RaceDayCT Rant – The Disturbing Fallout From The Latest Matt Hirschman Controversy 

In today’s RaceDayCT rant we take a look at some of the fallout emanating from the Matt Hirschman controversy in Saturday’s Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event at Star Speedway with a focus on some of the people who should know better than to feed into some of the fantasy land rhetoric. Click here or the image below to listen.


  1. Patrick Tetreault says

    Constantly trying to start controversy you are a terrible journalist!

  2. Patrick, the solution to your frustration is quite simple; Avoid this site, owned by the terrible journalist, and stay with the other website with the good journalist. Everyone will be happier. Better yet, start your own even better website.

  3. I love when people let it be known that they are allergic to facts.


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