RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Were You Happy To See Keith Rocco Win The Thompson 300?

Keith Rocco bested some of the top teams and drivers from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour to score victory in the return of the Thompson 300 on Sunday at the Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway. Were you happy to see Keith Rocco win the event? Vote below.


  1. Saturday Rocco fails to come to victory lane for the Sunoco Modified ceremony but could very well not have known that he was supposed to be there. Yesterday he shows an uncharacteristic misjudgment running the 50 and himself into the wall in the Sunoco Modifieds. I’m sure the fact it was his nemesis he did it to was pure coincidence. Then the spin in the 300. Surely just worn tires.
    For a guy so talented with so much experience there seemed to be quite a few things he misjudged on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. I’m not a fan of the intentional spin by Rocco around lap 260 when he was about to be lapped. Had to find a way to get that set of tires on and catch back up to the pack. It’s unfortunate that because of the amount of cars left in the race he was able to do this and restart around 9th or 10th.

  3. Would I have enjoyed seeing a local upset the touring drivers straight up? Sure, who doesn’t like an underdog story? This was not that. I didn’t like it when Preece did it and didn’t like it yesterday (more than once) either.

  4. I’m not a Rocco fan, but it was great that he beat all the tour guys. Congrats to Keith and his team on the win. $20,000 can’t hurt either.

  5. Viva Race Fan says

    Cash the Check.
    Not his fan but he is hard working and does it his way. I’m a fan of that.
    After racing a SK race helping SK lites with there rides and have the thought after 260 more laps was brilliant. Like alot have said it has happened over and over. That’s Racing Folks …..

  6. Besides, when he came for tires everyone else could have too.

  7. Buddy charette impressed me in the tour cars. That was a shock the world darkhorse.

  8. Rocco storms off the track instead of congratulating the winner on Saturday. Sunday he runs Ronnie Williams into the wall coming out of turn 4 in the SK race. And then with all his experience at Thompson he mysteriously spins all by himself as he’s getting close to being lapped. I would give an unequivocal “NO” to the poll with extreme prejudice! I think it’s a shame that finish wasn’t a battle between between McKennedy and Silk; They were the best cars overall during the race. And the underdog story of the year for me has to go to Buddy Charrette’s 2nd place finish.

  9. Doug Ferraguto says

    Kieth Rocco is the best! And represents Berlin well! It’s always fun watching him kick everybody else’s ass. Hope he does it at Waterford this weekend too!

  10. So what’s the ideal for the promoters as the race enters it’s final stages? I would think it would be to have a caution around lap 50, allow teams to make final changes if they so choose then race on an even playing field for with win. Problem is they gave drivers the power to throw a yellow, Rocco and Nocella used it to their advantage and the playing field got tipped.
    Charette benefited when the 57 threw their yellow he got back on the lead lap.
    If there was a one lap penalty for self spinning or stopping then the cautions on laps 28 and 22 might not have happened. Rocco would have struggled until McKennedy’s caution on lap 9 and Charette would have remained a lap down until 9 to go.
    McKennedy bitter but really it’s Silk that may have the real beef. If I’m on the 16 team enjoying some beers after the race I’m thinking gee wiz we could have won that thing were it not for teams throwing their own yellows.
    The 57 and 92 following the letter of the rules. Most everyone else following the spirit of the rules. Tipped playing field.
    A lot of what-ifs.
    If they do it again they should try to take away the drivers ability to throw the yellow flag when it’s clear they made the wrong decision and let the ones that did race for the win.

  11. Doug
    You bring up some good points and I thought the spin by the 75 with about 50 to go was pretty questionable too. I had a perfect view on the exit of turn 4, after slight contact with the 57 he just turned left and locked up the brakes.

    If the 300 is brought back next year, maybe a rule of if you bring out the caution, you are not allowed to change tires would work.

  12. Well see then that’s the way to do it isn’t it? If Pasteryak did do that I’d have to say it would be quite impressive thinking so fast.
    I mentioned as have others. that any driver could have pulled in at the same time as Rocco and Nocella who caused yellows and some did most notably the 51.. I guess the only response to that is it’s taking the calculations that other teams made and throwing them out the window artificially. Cautions in big races should always be organic or competition cautions with clearly defined rules and not in the hands for drivers.

  13. The 75 spun after contact with the 57. Then laps later the 57 spun all by himself. Two separate incidents.

    Sounds like 🍎 and 🍊 to me.


  14. Just Me - The Original says

    The 75 had a Right Rear flat with 50 to go. It was completely down when he made it to the pits.

  15. Rocco claimed he had a right rear going down. Was it flat or no?

    Tire gate 2021

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