NASCAR Terminates Sanction, Cancels Whelen Modified Tour Event At Speedbowl

It was announced by NASCAR on Thursday morning that the sanctioning body will terminate its NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanction with the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

NASCAR will also cancel the July 22 Whelen Modified Tour event that had been scheduled to be run at the Speedbowl.

“NASCAR has terminated the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series sanction and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race sanction with the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, effective immediately,” read a statement from NASCAR regarding the situation.

NASCAR cited actions detrimental to the sport for the decision.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl track owner Bruce Bemer was charged last week with patronizing a trafficked person.

The decision to drop the sanction means the track will not be recognized as part of NASCAR’s national short track racing program and drivers at the track will not be eligible to race for national short track titles. It also means drivers at the track will not be eligible for the insurance provided as part of being a NASCAR member.

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.

Scott Gregory, who is currently overseeing management of the facility, said last week that track officials expect the facility to open as scheduled for Blastoff Weekend May 6-7. Gregory said by text Thursday morning, “Sorry but we have no comment at this time.”

On Tuesday Tom Fox led a group of high ranking New London-Waterford Speedbowl officials who announced their resignations from the track.


  1. Thompson will now go to Saturday nights. I would guess that Thompson will change there schedule as soon as possible for this years season.

  2. this is no shock. nascar should just buy the track.

  3. Problem is Nascar can’t buy the track even if they wanted to as His assets are being frozen due to the law suits from the victims that are now starting. So until all legal matters are settled the track will just sit. It slave sad day for all the drivers and fans who have put a lot of time, money, and made many family memories there over the years.

  4. They only have two races that are during the week the rest around the weekend already and one is a modified show that they will not change

  5. Bob Npt. says

    Don’t count on Thompson to go to Saturday nights. All of their road course races are on weekends.

  6. NASCAR is not going to buy the track. Another nail in the coffin. Very sad situation all around.

  7. Thompson is too invested in road course racing to open the oval for saturday nights.

  8. Pete Kinne says

    I don’t believe Thompson will go to Saturdays. Those days seem to be road course days.

  9. Let’s not all make funeral arrangements yet for the bowl…” Someone-Who-Knows” is saving it all this afternoon… Stay tuned race fans:-)

  10. Don’t see Thompson changing anything. They will go with what they have since the road course is busy weekends and he won’t change that.

  11. Thompson will not be able to run on Saturday nights. The track has a schedule already with the road course racers already in place. I’m sure Thompson only has a few dates open for 2017. Thompson also makes easy money with the Road Course racers. Why would they change at this stage.

  12. Knew this would happen.Who knows where it goes from here.Speedbowl fans will have to be patient.BTW Shawn, When I went to home tracks I saw the July race removed from the schedule and not a word about the situation anywhere.Seems like a strange response from Nascar.Have you attempted an interview?

  13. Seekonk should add another night of racing to their schedule and run Waterford divisions on that night. it would be better for the racers to run a small track instead of the big track like Thompson. It takes to much money to run Thompson weekly.

  14. Geoff N. says

    Agreed!, if the courts would allow it

  15. Art,
    NASCAR released a statement this morning, which is part of the story. That’s all they’re saying.

  16. JimBinCT says

    INEX also terminated their sanction of the track in a post on their Facebook page today.
    Where is Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun when you need them. Would be a nice addition to their entertainment options and properties throughout southeastern Connecticut.
    So, who else runs on Saturday nights in New England? Monadnock? Seekonk?

  17. TRI-TRACK & MRS should also do the right thing and cancel. NASCAR got this one right!

  18. Would be nice for Seekonk to add SK’s to their Sat night schedule

  19. James Scott says

    This whole mess is just so sad. Waterford may have used up all it’s nine lives this time. With official’s leaving and NASCAR AND INEX pulling out I have to wonder what the talk is at the town hall. It’s very bleak now for the Speed Bowl but I just have this sneaky suspicion that it will be back. It’s been part of my life for 50 years now. I literally grew up there. However that being said I can’t support it until the stench is gone.

