Iconic Thunder Road Earns SRX Race And Spot On ESPN Thursday Night Thunder 

(Press release from Thunder Road International Speedbowl)

Officials are proud to announce the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) is coming to the iconic Thunder Road International Speedbowl on Thursday, July 20th. The SRX Series will pit the best of multiple racing disciplines against one another in identical cars on six short tracks across the country live on ESPN’s reestablished Thursday Night Thunder. Thunder Road has earned the second spot in that six-race line-up and July 20th will also feature the exciting All-Star Late Model Showdown, a full field of Late Model heroes from past and present duking it out for the glory of being the Greatest of All Time.  

With the SRX Series and Star-Studded Late Model Showdown taking over the Thursday, July 20th date, Times-Argus Midseason Championships have been moved to Friday, July 21st. An exciting Double Header week on the Barre highbanks that you won’twant to miss! 

“The six tracks we selected came from a list of 42 fantastic venues,” said SRX Chief Executive Officer Don Hawk. “When selecting the schedule, we prioritized historic tracks that have had great success hosting big-time events…SRX’s first visit to Thunder Road will be awesome – the fans there are spectacular, and we’re excited for race fans around the country to see how awesome that place is.” 

While the 2023 SRX driver line-up has yet to be announced, over the last two seasons the best of the best have taken part in the series. NASCAR Cup Series Champions, Daytona 500 Champions, open-wheeled Indianapolis 500 Champions and road course Trans-Am Champions have all taken part in the thrilling SRX Series. NASCAR Cup Champion Driver and Team Owner Tony Stewart will be back at Thunder Road with SRX on July 20th alongside a host of huge talent, yet to be announced, all looking for glory at the Nation’s Site of Excitement. 

The exciting All-Star Late Model Showdown will be a thrilling field of local and longtime Northeast talent. The special 64-lap event to commemorate Thunder Road’s 64th season will include contestants made up in exciting fashion. Eligibility for the All-Star Showdown will hinge on a driver’s support of ACT-sanctioned events and tracks in the upcoming season.  

Immediately eligible will be all American-Canadian Tour, Thunder Road, White Mountain Motorsports Park and Serie ACT Quebec Late Model winners from the 2023 season. Alongside these 2023 winners, the top-5 in points for these same tracks and tours on the week of July 20, 2023 will also be eligible to race. Additionally, former Thunder Road, White Mountain and ACT Late Model champions will be eligible as well as former Vermont Milk Bowl winners.  

Lastly, the All-Star Showdown will pit the best of the best Northeast Late Model racers against one another for a fantastic purse and a guaranteed spot in the 61st Vermont Milk Bowl on October 1st. 

The SRX event is likely to sellout. As such, Thunder Road will be pre-selling tickets to this marquee motorsports event in just a few short weeks. As a courtesy to our biggest supporters, a special Pre-Sale will be available to all 2023 Thunder Road Season Pass Holders and all 2023 ACT License Holders starting at 8:00am on Monday, January 9th. As an event added after the November schedule release, it is not included in the 2023 Seasons Pass.  

All remaining tickets will be available to the general public starting at 8:00am on Tuesday, January 10th. As with all SRX events in the past, we expect these tickets will go fast to a sellout crowd. Don’t get caught behind and join all the action as Thunder Road hosts the ultimate SRX Racing experience and the All-Star Late Model Showdown on Thursday, July 20, 2023! 

Sponsorship opportunities are readily available for this marquee motorsports event at one of New England’s most iconic short tracks. Interested parties can contact Marketing Director Marvin Galarneau at [email protected]

For more information, contact the Thunder Road offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.thunderroadvt.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ThunderRoadVT. 


  1. I really like the SRX events. I was asked by CBS Sports Net to work the Slinger event which I think was the first year but I had a conflict so I did not. I wish that I had. Stuff on the networks in general is done better than the streaming companies from what I have seen so far. Sports Networks have far bigger budgets and much more experience doing them in general it appears. I would call most streaming as bare bones for many events and better than radio but closer to surveillance video. Most of the multicamera with replays network stuff is very good.

    I would like to see a summer of them so 13 weeks. I’ll wager that this would require a huge increase in the budget for the racing equipment and support crew. TV could handle it easily as they do lots of remote sporting events all year long. They might need three times as many cars and four times as many race crew folks to do 13 straight weeks.

    Hailie Deegan was on some of them and did ok for a young driver. I did DVR them and watched them all a couple times before hitting delete. I do not watch many commercials.

  2. I know I can’t get enough updates on your career Pete I’m surprised CBS was able to muddle through the Slinger event without you.
    Reading about how happy you are with your satellite subscription service content, the fact you love your DVR and the crowing about blasting through the commercials that support the events is interesting to read even after the eighth or nine time you’ve said it. I’m sure there’s someone out there that hasn’t heard about your personal choices yet.
    Here’s the thing. Comments like this kind of stick out.

