RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Are You Paying Attention To The Formula One World Championship Battle?

Two events remain in the 2021 Formula One season with Max Verstappen holding the slimmest of leads in the driver standings over Lewis Hamilton in the chase for the World Championship. Verstappen is looking for his first title. Hamilton is looking to set an F1 record with an eighth world title. Hamilton is currently tied with Michael Schumacher for the most career F1 titles. So how much are you paying attention to the chase for the Formula One title? Vote below.


  1. Rooting for Verstappen. Team Red Bull has really stepped up since switching to Honda power.

  2. I couldn’t care less. Talk about a Series where only a handful of drivers have a chance to win.

  3. Same here, I am rooting for Max. The Patronas Mercedes team has won enough. I have definitely been more interested this year with Red Bull’s resurgence. It is much better racing when the outcome is not a certainty. Due to the time they are on I probably catch around 75 percent of their races. For the most part they have been entertaining. I have seen more F1 races then Cup this year.

  4. The what? Who? They’re still racing?

  5. That’s the series that had 400 thousand fans for the weekend when they ran Texas and Nascar had a few thousand when they ran Texas

  6. Nerfbarsmurf says

    My favorite open wheel cars mostly only go in circle. When was the last time the groundpounders ran at Lyme rock?

  7. 9/17/2011
    Only 21 cars but they were good ones and won by Szegedy.

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