RaceDayCT Exclusive: First Look At 2022 Whelen Modified Tour Schedule

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will visit at least seven states as part of an expected 16-event schedule for the 2022 season, RaceDayCT has learned exclusively.

The 2022 Whelen Modified Tour season will kick off for the series in February in Florida and end in late October in Virginia and includes returns to four tracks that have previously hosted events but were not part of the 2021 schedule.

NASCAR announced in early September that the 2022 season would open with the division running for the first time at New Smryna Speedway in New Smyrna, Fla.

The 2021 season kicked off with an April event at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway. The track will flip-flop on the schedule for 2022 and become the closing event of the season on Thursday October 27, as part of the NASCAR Cup Series weekend at Martinsville.

“With the exposure that’s going to come with this, it’s the cutoff race going into the championship events for our national series’, we get to decide our champion for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at Martinsville in front of that crowd, all of the media that’s there,” Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson told RaceDayCT. “I just think it’s really going to help elevate the exposure level of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour by everything culminating there next year.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us that are Modified fans and associated with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour to be able to crown our champion at such an iconic facility like that I think is going to be a really good deal for all of us.”

It will mark the first time in 24 years that the Whelen Modified Tour season will close outside of the state of Connecticut. Stafford Speedway hosted the series finale in 2006 and 2021 and Thompson Speedway hosted every other season finale from 1999 to 2020. The last time the series closed a season outside of Connecticut was at the former Flemington Speedway in Flemington, N.J. in 1998.

There are currently three events scheduled for New England tracks for 2022. Before Wednesday NASCAR had already announced 2022 Whelen Modified Tour events at Richmond (Va.) Raceway (April 1), Langley (Va.) Speedway (April 23), New Hampshire Motor Speedway (July 16), Thompson Speedway (Aug. 17) and Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway (May 14, June 25 and Sept. 17). Riverhead is the only track on the schedule slated to host more than one event in 2022.

Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. will return to the schedule for a June 18 event.

With COVID restrictions taking a bite into numerous orignially scheduled events, Monadnock was added to the schedule after the start of the 2020 season. The series has run 13 events overall at the quarter-mile bullring and ran one race annually at the facility from 2010 to 2016.

“The Wrenn family has done so much with that race track since they took it over,” Wilson said. “We were able to get there in 2020. We weren’t able to get something put together last year. But fortunately we have this year. It’s a great date. It’s always been a great race track for us. The Tour has always put on a fantastic show at that race track. … Another race in the Northeastern market is a feather in everyone’s cap.”

Also returning to the schedule is Wall Stadium in Wall, N.J. for a July 9 event. Monadnock, Thompson, Langley and Wall represent the four tracks that had previously run events but were not on the schedule in 2021. The 2021 season marked the first time in the division’s history that Thompson was not on the series schedule.

Wall has hosted four Whelen Modified Tour events since 2003, with the last coming in 2019. The track was originally on the 2020 schedule but was forced to cancel the event due to COVID restrictions.

“It’s a hotbed for Modifieds,” Wilson said. “They’re running Modifieds on a weekly basis much like Riverhead. It’s a very historic venue. With the Whelen Modified Tour and our history, I think it’s important to go places like that. It was a shame that we weren’t able to get that event completed in 2020.”

Wilson said that unlike the 2019 event at Wall, the 2022 event will not employ a halfway break.

The 16 race slate to be released Wednesday by NASCAR includes three dates listed as “To Be Announced” events on July 30, Aug. 6 and Sept. 24.

“Historically … what we have done is tried to have a schedule that’s 100 percent done,” Wilson said. “Historically with our national series’ and even with the Modified Tour, there have been times that we had to put a schedule out where things are not 100 percent locked up, one race or another that we have a good idea of where we’re going, what we’re doing. That’s the case where we are now. Today’s time, still coming out of COVID with various uncertainties, people need to know where we’re going as soon as we can. So it was our thought to get the lion’s share of the schedule out now so people can plan and then we’ll follow it up in the days and weeks to come and get everything buttoned up here in the very near future.”

Wilson could not speak about any possible sites for the TBA event dates on the schedule. He said he expects all three of the TBA slots to be filled.

“I’m very confident on them,” Wilson said. “We wouldn’t put them on the schedule there if we didn’t feel like something was going to happen there. Is the potential there that they could slide from a Saturday to a Friday or something like that? Yes. But I’m very confident that those events are going to happen, otherwise we wouldn’t put something like that out there.”