  20. SKL fan, glad to see you are optimistic that the racing gods will swoop down and save the day. However, I believe it is too late for the theatrics and I hope someone will prove me wrong. I just as much as anyone else want to see the place survive. Between the authorities and the attorneys they have everything tied up in a neat little knot draped around Beamers neck, the padlocks will be installed, the power shut off and that will be it.

  21. Tyler Bonenfant says

    It would be nice if Seekonk added modifieds to its Saturday night races, but I wouldn’t want them to replace the pro stocks

  22. Ifuonlyknew says

    Thompson has the road course already booked so they can’t have it on Saturdays at all

  23. Thanks for the info Shawn.The bowls many racers and fans may be saved by Manadnock and Seekonk.It seems to me to be a win/win for everyone.Also wondering what will happen to the awesome Sids View.

  24. I agree, Thompson has pretty much abandoned short-track racing except for their special events (which are most on the weekends already). If I recall, they have about 8 oval events each year. It’s all about the road course now.

    The New England tracks that run Saturday nights are:
    1. Seekonk (and they went back to NASCAR just 2 years ago)
    2. All Star Speedway (in Epping NH), but I don’t think they are NASCAR sanctioned
    3. Monadnock (near Jaffrey NH) NASCAR sanctioned

    Obviously Stafford, but on Fridays.
    Lee Speedway near Epping NH is NASCAR but also on Friday night.
    And Beech Ridge (Maine) has Thursday Night Thunder (NASCAR)

  25. Stafford is going to run Friday and Saturday just to accommodate the Waterford racers. NOT!

  26. Most of the road course races are Sunday. This is a business to make money. Saturday Tour races will be packed. The K&N East race is already on a Saturday. Even if they ran limited on Saturday this year, Thompson would now have the sanction for Saturday. Wednesdays verse Saturdays, c’mom.

  27. Robert G. says

    As far as Bemer’s assets being frozen, it is not done yet. it has been filed but no court date has been set.

  28. it looks like the bowl be will be sold to the highest bidder, whenever that is. hopefully it will be to a person or group that wants racing to continue or sadly it will become condos or a business park. just my thought.

  29. Modfanny says

    If mr Beamer listed the speedbowl as an LLC there is nothing anyone can do to it just as Terry Aimes had it as a LLC it prevents anything personal going after it. He should just sell it for $1 to someone and let them run it. Nothing no one would be able to do. It’s sad raced there for years and it sucks but it will become another strip mall I guess, I hope not but we will see. I saw the worst comment on Facebook but it kinda made sense and Sean I’m only quoting statement so don’t go and not post but he was trying to save the bowl and said “for all you boycotters of the speedbowl because of what Bruce did then I guess on Sunday you shouldn’t go to church because many priests did the same” wrong example but it had a point I guess.

  30. somehow the MTS is convinced Speedbowl is running their show on May 6th, if true all Sk mods should sign up!

  31. Poprocks says

    SKL Fan, still waiting for that big announcement you’ve been boasting about. Thursday afternoon has come and gone.

  32. Mike I agree. However between the neighbors and the Town I really believe the latter will be the case.

  33. Mike Serluca says

    @pop rocks. I wonder if he meant “this afternoon” on the west coast. Also, great job of PR so far by the Speedbowl. No comment? Why? Because the owner says? Here’s the way I look at it, you have 3 options:
    1. Grow a set and take the initiative to say SOMETHING to the 100+ competitors who are in limbo and possibly get fired.
    2. Say NOTHING, lose the confidence of your racers, risk them switching their cars over to run other tracks, still have your job (not for long)
    3. Keep acting like you have a clue on how to handle a situation like this, the place closes, you still don’t have a job.
    I hope if someone buys this place they take a look at who they have now. I’m not impressed at all. It’s downright horrible at this point. Being proactive and stepping up may have curbed some of the issues in recent news. I’m pretty sure your former Race Director said it best, SAY SOMETHING!

