Loudon Locked In: New Hampshire Motor Speedway Returning To Whelen Modified Tour Schedule For 2022

There are plenty of questions remaining concerning how the 2022 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule will look.

One thing teams and fans can count on for certain though is that the series will return to New Hampshire Motor Speedway next year.

Before the 2020 season there were some questions whether the series would return to the facility for 2021. It wasn’t until early Decemeber 2020 that track management made the decision to bring the series back for 2021.

There won’t be any December decisions this year when it comes to the NHMS event for the series.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway executive vice president and general manager David McGrath confirmed to RaceDayCT Thursday that the Whelen Modified Tour will return as a support event for the track’s NASCAR Cup Series weekend in 2022.

“The plan is to have them be a part of our July Cup weekend in 2022,” McGrath told RaceDayCT Thursday.

The Whelen Modified Tour has raced at NHMS every year since 1990, running 73 events over that span.

Ryan Preece was victorious in the most recent Whelen Modified Tour event at NHMS on July 17, 2021.


  1. Already time for Whelen Modified Tour ‘Silly Season’?!

    I love it!

  2. It is hard to believe the tour season will be over in 24 days. Four races in 22 days to finish up. What a great month to be a fan. Then we turn our eyes towards 2022. NH, Mville, Jtown all confirmed thus far.

    Depending on how the next three races go the 51 could clinch at his home track. Likely maybe not but it could happen. Either way, the trophy is returning to NY.

  3. This is kind of a surprise isn’t it? Not that it’s happening the timing is so early and so unequivocal.
    There’s is always this vortex of strong feelings about everything NWMT yet they just keep chugging along.
    This schedule season is going to be super fun to watch.
    I’m thinking a Pick-em may be be in order. A super big Pick-em taking a stab at the number of races, tracks that will participate and number of races each track has.

  4. WHAT I CANT MAKE COMMENTS???????????????

  5. Didnt NHMS already say they were doing twin 40s with a break for the xfinity taxi cabs in between. Same purse but two separate point races. Or did I dream that up. I am pretty sure I read that here most likely. Its great to know the Mods, the best race of the weekend, will be back next year.

  6. Is Thompson next to be added?

  7. Great news for New Hampshire and the WMT. Best race of the weekend by far.

    Thompson; unless someone leases the track and pays the fees that NASCAR requires. Not happening with the current owners.

  8. Not on topic but you’re gonna want to click on the Speedbowl Facebook page. It will be interesting to see if they can convert Speedbowl pond back into a racing facility for Saturday night.

  9. We used to call it the Waterbowl,, Pump er out, git er dun

  10. they got cars on the track according to race monitor. So they got it cleared up. No SK’s tonight probably why Stafford had a better than average SK car count last night. They have had issues with water in years past. I thought part of the recent renovation was to help with the flooding issues. Aside from building a retractable roof their is probably nothing that could be done to avoid it. Even the dome at the US open couldnt prevent flooding in NY.

  11. Not sure if a roof would really help, I believe its a water table drainage issue in that entire rather swampy area.

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