RaceDayCT Poll: What Is The Best Northeast Based Touring Racing Series

So which one is it? Another simple question.

What is the best Northeast based touring racing series? Vote below.


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    Tri-Track Wins Easily…- Pass- Mod Tour- Act- Nema- Granite State- MRS

  2. Well that’s just sad. Sad seeing the GSPSS not able to get any attention but more sad watching the series continue to die. Maybe with three series sharing a lot of the same teams one was bound to whither eventually.
    Ah yes, the MMTTS, touring series of the people making these poll results with a strong response a laugher. I claim fowl. The epicenter of RaceDayCt being Connecticut, 50 plus cars registered for the Fall Final and the Speedbowl audience still aglow from their MMTTS event still fresh in the memory banks.
    Mr.Courchesne must hate it when someone tries to change the rules of a poll that’s clearly defined but here I am about to try. Wondering if you expand the discussion to the most important tour modified series, touring or otherwise what would the pecking order be in terms of importance, not popularity.

    It has to start with the NWMT. Weakened for sure from the old days but they have the tradition, pay big bucks, have the best structure and can bring in the heavy hitters for race sponsors. Not exactly scientific but we see it in our Pick 6.. NWMT races generate more energy and get bigger responses. They race up and down the East Coast appearing in more geographically diverse audiences that expands the reach of tour mods.

    Next up is the MMTTS. Always a favorite of the grass roots fans. This year particularly they have expanded their race offerings geographically and with regard to track size. From an outsiders view looks to be an overwhelming success.

    Stafford not a touring series but shouldn’t be excluded in the tour mod series conversation. Their four mid season events do well and are at this point engrained in the minds of teams and fans supporting the events. The non NASCAR Sizzler weekend, they appear to be ready to repeat, a marquee event. Teaming up with the MMTTS for the Fall Final looks to be a multi year marquee event. Stafford the first local track to offer streaming for their weekly program and one of the first asphalt tracks to sign with FloRacing. What can I say about that…plenty. At first the service ridiculed by many that insisted fans attend races it all changed in a couple years. Now streaming is in the consciousness of most fans and a critical part of the circle track racing experience. Is it hurting live attendance or the bottom line? You tell me but if it is why are tracks plastering it all over their web sites as an alternative to being at the events?

    ACT/PASS @ Thompson- the mid season shows clearly struggling, the future for them unknown. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Icebreaker and World Series. Epic season beginning and ending local events more racing festival then events. Their importance to local short track racing can not be over stated. Thank Michaud and Mayberry for continuing the tradition.

    New Smyrna-used to be the epic opener in a far of place the local fan base could only enjoy by making the long trek. The rest of us having to settle for the results which we dismissed quickly as we looked forward to the Icebreaker. Now with streaming, it’s the official start to the tour mod season, the anticipation and energy off the charts and a much appreciated respite from the winter still raging in February.

    SMART-not given much chance of succeeding, they’ve carved out an early and late season niche and seem to be in the process of establishing a real following in a normally ho hum part of the country for tour mods. Innovative as well.

    ROC-plug them in any where you like. Not familiar enough to do it myself.

    MRS-still plugging away generating races in the northern tier and still have a clearly defined population of teams they serve well.

    The Racing Guys-they had their day, walked away and now are down to old guys wanting to stay relevant. Their one or two race contribution to the tour schedule nice but not essential to an otherwise well populated schedule overall. Their most important roll at this stage is in the history of tour mod racing as founders of Tri Track as well as their individual contributions.

    I love polls, love tiers, love pick contests but the fact is when it comes to tour mods more is better. All the major series play a critical roll that ends up with a jam packed schedule that may be so good it’s too over populated.

  3. loss of nascar has left a hole that others are trying to fill.. i say the more the better.. bring them all on.. would like to see tri track (or whoever) run longer races (100 laps or better)..

  4. The typical MMTTS races are 100 green flag laps. They are held on 1/4 and 1/3 mile tracks. The only reason the Stafford race is 80 laps is because it is on a 1/2 mile track.

    The title of this story line is “What is the best Northeast based touring racing series?” Key word “touring”. Stafford opens are not a touring series just like Thompson opens. If Stafford is included then Thompson should be. Bottom neither fits the story line and should not be considered.

  5. Sorry Earl dont think the race is 80 laps becuase the track is 1/2 mile 80 laps is the original distance of the Spring Sizzler and Stafford has honored that with 80 lap Open races!

  6. Sorry wmass, it’s an MMTTS race not a Stafford open race last I knew, that is unless something’s changed. So I would guess the MMTTS would determine the distance just like last year.

  7. Lincoln Tech Open
    21 laps to go Dowling spins, caution comes out and the leaders including Preece and Pitkat who had been dominating the race to that point pit. Williams out first, Preece problems getting out and the front of the field jumbled. Pitkat goes onto win, all in all a pretty dramatic race with really good cars and drivers vying for the win at crunch time.
    But what if the caution had not come out? That’s what I worry about. One car dominates the race and goes green to checkers with no pit stop. It’s happened and it’s not good in my view. I believe that’s what happened in the CBYD Stafford Open. Pitkat dominated, the only drama supplied by Silk who was on the charge spinning Williams.
    I realize this is not a Stafford open but they did have a mandatory pit stop when they started the opens and it worked out great. Whatever happened to that? No pit stops is a goal of the MRS to save on tires but that’s not what we should want in a big race is it? Hirschman that sly fox, conserving and cruising for 80 laps especially at Stafford would just be wrong.

  8. Earl & wmass, I think you’re both right. 100 laps for a 1/4 & 3/8 tracks = 39-40 miles. 80 laps at stafford = 40 miles. Traditional distance for Stafford and mileage for Tritrack. May also be the safety factor of no fuel stop needed.

  9. HEY Eddie.. what’s the bug-a-boo about fuel ??? i can’t remember an accident in the infield involving fuel,, anything you are aware of ??? seems to me it has always been handled well..

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