lap down. And we just about did it. We had one of the fastest cars there. And I just about got everybody and [Andy Jankowiak] had just gotten lapped and I was catching him, I was like two cars length behind him and then the caution came out finally at lap 125. It was one of those things where I would have been on the lead lap on that green flag run and I basically drove all the way up to third or fourth on the race track. When we came to pit for tires when the caution came out I would have been on the lead lap with the leaders in third or fourth position. And instead I was trapped a lap down.”

Wilson said: “Any passing after exiting pit road and entering the racing surface is not valid or scored regardless of the flag status. The reason being is that you could have somebody just making laps on the quarter-mile track and gaining laps in the overall event, but you’re not traveling the full distance all the way around the race track.”

Said Coby: “The explanation I got afterwards was that there was no scoring loop that goes across the quarter-mile where we were pitting. And so therefore when I crossed the imaginary start/finish line that would be on pit road that that would not signify that I had started the race until I had actually gone all the way around the track and took a scoring loop scored lap. But if we were at any other track that had infield pitting I would have tripped some sort of scoring and I would have been one lap down and not two. If we were at Stafford [Motor Speedway] or Thompson [Speedway] or [New Hampshire Motor Speedway] or anywhere where we have infield pitting I would have only been one lap down. Everybody knows that when you pit on an infield it’s always been that if you pit and you cross the start/finish line in the pits that’s still your lap in the pits. So that was my explanation that because there was no scoring loop in the pits that when I entered the track in turn one I had not in fact started my race and that was no my first lap of the race.”

Wilson said the situation would have been the same at a track like Stafford.

“Let’s use Stafford as an example, if the same situation happened to him and he was pitted past the start/finish line on pit road, which he typically is because he’s one of the faster qualifiers, if he were to come in on the one-to-go lap and he goes past the start/finish line and stops on pit road,” Wilson said. “… The field comes around the race track and the green flag comes out, they’re taking the green flag on the track, they pass him and like Lancaster where he sat in the pits for a complete lap, so they pass him and come around the race track and complete lap one. He’s still sitting there. They come around the track again, now he comes out, he’s taking the green flag on the race track, so he’s in the same situation, he’s still two laps down.”

Coby argued that his race starts when the race leader takes the green flag to start the event.

“What starts the race is when the leader takes the green flag and the race is officially green,” Coby said. “Anybody after that that crosses the start/finish line, whether it be on the race track or on the infield should technically be credited I believe with some sort of lap being scored. So that was the explanation I got and it just falls on deaf ears. I think the only four people who actually thought I was two laps down were the four people I was talking to inside the NASCAR hauler. Anybody that watched the race on TV or watched the race in person thought that I was one lap down.”

Coby argued that even barring the quirkiness of the pit setup rules on Saturday, that NASCAR could have been a more cooperative with him before the start of the event.

“I think sometimes you’ve got to do what makes sense,” Coby said. “Another driver who will not be mentioned even said ‘What’s the big deal about when you pull on the infield, not giving you one or two caution laps before the race starts. Is this a major problem or is this something you can fix and get back on the track?’

“There’s limited cars there. We need every car we can get. Obviously I’m a good car and I’m a car that people are there to watch. We just don’t have a series that does that. It’s just so cut and dried. It’s like ‘Nope, we don’t do any of that stuff.’ There are times that other teams might need that too and I’m for that. We take plenty of extra caution laps to figure stuff out and it always seems that, I don’t know, certain stuff just doesn’t make sense where you could actually make a difference. It’s not like we were 45 minutes away at Stafford. We were at a track that we’ve never been to before with a really good crowd and I just think that we got it wrong. And that’s the thing that bugs me that you’ve got people asking, ‘Why is it like that?’ and I have no explanation, I have no answer, we just got it wrong.

“Jimmy is going to tell you exactly what he told me, and he genuinely believes that he’s right. The last thing I told him was ‘I’m not going to say anymore because you guys believe that this is the right way and that you’re right and you’ve got several thousand people that would tell you that you’re wrong and you still think you’re right.’ That’s where I just get frustrated with that stuff. Nobody even says, ‘You make a good point we should change that.’”


  1. Nascar does not care about any divisions except the top 3. All short tracks have to pay nascar a fee, that’s all they want. The Tour owners and drivers need to boycott all races and demand what is right for there division. I’ve said it for years, these guys need to find a sponsor who cares about this division and pay them what they deserve and get the rules straight!