Noticeably missing from the announced schedule were any events at Stafford Speedway. Since the inception of the Whelen Modified Tour in 1985 Stafford has hosted Whelen Modified Tour events every year besides 1988. The series has run 135 events at the track, which is the second most of any facility. Thompson has hosted 148 Whelen Modified Tour events.

Stafford hosted the Whelen Modified Tour three times in 2021. Patrick Emerling won the NAPA Spring Sizzler on April 30 and Ryan Preece won the GAF Roofing 150 on Aug. 6. Justin Bonsignore closed out his 2021 championship season by winning for the first time at Stafford in the NAPA Fall Final 150 on Sept. 25. Stafford announced last month that the 50th running of the NAPA Spring Sizzler in 2022 would be an Open Modified event. Excluding the 1988 season, the Spring Sizzler had been a Whelen Modified Tour event from 1985 to 2021.

Many were surprised when NASCAR announced Monday that the Langley event would coincide with the running of the Spring Sizzler at Stafford.

“Stafford made a decision there of what they needed to do with their 50th [running of the Spring Sizzler] and I certainly respect that,” Wilson said. “We had the opportunity to go to Langley Speedway and that was a date that worked. So we’re going to Langley Speedway and we’re going to have a great NASCAR Whelen  Modified Tour event there. Historically when that track ran Southern Modified Tour races they did several years that they did two a year. One was in April and one was Labor Day weekend historically. And the April event usually worked for them. Hopefully that will be the case for them moving forward.”

It’s unclear if any of the “To Be Announced” events are expected to be at Stafford.

The series will return to Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway on May 28. Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway, which hosted two series events in 2021, will host a single event in 2022 on Sept. 3.

Lancaster (N.Y.) Speedway and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine were tracks that were on the 2021 schedule but did not return for 2022. Beech Ridge owner Andy Cusack announced in September that he has sold the track to a property developer, though he didn’t close the door entirely on events taking place at the facility in 2022.

2022 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Schedule

  • Sat. February 12: New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna Fla.
  • Fri. April 1: Richmond Raceway, Richmond, Va.
  • Sat. April 23: Langley Speedway, Hampton, Va.
  • Sat. May 14: Riverhead Raceway, Riverhead, N.Y.
  • Sat. May 28: Jennerstown Speedway, Jennerstown, Pa.
  • Sat. June 18: Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, N.H.
  • Sat. June 25: Riverhead Raceway, Riverhead, N.Y.
  • Sat. July 9: Wall Stadium, Wall N.J.
  • Sat. July 16: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, N.H.
  • Sat. July 30: To Be Announced
  • Sat. August 6: To Be Announced
  • Wed. August 17: Thompson Speedway, Thompson, CT
  • Sat. September 3: Oswego Speedway, Oswego, N.Y.
  • Sat. September 17: Riverhead Raceway, Riverhead, N.Y.
  • Sat. September 24: To Be Announced
  • Thur. October 27: Martinsville Speedway, Martinsville, Va.


  1. For years, or even decades, the OWNERS have been screaming for less travel and more single day events.

    So what does NASCAR do?


  2. “ I just think it’s really going to help elevate the exposure level of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour”

    Having a Thursday Race two days ahead of the Xfinity Race and three days ahead of the cup race is totally gonna push the Whelen Mod tour into the national spot light! Especially couple that with the week long tape delayed broadcast, it’s truly amazing that NASCAR was willing to extend themselves this far for the tour!

    Good thing there isn’t any pesky qualifying or practice for the cup guys to get in the way too. That’ll also help draw a lot of eyes to the tour’s championship event!

  3. wmass01013 says

    1st Thank You Jimmy Wilson for a great Schedule!
    What does NASCAR do?
    DaDUMB besides NHMS which of the races are Not single day events?
    As Far as Travel you have all Tracks that have had races before, AGAIN if a track wants a WMT race is Jimmy Wilson supposed to say No too far away? You Can’t Please alll teams, some will travel, some Won’t, you can’t FORCE New England Tracks to have races so you go where your wanted, i kept seeing ONLY 3 weekly tracks wanted the WMT in 2021, I guess there are more in 2022!!!!!
    U said u planned to go to IOWA a couple yrs ago but yur saying too much travel with these races????????
    Should New Smyrna cancel World Series week because its toooo far away? What about North South Shootout this weekend,too far away????????

