World Series Whelen Modified Tour Event At Thompson Moved To Sunday Oct. 9

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

New $10,000-to-Win Open Modified Sunoco 100 on Saturday, October 8th

Pro All Stars Series and American-Canadian Tour officials are excited to announce a change in the 60th annual Sunoco World Series presented by Budweiser at Thompson Speedway. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will now headline Sunday of World Series weekend with their Sunoco World Series 150 presented by Phoenix Communications Inc. and the Thompson Outlaw Open Modifieds will now compete in the new $10,000-to-Win Open Modified Sunoco 100 joining the Saturday, October 8th program alongside the PASS Super Late Models and American-Canadian Tour.  

With the move, Tour-type Modified racing will continue to be held on all three days of the 60th annual Sunoco World Series presented by Budweiser with the Modified Racing Series 75 on Friday, October 7th, the new $10,000-to-Win Sunoco 100 for the Thompson Outlaw Open Modified Series on Saturday, October 8th and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Sunoco World Series 150 presented by Phoenix Communications on Sunday, October 9th.

Not to be outdone by their slightly larger brethren, the Sunoco Modifieds will also be showcased the entire weekend with the 2nd annual Weston Automotive Triple Crown. Last year Sunoco Modified ace Todd Owen took the top honors and is expected to return and defend the inaugural crown against 2022 hot-shoe Stephen Kopcik, Troy Talman and more! 

The 60th annual Sunoco World Series presented by Budweiser at Thompson Speedway will also feature the American-Canadian Tour and PASS Super Late Models on Saturday, October 8th as New England’s favorite full-fendered divisions will each compete for 75-lap events as their seasons come down to the wire. More details and full division line-ups for each of the three days of Sunoco World Series weekend presented by Budweiser will be released in the near future. 

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  1. What happened to the Thompson 300?

  2. So my question is where did the other $10k in winnings go? I hope it was dispersed throughout the field. This spring they marketed it as a $20k to win Thompson 300. And obviously the purse for the NASCAR tour is different for their race.

  3. Don’t see why there would be any expectation for the purse to be the same. Both cutting tire/fuel sales as well as down grading the day. For all intents, the 300 was canceled and replaced with a 100 lapper.

  4. Don’t forget the whelen tour is still running Martinsville after the world series so they need tires for that race too.

  5. so much for the tradition of the Thompson 300. At least they ran it once. I figured once they added Whelen to the weekend there would be some changes. Nobody utilizes that “schedule subject to change” like these promoters. If this is what they think they need to do to make the weekend successful and keep the cost down I won’t complain. I would be interested in hearing what the prices are for the weekend.

  6. Well to whatever promoter sees this, I was there for all three musket races and the single Thompson 300 and would love to keep these traditions alive

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry to see the 300 go away, but if these changes help keep Thompson running tthen I’m all for it. We’ll still see 3 tour type races and 3 SK races in the same weekend plus more. Where else would we have the chance for that?

  8. This is better. Sure everyone’s nethers commence to twingle when the Thompson 300 is mentioned but was the one throwback version all that niftly aside from the nostalgia factor. It’s came after a long weekend of racing, 25 cars did not indicate a high level of excitement from teams, the spin to win dramatic but otherwise did you really think it was that good?
    Three days of tour modified races has that ever been done with different sanctioning groups? Who’d a thunk there was that many tour modifieds to pull it off and will there be? Teams doubling up will be an interesting story in itself.
    Pass/Act agile as always, responding to conditions and noted the great vibe last Thursday. The NWMT championship is shaping up to be a barn burner going into the home stretch so the Tour deserves to be the big finale of the World Series. Two thumbs up for Michaud and Mayberry’s latest chess move.

  9. Tyler, do you think the track has a vault where they put the prize money at the beginning of the season and just hold it there till they pay it out? They havent sold a single ticket yet, they dont have the prize money yet.

  10. How about some kudos to Phoenix Communications for stepping up as race sponsors? They have been a great addition to the tour for the past five years and continue to ramp up their involvement. I heard the August race might not have happened with some kind of significant sponsorship and Phoenix agreed to fill the void when asked. We could use more of that…

  11. Mick;
    I agree. Acknowledged that in the comment section of the pick 6 for that race. Stood out to me because if memory serves, most of those august races were “Bud 150”, but I may be mistaken. Anyway, I agree. Excellent to have someone step up. Huge imo. Thank you Phoenix communication. Another reason to cheer the 51 for me.

  12. It will be interesting between MRS and Outlaw Mod shows, 1 pays 10k the other 2500 to win, I think they need to just combine them, 1 race with 30 plus cars vs 2 races with 20 or less.

  13. 300 is to much to squeeze into World Series weekend anyway. MRS/ outlaw combined show sounds good but Probably not realistic. Will the big block supers come back?… stay tuned folks this schedule could change multiple times and even two days before the show starts!

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Jussayin, the NESS Supers are already scheduled for 10/8 at Thompson.

  15. Those PASS run NESS supermodifieds are at Seekonk tonight Wed Aug 24th for the Boston Louie show. They have cancelled a few races this year due to weather and expected low car count parts shortages. It will be interesting to see how they do. ISMA hasn’t been drawing many cars either. They had a really low turnout for this race last year at the Konk. Even the Supers at Osweego have been a little low this year when I check in on FLO. Honestly, I don’t know if there is room for two touring BB Supermodified series in the region even if they work to not schedule over each other. Then again ISMA has basically been replaced by NESS in the region. Only Star has ISMA on the schedule this year. Over the years ISMA would regularly hit Lee Star Seekonk Thompson Claremont and Monadnock over the course of a season.

  16. seekonk fan says

    last 300 wasn’t that great. that’s probably why they are not doing it.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    csg, ISMA was supposed to be at Claremont Friday but cancelled due to car count. NESS @ Seekonk – 1st 1/2 was pretty good racing, but hugely need more cars. 10 showed, 9 started, 4 finished. 13 NEMA and 27 NEMA Lights.

  18. Do three one hundred lap races or two 150 lap races split purses for the races .Who wants to see a 300 lap race that ‘s y nascar struggles who wants to watch 3 4 and 500 lap races. Drive around for 275 laps and race the last 25. Enjoy your weekend

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