  34. It’s not me Poprocks, it’s “Someone-Who-Knows” … Supposedly a respected racer was taking it over this afternoon… I’m waiting as well..

  35. darealgoodfella says

    Modfanny, in case you haven’t noticed, churches are closing up faster than racetracks.

    With Waterford Commons and the Crystal Mall right down the road, there is no way the NLWSB site will become another mall. Malls are in trouble with overcapacity and vacancies.

    Just look at a map.

  36. Someone-that-knows says

    Keep you thoughts positive….. it’s not over just yet

  37. Mike Serluca, it is called being proactive rather than being reactive. And right now it is way to late in the game to be proactive.

  38. Modfanny says

    Dear darealgoodfella your post makes some sense but how can a mall be over capacity yet vacant????? If vacant then your not over capacity it makes no sense it’s one or the other…. There are small strip malls everywhere vacant towns don’t care the owner still has to pay taxes on property whether it’s rented or not,Wallingford has 3 brand new ones empty so what… I’m all for keeping the bowl I raced there for years and my post was quoted if you read it I didn’t say it someone on Facebook a racer said it …….

  39. Mike Serluca says

    Waaaaaay too late. I agree. I’ve been saying this since last week though. Such a shame.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Well, let’s make a list of respected racers that can make a deal like that…

  41. Seekonk is the answer. Maybe they saw this coming as they just went back to the NASCAR tag. I’d be there weekly if they added SKs. Keep the Pro Stocks, combine the Late Models, work out the rest.

  42. Seekonk is the answer. Maybe they saw this coming as they just went back to the NASCAR tag. I’d be there weekly if they added SKs. Keep the Pro Stocks, combine the Late Models, work out the rest.

  43. We are all dreaming what is the chance somebody has a million bucks sitting liquid in an account. And that person wants to buy a business that is going to lose money. Would a local bank rush to finance a non cash buyer and be associated with the Speed bowl with its damaged brand? The longer it sits its value goes down. What’s different now then a few years ago? I think, just that good looking building on the right as I exit 395 makes me think their is more of a market for the land then before. I was so looking forward to Wednesday nights again. Thanks to all the employees of the Bowl that gave me some wonderful memories in the few years that I competed there.

  44. So Friday is here and no big announcement from “someone that knows”. Prove me wrong but the sad part is I don’t think you will. I am afraid the end has come. And 1 million won’t buy it, you are looking at more like 2.5 – 3. If they just would have got in front of this there may have been a chance to save it.

  45. This is Seekonk’s third season with Nascar this go around. Had zero to do with the bowl. The lack of local racing knowledge is stunning to me. Have you people ever left CT? Ever been to Seekonk? Beech Ridge runs their Nascar shows on Saturdays too, not Thursdays. They do another deal on Thursday. While the Waterford late models to fit Seekonk rules none of these other tracks are obligated to change everything 2 weeks before their season starts to accommodate racers from Waterford. Get over yourselves already.

  46. Bob Npt. says

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Seekonk to add the SK mods. They’r a pro stock track and always will be. They’ve gone with the modifieds many times, and always drop them after a few years. Anthony Vendetti invented the pro stocks, and the family is not going back to modifieds now, or probably ever.

  47. Calm down says

    Lot of stuff in the works behind the scenes. Multiple players involved. Take a chill pill and relax it will all work itself out.

  48. flush the toilet !!!!!!!!!!

  49. Not true, according to story by, wednesday, a hearing on the matter is scheduled April 24th.


  51. Fast Eddie says

    Calm down, I sincerely hope you’re right!

  52. Too little, too late. I am not holding my breath for either “someone that knows” or “calm down” because I will run out of air!

  53. Can someone please tell me where it is that the NLWS is for sale I have googled everywhere and cannot for the life of me see where it is listed for sale for a million or gazillion bucks ??? ANYONE ?

