Cash In: Coastal 181 Hosting Contest To Celebrate Photo Of The Day Milestone

For the next month Coastal 181 will be hosting a special contest to celebrate reaching 3,000 entries on their Photo of the Day section of their website. Read the below from Coastal 181 about the Photo of the Day feature and how to enter the contest.

There’s a racing enthusiast’s treasure that’s been growing for years, but few people actually know about it.

Located here in New England and run by Cary Stratton and Lew Boyd, Coastal 181 is the most active oval-track book and DVD seller in the country. Visit the Coastal 181 Photo of the Day section on our website and you’ll find a captivating and cleverly captioned “Photo of the Day,” a new entry each weekday. Incredibly, the number of “PoDs” on the site is about to reach 3000.

The photos are all unusual, covering all aspects of racing. They focus on the characters past and present who make our sport so special. They come from books, photo collections, and many are sent in by photographers nationwide. Most all captions are written by Lew Boyd, a New England Hall of Famer and author who raced for 45 years himself. He brings insightful and often humorous perspective, sometimes right up on the cushion.

You need to be careful going there. Coastal 181 PoDs can grab you, and hours can pass. But you will be rewarded with a view of racing you have never seen before.

If you log onto the site any time before #3000 is reached in mid-February, you can join a contest by submitting the ID number of your favorite PoD to [email protected]. Three panelists (racer Eddie Flemke Jr., photographer Dick Ayers, and journalist Dick Berggren) will go through entries. If they pick yours as their favorite too, you win. The purse money is $100.

Some examples of the Photo Of The Day entries below

“Yeah, right…” You have to wonder if Kenny Schrader signed up for a negotiation training seminar after this photo was taken. He had come to race at Lebanon Valley Speedway in 2010 and ran into Modified star Brian Berger’s daughter Karsyn. She just plain didn’t believe Kenny when he was telling her that he knew Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s daddy. (Berger Family Collection)
When we put together Bones Bourcier’s incredible book WICKED FAST: Racing Through Life with Bentley Warren, it was clear that Bentley had somehow managed a meteoric career, both in racing and in business, totally wrapped in good times and frivolity, tight on the edge of outrageousness. However, there was one moment that he looked almost professorial. In 2003, Bentley joined Paul Newman at Star Speedway in Epping, NH, on an off day so they could do some hot-lapping in both a Supermodified and a couple of Midgets. In the photo, Bentley is explaining the intricacies of wheeling that injected big block Super. Bentley recalled, “He took the Supermodified out first, and I could not believe how quickly he adapted to that thing. Supers are very touchy because of their huge horsepower, yet he was smooth and fast almost immediately. Then we both climbed into the Midgets and ran a bunch of laps together. I remember feeling like I was setting a nice, quick pace for him, but after about five laps I started seeing the nose of his car beside me. That was his way of telling me he wanted to go faster. So we did, and he had no problem with it…. He has a ton of natural ability, as well as the concentration and focus a driver needs.” But, after that, they drank some beers. Quote and Photo from WICKED FAST. (Thibodeau Bros Photo)
A year ago at Thompson (CT) Speedway, Bugsy Stevens superfan Cheryl Paine asked him to autograph her chest along with the book she purchased. The Bug was quick to comply. Cheryl subsequently informed him, “I decided to have it tattooed so that ‘You will always be close to my heart.’” You just gotta love racing folk. (Cheryl Paine Photo)

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