  4. Lancaster on 7/30 and Stafford on 8/6 and 9/24??

  5. Alot of TBA’s there.are they awaiting for track owners to come forward.It’s a PATHETIC schedule.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    I find it interesting that two of the TBA dates, 8/6 and 9/24 are just about when a 150 and Fall Final at Stafford would be. Maybe they are still talking? If not, then more Opens at Stafford, certainly not a bad thing! Maybe more TriTrack, Riverhead, and Wall teams will give Stafford a try for the Sizzler and Fall Final events.

  7. Nice to see Thompson, Wall, and Monadnock back on the schedule. I think that Sept date looks good for Stafford, What does everyone else think? There is definitely too much travel but we do have a few races scattered in the North East which is where a vast majority of the races should be. Hopefully those TBA are North East tracks. Honestly better than I thought it would be but I had super low expectations going in.

  8. Could lancaster have 2 races? Last year’s was a big success. Late September used to be the big US open. Could it be back with the whelen tour?

  9. ” Is the potential there that they could slide from a Saturday to a Friday or something like that? Yes.”
    Hmm, what track do we know of that races on Friday night.
    I ain’t over until it’s over.

  10. Just Me - The Original says

    Stafford – 9/24
    Lee – 8/6
    Lancaster – 7/30

  11. Just Me - The Original says

    Correction – Beech Ridge – 8/6.
    I had Lee on my mind

  12. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Welcome back to Wall Stadium! Just went to Martinsville for the entire weekend. Gotta go back for sure now!

  13. All you guys moan and groan and don’t like the tour anyway so go to the Fake Sizzler and watch spin to win and the other notables going to be there while your there look in the stands the crowd will be just like it is for a SK race good luck

  14. Stafford , Waterford ,and the Chemung Speedrome to finish the schedule

  15. Seekonk continued with Nascar last year, maybe they will be one of the TBA Dates, after ending the Season on a high note they may be back in on getting one tour race . They always draw well for the Tour and Modified Shows, I enjoy Seekonk Mod shows , there was a time that Modifieds Ruled the roost down at the Cement Palace… Bugsy , Rosenfield , Bouchard , Savery, Summers, Cleary and many more used to race weekly…. Really wish they would add and SK Mod division or SK lite to the weekly divisions….. I think it would be popular division ….

  16. not real happy with how the schedule pans out,, we know what track owners/promoters are going to do,, we know what nascar is going to do,, now we shall see what drivers are going to do..

  17. David Fisher says

    Nerfbarsmurf, let me know if you need a place to rent at Martinsville next Fall. We have a 5-BR in the upper parking lot of the track.

  18. In 1992 the NWMT had 21 races, 12 of which were at Connecticut tracks, Riverside and Riverhead. Others they traveled to like Martinsville for 3 events, Richmond, Flemington, Nazareth and Loudon for three events.
    Excepting New Smyrna that most would agree is a great move in spite of the distance, how is the travel aspect of the schedule substantially different then it’s been in the past? Especially considering there are fewer events to travel to and lose money on.
    That’s a great schedule and hopefully the Wall date doesn’t turn into a blood bath like the last time they visited.
    I loves me my Stafford but there’s just this one little thing that would be annoying. I fully understand they have to do what is best for them. They won’t get as much buzz or fans without the NWMT but they will make a lot more money and in the end the event will be a success. It’s just that the tradition of a NWMT race at the track goes back decades. Just seems right they should have at least one event there to respect tradition and give the fans that support the NWMT what they want.
    One NWMT event plus one Tri Track event plus the gaggle of Stafford Opens is the variety fans tend to appreciate while continuing to lower the number of outside touring events.

  19. Rocket Scientist says

    Is everyone really that thick to not see what NASCAR is doing? In the comments here and all over social media everybody thinks August 6 and September 24 are open on the schedule for Stafford races. Wrong. If Stafford was doing one event or two events they would be done and signed. They obviously aren’t doing any. The August 6 and September 24 TBA dates are NASCAR telling Stafford that they have potential events ready to plug in to go against whatever Stafford decides to do on those weekends that were previously Tour races at Stafford. It’s NASCAR telling Stafford that they already scheduled Langley against the Spring Sizzler and they’ll do it again against whatever other events Stafford uses to replace their old Tour event dates. This is a heavyweight slugfest now.

