Deep Dive Into Nonsense Explanations Offered By Brian Robie Following Recent Disqualification 

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So. let’s talk about Brian Robie, his disqualification last week at Seekonk Speedway by the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series and the fallout it has created.

If you listen to Robie’s explanation from earlier this week what you’re left with at the end is a hearty stew of confusion. There are contradictory statements, mystery text messages that apparently represent a smoking gun of intent, but they’re kept a secret along with a continual chorus of celebration of all the massive names in racing secretly supporting him, it’s just that they can’t be named. 

When it’s all put together it sounds good, it sounds almost legit, but when you break down the pieces and start to examine a little further much of his explanations sounds nonsensical and simply unbelievable. A man who claims now to have harbored huge distrust in the fairness of Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series officials even before last week at Seekonk also claims he had faith they would never do anything wrong to him. When it comes to a lot of what Robie has said, one plus one ultimately just does not come close to being two.

So we take a deep dive on the Robie explanation and why the ingredients individually offered really don’t come close to cooking up a believable story. Listen at the RaceDayCT Insider page.

Deep Dive Into Nonsense Explanations Offered By Brian Robie Following Recent Disqualification

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