    “I would call most streaming as bare bones for many events and better than radio but closer to surveillance video.”

    Being from Wisconsin you may not know we have a local track that does a really nice job streaming their races. That would be Stafford Motor Speedway. When you make observations like you just did you’ll have to pardon we locals that know your comparison to “surveillance” is laughable it’s so ignorant. Stafford being the top of the list for production quality but other regional tracks like Thunder Road and Riverhead improving their streaming productions as well.
    Good luck with that suggestion to expand the SRX series to an entire summer of races. Sounds like a tough sell to me but with your pull in the industry maybe you can pull it off.

  3. Your ignorance keeps shining thru when you post. Surprised you can afford internet and streaming. Personally I could give a crap about your opinion and comments and if this was not an open forum . . . . . . Happy Holidays to everyone.

  4. “Your ignorance keeps shining thru when you post.”

    Is that like every time or sometimes? I’ve been very specific with your reference to streamed races being like surveillance video. Consider returning the favor and be equally specific. It is after all the Christmas season and a time for giving.

  5. Heh heh heh heh heh heh . . . . . most every thing you say sounds like you have little experience in real life or much education. I am a college educated experienced long time well paid professional in the TV sports world. Single camera productions are like security cameras, the better ones can to panned and tilted too . . . . . if you cannot understand that difference between those productions to multicamera productions there is no hope for you it seems.

    I like sprint cars and midgets on dirt. I watch other racing on TV though. I prefer being there in person for sprint cars and midgets to TV.

  6. “I am a college educated experienced long time well paid professional in the TV sports world. ”

    Wow, that’s impressive. We are indeed lucky to have such an accomplished person weighing in our little forum on topics of interest. Also impressive is your ability to gauge not just a lack of experience in the subject matter but life as well by simply reading posts on a racing web site. Be that as it may I’ll try to muddle through and keep up with you the best I can.
    So you say “the better ones (security camera’s) can to panned and tilted too”. Now see right that’s that extensive experience and education of yours kicking in. Technology today is something for sure. Funny thing, I was watching a Gene Hackman movie, The Conversation dated 1974 and son-of-a-gun they had the very thing of which you speak even in 1974. And get this, the person that the camera was following was none other the Harrison Ford. That’s right Han Solo before he was Han Solo.
    Even with all your industry based insights I’m still going to have to say that streamed races have absolutely nothing in common with surveillance video other then the fact they may employ multi axes, pannable camera’s. While it is true on large tracks it can be problematic capturing only the leaders most of the time, on a third mile or less it’s really quite adequate. It is after all a living human being controlling a high definition camera with the discipline to show every lap in the most advantageous manner for the viewer. With good announcers and perhaps Race Monitor on the laptop providing live timing most anyone can get a pretty good racing experience. Moreover with announcers dialed into the fact the race is getting wider spread exposure another element very beneficial to racing takes place. Sponsors, be they on billboards, race cars and even event sponsors having their name mentioned along with a high definition screen shot all made possible by a specific game plan executed by experienced personnel.
    One of the first races I viewed as tracks started showing events during the pandemic without fans in the stands was a Late Model race at White Mountain. The company that produced it in Vermont generally did local non racing sporting events, weddings and parades. That was crude, low definition and very much like a surveillance video. What we see now is not that at all.
    The thing I find most surprising about your observations on streamed races Pete is your demeaning, dismissive tone. As a professional in the industry one would think you would have some respect for the people streaming races where training, discipline and experience counts. Streamed race productions as a whole are getting more sophisticated every years and I’m surprised you don’t seem to be aware of that.

  7. You are getting further and further out there every post. It is not the people doing it dumb . . . it is what people get for what they are paying. It is better than nothing I suppose. My standards and expectations are much higher than yours. LOL at you . . . . . .

  8. “My standards and expectations are much higher than yours.”

    I’m willing to stipulate that pretty much every reference you make to yourself Pete is going to be cloaked in superlatives. Stating what I know is the way you feel about yourself is probably being unnecessarily redundant.

    “It is not the people doing it dumb(ass) . . . it is what people get for what they are paying.”

    It’s OK to spell dumbass out if that’s the insult you wish to use. Some fringe vulgarities are allowed for those so inclined such as yourself.
    Hmmm, your observation is that for those of us that subscribe to FloRacing for example and pay $150 plus tax are victims of poor quality and we may not even be aware of it. Sorry but I just don’t see that as valid at all. Some tech issues do pop up on social media from time to time but they’re relatively few and many are the result of difficulty in negotiating the log in process and navigating the site. I know in this forum folks as a rule think it’s an outstanding value for all the content provided me included. Race teams love it since they get to watch and analyze their races virtually any time they like from the replay library.
    While I may or may not be a dumbass it’s highly unlikely that all the people that subscribe to and renew FloRacing are dumbasses for using a sub standard product that they pay too much for.
    Give it some thought.