  54. It is not posted anywhere. Purely speculation, absolutely no definitive proof.

  55. walt puchalski says

    Monadnock has 6 ACT type car races planned this year just wondering if car counts are good if they would have more ,also pay outs seem pretty good if the car count is good.So there is a track for that div.

  56. Poprocks says

    Jim it’s not posted. Nobody has posted any truth to it at all. Still waiting for Someone Who Knows to pop the big mystery bubble that he/she started at the beginning of the week but again most people are all talk and like to start rumors.

  57. Exactly !

  58. Ed Pannoni says

    You all need to chill. If the lawyers are successful in freezing assets nothing can happen with the track until the assets are liquidated to pay the plaintiffs in the civil suit,assuming they win, and they can still sue even if he is found innocent in criminal court. This going to go on for a while folks and if the track is sold it will be for the fair value of the land . The lawyers will never go for another low ball bid when the day finally comes to pay the plaintiffs because the lawyers typically get 25 – 33% of the award as their fee for taking the case. The more they get out of the settlement the more they line their own pockets. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter to those involved in the case if 100 race cars get that normally compete there get parked. It’s all about money now, not racing. Miracles do happen and maybe there will be a race or two before the lawyers get the gates padlocked but with no insurance policy now that NASCAR is gone, who would want to risk assuming liability out of their own pocket or pay an exorbitant premium just to run a race that with all the blow back from the arrest , will be a big money loser anyway.

  59. darealgoodfella says

    Ed Pannoni, knock it off, you are making too much sense. These guys don’t care about that. All they know is they spent all winter putting on new decals, repacking the wheel bearings and don’t want to see that wasted.

  60. Someone-that-knows says

    Big things take time, things ARE in the works, and moving along… hopefully mid-week we ll know one way or the other, but cross your fingers and stay positive, if Mr. Bemer really is true to his word and wants to keep it a Race track he’ll be able to keep his word. Mid-Week. !!!

  61. Come on someone that knows. This is out of Beamers hands and in the hands of the FBI and the attorney for the victims. They are running the show, Beamer is just along for the ride and it makes no difference what he wants. Like I said before, reactive and too little too late. Lets stop the false hope and get back to reality.

  62. why is everyone talking about thompson and seekonk. we have stafford also. but it won’t matter because all the waterford drivers will just close down. they only race at the bowl. hopefully some sk,s and sk lites will go to stafford and race, i still think joey logano should buy the track – nascar advertises that the drivers give back to there home tracks. well it’s time!

  63. Does anyone know the meaning of sarcasm ? How about this one , DREAMERS ? IT’S OVER .

  64. darealgoodfella says

    Make the Speedbowl Great Again!!!

    LOL!!! Sound familiar? How’s that working out?

  65. Yes,in fact there is a very solid deal in the works.A qualified cash buyer,a willing seller and a very reasonable bid have been put together.Patience and prayers not doom and gloom are the order of the day.

  66. OMG, what don’t you all understand, the court not Beamer, or any qualified bidder is running the show here. If what has been reported by the press is accurate, there will be no financial transactions as his holdings and assets have been frozen.

  67. Lots of jumping the gun here. If what has been reported by the press is accurate, Bemer’s assets have NOT been frozen – yet. There is simply a hearing in place to discuss it. Also, even if assets are frozen, the court can still approve transactions to take place. An operating track is more valuable than a defunct one, and if the court agrees (which it should), it would allow a sale to go through.

  68. A sale to a qualified buyer with court approval and funds to be held in escrow till pending litigation is resolved is possible.
    It would require a lot of things lining up just right for anything to happen.
    Possible? Yes
    Probable? A long shot at best.

  69. darealgoodfella says

    And if this had a shred of truth, do you really think the court system is going to accommodate the private sale of the ‘Bowl, and make it a high priority?


    You just don’t get it.