  20. Tour modified dates so far.

    12 (Sat) NWMT New Smyrna
    14 (Mon) New Smyrna Open
    15 (Tue) New Smyrna Open
    16 (Wed) New Smyrna Open
    17 (Thurs) New Smyrna Open
    18 (Fri) New Smyrna Open


    1 (Fri) NWMT Richmond
    23 (Sat) NWMT Langley
    24 (Sun) Sizzler Open Stafford
    30 (Sat) TTOMS Monadnock $10,000 to win
    14 (Sat) NWMT Riverhead
    28 (Sat) NWMT Jennerstown (JDV Productions event)

    18 (Sat) NWMT Monadnock (JDV Productions event)
    25 (Sat) NWMT Riverhead
    29 (Wed) TTOMS Seekonk 10k

    9 (Sat) NWMT Wall
    16 (Sat) NWMT NHMS
    30 NWMT To be announced
    23 (Sat) TTOMS Star SBM 125

    6 NWMT To be announced
    17 (Wed) NWMT Thompson

    3 (Sat) NWMT Oswego
    17 (Sat) NWMT Riverhead
    24 NWMT To be announced

    22 (Sat) TTOMS Seekonk 10K
    27 (Thurs) NWMT Martinsville

    Still to come
    -Remaining TTOMS events if any
    -ACT/PASS dates at Thompson
    -Staffords complete schedule
    -NWMT TBA dates
    -NWMT streaming provider for 2022 if any
    -continuation of FloRacing at Stafford and cost

  21. Just Me-The Original vs Rocket Scientist.

    I’m taking Just Me on this one and putting a pin in the no Stafford NWMT event prediction. Seems to me I heard the same thing about Thompson.

  22. Wilson saying the “exposure” for the season finale is great for the tour… what a joke! does he think noone can think and/or see for themselves? how is a thursday show not on live TV good exposure? the modified teams will need to leave their home base on tuesday and essentially miss 4 days of work for such great exposure. silly. wanna give them some exposure? make their season finale second precedent behind Cup and qualify and race the modifieds on saturday and put em on LIVE TV! i see the thursday race day as a slap in the face to the modifieds, not giving them great exposure!

    besides the ridiculous thursday race to end the season, i like the schedule. new smryna gets 30 cars every year, so this isnt new travel. other than that, they did what they could. its been tough having thompson and its 4 dates go by the wayside and now maybe Stafford too. they had to get dates where they could and i thinjk they did a good job.

    i hope that Seekonk and Dominion speedway host two of the three “to be announced” races. then maybe a track like thunder road or beech ridge or white mountain..

    all things considered, a good schedule…

  23. Doug …… you left off the Tri – Track event scheduled for Thunder Road on May 29th

  24. Rocket Scientist wrote, “Is everyone really that thick to not see what NASCAR is doing? ”


    Not *everyone*, but most are far thicker. Some here, not many, have cognitive ability.

    Teams want the local races, teams want one-day events. NWMT needs to find open ports, and wants to squeeze every entity.

    Indeed it is a heavyweight slugfest, and who will be next to tell the other to 🖕 off.

    For decades, the schedule was heavily local, with almost half of the schedule at Stafford and Thompson, then a few nearby tracks, and then a couple long hauls.

    Okay, I get it… teams are saving so much money with the RYR-NASCAR SPEC engine, they can now afford to travel all up and down the eastern seaboard.

  25. shawn..
    refresh my memory, was the 2021 tour race at Lancaster one of the three promoted by the guy Josh Vanada?
    it would be nice to have a return date there…

  26. Phil A.
    The 2021 Lancaster event was promoted by Mike Myers. In 2021 Josh Vanada promoted the first Oswego race and the Jennerstown and Beech Ridge events.

  27. Stuart A Fearn says

    wow that’s a good point about the Martinsville race being on a Thursday. Zero other people from racing in NASCAR will be there. Most of the other series are one day events now. They do not show up early believe me. It will be a virtual ghost town with perhaps 5,000 fans at the most in a place that holds 44-65 thousand it will look terrible and pathetic, sorry that’s just the facts.

    Good job Phil A for pointing that out

  28. Keeping It Real says

    Does Jimmy Wilson think people fall for his NASCAR jive talk? That’s nonsense about ending the season at Martinsville. The exposure that’s going to come with it? What exposure? Instead of your champion celebrating in front of fans that have followed the series for years they’re going to do it in front of the early camper crowd for the Cup race who probably don’t know how to pronounce the name Bonsignore. And the part about “all of the media there”. What is he talking about? The media that follows the national divisions doesn’t give the Tour any attention ever, even when the Tour is at a track with them. And the media that covers those divisions certainly won’t be at the track on Thursday. Jimmy Wilson could make stepping in a pile of dog crap somehow sound positive. It’s all just a bunch of malarkey.

