RaceDayCT Rant – Just Say No To Bowman Gray

On today’s RaceDayCT Rant we look at why we should be just saying to no Bowman Gray Stadium. Click the image below to listen.


  1. Look, Bowman Gray is what NASCAR wishes it could be. BG sells tickets, BG packs the house, BG is a revenue generator. BG is what NASCAR used to be. The people that go there love it, and they are not going to evolve, or be assimilated into the future.

    It is what it is… hate to love it, love to hate it. It is what it is, an icon of Americana.

  2. John Lombardi says

    Just saw the video and I now have a better understanding of why the place is called the madhouse. Had to laugh at the announcer promoting the entertainment value of the incident. If that happened up here have to think that the driver could be banned for 2 years, not two races. But what do I know, that place was packed!!

  3. Wrestlemania is packed, too…

  4. I think the people at Bowman Gray should grow up and act more like the people on the streets of Chicago…….

  5. I counted 5 “stop”, 5 “no” and one “big no” in this Unmuffled shorty. Why now and why so unequivocal?
    We voted last November and it was yes 56/44. Not that big a plurality but it does show fans are intrigued.
    There’s two issues here isn’t there? The first is the the way the races play out at Bowman Gray. I don’t see a problem with it, it’s closer to the roots of circle track racing then what we have now. Stafford has a good reputation, there was a brawl in the paddock last year involving two of the SK divisions top drivers. What’s worse hitting each other in cars where the fans can be entertained or physically in the paddock trying our best to sweep it under the carpet because we simply don’t do that sort of thing up here.
    The other issue is the NWMT teams. What the racers at Bowman Gray do has nothing to do with the Tour teams. They’d race the way they do NASCAR would see to that. The bigger issue, is the flat, short track a good candidate to have an entertaining NWMT race on? I’m thinking no if you don’t allow the constant bump and runs.
    Last go around it was observed that Bowman Gray may have no motivation to have a Tour race they do well now without the big dollar tour. That makes sense as does the fact the teams might not be wild about putting their expensive cars in harms way trying to pass on a track completely unsuited to what they do best.
    Other then a fun sports chat topic is this under active consideration? Or is it making the case against it well in advance of schedule time to reduce the odds it’s considered?

  6. I will be honest I havent heard the rant here but I did want to make an uneducated comment here having watched a few races on FLo. They are for the most part not exciting. The racing kind of stinks. The track is so narrow the only way to pass someone is to move them out of the way……and what typically happens is the driver done wrong retaliates and takes out the offending party. It sometimes turns into a circus with one driver chasing another driver all over the track and football field to smash into someone putting several people in harms way. It is what it is. What is hilarious is Bowman Gray and their race officials are 100 percent on board with the “madness”. In a recent race there was an incident where they had two races in a stock car division in one night. A female driver intentionally chased and smashed into a driver under caution in the first race taking herself and her victim out of the race. For the second race, she rolled out a back up car, presumably because her primary car received too much self inflicted damage to continue, and competed without penalty. I am not even sure she started in the rear of the second feature. Its a demo derby disguised as a race at times at Bowman Gray. There were 17k people in the stands according the announcer. They were there in numbers and everyone seemed to be cheering and having a good time as the madness unfolded in front of them. Any short track in the country would love to have 15k engaged fans show up every week for their shows. It may not be racing but it is entertainment and this entertainment is selling. The Bowman Gray bottom line is doing much better selling this “entertainment” to their fans than most weekly tracks providing the more traditional racing. Bowman Gray knows what they are selling and are unapologetic about it, pasting the Madhouse all over their website. They also seem to get decent car counts up and down their divisions sometimes having to split up their lowest division to run two features which honestly surprises me. With 15k people routinely showing up they keep the prices down. Shows cost 12 for an adult 2 for a child. It is affordable entertainment for the whole family. Some people may not like it but it is working better than almost any other short track in the country. I will not say its right or wrong but I can not argue that it is not working for them.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I did not hear the rannt, but have seen some of their racing on TV and YouTube. Bowman Gray is WWE in racecars with the added unknown of it not being pre-scripted. It’s definitely a different type of racing compared to up here, more like enduro racing with “drivers have at it” put to the extreme. The track is so narrow I think the modifieds use a smaller tire than the WMT. Overall they’re having racing, a good time, and making $$. Whatever works, I guess!

  8. I went to what was supposed to be racing and demolition derbies broke out. Or vice versa.

  9. at Bowman Grey it’s more about rivalries and less about racing (always has been)..track is what it is and everyone should be able to race on it.. i don’t like the way they present the show….

  10. I’ve said no to other bad ideas (that silly Daytona paperclip, Mansfield, OH, NSS to start the year in FLA) but that didn’t seem to do anything, perhaps I should just say yes to this stupid notion…

    No effing way… let the animal “racers” try and go round in circles while nawing on their rubber n’ sheet metal flavored jerky – those 17k fans meanwhile, can guzzle their beer, shout obscenities while introducing the youngins’ to what quality entertainment is all about.. perfect..

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