RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should NASCAR Have Delayed The Start Of The Whelen Mod Tour Event At Lancaster For Doug Coby?

In Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Nu-Way Auto Parts 150 at Lancaster Speedway six-time series champion Doug Coby had a broken shifter during the paces laps for the event. He went to pit road before the event and came back out on the track as the field had just completed its first lap. Coby ended up two laps down to start the race. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, should NASCAR have taken one or two more pace laps to allow Coby’s team to fix their situation before starting the event? Vote below.


  1. jamie tomaino says

    wmt race at nhms they started the race on me 99 as i sat on the back straight away broke down they still went green !

  2. I was looking for the “HELL NO!!!” option.

  3. Steve Skaling says

    Absolutely they should have. Twenty two cars came and should have been allowed to start. Colby’s penalty would have been starting in the rear of the field.
    Doug Colby is a past champion and car owner. In regards to Jamie Tomaino’s comment, NASCAR should have not done that to him. There is Radio Communication.
    It was a great show, Dave Moody was fantastic on the TV.
    Doug Colby fans, especially the ones who showed up at the event left disappointed. Why they added this negative to the event, I will never know.
    Can someone explain to me what NASCAR is doing for the Local Racing Scene? Why did Stafford Speedway leave after 60 years?

  4. Jamie, completely irresponsible decision by NASCAR WMT officials throwing the green with you stopped on the track. Could have resulted in a very serious situation.

  5. Wow this is 50/50. I really didnt think it would be close. Just goes to show whatever the decision was someone was going to complain about it. Just a tough situation for Nascar on this one..

  6. Kobe was allowed to start. Kobe was not prevented from starting. Merely showing up does not earn the right to participate, even with less than a full field.

  7. Jim Higgins says

    I don’t think they should have given him courtesy laps but I do see how he thinks he should have been only one lap down. I do feel for him no doubt he had a fast car

  8. Jim Higgins,
    Just to clarify, I never wrote that anyone should have given him “courtesy laps”. To me the definition of “courtesy laps” in regards to short track racing is when you allow a competitor extra practice time on the track by themselves because they had some sort of issue that forced them to miss the regular practice session. I wrote NASCAR could have held the start of the race by running one or two more pace laps. That’s not “Courtesy Laps” to me, that’s just waiting 60 seconds more to start a race.

  9. Shawn, from the Compromise thread, you wrote, “Nobody was going to get hurt by taking one extra lap pacing the field before green, or even two, as a courtesy.”

    That can be interpreted as “Courtesy Laps”. Agree?

    If you miss the practice session, or any part of the practice session, you miss out on valuable practice time. We’ve had cars that we couldn’t get completely right during practice and we had to use yellows during the race to make further tweaks. Teams that have to go to a backup car because of problems with a primary car in practice have little to no practice on the back up car, but they race with a green backup car and adjust during yellows. The race still starts on the scheduled time. Teams have to deal with it. It’s been like this FOREVER.

    Dug Kobe’s victim card is worn out, it’s all frayed and in tatters, and soaking wet from all his tears. 😭

  10. I agree with NASCAR’s decision to start the race “on time”. To me, the question is whether a car can start a race from pit lane. If NASCAR says that a car must “take the green” on the track (vs. pit lane), I’m OK with that position, too (as long as it’s documented).

  11. Rafter, a car can start from pit lane. Listen to race control. Race control must be notified to properly score the car when it gets on the track.

    A car does not have to “take the green”.

    The race starts when the pace car rolls out, whether you and your car are ready or not. Laps start at the drop of the green.

  12. Just Me - The Original says

    I posted the rules under the “Compromise Needed: NASCAR Missed On Race Start Issue At Lancaster Whelen Modified Tour Event” chat

  13. “For the record, when I joined the field after they completed 1 lap and I was scored 2 laps down and I questioned it I was shown a little hand drawn track map to explain how I was wrong despite every human in the packed house who saw it. I give up.” – Dug Kobe

    That’s phreaking phunny!!!!!!! Was shown a little hand drawn track map!!!!!! Still doesn’t get it after being shown simple pictures. What does anyone else, or everyone else, seeing it have to do with anything?

    So I recall Donald Trump saying the election was stolen from him because he had the most votes of any incumbent President. He still doesn’t understand that he had a few million less votes than the guy that won. Was Donald Trump shown simple hand drawn pictures?

    Hey Dug, did you ask for Courtesy Laps? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I’m seeing a pattern, or trend, with real estate salesmen.

  14. Nascar didn’t do the right thing, he’s was only one lap down, don’t care what their excuse is. They should not have delayed the start either, that would’ve been as big of a mistake as the one they made.

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