  2. Stuart A Fearn says

    Remember when Doug Coby skipped that tour race and did the SRX race (which made him a household name and a truck race start) well guess what, Jimmy remembers it too.

  3. Larry Barnett says

    Having Doug Coby and his team as an actual contender in the event would have made the show better for the Fans.
    NASCAR had the chance to easily do the correct thing. And they purposely screwed it up badly.
    One lap down…. Game on, good show to see the comeback.
    If they lost another top team over this, they get what they deserve I guess.

  4. Sorry Dug Kobe, you have problems with your car on the pace laps right before green, we ain’t waiting for you to fix your car. You are not that special, not at all. Do better prepping your car.

    I understand Jimmy Wilson’s explanation perfectly. Dems da rulz, Dug Kobe.

  5. patrick tetreault jr says

    Whelen modified tour sucks everyone knows that if Coby went full time open racing and Tri track Whelen would have 3 cars that could win instead of 4! That tour is a clown show and anybody who says different doesn’t know what real racing is! Everyone will say Tri track is the Silk and Hirschman show but they have 7 or 8 guys that win on occasion and if Silk or Hirschman miss the set up they don’t win it is far more competitive than Whelen!

  6. Just a shame a great event has to have this blemish taking up space post event. NASCAR should be basking in the afterglow.
    Even the announcers thought Coby only had one lap to get back and had got it briefly.
    I’m certain Wilson is technically right but Coby is right as well. Sometimes you just have to do what makes sense. Seeing a great car in a hopeless position trying to get that second lap back was a waste for everyone. Had they done what made sense Coby rallying back from the one lap down would have become a huge story line in the show adding to the drama.

  7. Jimmy Wilson did to Doug Coby what every court in the land did to Donald Trump… enforce the rule of law and order.

    Dug Kobe is trying to gaslight anyone that will listen to him, and convince them that the race was stolen from him, and that he is a victim.

    So let me ask… if the shifter of the 01 broke under the same conditions, would Dug Kobe want to hold up the race so the 01 can start with the rest of the field and not start the race laps down? Of course not. So where does that line get drawn, separating the self-proclaimed-specials from the not-allowed-to-be-special? Okay, if not the 01, how about the 07, 51, or 7NY?

    The 10 had ample opportunities to get those laps back, just not good enough. Do better car prep.

    But then, I’m stunned how often shifters break.

  8. By Nascars account shouldnt every car that pit at anytime not been scored for the lap they pitted because there was no scoring loop in the quarter mile. That would be an absolute nightmare trying to figure out who is on the lead lap and who is a lap down because they didnt cross the timing line by pitting. Should have given Coby a lap or two before starting the race. I dont think fuel was going to be an issue. Why not give a former champion a lap or two. Nascar seems to piss off a lot of competitors these days. Whether they are right or wrong who knows. I just know if Nascar continues to piss off drivers eventually you arent going to have a full field hauling out to these tracks some 6 hours away from their home base which is where the majority of your races are held because Nascar didnt treat the local tracks right. Coby come to the dark side. Tri track has a race at Monadnock a couple of weeks from now. You will save a bunch of money on travel costs over the course of the year.

  9. It was very exciting watching the 10 try to get the lap back. In the end, it just couldn’t do it, even with all those cautions. Still don’t see how the 10 was not the Lucky Dog given all those cautions. I mean, if the 10 could not get ahead of all those other lapped cars, over all those laps, the 10 didn’t deserve the Lucky Dog. It looked like it was fast when passing slow cars.

    If you don’t want to start lapped, don’t break your car on the pace laps.

    True champions deal with adversity, especially when it is a self-inflicted setback.


    😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  10. knuckles mahoney says

    Got to say Dadope, you are the most disrespectful punk I have ever seen. Doug is a great champion, and a great ambassador for the modifieds, and you just bash him at any chance. 6 time champion, and you think he sucks. Really, I want to hear it, what have you accomplished in life? Ever raced anything at all except your mouth? I’ll be waiting for your answer.

  11. That is the great and powerful WMT that wmass brags about. Jimmy Wilson reminds me of dadumbdumb, doesn’t know how to interpret rules.

    wmass, is there something in the kool aide you are drinking in Hampden County? Must be that NASCAR flavored mix.

    I am not a big Coby fan however I believe he is exactly correct on his explanation about only being scored 1 lap down.

