RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Racing Events Do You Watch On Streaming Broadcasts Each Year?

On Thursday it was announced that the NASCAR Roots divisions events – including the Whelen Modified Tour – will be broadcast beginning in 2022 on FloSports. Streaming broadcasts of racing events has exploded in the last three years. So today’s Daily Poll question asks, how many racing events do you watch annually through streaming broadcast? Vote below.


  1. Hoker Trucking says

    Watched the Gateway Nationals from the The Dome at America’s Center last night on Flo. The second preliminary is tonight, and finale is Saturday night.
    Ricky Thornton Jr didn’t mince words in his in car interview after getting wrecked.

  2. used to watch the Mod tour when it was on NBC sports and when Stafford streamed their own races when I couldn’t make it to the track. Now I will not stream – plenty of racing on MAVTV, not going to spend $150 for Flo then go to Stafford on Friday nights, that’s like paying double…

  3. David Fisher says

    I watched over a hundred the last 2 years. Floracing the best $150 I ever spent. Now they are adding the mod tour for next year. A great buy.

  4. That 25% that say they never watch. Gonna say BS to that. No doubt a portion of the no clicks from purists that think that racing should be viewed in person but partake on occasion.
    But lets assume it’s accurate. That leaves 75% that have made the effort to sign up for some kind of streaming event that surprises me quite a bit. That’s 75% at a time when streaming is kind of the wild west with events popping up across various services that make them hard to locate and engage at times. Some people not able to throw the races up to the big screen to get the full affect. That’s changing as well as asphalt racing consolidates and the path to TV interfaces like Roku, Chromecast and the other aggregators become more standardized.
    So you say you go to the races at Stafford and feel paying $150 additional is double paying. That’s fair cause it is. On the other hand theirs something to be said for being at the track then watching the really good races the next day to see what you missed and engage all the replays. Now there’s the NWMT that’s part of the FloRacing package, SMART, Tri Track at Thunder Road, Oswego and maybe Riverhead as well.
    Do you still think the the $150 or $159 or whatever it ends up being is not good value?

  5. wmass01013 says

    I will say this, while I Love being at the track and seeing, hearing, smelling all that makes A Modified Race Special, as i have gotten older with less time and energy to drive and be at the track i have turned to watching more and more races online, when you go from my early years of calling Paul Tremaine’s Checkered Flag Announcer or waiting for my weekly Speedway Scene to arrive to read alll about the races to now watch ALL New Smyrna races, the Smart races, Yes Flo Racing with $150 price, Trackpass, Thompson Opens, ROC at Lake Erie, Islip 300, Thompson 300 weekend, as long as the Track and Teams competing get some Financial bonus from Streaming that the track does not get from People in the seats, so i say YES to streaming and the ability to see the races from my house!

  6. Truthfully, I don’t watch much streams. My issue regarding why I don’t is rooted in having to pay for multiple days, when maybe I just want to watch one night; yes this is a speed51 dig. I think paying 59.99 to watch 3 nights of racing, when maybe I’m only interested in what’s running one night is ridiculous.

  7. “so i say YES to streaming and the ability to see the races from my house!”

    Never thought I’d read that from that particular long time RaceDayCt contributor but there you are.
    This old fart could not agree with you more and for the reasons you sighted.

  8. To all who enjoy streaming, I think it’s great that fans have an opportunity to see events they are unable to attend in person. I had TrackPass for a year for free, caught an add on the nascar site at the right time. So I did watch some events during the 2nd 1/2 of 2020 and the 1st 1/2 of 2021. I’m sure at some point I will be signing up for streaming at some point in time, however as of now I usually go to 25-30 events a year, 31 in 2021 including 2 3-day events. $150.00 can be 5-6 event tickets for me, so that’s where the $$ goes. I am still able to find some highlights and events after live broadcasts on YouTube.

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