  9. As usual you are missing the points completely. Frankly it seems I can’t explain it in terms you can understand. You like to twist everything anyway. I’m sad for you. I’m done trying.

  10. Thank God your done Pete your arm must be sore from patting your self on the back from reading your posts I’m sure know one else is

  11. Guess you were the only fool but then it is obvious you are one . . . . . .

  12. Pete, you still using DSL? Dial-up?

    I have 940 Mbps service… can view any resolution available, and multiple simultaneous screens. OTA is nice, I still run an antenna too.

  13. It can be a trial trying to make relevant points while absorbing a steady stream of very personal insults along the way. To be fair I was the scamp with mischief in mind so taking incoming just goes with the territory.
    In this threads metamorphosis I stumbled upon a gem some of you in the same age range may find worth checking out.
    The gem being WLHA internet radio, The Big 64. Music and Malarkey. Come on man who doesn’t love malarkey?
    Geared toward the older set like my fav Boss Radio 66 you’ll have to endure all the Christmas offerings for today but the promise for a varied library of good tunes past the holiday seems very promising.

  14. I live on a large lake in northeastern Wisconsin. Seven minutes from town.
    32% of the county has no internet. There are areas without cell phone coverage. I suspect Joe Biden will fix all this. LOL. There is one choice for wired internet. It used to be CenturyLink. It was bought recently by a company called BrightSpeed. Speed is decent for what we need and do. $50 a month. I have an HD antenna but Direct TV is my preference. I do not stream yet. We finally can and I would not trade my home for anything in or near a city. My house is 50′ from the lake with a sunset view.

    WLHA is great. This weekend the music is not typical at all. Should get back to normal on Monday.

  15. Pete, what kind of wire is your internet?

    Twisted pair?


    From the looks of it, the world does a collective sigh of relief when you say you will stay where you are, away from the general population. Thanks.

  16. Dude, why are you talking about justifying your decisions about Direct TV or living where you do? BrightSpeed is a perfectly fine DSL alternative. Depending on speed $50 is a good price.
    Biden didn’t pass the H.R.3684 the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act the US Congress did and the vote was bipartisan. A big part of it is to help get people in rural areas greater access to quality internet service and I’d bet that BrightSpeed may be a beneficiary of some of the Federal dollars to improve access and speeds.
    I’m not going to re-Pete any more of my facetious barbs or “badger” you with our own brand of New England cynicism. All I’d as is you consider treading a little more lightly when you decide to demean the products we are viewing locally when you really have no experience in seeing what we are seeing.

  17. The method of connection is old twisted pair phone lines to the house. It is what they offer period. I know where the fiber it connects to is located. BrightSpeed recently bought the existing stuff from CenturyLink. No equipment was changed at all. Up to 80 Mbps down now. For a long time it was 1.25 Mbps on a good day. Then 40 and now 80. Anything above 8 Mbps is fast enough for HD TV. Lower rates will work but not so good. I’m never going to leave satellite TV service. I have decent over the air broadcast stations from my antenna too. Most rural areas are served by the old telephone company twisted pairs so it would be the easiest method to bring access to much of the rural world in my opinion. Remember there is never likely to be the demand in rural areas due to fewer people per mile. What I have seen is that the government money is allowing another company to get in the market where CenturyLink was the only wired option. I like wired options even though Direct TV is not. There is no TV cable (coax) available. Only the bigger cities have cable TV.

    I live on a large quiet inland lake with a sunset view. It is stunning. Most neighbors are recreational users so a quiet place 7 minutes from a small town and an hour from Green Bay, WI.

    I have seen a fair amount of single camera low budget TV productions. Hell I have done them! I have worked professionally in television for many years so I have seen it all.

    I’m wonder which is better Flo or Dirt Vision? Remember that I’m a big Sprint Car and open wheel dirt track fan. I’m thinking about trying Flo for the Chili Bowl Midget races coming up. MAVTV does not have their schedule for that week in the system yet. I want to be able to watch stuff when it is convenient for me which is why I love my DVR. Frankly the Flo website is not very good at explaining things unless you sign up it seems. So educate me . . . . . . I can educate you about WLHA and internet radio or music as I am a regular DJ on WLHA, very good friends with the owners and all the other DJ’s. I am Peter Jaay.

