Sources: Ryan Preece Likely Reuniting With Boehler Racing Enterprises Ole Blue

The Boelher Racing Enterprises No. 3 car (Photo: NASCAR) and Ryan Preece (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

The history of the Boehler Racing Enterprises Ole Blue No. 3 car includes a list of some of the biggest who’s who of Modified racing greats spanning multiple eras.

One of those names is former Whelen Modified Tour champion Ryan Preece, who drove for Boehler Racing Enterprises from 2008 to 2010.

Now it seems there is likely a reunion in the works between Preece and Ole Blue.

Multiple sources have confirmed to RaceDayCT that Preece is likely in line to make at least two starts for the team in 2022.

Preece is expected to run for the team in the Whelen Modified Tour season opening event on Feb. 12 at New Smryna (Fla.) Speedway.

Preece is also expected to run for Boehler Racing Enterprises at the 50th NAPA Spring Sizzler April 23-24 at Stafford Speedway. That event is now an Open Modified race. Boehler Racing Enterprises has filed an entry for the Spring Sizzler with a driver to be announced.

Neither Preece or BRE team owner Mike Boehler were immediately available for comment on Tuesday.


  1. Preece in ole blue, interesting.

  2. NH MOD CHASER says

    Be interesting to see if he uses his own cars with re lettering or their cars..

  3. It will be nice to see ole blue back in victory lane… been quite a while since it’s had any talent in it capable of winning at that level

  4. NH Mod Chaser,
    He doesn’t have any cars.

  5. Johnny Meserve says

    Could be a real good reunion!! We’ll see!

  6. NH MOD CHASER says

    Thanks Shawn.I thought he owned some of the cars..Me bad..

  7. David Fisher says

    At one time the Boehler team was known for their own built chassis, if memory serves. Do they still run their own, or did they switch to store-bought?

  8. I thought the Port City chassied Super Late Model he raced at the Snowball Derby was his car.
    Unmuffled subscribers may recall Preece saying on December 7 that he thought he paid his dues in racing and wanted to branch out to other things including late models, midgets or whatever else he was offered that could win. At the time he kind of played down a 2022 in modifeds so this is a welcome surprise for sure should in happen.
    There’s been Chassis Dynamics, Troyers and Fury for Ryan over the last few years and a lot of engines. All made possible by Eddie Partridge. A successful combination but Eddie’s gone and so apparently the magic of seeing the 6ny at modified events.
    If this graduates from rumor to an announcement there’s a more interesting dynamic afoot. I don’t know about this year but the cars raced last year were BRE designed and built. Matt Swanson under performed or at least BRE felt that way and there is nothing about under perform that can be associated with Ryan Preece in a modified.
    I’d ask if this happens what will he bring to the team in terms of expertise and resources and will Ole Blue make a significant jump in performance? In a modified you can bet he wouldn’t be doing it unless he was absolutely convinced he had everything he needed to win.
    Meanwhile Swanson after being exited landed in a pile of roses in the Gary Cassella, 25 a car no stranger to the winners circle. Depending on what the 25 and 3 do we’ll see if the problem with Swanson/BRE combination turned out to be the driver or an old school car losing ground in the increasingly standardized world of modified chassis building..

  9. Always nice to see/hear of Preece in a modified,, a man who respects his roots..

  10. Robert Greene says

    thank you for saying something nice

  11. I took a Rookie to their first race at Stafford a couple of years back and Preece was racing a tour type modified that night. I mentioned that the guy in the 6 runs in the nascar cup for the 47 car. He finished top 5 at Daytona one year. It was a selling point and the newbie immediately had someone to watch and cheer for.that night. I think having these “cup Stars” Preece and Larson run in these local events are great for the tracks. they are a draw for the casual race fan hopefully increase attendance for the tracks Love to see the Ole Blue number 3 in victory lane again. I hope they get one or two this year.

  12. Doug,
    The Gary Casella 25 is primarily being run by Ronnie Williams again this year. Matt S is entrenched in the Bolles camp with SK mods, open and tour cars ready to go. Silly season update!

  13. Matt Swanson To Race Full-Time In SK Modified In 2022 At Stafford Speedway
    January 10, 2022 by Shawn Courchesne

    “Swanson’s slate will be full at Stafford. He will also run the track’s Open Modified events for team owner Gary Casella.

    “Obviously me and Gary have such a good relationship that if we decide one day we want to go run an [Modified Racing Series] race or we want to go run an Open race somewhere else we’re definitely going to go do it,” Swanson said. “But the confirmed schedule right now that we can say we’re 100 percent doing is the Open shows at Stafford.”

    Stafford Sizzler Team Entry list
    Driver: Matt Swanson
    Owner: Gary Casella
    Sponsor: Casella Motorsports

    Driver: Ronnie Williams
    Owner: Ronnie Williams
    Sponsor: Empower Financial Advisory

    I suppose we can assume that Williams will continue to drive the 25 for Tri Track and Thompson events like last year although it doesn’t appear that anything has been announced on that score.
    As for Stafford where the 25 will be driven by Swanson and the 3 by Preece hopefully I’m still thinking there is a sub plot there that could be interesting to see unfold.

  14. Ole Blue was an absolute missile at Stafford in the sizzler. Swanson led a pile of laps and had the car to beat through the early stages. Something broke in the braking system, and he was out. After that the season just never got going for the #3.

    It looked like they missed the setup at Thompson for much of the season, and did not have the horsepower there that Cassella and Rocco brought. They only made a handful of other starts at NHIS, Star and Beech Ridge. Swanson brought a bunch of money to the team, and was a competent enough driver that did not get the breakthrough win they needed from him. Hence the divorce.

    The team is not funded for fulltime racing, and they want to make the most of the on track time they have. Go out and win with hired guns for specific appearances at the big shows. I expect the #3 to make relatively few appearances in 2022.

  15. Should be interesting …. OLD BLUE # 3 back in Contention for WINS… IT’S been to Long >>>>>

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