  70. Yes Dareal I do see it happening. It will be sold tomorrow to a racer. The court system has nothing to do with Its sale. There sre no judgements yet nor any prejudgment attachments. Look out for an announcement tomorrow.

  71. dareal,why do you comment with speculation about a situation of which you apparently have no firsthand knowledge?Things are thumbs up!It is quite possible that all the Speedbowl pessimists will be eating their words soon.

  72. darealgoodfella says

    Well, this:

    The Courts are already petitioned to control the assets of the accused. It would appear to be highly irregular for the accused to carry on a sale like this, a large part of his assets, while under scrutiny of the Courts.

    But then, the value of the Bowl has been severely tarnished by association with this case, and it may be beneficial if the Court was to allow the sale, since the Bowl will only continue to lose more value as this drags on.

  73. Bystander says

    Alright SKL Fan, it’s tomorrow. We’re waiting….

  74. I seriously expect a press release soon.. Many qualified buyers were interested… The current track manager is working his but off to finalize a deal. The man is putting his heart into it all just to see this track survive.. To survive for all of us… The racers, the fans and the community… Scott is a good man… Give him a chance and your support…

  75. I am holding my breath but running out of air…….

  76. Pound your chest and exorb the oxygen left in your lounges Hump4free…. Have some patience and some faith… The Bowl will live….

  77. Anxious to learn what’s next with New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

  78. Shawn Courchesne- you’re the best Shawn for providing us with a great web site and the latest news on local racing. What I and many others I’m sure hunger for is more news on the status of the Speedbowl’s season. I see massive amounts of rumor and speculation but for the life of me can’t find an authoritative source for where the season stands as of mid April. You’re the guy. What’s the scoop?

  79. Doug,
    If there was a story you would read it here. A lot of rumors, most that are not close to true. I don’t write stories about rumors or speculation.

  80. darealgoodfella says

    Just keep playing the Jeopardy!! music.

  81. Well with the Speedbowls Blast Off just around the corner there is a story for sure, just no one to get the facts and write it. Perhaps RacedayCt is just about promotion. Kind of a happy place filled with hopes and the promise of racing success and a steady stream of inane but necessary promotions of tracks, drivers,teams and sponsors. The Speedbowl story, a little to much ugly reality to deal with.

  82. Doug,
    The facts are that there hasn’t been a sale and there is no sale expected anytime soon. I can’t make the principals involved speak publicly. If the management of the Speedbowl says they’re on track to open on time, then that’s what they’re saying. I can’t make them say otherwise. I could write five stories every day on the rumors out there about who wants to buy it or is putting together a group or is examining the numbers or anything else people are “saying” – and probably get a ton of hits doing that – but I choose not to. This has never been a rumor site and that won’t change with this story. I’ve reported what has been made public by the management of the Speedbowl.

  83. So, just to recap-
    The owner has been busted for a highly creepy form of solicitation
    Most of the influential track officials have stepped down
    NASCAR has pulled its sanction
    The season is scheduled to start in about 3 weeks
    The owners other business was raided months ago, so he HAD to know his crap was hitting the fan soon but said nothing to anyone
    Everyone making plans to participate at the track in ’17 is stuck wondering which parts (gears trannies heads carb tires wheels car #s etc ) they need to allocate money to for which track they will wind up racing at
    This is insane

    Bemer if you are reading this yes your life is as done as done could be so now for one final attempt at decency PLEASE speak up and say something to let all of the people stuck wondering at least know for sure what’s really going on so they can get on with their own things

  84. Fast Eddie says

    We’re all anxious to know the fate of the Speedbowl, and I’m sure with some people frustration is growing as time passes. I’m confident as soon as any new information is released or any news breaks about the Speedbowl, we’ll see it on this site. Shawn has made all the facts known and will surely give us any new info as it materializes. Thanks to his passion for racing, this site is here for all of us to enjoy. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to beat up on the guy that makes this possible. Thanks Shawn, for doing what you do!