  18. Over the air antenna TV cool beans. Big ass digital antenna, fed into an aging DVR + from Channel Master. All network content coming over the air that is watched whenever. The only live events being NFL football and the occasional UCONN (Ranked no 2 in the country) basketball game appearing on broadcast TV. Digital picture quality every bit as good or better then any cable, streaming or satellite service. Had Dish and Direct TV in the past, now it’s ala carte only no packages satellite, cable, streamed or otherwise. 25MPS via Cox cable with no buffering issues ever. Float in and out of Prime, HBO Max, Netflix etc but never more then two sources in a month. Total budget for cable plus paid content never over $80 leaving plenty of money for FloRacing, Racing America and a monthly contribution to my favorite racing site RaceDayCt. I understand some people must have ESPN, NASCAR Cup, Kevin Costner in Yellowstone, cable news or some other genre only available in a package. The part that didn’t suit my needs was paying for so many channels every month I never watched.
    So we’ve established you have access to the necessary speed and at a manageable cost. The only other consideration does it meet your needs and interests.
    For any decision regarding FloRacing or any other streaming service first one needs to figure out if it gives you what you want. I never went to FloRacing looking to get interested in what they showed FloRacing came to me first providing my home track Stafford Motor Speedway. Then it expanded to NASCAR Modifieds, Riverhead, Thunder Road and the SMART tour all things I knew and wanted to watch. Thus when it’s time to pay the $150 every year I’m smiling with glee making that payment knowing what a terrific value it’s going to be.
    I should think to consider FloRacing or any other service first you’d have to find out if they cover tracks you grew up with that you went to in your younger days. Or perhaps you know or work with people in local racing you’d like to see. I’m seeing tracks like Shawano, Langlade and TNT may be the nearest to you all dirt and none that I could find on FloRacing. Searching for tracks on FloRacing is easy even without a subscription. Go to the FloRacing site, click “Watch” at the top of the page, click “Replays” about mid page then to the right you can search tracks, series whatever to your hearts content.
    I can see the problem here. When you view a one camera event from a track or series you’re not familiar with you’re looking for production values and to be sold that it’s worth your money and time. We or at the very least I am not looking to be sold. I know the tracks, series, drivers and all I need is for the streaming provider to give me is the race in high definition without technical issues. What I don’t see on the screen I see on live timing on the laptop. Information the announcer gives is not foreign or disconnected it’s building on a library of facts and information I already posses. Point being I’m completely invested at the point the event comes on.
    Stafford Motor Speedway can deliver first tier production values as well as other tracks I’m sure. However they are not the norm so if production values are your priority then maybe you’ve already landed on the best fit for you.

    So how do AM-FM radio stations that play music work? For me listening to oldies stations is impossible since they rotate the same songs on a loop. Is that because they have to pay for songs or is it because people only tune in for short durations and want to hear their favorite song for the limited time they listen?
    Whether it’s Petula Clark singing the praises of Coke in a classic commercial, Dr Beats Taser Booggie or Panorama by the Cars what I want to hear is different stuff and malarkey. So far WLHA is fitting the bill nicely and hearing the frigid weather forecasts making this New England Yankee feeling less cold.

  19. Excellent reply and information.

    The over the air radio business is now mainly geared towards people listening to/from work. So they run small play lists with few if any real people dedicated to producing content. The smaller the market the less effort and money spent. Major markets still have real announcers and more dollars spent running them. WLHA has more staff than many radio stations. Many internet stations have no one picking the music, jingles, commercials, etc. All done by a computer. So WLHA has real people doing most of the programming and is unique in the internet world as it has CBS Network news. It is not supported by any ad sales. The CBS stuff is sponsored but WLHA is funded by a couple people. Yes they have a blanket music license and songs played are reported and paid for.

    I have over the air antenna for the sub channels like the local weather one. I watch some NFL and the over the air is much higher visual quality. I can see the different between 1080i and 720p. Satellite TV is compressed and the picture quality is poorer. The pictures in the TV trucks used to broad cast network sports is a couple steps up from over the air.

    I want to watch everything when it fits my schedule. I seldom watch anything live other than some NFL. Everything else is DVR. I’ve had Direct TV since 1996 which is when it started pretty much. I installed my own equipment, pointed the dish, etc.

    I grew up in Plymouth, WI and still spend some time there. It has a 1/3 mile dirt track. The racers I grew up watching are no longer racing. Some of their kids and grandkids are racing. Plymouth Dirt Racing’s events are on a local cable channel on a delay. They host some spring car events and have 360 sprint cars weekly. The dirt tracks around here do not have sprint cars. Until recently I worked lots of nights, weekends and holidays doing sports TV. Mainly baseball, basketball, football, etc. I’m close to retirement from doing remote TV sports. I stopped doing Packers two years ago. Outside, cold, snow, rain, long hours, etc. so time to stop and let the younger folks deal with it all.

    I like sprint cars and midgets on the dirt. I have been to WOO and IRA 410 events as my schedule allowed in Wisconsin at several race tracks for the past couple years. Plymouth has several IRA 410 events every year. I attend when I can. They host the finals for IRA 410, Plymouth 360, Wisconsin Wingless and Mini Sprints. They are excellent races on a very well operated race track. So I watch tv to see other races. I enjoy all the racers but do not really follow anyone in particular. Thus I want to see very good race coverage. I can’t watch real time scoring as I’m DVR’ing it. If the show does not have on screen scoring it is less interesting to me. The screaming announcers do not add to the production value of the broadcast often. They talk to much in my opinion.

    It really is not about the cost or value. I like to be entertained and see the racing including the stuff not on the line cut via replays. Our satellite cost is expensive my wife tells me a couple times a year . . . . . .

