RaceDayCT Poll: What Is The Best Northeast Based Touring Racing Series

Pretty simple one today. What is the best Northeast based touring racing series? Vote Below.


  1. Fast Eddie says

    Maybe there should be a poll with all except the WMT. Then maybe we could see what the NASCAR minions & purists like BESIDES the WMT.

  2. Fast Eddie,
    So this poll was actually an experiment to check on some shenanigans that have been taking place with the polling lately. We did a poll last week about events before May and ended up getting some very suspect voting patterns involving the Whelen Modified Tour choices and the choice for the Spring Sizzler. It seemed some people were using some not entirely secret tricks to manipulate the system in place which is supposed to keep the voting to one vote per person.
    So I put this poll up today to get a view at the voting patterns again and check in detail where votes were coming from. As expected, the culprits showed themselves immediately.
    So I ran this exact same poll on Sept. 21, 2022. It was open for four days and got 471 responses. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series got 255 votes to top the poll. The Whelen Modified Tour was second, garnering 80 votes over the four day span the poll was open. It was a pretty typical result comparatively to similar polls we’ve done over the last three years. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series usually gets about 2-3 votes for every one vote the Whelen Modified Tour gets in these popularity polls.
    So today we put the poll up to see if last week’s gerbils would come slinking back. And guess what. It took only minutes to realize the gerbils were back.
    This poll was open for exactly three hours, and in that time the Whelen Modified Tour got 94 of 178 votes cast. Seems odd when one considers the exact same poll was posted five months ago and the Whelen Modified Tour got 80 votes over four days. After digging through the vote sourcing it’s pretty clear that the majority of the votes for the Whelen Modified Tour came from just three sources.
    It’s kind of crazy that these little entertaining polls have gotten people so perturbed that they’re now going out of their way – and apparently conspiring as a group – to manipulate the results. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series got 61 votes over the three hours the poll was open and after going through vote sourcing none of the votes for that choice showed any of the telltale signs of being manipulated entries. So going forward I’m going to try a new system that will probably cut down on the amount of people voting but make it tougher for the results to be manipulated.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, sorry you have to go through extra work to do these! I enjoy the poll results just to see how they come out. Absolutely CRAZY that anyone would see any value in manipulating something initiated for fun and entertainment! My previous comment was made because some people seem to think nascar is above all, which they’re entitled to think that. And I was a little surprised to see WMT that far in front already. But to try to rig the results? INSANE!!

  4. I was surprised with the results until reading Shauns post on ballot stuffing. Wait until the mail in votes come from the heavy leaning tri track folks. That should sway the results. I would think Tri track would easily win this one. It seems most people enjoy the format more than Whelen. I would argue Tri Track has a higher car count and the depth or quality of field is better top to bottom. The shows are priced more reasonably compared to Whelen. I would have voted Monaco if I noticed the poll before it closed. My ballot is in the mail.

  5. Shawn,, HA,, don’t tell me your using the same voting machines that are used for the elections !!!!!!

  6. Sidney Powell, Roger Stone, Rudi Giuliani, the Pillow Guy, and all the other election deniers, Italian satellites, and Swamp creatures are coming to protest these results and storm RaceDayCT headquarters.

    Same old 💩.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    I thought the pole question was already done, when i went to vote it would have been TRI – Track but it was shutdown for reasons stated above. It’s just crazy that someone would take time to manipulate something like this.. I think heat races is one of the reasons we in NE like this series… No free passes except for full time high point drivers from previous season can get provisionals , no sure if rules are same as before…. But any way we love the competition of ” RACE YOUR WAY IN” and after heat races.. Race your way in CONSI’S …. More Racing … The “other ” big draw is knowing you are going to see ” BIG MONEY MATT ” compete …. Half the crowd wants to see HIM WIN and some wanna see one of the “locals” beat MATT to the stripe… I can honestly say he has won almost every way possible… The year ending race at Seekonk one year…. He did couple of laps in heat race and pulled in. everyone was BUZZING hey what happened ??? Came out in Consi did a couple of laps and pulled in … ??? came out in Feature used provisional started near the rear .. rode around then started picking them off one by one and before you knew it … top 10 …top 5… Then Took over and Won the race and Championship… His tires were fresher than rest of the field and Won the race by using the rules in place to outwit the others and take home the Money… He has done it taking the lead early on and staying out front the whole way.. running mid pack conserving rubber. the when field pits.. stays out to grab the WIN… Pit and WIN.. I really think fans come out to see the best Driver and watch every move he makes… Others come to see Anybody but Matt Win the Race … But they come…. they don’t wanna miss anything that the TV broadcast may miss… I believe BIG MONEY draws a LARGE contingent of FANS…much like BUGSY , RICHIE, RONNIE did in the past…
    Enjoy it while you have it these Drivers only come around every so often…I hope he puts in HIS ENTRY soon for New Smyrna , its my first World Series and would be HIGHLY disappointed not to see BIG MONEY in ACTION.. I mean he has been a staple at New Smyrna for quite awhile and Defending Whelen Tour Race Winner … So ..?? hopefully it’s head games and He Shows..??

