Tri-Track Open Modified Series Adjusts Starting Lineup Procedures

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

Tri Track Open Modified Series officials announced on Friday that the series will be adjusting starting lineup procedures for qualifying heats beginning with the final event of the season at Seekonk Speedway on October 23.

Tri Track will eliminate the blind draw that drivers have been doing to set the lineup — and instead will base qualifying starting spots off a final scuff session that will occur on race day. In between practice and heat races, all cars will be required to go over the scales in the reserve order of practice speeds, with the slowest cars first. This means that all cars must be heat race legal — including having their heat race tires marked, and on the car. Following this final scuff session, cars will have to run that same set of tires in the heat races.

Teams will be grouped by practice speed and sent out on the track during the scuff session in groups of five. They will then be part of a four-lap green flag session, with the fastest individual lap time from the four-lap session for each car determining the heat race lineup. Once the lineups are set, the top-four from each heat will be inverted to make the starting grid.

Exact breakdowns are dependent on the number of cars entered to race. The below document will provide specifics.


“We’re making this adjustment in an effort to remove the element of luck involved with the blind draws we have been doing,” Ed Bennett, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “We’re looking forward to seeing how this change works out and we think it will be beneficial for all involved.”

After the heat races are lined up and complete, consi race lineups will be straight-up off the heat finishes, as usual. The feature lineup will be inverted. Just before the start of the race, a wheel will be spun at the start/finish line to determine the number of cars that will be inverted for the start of the race. The number will range from zero through 12. It could be a straight-up start, a 12-car invert, or anything in between.

Any questions regarding the new procedure should be directed to Tri Track Managing Partner Ed Bennett at 732-278-6200. A full schedule for the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway should be available within a few weeks. The race, set for October 23, will be the final of the six on the Tri Track schedule — and will also include the American-Canadian Tour and Pro All Star Series.

For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, follow the series at


  1. Faster Cars move towards the Front in Heat Races , Less bumping and grinding getting to the front for the Quality Cars… Taking the ” LUCK” out of it ( Blind Draw ] helps the Fast Guys but hurts the young and upstart teams from sneaking into the FEATURE…. I like the Feature Lineup SPIN WHEEL 0 – 12 Invert is quite interesting…… I guess if your a TOP GUN car your HAPPY with this set up of rules… If your a Rookie or not up to Speed You prefer the Blind Draw ” LUCKY” set up where you could be on the Front Row with Great Chance to make the Show….. I see both sides of the fence on this Change…. But WE LOVE TRI-TRACK and all their HEAT RACES and GREEN FLAG LAPS, Now just Expand the Schedule and we will all REJOICE to have MORE GREAT SHOWS TO SEE ….. !!!!!!

  2. Carl Spackler says

    I’m not a fan of this format. Why not just borrow the 0-6 spin wheel that Eldora uses for the Dream and World 100 to set the heat inversion number?
    With a set inversion, you encourage sandbagging, especially amongst the last group of fastest cars who can look at their Race Monitor apps and tell or signal their driver to slow down once they are in a preferred heat starting position.

  3. Very confusing. I like fast guys in the back, slow guys in the front and go. I don’t understand all this inverting and juggling of on track speed.

  4. I personally applaud this move, cut down on the wrecks in the heat and now the better cars will qualify. Also the transperancy is out in open just look at speed chart. Only draw back is the heats will become follow the leader if top 5 just get in line and will only race if pressured from behind.

  5. I understand most of the comments, but everyone is forgetting the equalizer; the track. I think the bullring still offers cars with less horsepower a fighting chance if they have their setups right. You still have pepsi $$ for the heat race win, so the heats will still be competitive, as will the consis. The invert is no guarantee where you start, so I’d bet they will still be racing for it.

  6. So we like Tri Track in part because they run competitive heats where a top gun like a Hirschman or Dowling, based on a bad draw, may have to race like heck to avoid going to the consi. Now you say that can cause wrecks and sketchy racing so we need to try to avoid that. And having a lesser team sneak right into the feature as well needs to be discouraged. Are you kidding me? Is this the RaceDayCt forum or am I have a senior moment?
    I trust Tri Track has run this by a representative sampling of competitors and they’ve had a favorable response. Otherwise it’s a convoluted mess that will be very difficult to explain on race day so good luck with that.
    Messing with a winning formula…….don’t like it……..don’t get it.

  7. From someone who hasn’t missed a Tri-Track race to date. Drawing out of a hat was one of the most interesting twists of their events. Sets Tri-Track apart from everyone else. When each heat rolls out onto the track and you look at the lineup for the first time, the anticipation builds with excitement. You might see a car/driver from another region you haven’t seen race before. Then you quickly scan to see which big name drivers might be starting in the back and have to drive their way into the race. Oh well, that is something I like to see. I hope they have a change of heart.

  8. One of the reasons I prefer the Short Track Super Series (STSS) modifieds over the World Racing Group DIRTcar modifieds is the blind draw for heat starting positions. The underfunded “little guy” has a chance to qualify for the feature and the big boys may have to work for their qualifying position. Running time trials (no matter what they are called) is pro owner/driver and anti fan-in-the-stands. Not a smart move by the Tri-Track leadership in my opinion no matter how it is actually implemented.

  9. I guess I am a little confused about this procedure and what precipitated the change?

    I like the blind draw for starting positions in the heats as well, adds anticipation and excitement. It also appears to me that they are putting more laps on the one and only set of tires you are allowed for the race by adding a scuff session.

    Sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  10. I think if they continue with this format going forward the car count may come down a bit. I think a lot of the lesser funded teams figured they had as good a shot of making the feature and a decent pay day if they got a good draw. With a start on the pole of a short heat race with some of the bigger names starting in the back there is a better chance of making the show then this new procedure.. Maybe these teams go to the guaranteed start Nascar tour, MRS or some of the opens. These shows basically start everyone who shows up these days. Unfortunately these series either arent as affordable to run or dont pay as well. Even with the changes I think Tri track continues with the highest car counts. Its the tracks they run on, cost to compete and payouts where Tri track shines.

    I am guessing some of the better teams probably wanted the change, Personally I thought the draw lead to some of the best drama in the series. Remember the Matt Hirschman bad draw run half throttle around the back tire saving strategy, The faster cars dont want to leave it up to luck of the draw and I understand their point of view. For the fans in the stands I want to see the good cars work to make the show. The change will probably save some equipment which is good. I do agree they have a good thing going why make the change?

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