The Second Coming: Ty Gibbs Arrives In Phoenix Apologetic, Focused On Winning Xfinity Series Title

Ty Gibbs speaks to the media during the NASCAR Championship 4 Media Day at Phoenix Raceway Thursday (Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Holly Cain

NASCAR Wire Service

PHOENIX, Ariz. – From the look on his face to his body language, Ty Gibbs knew that Thursday’s Championship 4 Media Day in Phoenix was going to be a test of resolve and contrition. And from the very first question from reporters to the very first answer he offered, Gibbs was resolute in his apology saying, “selfish actions” and “being caught in the moment” led to his highly criticized racing style last week.

Gibbs fully concedes, wrecking his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Brandon Jones for the victory in last weekend’s championship field-setting race at Martinsville, Va. was not a “good look” and it had very real consequences for his family’s team. Jones was leading the race at the time Gibbs hit him from behind with less than a lap remaining and drove by for the win – acknowledging Thursday that he understood the situation at the time, “I knew he (Jones) had to win.”

“My actions put myself in this position and I just have to learn from it and move on, it’s just hard,” said the 20-year-old Gibbs, who will vie for his first NASCAR national series title against three JR Motorsports drivers – Noah Gragson, Josh Berry and Justin Allgaier – in Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship Race (6 p.m. ET on USA Network, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).

Had Jones won the race last week, it would have been his ticket into the Championship 4 pitting a pair of JRM Chevrolets against a pair of JGR Toyotas. Now Gibbs – a six-time winner – will have to rise to the occasion representing his team on his own.

“I think the biggest thing is at JGR, we are all one big family and for me to kind of break that apart for my selfish actions really hurts me because I kinda grew up there,” Gibbs said. “And it’s not cool. These guys work so hard the whole year and it’s just hard, it’s a lot.”

Gibbs would not provide details but said he has spoken to Jones and “I can completely understand where he’s coming from, and I accept it. … I have to face the fact I made a mistake and have to work as hard as I can to fix these issues.”

Gibbs said he watched the television race highlights late last Saturday and that “it does affect me” watching the replay of a move he wishes he hadn’t made – and also hearing the loud and negative fan reaction when he emerged from this car.

Gragson, who has a season-high – and career best – eight race wins in 2022, was candid in his displeasure over Gibbs’ racing last week. The driver of the No. 9 JR Motorsports Chevrolet said, “I’m just over it,” about Gibb’s racing style.

“I’m just sick and tired of the, ‘I’m sorry, I’m trying to learn’ deal,” Gragson said. “It’s been two years. … I think all of us are definitely over being the pinball for him.”

Gragson brushed off the idea that perhaps Gibbs returns to the track this week a little more mindful. “He doesn’t care,” said Gragson, who added the two even had a conversation mid-season about Gibbs aggressive tactics.

“It’s crazy to me, but it worked out for JRM so now we’ve got a 75 percent chance to win [the championship],” said Gragson, who will move up to the NASCAR Cup Series next season and be replaced next year at JRM by Brandon Jones.

Gragson won at Phoenix in March. Gibbs best finish in two starts, is runner-up in 2021.

Gibbs acknowledged the possibility that Jones or someone else in the field perhaps another competitor he’s had a past run-in with may do something to hurt his chances at a race win and the series championship. But Gibbs reiterated, “There’s nothing I can do about that.”

“You just have to transition your mind to that,” Gibbs said, of re-setting and preparing to race for the championship.

“For me, I love racing so much I can transition it pretty easy to my racing side, just because I love it,” Gibbs said. “And I feel like that’s a good trait I have but sometimes I make mistakes and have to own up to it and work as hard as I can to fix that as I do racing and studying data.”


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    75% chance…. I would say 90% chance Dale Juniors team Wins the Championship…. The Racing Gods will see to it that Jones and Ty baby get lined up perfectly for some payback or another Driver that Ty baby wrecked earlier this year …. Jones is leaving to Dale’s team next year so he doesn’t have to worry anything about Gibbs repercussions … But Jones is probably the BIGGER MAN and will let karma handle it……

  2. It all sounds good, but it’s all bull crap! Go race for a low budget team, he’s a big baby!

  3. Well, I hope someone dumps the spoiled rich kid, lord knows he’s upset enough people this season.

  4. What a selfish SOB. I’d tell him Saturday is his last race on the team. There is no I in team. He cut Toyotas chances for winning from 50% to 25%. Perhaps the three team mates will box him in and put him out? Rubbing is racing and so is wrecking to him it seems. An eye for an eye perhaps? LOL at that clown.

  5. There is in fact no “I” in team. But there is a ME. He is a little shish head. He is not sorry, sad to say. He is only sorry because he is getting called out for it. Gragson is not innocent either of this”Watkins Glen”. I hope either Allgaier or Brown win this. It will mean more to either of those gentlemen.

  6. hopefully the other xfinity drivers can have Ty Gibbs refocus on the turn one wall on lap one.

  7. The punk needs to be taken out behind the wood shed and have his A Double kicked, also Tybaby if your going to fight take your helmet off and fight like a man your lucky Mayer a or a crew didn’t lite you up.

  8. Kayman,
    I think you mean Road America in reference to Noah Gragson and his incident there earlier this year with Sage Karam.

  9. I bet the only, “punishment” Ty gets from Coy Gibbs is having to eat chicken instead of steak for dinner one night this week.

  10. wmass01013 says

    I am sorry you can BASH Gibbs alll you want but NOAH GRAGSON has nooooo rooom to talk about any other driver, Gragson is a menace in his own way, why because he drives for AN Earnhardt alll is good now and by the way who was the Biggest RATTLE his cage guy in racing? Dale Earnhardt Sr.

  11. Shawn, you are absolutely correct! Sorry about bringing fake news into this. But I think It is still relevant. I remember that was a very scary wreck that really felt very much the same but worse than what transpired last week. I do not want anybody to wreck people to get a championship.

  12. One big family my ass.
    So the consensus is that the kid gets dumped this weekend. I’ll take the opposite of that. The odds that someone has the gumption to do it when everyone know it was intentional and is willing to take the consequences at contract time is nil in my view.

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