    We watch a fair amount of channels on Direct TV and have a rental house where renters like Direct TV. So I write half of it off as the cost of doing business.

    It sounds like Flo has more of what I want. I talked to the fellow running Dirt Vision about working for them but having to relocate was the quick deal killer. Flo Sports looks large and they cover lots of sports. Their rates for daily hires are real low and I’m not really wanting more work. I want to work just a little and may stop completely as I will be 67 early next year.

    Can I watch the events like I want to on my schedule with Flo? Rigging up a system to record the shows I desire is not something I really want to do. I also do not want to sit thru commercials either.

  20. It is tough to declare a who is better between Dirtvision and Flo. It really depends on what your favorite series or racing divisions are

    Dirtvision covers WOO sprints, woo late models, Dirtcar mods and a few tracks jacksonville, williams grove, milbridge etc. There broadcast is probably better overall in presentation as I believe they have their own broadcast team travel to each series event. FLo I believe relies on a lot of local tracks to set up and do the broadcast especially on their weekly tracks. The lucas and USAC has their own broadcast team and is good. Dirtvision can do that because they have far less content, Dirtvision will on occasion have 5 or 6 broadcasts going on simultaneously but usually much less than flo. Flo had 16 different broadcasts going on simultaneously one-night last summer. I remember texting somebody that I couldn’t decide what to watch.

    FLO has much more variety with extensive coverage of dirt and asphalt oval track racing. They also have other motor sports like drag racing, offroad and motox on regularly. They may do some road racing too but I don’t really seek that out. Flo has USAC sprints and midgets, Lucas Late models, winged 360,410 sprints(high limit series and All Stars). Nascar tours and weekly tracks. For weekly tracks Flo has Eldora, Lincoln, Stafford, Osweego, Thunderroad and a bunch of Nascar tracks. There are many more weekly tracks but those are the ones I remember.

    There is a lot of racing content on Flo, much more and more of a variety than Dirtvision. Flo is 150 a year and dirtvision is 300 though I think they have or had a deal for around the holidays for 200 for the year.

    I could without a doubt recommend Flo as the best value in racing, period. Dirtvision I usually pick up for a month or two during the late model hell tour. I am more interested in late models than sprints and follow Lucas lates more than woo. For me, there is enough sprint cars on FLo with All stars and USAC. If you are considering only picking Flo up for a month, there is the Tulsa shootout this week for mini sprints. You would also get the Chili bowl for midgets within your monthly sign up. I am not sure what you will get on the back end of the month maybe some East Bay with the start of their winternationals. Please note a pet peeve of dirtvision. The monthly option only runs 28 days which catches a few people off guard. You sign up on the 27th you would think it renews on that same day next month. nope 4 weeks from the day you signed up. The monthly pass for DV doesn’t include the Knoxville Nationals. They have required you pay additional PPV or get the yearly pass in years past for that broadcast. Also, if you do sign up for either go through their respective websites. If you go through apple or roku they take like 20 to 30 percent from the purchase price. DV would only offer the discounted 200 price through their website. Not sure if that is still active.

    Since Covid I rarely get to the track in person anymore. I generally watch from home and pick and choose a few races to go to in person to catch up with friends. It is far more convenient. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask. I might be able to help.

  21. I can’t say everything on FloRacing is available for replay because I don’t watch everything. Of the tracks and series I watch they are all available to watch in replay anytime you like. Race teams view the replays to analyze their races. In this forum when there is a controversial wreck of some sort we’re all replaying the race multiple times analyzing what actually happened.
    It’s really quite remarkable.

  22. You can watch all the races on demand after the race concludes. I typically start the Stafford shows about 30 minutes to an hour late and catch up as the night goes on watching on a laptop. You can fast forward through lengthy delays and just outright skip divisions you aren’t interested in. They have a 30 second skip forward or back button which is great for replays. This is on the web version watching on a laptop. You can watch 3 or 4 races in different windows on the laptop. If so inclined, you can watch another stream on the tv and yet another on the tablet. Good luck following all those races at the same time. I don’t recommend doing more than 4. You can also pause streams to get food, go to the bathroom, take a phone call or watch the A main on another stream you are simultaneously watching. You would have to leave the stream paused and then you can minimize the window for additional screen space. You can run into a problem that if you don’t catch up before the end of the live broadcast, they may cut the stream and you have to go back and relaunch it and try to find where you left off. Not a big deal. Usually, they keep the stream running with a screen that says broadcast is over for an hour or so after the live broadcast, so the problem rarely occurs. You can watch on your phone when you are out and about or at the track. They are about a half lap behind. I would think most racing fans will be happy with Flo. They also give you all their other sports content for no additional charge. I have watched a few ECHL and college hockey games during the off-season.

