NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Broadcasts Moving To FloSports For 2022

The 2022 schedule has been released for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, but the pressing question for many fans recently was how they would be able to watch events remotely in 2022.

It was announced earlier this year that NBC TrackPass, which had been broadcasting the NASCAR Roots programing would be going out of business before the end of 2022. 

The answer to the question of where broadcasts would end up came Thursday with the announcement that NASCAR will team with FloSports for broadcasting of it’s NASCAR Roots elements, including the Whelen Modified Tour.

The deal also includes broadcasting of the ARCA Menards Series, NASCAR Pinty’s Series, and NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.

FloRacing will also broadcast events from the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway.

The NASCAR Roots broadcasts will be available through the FloRacing subscription package, which includes asphalt and dirt racing from a host of series’ and tracks across the country.

“Our partnership with FloSports is a win for motorsports fans at all levels and doubles down on NASCAR’s commitment to grassroots racing — the foundation of our sport,” said Brian Herbst, NASCAR senior vice president, media and productions. “We look forward to bringing fans all the racing they crave and investing in the tracks that provide lifelong memories to motorsports fans each weekend.”

Said Mark Floreani, founder and CEO of FloSports: “NASCAR shares our mission to grow grassroots motorsports and bring these races and athletes to an even wider audience across America and the world. We are honored to align with NASCAR as we continue to invest in the future of this sport so that we build a home for fans to both watch and experience racing in completely new ways. We’re excited for what’s to come.”

Stafford Motor Speedway became part of the FloRacing subscription package in 2021 and will continue with the streaming service in 2022.

A release from NASCAR read: “The partnership will also deliver an unparalleled investment in grassroots racing, including funding for local tracks and increased purses for drivers that compete in NASCAR’s touring and weekly series events. The transformational agreement further cements NASCAR and FloSports as advocates of grassroots/developmental racing and ensures a healthy economic model that will bolster tracks and drivers for years to come.”

Fans can subscribe to FloSports for $150 per year.


  1. Rich Gourley says

    I’ve purchased FloSports for wrestling and college basketball, it’s been hit and miss with their product. A fair amount of time there have been “technical glitches” which has resulted in lost content. Also, buyer beware if you try to cancel your subscription, very deceptive pricing practices

  2. Great news. They referenced this on the Dirt LM race (Demo Derby) from the Dome tonight then came here to read up on it. I am guessing the few holdouts will have to sign up now. It is well worth the money. I know it’s a lot more than the grassroots service, but you get a lot more. During the summer months they have 5 to 7 races on a Saturday night. They broadcast a bunch of DLM and sprint car shows and have a few NE BB Modified tracks and series.

  3. I’m not sure this is a good idea for FLO. Nascar can easily swallow up FLO and get rid of all the non-Nascar events that are streamed. I hope I’m wrong, but as a partner, they can control FLO content and even rid the channel of what they don’t approve of. I actually feared this may happen last year when FLO became so successful.

  4. Richard Belmonte,
    They are just shifting the regional tours over to Floracing since NBC Trackpass is totally going away. It’s essentially just a place to put the content. All the other higher level NASCAR series content and IMSA Sportscar racing Trackpass streamed will probably be moving over to Peacock. Should not really interfere with Floracing.

  5. Like any big move there are winners and losers here.

    Winners-all the Stafford and Thunder Road current subscribers that now get something they were paying for separately included in their FloRacing package.

    Losers-the folks that only cared about Roots Racing or Track Pass that only subscribed for part of the year with the extra content having no value to them.

    Winners-Fans and competitors at tracks like Riverhead that had the more expensive SpeedSport/Advance Auto Parts Nascar affiliated streaming package. FloRacing will be cheaper.

    Winners-fans at Oswego and the SMART tour that were planning on signing up just to get access to what they were interested in now get the NWMT at no added cost.

    Losers- all the tracks including NASCAR sanctioned tracks that are not streaming races presently mainly because of production expenses. They are falling behind. Streaming is the future.

    Winners-NASCAR-the hand writing was on the wall. FloRacing is the streaming service that is growing the fastest and they’ve tired themselves to a winner for the long term.

    Winners-the competitors of any track or sanctioning body that ties their horse to the FloRacing wagon. FloRacing’s business model includes front end commitments to competitor bonus money something other services streaming asphalt racing do not to my knowledge.

    Winner-FloRacing- They were weak in asphalt racing and now they have the biggest name and jump to the head of the class on pavement. NASCAR comes with a basket of their own sanctioned tracks so adding asphalt ovals is inevitable.

    Losers-SpeedSport and Racing America who will not be able to keep up as FloRacing gobbles up dirt and asphalt content at a lightning pace. Their piecemeal subscription and PPV model outmoded by FloRacings more comprehensive approach.

    Winners-race fans with the broadest interests that now get access to more racing coverage then they can possibly consume at a ridiculously low price.

    Loser-Advance Auto Parts???? We’ll see who gets title sponsorship but last year RockAuto was the auto supplier of choice for FloRacing.

    Winners-short track auto racing America including fans, competitors, sponsors and anyone connected with weekend short track racing. Previously isolated pockets with low ceilings of exposure now all linked with unlimited exposure nationally.

    Isn’t this a bit like Netflix, HBO Max or any of the other streaming package services. Put a ton of content under one umbrella, make the content diverse so something will appeal to the biggest audience and provide it at an affordable price?

  6. With the move of the Langley date and now the NWMT/Flo deal, it appears that NASCAR and Stafford could rekindle their relationship in 2023.

  7. Or…Stafford could be the big loser if Nascar has an axe to grind. They have more money than anyone and they toss it around to gain control. I don’t like this marriage at all.

  8. 175.00 comes next due to gas prices to cover events

  9. Does Stafford lose anything by this decision by Nascar to go to FloRacing? I don’t see what. Last year many of us signed on to FloRacing for Stafford only and thought it was a terrific deal. We got Thunder Road as well or maybe had some interest in dirt but we signed up for Stafford. Now all kinds of folks will be signing up for the NWMT and a portion no doubt will tune into Stafford whereas before Stafford alone was not worth the investment.. That’s a win as far as I can see. On the other side of the ledger this move provides none of the Stafford base any reason to leave FloRacing. Quite the opposite this move along with adding other events like SMART just increasing the value of the subscription. Stafford fans that attended races may have passed on the $150 added cost may now sign on getting the added value from the NWMT, SMART etc.
    Last year the M&M boys must have blown Nascar’s mind by shutting them out and adding the 300. That was good grudge material but look what happened. Not just one date but two in 2022 and part of a block buster World Series as well. Really be honest did anyone see that coming???
    Stafford in my view may have made a tactical error in getting their back up and shutting out the tour in 2022. Being honest their schedule has a lot of volume and the Sizzler and Tri Track is nice but they lost the wow factor to Thompson and by a lot.
    Stafford will always have the advantage over most other tracks with regard to streaming since their pie is only divided up between FloRacing and themselves for the vast majority of their events. M&M have to pay the rent, pay NASCAR while losing streaming rights for their event and pay a streaming service like Racing America for non Nascar events. Nascar tracks same deal. Track needs to pay Nascar and Nascar owns the streaming rights.
    The NWMT needs to be back at Stafford in 2023. I believe it will be when everything resets and whatever hard feelings there may be take a back seat to building the best schedules. In the long run having both Stafford and the NWMT on FloRacing may actually help in getting over the streaming hurdle that caused Stafford to back their bags in the first place.

  10. Hard to say Stafford lost their wow factor to a track that only races 6 times.

  11. FloRacing is just a small part of FloSports. NASCAR coming to the service will not be a threat to FloSports as a business.

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