  85. darealgoodfella says

    Insane said:

    “So, just to recap-
    The owner has been busted for a highly creepy form of solicitation
    Most of the influential track officials have stepped down
    NASCAR has pulled its sanction
    The season is scheduled to start in about 3 weeks
    The owners other business was raided months ago, so he HAD to know his crap was hitting the fan soon but said nothing to anyone
    Everyone making plans to participate at the track in ’17 is stuck wondering which parts (gears trannies heads carb tires wheels car #s etc ) they need to allocate money to for which track they will wind up racing at
    This is insane

    Bemer if you are reading this yes your life is as done as done could be so now for one final attempt at decency PLEASE speak up and say something to let all of the people stuck wondering at least know for sure what’s really going on so they can get on with their own things”

    Insane, are dumb, nuts, or both?


    This however was priceless… Insane said, “Bemer if you are reading this yes your life is as done as done could be so now for one final attempt at decency PLEASE speak up and say something to let all of the people stuck wondering at least know for sure what’s really going on so they can get on with their own things.”

    That is one of the most profoundly inconsiderate and selfish things I have ever seen. You acknowledge the travesty that Bemer is dealing with, and have the unmitigated gall and audacity to then demand he provide consideration for yourself.

    Stuff like this can not be made up.

  86. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn sets the bar a certain place to sift out the nonsense so this site does not become a tabloid. If all, or even just some, rumors and speculation were published here, it would be a huge, constant slugfest and Shawn would spend most of his time refereeing melees. This place would be a sewer.

    I like dealing with facts, so I like the way it is.

  87. Let’s face it, the Speedbowl had taken the “mushroom management” approach on this issue. Keep everyone in the dark and feed them crap.

  88. Joe Lajoie says

    darealgoodfella wrote:
    “Shawn sets the bar a certain place to sift out the nonsense so this site does not become a tabloid. If all, or even just some, rumors and speculation were published here, it would be a huge, constant slugfest and Shawn would spend most of his time refereeing melees. This place would be a sewer.
    I like dealing with facts, so I like the way it is.”
    Too bad the same can’t be said for the comment section. 75% of your posts nix your own theory.

  89. No one is suggesting RaceDayCt engage in advancing rumor or speculation. No indeed. That’s what the comment section is for. Knowing the schedule is going forward is solid information. My thoughts were drilling down and doing a story on the feelings and emotions of some of the teams and drivers that are considered Speedbowl royalty. What are they feeling having worked all winter, investing money and time just to have this pile of dung dumped on them. Will they support the program all season or are they taking a wait and see attitude.Do they think fans will shy away in droves from the scandal plagued track or come out to support the teams and drivers. Second thought having put it in words there is nothing to be gained from advancing a story with such little prospect of finding anything uplifting. Thanks.

  90. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, we know how the teams and drivers are feeling. That goes for the fans and team owners too.

    There was no malicious intent aimed at those people. They are not victims. Nobody would ever expect something like this. It is something that all the teams et al. have absolutely NO CONTROL over. It definitely sucks.

    Too bad.

    Anything can happen. If a sadistic narcissistic pathological lying wife swapping misogynist can become President, maybe the fans of the Speedbowl won’t have an issue with Bemer owning the track, and then there might be enough traffic to support the Speedbowl.

  91. Well the last paragraph Darealgoodfella is pretty near pure inspired wisdom for sure but I can’t agree on the other observations.
    We don’t know what many of the Speedbowl teams are thinking. Speedbowl only teams that could go t0 Stafford should things deteriorate. What are the rule differences and do they have the motor to compete on a bigger track.Would they even consider doing it. As a racer decades ago we were always calculating what our chances were and our best opportunities at Riverside, Stafford, Thompson or Waterford. Truly teams don’t ponder malicious intent or victimhood. They ponder opportunities and places to enjoy the thrill of competition and that’s the story. But they are victims of circumstances they had no control over.The very definition of victim. And it does suck.