    I gave up direct tv a few years ago. The service was great it just got too expensive. I had planned on going back a few months later once I would qualify as a new customer again but never went back. I truely miss the DVR and pausing live broadcasts and catching up blowing through commercials but not enough to resign up at the price I was paying.

  23. These threads done right can be like good circle intersection charts. If we insist on each others circles fitting into one another frustration and friction is likely to ensue. When there a greater effort to find the areas of overlap without being critical of the areas that don’t intersect things can be learned.
    Having rental property, over the air antenna TV, the importance of a DVR and control over content, specific ideas of what content we wish to view and what it’s worth to us, classic tunes and even the lake community way of life all things I have specific experience with and can share even with a badger in the land of cheese heads. Congratulations on the win over the Dolphins by the way it make our game this weekend with the fish a bit more relevant.

    Kool and the Gang “Celebration”. That is apparently on every over the air radio stations play list. Seems like on many classic stations you can’t run out to get a six pack without hearing that song. Stafford Speedway plays the dad gum tune after every feature and the only salvation is the mute button when that happens. In that regard live radio hosts on these main stream radio stations can’t be listening to the constant repetition I would think they would go insane.
    So we have a local celebrity do we? Wisconsin disc jockey. Spinning the platters, music and malarkey, I’m listening to WLHA right now. The insights on the play list very interesting in particular. As a layman even I can see the amount of time it takes to generate unique play lists by show daily it’s a lot of work. Over the air college stations, the roots of WLHA apparently are the only refuge on that score in my view. My ideal is Tom Hanks endorsed and occasional guest disc jockey on Boss Radio 66. They play really obscure classic oldies that stay fresh over long periods. Especially appreciated by those of us that spend long periods in the workshop needing a constant stream of fresh music to complement our creative chi. WLHA seems to play more main stream recordings but with a deep bench. Very happy to have that part of our circles intersect.
    I’m glad csg contributed in this thread he is hands down the most informed contributor with regard to the array of streaming race content available from asphalt to dirt.
    Signing off with Chicago’s “Beginnings” in the background-like it!

  24. I am learning a lot and leaning towards Flo. CSG does seem to know a lot about it all and he has done a good job of explaining it. They both have decent amount of Sprint Cars, Midgets and dirt racing.

    I like to watch stuff on my Big Screen Sony TV’s. So I finally plugged the router into the Sony TV I watch yesterday. I will plug it into my Direct TV Receiver today. I need to figure out the best method to get it on that TV. I prefer the bigger screen and recliner not my computer and office chair. Forget the phone except maybe at the track. Can you give me and others the short course about how your system is wired up? Or perhaps others have suggestions. Thanks!

    It does take some creativity to get the best deal from Direct TV. Talking to them on the phone takes a long time. Last time I cut 1/3 off my yearly subscription . . . . .

    I hope that you all give WLHA a listen. We even take requests. It is tough to do a show and keep up with requests but the DJ’s do their best which often means on their next show. Most of the group is retired. I am not completely yet and may never be. Remember WLHA is truly is FREE music & malarkey. You can use the unlimited data on your phone or listen on the computer. I use an older Iphone on wi-fi with a blue tooth speaker around the house. So old phones without sim cards have some use besides for calling 911.

    Peter Jaay Tuesday – Friday 1-3 central and 5-6 Monday – Friday with a few additional hours Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Complicated sort of.

  25. I personally use an Amazon firestick. They have a 4k version that has a pretty good processor. They go for about 40 bucks not on sale from the two-day shipping warehouse. They are frequently on sale for around 25 to 30. you just download the ap from the store and sign in. You do need to have an Amazon account but dont need prime. I was using it on a 11 yr old 1080 tv until a few days ago when I got a 4k tv. Your tv will need to have an HDMI input and a good internet connection. You can download all your streaming providers Flo Dirtvision, prime Netflix Disney, Youtube to the firestick. Most are preloaded the racing isn’t. A lot of the cable companies offer an ap to watch cable online. I wouldn’t be surprised if Direct tv offers it as well. I do believe I had Direct tv on my tablet before I left them a few years ago. You can move the firestick from room to room or house to house. Just sign into your internet and you are good to go. I have 4 of the firesticks. one for each room and the camper.

    The biggest issue is your internet connection. I have 200 mbs cable no data cap and dont have any issues running a laptop two streaming tvs, a tablet and a couple of phones simultaneously. Everything is connected thru wifi nothing is hardwired. It worked well with 100mbs but would get spotty out in the backyard probably 60 ft from the router. There is a speed test website. I would make sure you are at least 20 to 30 mbs the higher the better. Anything less than 20 mbs you are probably going to get frustrated especially if you are running multiple devices. There is nothing worse than buffering. and it will ruin your experience.

    The camper I use a cellphone 4g hotspot. It works, not great, but you chew thru data like crazy. I am curious how it goes with 5g uggrade. I am also typically camping in more rural areas where cell service might not be great. I have heard some people are going with 5g cell provider hot spots for their home internet. That may be an option going forward.