  8. Bill, Bob, Tom... pick one. says

    You’ve swayed me Duhreal. I will vote for the “Men can have Babies” gang in the next one…. and the NWMT is and Always will be King.

  9. Should put the polls on Patreon. If they still want to stuff the ballots, at least they stuff your pockets too. Pay to win, baby.

    The unfortunate reality is, paywalls are going to be about the only thing that stop bot votes. Otherwise, where there’s a will, there’s going to be a way.

  10. I think to most of us the Tri Trak is the favorite, but the crowd seems to be bigger for WMT. 2 diffrent test groups it seems

    Group A the Racing people that attend multiple races a yr and follow whats going on

    Group B the average person who mite attend 1 or 2 shows a yr that is not involved in the circle but sees the Nascar Banner and makes a outing out of it.

  11. Holy macaroly this is a such a revelation. Queue the Duck Duck Go machine to find out what this is all about. Sure enough here’s some guy from Whole Whale speaking Klingon as far as I’m concerned talking about all sorts of ways to manipulate voting in on line polls. No problem in my case I might as well be a dog hearing a human talking I have no idea what he’s saying let alone the knowledge or motivation to use it.
    Congratulations Mr. Courchesne you’ve arrived. It’s one thing to have these polls on occasion for entertainment but when people organize, take the time to cheat up the results in their favor then you know you’re having real impact in the target audience.
    OK this isn’t a good thing for sure and more work for the big guy. Bottom line the gambit has fooled no one and the boys are posting some pretty entertaining spins on the situation in the process. Mail in votes…..good one!

  12. “Group A the Racing people that attend multiple races a yr and follow whats going on

    Group B the average person who mite attend 1 or 2 shows a yr that is not involved in the circle but sees the Nascar Banner and makes a outing out of it.”

    That’s some pretty explosive stuff there whipping out the indelible marker, drawing a line splitting the tour mod fan base then pulling out the handy, dandy label maker and giving each group an name. Are you in the “average person” group or are you “Racing people” with a capital “R”?
    Anyone care to sharpen up their elbows and weigh in on the merits or lack there of the point made?

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Why is it that some people apparently derive a sick and twisted happiness by screwing up other people’s good time? This is why nice things don’t stay that way!

  14. “I just want to find 11,780 votes.”


  15. Bill, Bob, Tom... pick one. says

    …..”Get vaccinated. It will prevent you from getting or spreading covid”….. The Lemmings bowed their head and asked for another…… Long live the Tour.

  16. There is also Group C, the stay-at-home Barc-a-Lounger crowd that never, or rarely, goes to a track.

    And then there is Group D, the Silent Majority.

  17. csg the happy lemming says

    Cant wait for Shawn to Open up his mail and see my write in ballot for this poll. That New ACT Mini stock tour they just announced. I just have a feeling it is gonna be great. Thats 4 Cyl of fire breathing excitement. So happy thompson’s world series went with the new minis and didnt schedule those late model divisions of ACT and PASS.

    Truth be told I have been stuck 4 times with the PFE Covid vaccine now. Worst reaction I had was a little arm discomfort while ripping the band aid off my hairy arm.

    larga vida a la pista tri

  18. everyone on here that comments or participates in these polls is in Group A, like I said majority of Group A will pick Tri Track, Group B I would guess majority would vote for Nascar

  19. I like going to see both. Its not that i find one group better than the other.
    I find if its a good show, then its all that better. Stout talent both divisions can feature on any given race, as well as not so stout, both sanctions.
    Sometimes I go because I want to go to a certain venue, and not necessarily because its the tour or tri-track. Most of the time I see a good race from either sanction.
    I am, like suitcase stated, extremely partial to heats and consi’s, which is why on any given day, may prefer picking my spot going to a tri track show.
    Guess my point is, go and enjoy the races once and a while, no matter which sanction, between the two sanctions that were focused on. They are both top tier modifieds in my view.
    That, and, some of the star power and owners, now cross over both sanctions depending on event. Good stuff.

  20. Not all races with heats are created equal. There’s the Sizzler type that’s both riveting and critical. Then there’s the races like the MMTTS event at Monadnock last year that you could easily miss and not really sacrifice a great deal of entertainment value. Never a fan of time trials couldn’t take my eyes off them for the Eddie Partridge 256 at Riverhead. First there was rooting for everyone’s favorite underdog Melissa Fifield and the plucky lass delivered avoiding last place. Then there were all the Riverhead regulars and seeing where they came in against the big dogs. Finally the teams in the points championship race each of their starting positions critical.
    I don’t subscribe to the classification theory of fandom. “Racing people” aren’t simply making entertainment choices buying tickets and attending races. They’re driving, building cars, turning wrenches helping teams, buying tires for teams and otherwise investing more then the price of a ticket and simply watching.

  21. Strphen J Jesus says

    There’s a lot of strange people out there

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