  29. wmass01013 says

    GEE Stuart yur NASCAR hate keeps shining, you say it will be pathetic and look Terrible, the WMT raced at Bristol Cup weekend on Mostly Wed and some Thurs Nights, The Crowds for the most part were SMALL at every event t a place that Holds 125,000 people, but never saw Terrible or Pathetic description, if you have seen any of the WMT Championship Trophy presentations at Stafford this yr and Thompson previous years, the stands pretty much empty out when the race ends except for the few die harts that stick around but now its Pathetic and terrible. WOW

  30. Harry Hyde says

    Wmass you should ask Chris Our and Eric Sanderson and Wayne Darling and Mike Smeriglio and Buzz Chew and Kevin Stuart and Russell Goodale and Rob Fuller how much they enjoyed the direction the Tour has been headed the last few years. Every one of them was a winning team owner who decided suddenly to just shut down really good or championship winning teams. Have never heard a team owner on the Tour say he wished they could schedule more races farther away from the Northeast.

  31. Stuart A Fearn says

    WMASS, no hate, just my opinion. I’m putting out there what I feel will happen. Maybe I’m wrong i don’t know. Maybe I’ll take the RV to Martinville next Fall for a little break after the race season Thursday through Sunday. Might be fun, I’ve never been to Martinsville for a race so I’m definitely considering it and I’m not going to purposely rule that out because it’s NASCAR and the tour, that is ridiculous.
    It might be great, people love tradition and all that, Thursday though, that sucks lets be honest

  32. wmass01013 says

    And of course ALL of those owners left because of the travel and NASCAR Not because maybe as in Sanderson AND Smeriglio Wanted to spend more time with family, Our and Chew were shortime owners who Our left and went another direction and Chew went to DIRT, Darling busy with Tri Track, Goodale and Stuart recent owners who decided no more, maybe the COST of motors and parts are going Up like rest of Supplies in the world, Rob Fuller??????????? never intent was to be a WMT owner but build a brand which i think he was a success at doing, and YES with more options to race like Tri Track, MRS, Opens, how many of those owners JUST left the WMT because of BAD NASCAR but still race Mods??????

  33. wmass01013 says
  34. I think if you did ask some of those former team owners each would have a different reason for exiting the tour that may not necessarily be cost related. Sanderson was just old and at least one of his cars ended up continuing to race as the 50 part time. Solomito went right out and bought a new LFR and has raced it part time since.. Smeriglio did it for a long time, won a ton, had nothing more to prove and simply wanted to move on from racing. Rob Fuller’s business is racing so that one escapes me and he will be a key player in the 79 this year. The 46 team out but elements reconstituted in the 82 that may result in a far better effort in 2022. It’s not always about cost and it’s not always a one way street out the door.
    This is the annual right of fall where Jimmy Wilson and the NWMT has to endure the yearly shaking of the fists at them by usually the same folks. Last fall with no vaccine the predictions of doom for 2021 with limited crowds was off the charts. So how’d that turn out for you?
    Next April I hate to say it but the modified race at Langley will be the highlight of a weekend. Staffords Sizzler good but for that weekend the second string. If history repeats itself Hirschman will be at Langley and the tour may have a gaggle of top tier teams including the 07, 16, 79 and maybe even a revamped Danny Watts team that can make life miserable for the 51.
    I wish we could eliminate the word hate from race talk because I don’t believe anyone hates anything in racing. It’s more like disrespect and the intensity of disrespect for Jimmy Wilson and NASCAR is illogical in my view. We’ve come off a good year for the tour, this schedule is better and will dominate the 2022 tour modified racing season. Like every year whether you support them or not we’ll be totally invested in the races when they happen and love every minute.
    What really doesn’t make sense in compartmentalizing disrespect for the NWMT yet feigning admiration for the owners, drivers, team members and sponsors supporting the series. The NWMT sucks but somehow the guys that invest all the blood and treasure specifically to race in the series still the good guys. It’s illogical Especially considering you know you’re going to watch and enjoy the races. Moreover it’s disrespectful to the people that right now are spending tens of thousands of dollars at a clip completely focus on New Smyrna that by all accounts should be off the charts in terms of fan interest and it’s only 3 months away.