    Good luck

  26. Watching on a computer is a very unrewarding experience.
    I use Roku but there are other equally capable media players to choose from. Don’t want to get into that an HDMI cable from your laptop directly into the big screen and changing the input will suffice. Once you’re invested in what your seeing then the media player may start to make sense plus it gives you access to all kinds of free content. Plus you can pop in and out of premium services monthly if you like to enhance your TV watching experience.

  27. pete, get a roku, firestick, or apple tv and use the flo app. Very easy

  28. One clarification from my comment last night. Your TV doesn’t need an internet connection just a HDMI input. You need an internet connection for the firestick. People do use the web browser built into modern tvs to watch flo but the experience is not optimal. It’s much better on the plug-in streaming stick.

  29. A couple friends of mine that are active behind the scenes with dirt tracks wonder if the tracks with regular webcasts have big screens at the track? More later. Thanks!

  30. Firesticks are a fantastic inexpensive product. When mobile, 5G will make the broadcast more stable over 4G, but will still use the same amount of data.

    I used to carry a spare dish obtained from the local recycling center in my camper and bring my DirecTV DVR with me. An iPhone app helped me align the dish in about 90 seconds. For years, I had a great discount for DirecTV ($11/mo w/ everything!) that I lost when DTV was split off of AT&T.

    We still have cable, as my broadband connection for work is Xfinity Gig speed and my wife is a technophobe.

    The Firestick can stream and program my Xfinity DVR and much of the programming to in-house smart TV’s without extra rented cable boxes, as well as anywhere I happen to be out of the house. I also use it to watch YouTube, Prime Video, Peacock, HBO, and Paramount+ away from home. I bought an extra stick that I take on business trips to watch recorded programming.

    It’s very rare that I can’t get a good cell signal, and a side benefit of Xfinity broadband is they have lots of free hotspots that don’t use mobile data.

  31. I’m getting an education which is great. I have 3 months of Apple TV coming from one of my new phones so I am going to check into this offer.

    We have Amazon Prime. I will be researching a FireStick. Looks like a good addition to my hardware.

    I like wired connections. Wired connections are solid and can be faster than Wi-Fi in general. However my Wi-Fi speed exceeds 40 Mbps down and is solid. No data limits or slowdowns. I have 5G and 2.4 Wi-Fi as my Ring Cameras need the 2.4 network. Living where I do there is little conflict from neighbors on the 5G and 2.4 Wi-Fi. One problem people do not understand is interference from their neighbors being on the same channels with Wi-Fi. I have about a 250′ Wi-Fi range for the 5G. There is a way to change the channel you are using for Wi-Fi. It is unrelated to the network and password.
    My TV’s all have multiple HDMI inputs. I use one of them for Direct TV. I have an older laptop I could use dedicate to the TV although it has Windows 7 for operating software. This could be a problem I’ll wager. I should check if I can get HDMI to work from my desktop computer. Might be to far.

  32. I ordered a Firestick not a 4K version. Less than $30. I also ordered a 25’ HDMI cable to connect my desktop and Sony TV. I do not have a 4K TV as I believe the industry will settle on 1080p. The bandwidth required to do 4K is huge. 1080p not much more than 1080i. If you have an over the air antenna and satellite or cable and you cannot see the difference between the pictures between them (both 720 and 1080) your TV may not be set up properly. Both satellite and cable use more compression than over the air currently so they are not as sharp. Some broadcast stations as well as satellite/cable stations are 720p and some are 1080i. You should see a slight difference between them over the air too from 1080i and 720p. Football is the easiest programing to see the difference. Look at the grass in the up cameras.

  33. As luck would have it I was given a new in the box Roku by my buddy. A tenant left it in a rental. He has no use for it due to lack of fast enough internet. He has poor cell service at his house too. Black hole sort of. So soon as the FireStick and HDMI cable shows up I can try them both.

  34. Yo Peter Jaay, you say you have wired… would that be dial-up, ISDN, DSL…??? What sort of wired do you have coming into the premise? And how far are you from the switch? The switch I refer to is the other end of the wire, the telecom building that connects to the wire and sends out the signal to your premise.

    If you have twisted pair coming into the premise, that is the weak link and you never going to see high speed. Your wi-fi will be limited by the limit of the twisted pair. So, what sort of wired media do you have coming to your premise? Twisted pair?

    Around here, 1,000 Mbps is the introductory speed being offered. I have 940 Mbps, real cheap too. Speeds many times higher are available.

    8K TV is already here, and that needs higher throughput. Just like 4K needed higher throughput over SD and HD. Although 8K TVs are available, there is no 8K content available… yet. It’s an evolution, happening just as it did before.

    So, what is the wire going into your premise? Twisted pair? If you had decent hard wired media, you would not consider satellite.