    Keep screwing them Jimmy and they will leave.

  12. This entire issue goes away easily with the ability (and interest) in thinking/acting on the fly… What harm would a courtesy lap or two have done? For the majority of the field, these teams traveled a long way to compete – no matter the car/driver show them you respect their efforts with a TINY bit of consideration.

    What’s a real mind blower is that this discussion involves a guy who is a six-time series champion – who has also been a damn good ambassador for the division. Where’s the respect based on that fact alone? If that’s not enough incentive to hold the start for a lap, how about taking into account this is also the same guy that just absolutely killed it in front of a national television audience – beating some pretty big industry names (understatement) – while at the same time bringing the spotlight to the tour…

    Doug is handing the tour publicity on a platter – how about using his momentum to help build the tour instead of needlessly ending his night before it started.

    The shortsighted decision making is maddening.

  13. Y’all gotta realize that Tony Glover was there. He ran over to the 10 to see what was going on when it pulled into the pits. If you don’t know who Tony is, you’re an idiot.

    Folks, this issue happened during the pace laps, and if the 10 was so fast, it should not have had any problem whatsoever getting back two laps with Lucky Dogs, but the car could not get into the Lucky Dog position with 4 cautions over 125 laps.

    This is what you have to deal with when you put yourself down laps at the very beginning of a race.

    I though it was pretty exciting watching to see if the 10 was going to make it back on ht lead lap given it had almost the entire damn race and cautions and accompanying Lucky Dogs to do so. But it could not get itself in position to take advantage of the Lucky Dog. If you’re gonna screw yourself like that, you better be prepared to dig yourself out.

    You people are the same people complaining about Participation Awards, and then you want to give special consideration to a team that has everything any other team wishes it had, well, except a broken shifter.

    Cram it.

  14. Fred Wilcox says

    Many short tracks have the rule that your race car must take the feature’s initial green flag in order to be scored and paid. Doug Coby did not take the initial green flag. That is undisputed. Therefore, he should consider himself fortunate that he wasn’t black flagged and simply paid last place money.

  15. I don’t care what anyone says if the 51 went to the pits like that the yellow lights would have gone on on top of the pace car

  16. Sorry Dug, but not sorry. That’s the way it has to be at that track because of the pit road configuration. See if you can get Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell to fight your fight. They like futile issues.

  17. Fred Wilcox,
    The Whelen Modified Tour doesn’t have a rule any sort of rule like that so I’m not sure why you think he should “consider himself fortunate that he wasn’t black flagged”. Why should he consider himself fortunate that a rule that doesn’t exist wasn’t imposed on him?

  18. So, for clarification, was this Dug Kobe Racing, or MSIII racing?

  19. schmuckles mahoney, this has nothing to do with respect, it’s all about rules. The configuration of the track demands exactly what Wilson clearly explained. Everyone was playing by the same rules. Is it strange and different from what we are used to? Definitely. But it has to be that way. Plus, you need to understand scoring.

  20. The difference between SRX and NASCAR. Ray wants to put on a good show. NASCAR doesn’t care at all. Wish these teams would all pull out and leave NASCAR in their dust..

  21. Goodfella chill the f out.

  22. knuckles mahoney says

    Nice try Dadope. Waiting for your answer. What exactly have you accomplished in life? Ever raced anything besides your mouth?

  23. Fast Eddie says

    For all the times it seems there are 2-4 extra caution laps every time a caution is thrown regardless of the venue, I don’t see why it would have been terrible to give one or two extra pace laps before the start for anyone with a last second problem. I do like the WMT, but one of my biggest issues with NASCAR is they seem to take way too many laps to get back to green.

  24. The Atomic Punk says

    Does Duhreal have a D.N.R ?…Because he has flatlined…DUUUUHHHHhhhhhh….

  25. I get what nascar is saying. It’s actually easier to understand if you look at Stafford. The pit situation at Lancaster is weird because they’re using the inner track. Most speedways the pit road isn’t that big of a short-cut where you skip every turn of the main track. It’s perfectly reasonable for NASCAR to not score cars passing the start finish line while on pit road at Lancaster. Doug Coby’s suggestion that they should have considered his fans and made a different call is ludicrous. Racing isn’t a popularity contest.

