Doug Coby Ends Up Sixth In Thompson 300 At Sunoco World Series

(Press release from Doug Coby Racing)

Doug Coby (Photo: NASCAR)

In the return of the historic Thompson 300, Doug Coby drove the No. 10 Mayhew Tools entry to a strong sixth-place finish at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on Sunday, October 10. Coby started the race in fourth spot and took the lead early, setting the pace from laps 1-12, before Jon McKennedy took control. 

Although Coby wouldn’t lead any more laps in the $20,000 to win race, the six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion rolled to second in the final laps, but fell back on a late restart and had to settle for sixth. It was the first start of the season at Thompson for the Doug Coby Racing team. 

“I wish we had a better car at the end to go and race them,” Coby said. “The first couple of sets of tires, we were getting loose quickly. It’s just such a hard race with figuring out when to stay out and wondering if you’re going to get the caution you need if you do. That was the problem for us — we didn’t want to use up all of our new tires early because we were sliding around, but we lost a lap because our car wasn’t good at that point. It’s just the name of the game in that type of race. I wish we had more at the end. The name of the game was having better tires than the guys you were around.”

Doug Coby will return to the track one final time in 2021 at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday, October 23, with the Haunted Hundred presented by the Tri Track Open Modified Series. For more information on that event visit

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  1. A press release about Doug Coby written by whom. Perhaps himself or a significant other?
    Coby in the Haunted Hundred is a very good thing. Maybe the last effort for the 10 we’ll see. Taking on arch nemesis the 51 in the Islip 300 would be nifty as well.
    The 300 they said was an all star race. If you say so but for me it’s not truly an all star race without the biggest star in Northeast Modified racing one Mr. Matt Hirschman. Who will be at Seekonk with bells on and the favorite to beat all the 300 all stars with a lot more laps on a lot of their engines.
    So Mr. Coby what are you up to for 2022 you waskally wabbit. Go ahead keep us in suspense the longer the wait the better. Then make as big a splash as you can. I for one don’t mind being manipulated when it comes to driver chess in the off season.

  2. Doug,
    The Doug Coby Racing press releases are handled by Souza Media.

  3. “…Doug Coby drove the No. 10 Mayhew Tools entry to a strong sixth-place finish…”

    Strong sixth-place???? Are expectations so low that a 6th place is a strong finish?

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