Granite State Pro Stock Series Announces 2023 Schedule

(Press Release from Granite State Pro Stock Series)

Eight-Race Slate Includes Two Tracks in New Hampshire, One in Maine & One TBA Race

Granite State Pro Stock Series officials announced today an eight-race schedule for the 2023 season. The schedule includes three events at ‘The Place To Race’, Star Speedway, two at Riverside Speedway, two at Speedway 95 and one at a track to be announced.

Star Speedway, owned by the Webber family, has been on the Granite State Pro Stock Series schedule since inception of the series and will return for the new season. 

The three dates include the Hedges Excavating 100 on Saturday, May 6, a special race to pair with the Racers Honoring Racers Open Modified 100 at Star on July 1, and the annual Star Classic Friday night event on September 15.

Outside of Star, the series will also frequent two other ovals in 2023 – Riverside Speedway and Speedway 95. Riverside, located in Groveton, New Hampshire, is a true bullring style track with banking and tight corners. Speedway 95, in Hermon, Maine, is a bit flatter, but produces excellent side-by-side racing for Pro Stocks, and will once again do it with the stars of the Granite State Pro Stock Series in 2023.

The series will stop at Riverside Speedway on June 3 and August 12, and at Speedway 95 on June 24 and August 19. The final race of the season, set for September 24, is to be announced at this time.

“Our 2023 schedule brings us back to some tracks where we have a great relationship with ownership, and those facilities produce some of the best Pro Stock racing in the Northeast,” Mike Parks, Granite State Pro Stock Series owner and President, said. “The champion from the 2023 season will have mastered these tracks against some tough competition. Star Speedway hosting three events is going to be a major deal for our series, with all three being major races, especially the one paired with the Modified show on July 1. Heading back to Riverside and Speedway 95 is a great opportunity for our fans to travel and see our stars compete at two more great tracks. We’re excited for 2023.”

Additional information about the 2023 season, and the final to be announced date that will be the championship race on September 24, will be announced at a later date.

For more information on the Granite State Pro Stock Series, visit and follow the series on social media for the latest updates.

2023 Granite State Pro Stock Series Schedule

May 6 – Star Speedway – Epping, N.H. 

June 3 – Riverside Speedway – Northumberland, N.H. 

June 24 – Speedway 95 – Hermon, Maine

July 1 – Star Speedway – Epping, N.H. 

August 12 – Riverside Speedway – Northumberland, N.H. 

August 19 – Speedway 95 – Hermon, Maine

September 15 – Star Speedway – Epping, N.H. 

September 24 – Championship Race TBA


  1. HHhhhmmmm…. No races at the NHSTRA tracks…. Usually there is at least one event at each of those tracks.

  2. Sorry but this schedule is lackluster. No Lee, Dog or WMMP etc? Disappointing…

  3. Fast Eddie says

    JG, GSPSS is kind on a PASS/ACT competitor, which may explain why no WMMP. As for the others, maybe the split from the lease of Claremont wasn’t so amicable? Just sayin’…

  4. Good point Fast Eddie, perhaps the NHSTRA ownership group and GSPSS relationship wasn’t as rosy as it appeared.

    This GSPSS schedule probably benefits Seekonk Speedway and Lee weekly programs. Seekonk has lost drivers to this series over the years. With 2/3rds of Granite States schedule so far up North perhaps that keeps some pro stock drivers closer to home next season. This season Lee is starting a Pro Stock division running primarily on Saturdays. While I would prefer these two tracks running the same division ran different nights, most racers don’t run multiple nights anymore. I think this Granite States schedule may make the weekly pro stock tracks more viable option for Southern New England pro stock drivers. It will be interesting to see how the pro stock SLM related series and tracks fare next season.

  5. it will also be interesting to see how the GSPSS likewise fares. Car counts with this schedule could definitely be an issue.

  6. Thought Granite State was struggling, not unlike the MRS. They sure had their share of clinkers in 2022. 12, 13 and 14 car features at Claremont, Monadnock and Hudson. But had 25 and 23 at Star and Lee USA.
    Seems like there are too many Late Model series with PASS, ACT and the GSPSS series but you could say that about tour mods I suppose.
    The PASS gang ran lap speeds in last years Sizzler that made the Stafford Late Models look like Street Stocks. Low 19’s while Staffords LM’s mid to high 22. The speed difference noticeable plus more racing and less bumper cars. Entertaining but yet they only turned out 20 cars for a supposedly big event.
    Stafford tried GSPSS for the Sizzler, then PASS and now it’s onto ACT. Over 30 cars at the Haunted Hundred show, 28 at Waterford the last two ACT races in 2022. That’s what Stafford is hoping for you’d think.
    I was looking at the tour mod sign ups for Stafford opens and one thing stands out. The number of drivers moving up from the SK’s and SK Lights to stick their toes in the tour mod waters a very healthy sign. So what’s the direction the Late Models are going, are they going anywhere, Or just beating each other up on big events pretending they have points battles but like tour mods it’s more about money and opportunity.

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