  35. Thanks for the reply. Remember I am an engineer with a four year degree. I do/did broadcast TV for a living. Being a DJ is kind of my retirement hobby. I have a studio in my office. I remember all to well dial up internet and bag phones. I worked many years ago for a website source provider. We had a T1 line when people had dial up connections. It was amazing and then I went home to dial up service . . . . . . . .

    I have had Direct TV continuously since it started in 1996. I understand how it works, the limitations of it and small dishes. Wired services are the best way to go period. The twisted pair coming into the house is decent. No issues between here and the pedestal where the fiber is. My local tech is a sharp guy. He made sure several years ago. Distance is short enough to support 80 Mbps which is the highest speed offered at my house. Much of what folks read about twisted pair, coax, fiber is BS.

    CenturyLink/BrightSpeed is likely to be the only wired option in my lifetime. This is truly rural Northeastern Wisconsin! We are 7 miles from town on a huge lake. We love it. I can get a little over 10 Mbps reliably with my cell phones not on Wi-Fi. Plenty good enough for HD video streaming. Data limits on cell phones even on an unlimited plan means they slow it down at a certain point no matter what. I am fine with the wired service and speeds we really get. It is $50 a month.

    Direct TV is fine. The brief outages due to weather are what they are. I do not want them for internet and the upload speeds for satellite internet are not good. My neighbor has ViaSat satellite internet and he says it sucks but his weekend visiting kids pay for it so that is what they have. His house like many houses here do not have twisted pair as the owners never had a land line phone. At one point we had four of them. I have one buddy that has tried all the satellite internet ones and he likes none of them. He is in a cellular hole with no CenturyLink/BrightSpeed due to the distance from fiber. He has an outside booster for his cell phones. Just a bad rural location. Not enough population to merit any company bothering to do anything it seems.

    I have done 4K broadcasts. Seen some 8K. Done a fair number of 1080P HDR and 1080P HDR is where I expect things will end up. 4K requires almost 4 times the bandwidth of 1080 and 8 K a whole lot more of course. The infrastructure required by the broadcasters for 4K and 8K makes the dollars needed crazy. Remember when they were saying 3D? It died.

    MAVTV via Direct TV on Saturday and Sunday may have what I want from the Chili Bowl Midgets on Live. Waiting for my Firestick and the 25′ HDMI Cable.

  36. Peter Jaay wrote, “Distance is short enough to support 80 Mbps which is the highest speed offered at my house. Much of what folks read about twisted pair, coax, fiber is BS.”


    And you would be lucky to get close to 80 Mbps through twisted pair. You should go buy a lottery ticket. I’m close to a switch and could barely get a little over 7 Mbps over twisted pair. That’s not fast enough to stream SD. Back then, I had to pre-download most of the movie before I could start watching, or get buffering delays. Exactly what is expected from twisted pair… it sucks.

    Coax is awesome, easily a couple Gbps to the premise is already happening. My cable company is pushing it hard. The new DOCSIS spec makes it happen, channel bonding, etc. I’m getting 940 Mbps over coax, more than I’ll ever need, or could ever use. Much higher speeds over coax are available.

    Fiber to the premise is absurdly fast. Many times faster than coax. It’s available.

    Just as advertised. There are plenty of speed test options available to prove what is BS and what is not.

  37. Twisted pair works just fine at 80 Mbps for me. I know how to check speeds. I do not remember what the Tech told me the distance is to the switch for me. All it takes is one bad connection to effect twisted pair or coax. Coax can suffer from bad splitters and barrel connectors or wrong impedance splitters or connectors. The local Tech did all my wiring even in the house. Fiber should always be way faster than coax. Fiber uses light. Coax and twisted pair do not use light obviously. Dirty fiber connections can also slows speeds greatly. I have equipment to test and clean fiber from my TV work.

    I got the Firestick, HDMI cable and Roku now so I may play with them today.

  38. Peter Jaay, if you are getting 80Mbps, regardless of the transmission type, why do you constantly blather on about speeds and all that you can’t watch because lack of speed hobbles what you can receive? If you really had 80Mbps, you’d have nothing to talk about, everything should work just fine. 80Mbps is more than enough to stream to a good size screen.

  39. LOL 80 Mbps availability is real recent at my house. I learned 80 Mbps is available talking with the new provider when there was a wide spread outage less than a month ago. 40 Mbps has not been here real long. You do not have to read any posts. Better to remain silent and let us think you are stupid than to speak up and remove all doubt.

  40. Peter Jaay wrote, “LOL 80 Mbps availability is real recent at my house. I learned 80 Mbps is available talking with the new provider when there was a wide spread outage less than a month ago. 40 Mbps has not been here real long. You do not have to read any posts.”

    Well, well, well… nice of you to finally say that. Last I recall you were still using smoke signals.

    Peter Jaay wrote, “Better to remain silent and let us think you are stupid than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

    Best you practice what you preach.

  41. That’s the best you can come up with . . . . . .LOL at you as many people do. Hiding behind a screen name is about at a 3rd grade level. darealgoodbafoon would be more accurate.

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