RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Did You Watch The Formula 1 Season Finale Live?

The 2021 Formula One world championship was decided Sunday in Abu Dhabi. Did you watch the race live? Vote below.


  1. nascar fans: “man nascar has been really bad officiating lately”

    F1 “hold my beer”

  2. F1 blew the call at the beginning of the race, but made up for it at the end. Hamilton a sore loser, not pulling his car into the #2 spot at the end of the race. Of course Toto was totally pissed off, but when isn’t he. Verstappen and team Red Bull caught Mercedes sleeping and won the championship because of it, but if you look back through the season, at the end of the day the true champion was crowned. Wish Kimi had a better run in his last race though. All in all this process it ain’t over till the checkers fall. It all came down to half a lap

  3. Watched the race on replay this afternoon. Agree that F1 needs an overhaul in their officiating. Hamilton got away with cutting the corner and gaining an advantage (he went from being side by side to having a 10+ car length lead on Verstappen when he rejoined the track). He should have been penalized for that and wasn’t. And that whole restart at the end was a major mess. It was an exciting last lap, though!

  4. Just a series of bad or questionable calls the last couple of weeks. The good news, it affected both title contenders so it doesnt appear biased in any way. I was rooting for max to get this title just because Lewis has had a stranglehold on the series for years. I will say Lewis Hamilton really impressed me with his actions after the race. I always thought of him as a spoiled brat. After the race which could be percieved as stolen from him, he went up talked to Max and congratulated him. His post-race interview was handled well too. I was expecting some complaining and him publicly questioning the call. He gained a fan with me with this one. Its tough when race control gets involved with the race decision.

  5. Agree whole heartedly with csg. There are some funky rules in F1 but for most part the contenders were on both sides of some of those calls. I was rooting for Mad Max all the way. He’s an emotional young man whose temper sometimes gets the best of him. But as season progressed his maturity seemed to grow. As for Hamilton, without a doubt 1 of the best wheelman to ever get behind the wheel. And he also impressed me with his actions after the race. After that last lap fiasco I thought oh no he’s truly gonna lose it. It showed his Dad having a heart to heart with him before he headed over to the podium. Think that might have helped reel in some of the emotions. You may have lost this championship Lewis, but I applaud your post race demeanor 👍

  6. Is this Honda’s first F1 championship as an engine supplier?
    I’ve always been a Max fan. Hamilton comes off as really arrogant. I respect his 7 championships,and his talent just don’t like the guy. It would be cool to see both of them in cup cars,

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