  35. wmASS01013, you just listed a bunch of owners that LEFT the NWMT to go ELSEWHERE.

    WHY DID THEY LEAVE????? BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT HAPPY WITH THE NWMT!!!!!!! If the NWMT was so much fun, the NWMT should be overflowing with ready and willing owners that can field top notch, competitive cars.

    This all started many years ago, before Art Barry left the NWMT. That should have been a wakeup call ☎️ to NASCAR, but NASCAR being NASCAR, they kept on being NASCAR. Now we are left with this mess.

    I sure hope Jimmy Wilson gets promoted.

    When somebody says they are leaving whatever they are doing “to spend more time with the family”, they are not saying why they are really leaving. When corporate pigs get caught doing illegal stuff, they say they are resigning “to spend more time with the family”. When corrupt politicians get caught, they say they are resigning “to spend more time with the family.” All those owners that leave under the auspice that they are going “to spend more time with the family” don’t want to speak out, burn bridges, etc. Don’t you find it strange that they ALWAYS say the same thing, that they want to spend more time with the family????

    Harry Hyde said it best with this gem, “Have never heard a team owner on the Tour say he wished they could schedule more races farther away from the Northeast.”

  36. So again DADUMBASS when these owners left for NOT the reasons mentioned in these pages, what other series did they go to????????????????????
    WAITING for the list

  37. Doug as a fan of Racing,

    I am very surprised by your opinion that Langley will be better than Stafford, even if WMT Point Chasers guys go to Langley the only one that wins Open style Races is Silk. Dowling Christopher Rocco Nocella Woody Pastriak Williams Swanson Rameau will all be at Stafford with 20 other cars that are better than the 10th place WMT car. Langley will have 4-5 good cars and rest of the bunch are cars that would absolutely struggle to qualify at Big Open Events. Look at Times from a WMT race compare the speeds of 1st to 15th, its over 3 tenths difference. Now look at times of Open 80s Tri Track top 15, its just over a tenth difference, the competition in the fields is not even close. Just because its WMT does not mean better quality

  38. wmASS01013 wrote, “So again DADUMBASS when these owners left for NOT the reasons mentioned in these pages, what other series did they go to????????????????????
    WAITING for the list”

    wmASS01013, the POINT is that all those owners left the NWMT to go elsewhere. Where they went is irrelevant. Keep waiting.

    The End.

  39. Terrific point Rich. I tried my darnedest to spin it some other way with the times to make a counter point but found you’re spot on.
    It’s just one fans opinion but mine is folks don’t look back in the field at the times they’re looking at the front. If they’re seeing Hirschman, Silk, Bonsignor, McKennedy and perhaps Coby in some new entry then they’re going to think that’s pretty swell.
    What Stafford has going for it in my view is they are offering and entire weekend of all sorts of great racing of which the open is only a part. It’s actually the better value and it is possible some top drivers could be at both races in different rides. But if we’re talking just modifieds in the two race head to head I’ll predict Langley gets the most buzz, the most eyeballs and the greatest amount of attention from modified nation when we look back on the following Monday.

  40. My lord, we are so spoiled. I’ve been known to post a few spoiled comments around my neck of the woods too: complaining about track schedules; when fan gates open, so i could watch all of the practice, i complain about ticket prices, car counts; I sound so “Greedy” when i post those comments, even when I’m tryin’ not to….I really LOVE RACIN’, and really Care what happens around Our racin’ facilities… so I’m really tryin’ to ‘take a positive path from now on …and to be Thankful/Grateful we CAN attend/watch the mighty mods race the TOUR. Very Thankful for my Hometrack (LNS) and very Happy they had a successful awesome Tour race this year! (Thank You Mikey Myers) Prayin’ LNS gets the july 30th TBA date in 2022

  41. wmass01013 says

    OK DADUMBASS, the END, nothing more i can say to prove your DADUMBNESS!

  42. Doug, add to your list of races… a modified race at Claremont Motorsports Park on Friday, May 27. It’s on their Facebook page!!

  43. Got it. Racing Guys……Claremont……May 27. Already a busy weekend. Ruh-ro.
    Plugged in the TTOMS miss at Thunder Road as well.
    Big week. Thursday Stafford drops it’s schedule at high noon.
    Will a Tri Track race be on it?

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