Woody Pitkat vs. Ted Christopher: You Make The Call

Apologies to a still hasn’t even been yet local racer and Facebook legend who got suspended last week (who is he again?), but the biggest – real – controversy around the local scene last week revolved around a particular event Thursday at Thompson International Speedway.

Woody Pitkat and Keith Rocco put on a show of bravado and banging in the first of two 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified features last Thursday at Thompson.

Pitkat came out the winner, with all parties smiling, after the feisty duel.

In the second event the big showdown came when Pitkat went to make a low move on Ted Christopher going into turn one with two laps left. Pitkat looked like he made it work, with Christopher sliding up the track and losing the lead.

Pitkat drove the checkered flag in front, but immediately following the race officials declared he was being penalized two spots to third place for aggressive driving against Christopher. Christopher, who ended up declared second place behind Ryan Preece was later disqualified for hitting Pitkat on the track after the race.

So was it the right call by Thompson officials? One thing that seemed strange was Rocco and Pitkat had a bruising battle in the first event with nobody getting penalized but then Pitkat was penalized for making what didn’t seem like blatantly ugly contact with Christopher.

So here’s the video and probably the best close up view of the whole deal. Now, you make the call. Did Thompson officials make the right call in stripping Woody Pitkat of a win for this move against Ted Christopher?

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