  26. A fans view says

    Jimmy wilsons comparison to stafford is ridiculous. He is careful to say that if coby was pitted past the start finish line, he would have to come all the way around the track to start the race. Would a car pitted before the line start the race on pit road? Please clarify!
    As for lancaster, coby is pitted on the back stretch and essentially has to make a lap and a half to start the race? How about some better preparation by officials! If your rules are changing because of track configurations, it would be within reason to hold the race start for any competitor. Particularly, when you know you have an issue with no scoring loop on pit road.
    As a fan, im also traveling to these races in buffalo, martinsville and richmond to watch the wmt with the best equipment and great teams and drivers. Jimmy wilson needs to set higher expectations for his officials and operations.

  27. WeldingWonders says

    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”



    darealgoodfella says
    April 14, 2021 at 8:27 am
    HELL NO!!!!!!
    NASCAR just made Sap a hero, and brought a whole pile of hate upon itself.
    This was profoundly stupid. IDIOTIC.
    And NASCAR is gonna get out of this with more abuse of power. It’s gonna get uglier.


    darealgoodfella says
    August 2, 2021 at 10:52 pm
    schmuckles mahoney, this has nothing to do with respect, it’s all about rules. The configuration of the track demands exactly what Wilson clearly explained. Everyone was playing by the same rules. Is it strange and different from what we are used to? Definitely. But it has to be that way. Plus, you need to understand scoring.

    “Can’t make this stuff up…. Truth is stranger than fiction.”

  28. Lets face it,this is an embarassing series,they love pissing on these owners and drivers.This is why I go to ZERO WMT shows.

  29. You people complain about NASCAR taking too long on the starts with long intros, pace laps, etc., eating up laps under cautions, too many cautions, too many caution laps, yet you want them to throw a few extra laps to Kobe because he broke his car on the pace laps.

    Uh… nope.

    👶 😭 👶 😭 👶 😭 👶 😭 👶 😭 👶 😭 👶 😭

    If you babies 👶 are gonna complain about the pit rules at Lancaster now, you should have said something before the race started. After the fact is to late, too bad. Don’t break your car on the pace laps.

    I understand what Jimmy Wilson is saying. For those of you that don’t understand what Jimmy Wilson said or disagree with what Jimmy Wilson said, get a 1st grader to read it to you and explain it to you.

    For those of you that are complaining, you don’t know and don’t understand the scoring system. That’s the way it works, and has to be that way. If you don’t like it, come up with something else other than subjective favoritism.

    And you people also complain about the provisional process, how it hands out spots to those that otherwise would would not have made the race, and displaces faster cars. Yet here, you want to stop the world so Dug Kobe can fix his broken car.


  30. Can someone please quote the section in the rulebook that gives special dispensation to certain people?

    schmuckles mahoney, give it s shot.

  31. Folks, read what Marshall wrote.

    Read what Jimmy Wilson said.

    If you don’t understand that, you are an idiot.

    Stop practicing delusional exceptionalism.

    Bring Dug a box of Kleenex. Hey, maybe Dug can rep Kleenex???? I can see his truck ride looking like a giant box of Kleenex.

  32. That’s Racing,, or better yet,, That’s Tour Racing.. Doug- keep your head in the game..

  33. Just a fan says

    And you wonder why they get just over 20 cars the tour used to be fun when Ed Cox ran it they would have made a rule with the drivers at the drivers meeting to fix the pit scoring problem , but he also would have gave the 10 a couple laps and not just killed him on pit road before the race . Reason they had 40 cars back then with ten teams that could win and paid real money to race .

  34. They should have given Doug a courtesy lap. Even just one. They seemed to enjoy him being stuck on pit road. Just my own observation, as many tracks and series rules are not cast in stone, especially at the start. Hope he ditches the Tour.

  35. I want to add an addendum to my previous comment. Think of it this way: imagine the quarter mile track at Lancaster is a pit road on the outside of the track as it would be at many short tracks around the country. You enter and exit this pit road using the same access point in turn 1. If the quarter mile track were on the outside of the half mile it would be plain as day why making a lap around that pit road wouldn’t be scored no matter when Coby had to pit and no matter where it was in relation to the start/finish line.

    Also regarding the Stafford portion of Wilson’s argument I think NASCAR is actually scoring that unfairly. A driver who’s pitstall is after the start line would be at a disadvantage if they needed to pit with one to go compared to a driver who’s stall is before the line. Then again this is a fairly rare occurrence, and drivers with stalls at the end of our road tend to have repeatable advantages, so this is not exactly a rule that demands fixing. One possible change would be to not score passing the start line until you reach pit exit, but that might add complications I’m not considering.