  92. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, you buy a Powerball ticket, and lose. Are you a victim?
    You race and lose, are you a victim?

    My favorite restaurant closed, am I a victim? The victim card is so overplayed.

    Joe LaJoie, you appear to be an alternate facts kinda person. Good for you.

    theodore arns, I forgot to add pooty-grabbing to that previous description. Like I said, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G can happen. If DJT can become potus, anything can happen.

    Don’t despair.

  93. Not winning Powerball, not winning a race, not being able to eat at a restaurant. You didn’t lose those things, you just simply did not gain them.
    The Free Dictionary: Victim-“1) One who is harmed or killed by another, especially by someone committing a criminal or unlawful act: ”
    Clearly if you invest time and money in prepping a car for a season that is cut short or otherwise affected in a negative manner by circumstances not under your control you would be a victim. One might also argue that being guilty by the mere association with a business under a dark cloud would make you a victim.
    Live long and prosper.

  94. Doug, there are many victims here and you sir, are not one of them. The fact that you consider yourself one is shameful given the circumstances. It’s sad to see a racer compare himself to the human tragedy that has occurred. If you want to race you have plenty of other tracks to choose from within a 2 hr radius. To call yourself a victim is despicable. Please just stop talking.

  95. Well I did say the comment section was the place for rumors and speculation. I should also have said it is the place for assumptions, stupidity and empty headed attacks. What I am is a life long fan of short track racing in CT going back to the Danbury RaceArena. What I am not is someone that fields a car in any form of racing. As a current attendee of Stafford the issues at the Speedbowl could only benefit the car count so if anything I would be a beneficiary.My interest was only to speculate as to what the teams at Waterford were going through. My suggestion NH Mark is to focus more on the topic, can the attacks and try to bring something to the table other than that massive chip on your shoulder.

  96. darealgoodfella says
  97. Dareelgoodfella.Great story.Thanks for the link. Man I just don’t see how the season survives.
    Hope some teams come up to Stafford for the season.

  98. Fast Eddie says

    Man, this is getting uglier and uglier! I think all we can hope for is a quick sale before the court hearings to freeze assets take place. And that is looking less and less likely as time passes. I wonder how the laws work for that. Can it stay open and make money while the asset is frozen? I’m guessing freezing just keeps the money/investment from mysteriously disappearing, but if it’s open and making any profit, that only increases the value. Like anything else, I would think something being utilized by many people/fans/race teams looks a lot more valuable and sellable than having it sit closed up and empty.

  99. I think the value of the Bowl is in the land.How much money could a local racetrack make.Seems like a bad investment to me.You run a race track because you love it, not to make money.That land doesn’t have to be used for a dime a dozen strip mall.Unless a racer buys it it will be something else.No one knows what bemer would even need to get out from under it.I think it’s already worse than uglier and uglier.

  100. Art you are correct the value is in the property, not the facility that sits on it. Matter if fact it is what is under the land that people are interested in.

  101. darealgoodfella says

    There are malls nearby, very close, so building another mall that close to existing shopping areas isn’t going to happen. And malls are already in tough shape with huge vacancies. The NLWSB site will not be considered for another mall of any kind.

  102. dareal,I agree that a shopping mall is probably not needed in the area, but it is still a great location for many businesses to build a facility i.e.. car dealership, service center,ect.I don’t know what may be under the land Humphry, but with all the years as a race track with an unpaved pit area who knows what the obligatory environmental impact study will turn up.So that could complicate everything.When the DEC gets involved it could be very unpleasant and expensive.Like I said “worse than uglier and uglier”.

  103. Fast Eddie says

    As bad as any EPA issues may be to clean up the land in order to build on it, that may be one of the saving graces that keeps it a racetrack. Is there anything relating usage as a racetrack in order to keep the grandfather clause intact? I remember a few years ago reading about some track down south in financial trouble that didn’t open. It was bought late in the year, but they had to run at least one race that year to keep the existing zoning laws intact for the following years.

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