  36. I Love the Tour, Been going since late 60’s early 70’s.. I Love the History of the Tour , The great Races they put on I always try and see every race, I attended the Martinsville Race , I just hate how the Powers to be in Daytona treat the Modifieds, { their Oldest Division } like second class series, Cut races short, Spend nothing to PROMOTE them, It’s really sad to see. Glad people were Excited lined up at the gate and came running in to secure seats in grandstands , Happy to see FULL grandstands … Love the Tour Racers , Hate the way Daytona run’s the Tour…..They barely keep website up to date …. Sad effort sadcar The Modified’s deserve better…

  37. What if the shifter broke on a restart or during a caution, well into the race… should they run a few more pace laps so Dug can get it fixed?

    Hey, Donald Trump thinks the election was stolen because he got more votes than any other incumbent President. Too bad that’s not the way it works. Trump was running against Joe Biden who got MILLIONS more votes than Trump, and that’s the way it works.

    Pure, depraved, delusional exceptionalism.

    Hey Earl, don’t hate the player, hate the rules????


    If you don’t have the facts, pound the rules. If you don’t have the rules on your side, pound the facts. If you don’t have the facts or rules on your side, go pound sand.

    This occurred at the very beginning of the race and if the 10 team was as super and exceptional as they think they are, they should have easily been able to get into the 🐩 Lucky Dog 🐩 position more often than needed, and they failed to do that.

    Some how, things would be even more entertaining if Dug dyed his hair orange.

    😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸

  38. getserious says

    Give Coby a courtesy lap?? You know, despite Dareal being an annoying loudmouth, he is often right; some of you are idiots. Idiots with biases so strong it’s hard to read your whining. Let’s say you give a courtesy lap, and then someone else pulls in. Another courtesy lap for that guy? And, while he’s pulling out, someone else pulls in. Could go on forever. That could never work, unless you think ONLY Coby get’s the special treatment.
    “Coby angry.” Wow, how many times do we hear that?
    I’m no fan of NASCAR, by any stretch, but they’re correct here. It was a stupid pit-lane set-up that causes that to be the case.
    This could have been configured a lot better.
    The pit should have exited off the 1/4 mile inner track’s 4th turn onto the 1/2 mile just before the start/finish line!!
    Good point mentioned by someone above; every time someone came into the pits they must have gotten two laps down. How were they scoring that mess? I don’t understand how anyone thought that cars entering and exiting the pit at the same spot was smart or safe. During those late yellows it looked like one car exiting almost hit a guy that was coming in.
    Coby got screwed by the foolish layout and unfortunate timing. Yes, screw em, Coby, and come to TriTrack Monadnock on the 14th.
    And Dareal, he couldn’t get the 2nd Lucky Dog, NASCAR-make-up-our-own-gimmick-mulligan-rules-that-real-racing-doesn’t-have, because every time the leader lapped one more car THAT car became the lucky dog. Only if Coby had managed to stay right on the bumper of the leader could he have been completely safe. You know that’s how it works.

  39. The Atomic Punk says

    Code Blue!!… Need a crash cart in here STAT!!!…;He’s not going to make it!!!!… DUUUHHhhhhh…….. We;re losing him!!!!…..Duhhh….. CLEAR!!!!……duh…….

  40. Oh man…. getserious went where I was trying so hard to stay away….
















    There are so many other idiotic statements that are so tempting…

  41. Anybody that has been following racing knows that once the pace car starts rolling… it’s on. Many cars have had issues between the time the pace car started rolling and the green flag dropped. Some cars can’t fire. Those cars that didn’t make the start had to join if and when they got the car fixed after the green flag. This is the way it has been forever.


  43. I watch plenty of Dirt Mod, Sprint and Midget races, as well as Modified races now that FLO Racing and Trackpass is available. I’ve been around tracks since the 60’s. Rarely do these tracks NOT give somebody an extra lap or two to get their stuff together. I’ve also seen Nascar give a lap to drivers in many cases. Now Nascar has to be a prick to some but not to all? I’m not a Coby fan, but he deserved a lap. So does every driver in the same situation.

  44. This “courtesy lap” concept y’all are pining for is ripe for abuse. Races are under impound rules and the “Courtesy Lap” can be abused to get around that. You are asking for more trouble. Too much shenanigans can happen during one of these “Courtesy Laps”. As it was, the 10 was swarmed when it pulled in, even Tony Glover ran over.

    Let’s not lose sight of a fact: the car BROKE.

  45. What’s a “courtesy lap”?

    Please cite the rulebook definition.

  46. This explains everything…

  47. knuckles mahoney says

    Classic liberal. Will not answer a question directly. Still waiting Dadope. What in life have you accomplished. Have you ever raced anything??? Lets hear it.

  48. Dadope just doesn’t like Coby , you know the guy who will never win at Riverhead , would be nothing with out Phil Moran ,can’t drive in traffic but he enjoyed watching him try to get his laps back , he’s an IDIOT

  49. schmuckles baloney, I’m sorry, please repeat the question. I’ll answer.

  50. This is Dug for like the next month:

  51. I am assuming he would have gotten a little time if he did not go SRX racing. NASCAR lost him for a race and Coby lost NASCAR for a race. They do not want him winning the owners championship. Where all the money is tied to. Pretty easy to figure out…

  52. He isn’t going to win the championship anyway. But just Incase, put him where he belongs, way in the back. Just to show everyone who is in charge. Seems like a NASCAR move.

  53. I understand this under caution where you could sneak by the leader if you drive through like you could before they had the lights at the end of pit road. You could do that anywhere before there were speed limits. Dumb, and I am by no means a Coby defender. I have a new driver to cheer for though. Doug Coby!

  54. darealgoodfella 😷😷😷
    August 4, 2021
    Here’s Dug this morning…

    More accurately that’s dadumbdumb every minute of every day. The consummate 😭 👶.

  55. I’ve been to many a tour show over the last 30 or so years where X drivers ran into some issue and had to pull down pit road and lost a lap or more before we even got going. Sometimes it was my driver and man did that suck, but that’s Lady Luck or poor preparation or fluke, full moon nonsense..

    Of those times, how many were extended pace laps so they could fix their race buggy and join the pack? Zero!!!

    There should be no special treatment whatsoever, it’s too slippery of a slope. Too subjective.

    From what I can read, perhaps Doug should have just lost 1 lap vs 2 and that should be the real debate here, not should they have given him a gift because he’s a 6 time champ. No way.

    I saw the SRX show where they ran extra laps so Bill could get his buggy right. Too me, that’s a different product and they have the flexibility to bend in order to get those 12 cars on for that night. The SRX inaugural season and the WMT’s countless season are not apples to apples..

    This is all very amusing…

  56. A fans view says

    It is the obligation of the sanctioning body to ensure a fair race for all competitors. The 10 team should not be treated special for a broken shifter, nor have i seen any report that they ever mentioned they should be.
    However, when the 10 car or any other pulls off the track on the pace lap, and you as a race director know there is no timing loop on your special configuration pit road, you have a problem. It is your duty to fix the situation immediately.
    I know by the way the 10 team presents itself, that it is professional and pays attention to detail. I’d bet they didn’t miss information presented by race officials about special configurations pre race. If the driver knew he would have to go a lap and a half to start the race he would have just stopped on the front stretch until the yellow came out.
    Nascar created the scoring issue, did not address it, then made it worse post race by presenting it as self explanatory. Jimmy Wilson would have been smarter to just say, hey we didnt expect that situation, we got it wrong. Just like the santioning body did at nhms, see kyle busch, martin truex jr.
    All the comments about the special treatment are not the story. The fact that nascar was ill prepared for any situation is why a courtesy lap should have been issued.
    Next time, stop under the flag stand!

  57. Dug Kobe said, ” The last thing I told him was ‘I’m not going to say anymore because you guys believe that this is the right way and that you’re right and you’ve got several thousand people that would tell you that you’re wrong and you still think you’re right.’ ”

    Those several thousand people Dug speaks of have no clue what the rules are or understand the unique demands of the Lancaster track-pit configuration. NO CLUE WHATSOEVER!!!!

  58. Hopefully I will see some of you at Stafford tomorrow. I will be wearing an old Jerry Marquis Joe Brady 00 shirt and cheering Doug Coby on. And Goldy, it is because he missed a Modified Tour race at Oswego to run a SRX race. He skipped the tour. There better not be any shenanigans at Stafford. I hate the one tire rule. More shenanigans if that is the case. Make 3 or 4 pit stops. Again, more times for people to get injured. Dumb.

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