Parting Ways: Tri-Track Open Mod Series Founders Jim Schaefer And Dick Williams Leaving Series

Jim Schaefer (left) and Dick Williams (right) in 2018 at Seekonk Speedway (Photo: Courtesy Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

In 2014 Modified racing fan Jim Schaefer – known as the Long Island Maniac – and longtime local promoter Dick Williams teamed up to create a three-race  “Tour Type” Modified series they called the Tri-Track Open Modified Series. 

Today Williams and Schaefer – and the promotional team they refer to as The Racing Guys – are walking away from that division. 

Williams confirmed exclusively to RaceDayCT Friday morning that he and Schaefer have parted ways with the series operators, Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett. 

“We have split. Jim and I and the Racing Guys are no longer with them,” Williams told RaceDayCT. “We support it, but we’re not involved.” 

Darling said he was informed Friday morning that Williams and Schafer were walking away and that it came as a surprise to him. 

“I’m just trying to do the best we can and give the racers and the fans what they want,” Darling told RaceDayCT. “I think we are going in the right direction. It’s not the direction that they wanted to head in, but I don’t know what direction they wanted to go. I don’t try to be in the limelight. I try to be in the background and have the staff do all the work. I can’t say why they figure it’s time to move on, but they figure it is. I wish them the best.” 

Said Bennett: “They brought Wayne in because they couldn’t make the series work and now that Wayne has got the series working they don’t like that either.” 

Williams and Schaefer operated the series as The Racing Guys from 2014 to 2016. In 2017 Darling – a former race team owner on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and NASCAR Busch North Series – and Mark Pennink – a former Whelen Modified Tour team owner – joined the operational management team. Bennett, a former Whelen Modified Tour team owner, replaced Pennink as part of the management team prior to the 2019 season. 

The series ran six events in 2019 and earlier this week announced a seven-event schedule for 2020, with one of those seven events still be announced. The series has confirmed events for 2020 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (twice), Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway (twice), Claremont (N.H.) Speedway and Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. 

Williams said philosophies concerning operations of the series changed within the management group, forcing the split. 

“I’m not too happy with them,” Williams said. “I’m not doing anything to hurt them. They have their own agenda and all that. You go run it fine. I’m not going to try to hurt it. … There’s things that I want to do to honor people and do that. They don’t get these things. They just know about time, money and all this. None of this other stuff that I want to do, that Jim wants to do. We’re the Racing Guys. We like to honor people and help them and it’s got beyond that. That’s fine. That’s what they want it’s fine. … We’ll just let them do their own thing. 

“You had a great thing there that we gave you and you’re doing things that we thought it wouldn’t be. There isn’t the feeling there and all that that there used to be when we raced. I’m not bad-mouthing them. They can just make this into whatever they want and god bless them.” 

Williams said he and Schaefer have spoken with management at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway and Thompson Speedway about their group putting on events independently in 2020

Williams said he created the Ron Bouchard’s Auto Stores Challenge Cup for 2019 with Tri-Track Series, which compromised a mini-series between the Tri-Track events last year at Claremont and Monadnock. 

“What I was trying to do is that Ron Bouchard’s Auto Stores Challenge, I want to keep that going, and it’s not going to be involved with Tri-Track,” Williams said. 

Williams said he and Schaefer would like to have at least one event at Thompson Speedway in 2020. 

“I want to do something in Connecticut because I want to honor Bill Slater and Ed Flemke,” Williams said. “That’s something I didn’t do while I was still in it. It’s one thing I have to do. That’s the only reason I’m doing. I’m not doing it to hurt anybody. It isn’t going to be on anybody’s dates. If I can get a couple good races for these guys, that’s what I’m going to do.” 

Thompson Speedway general manager Terry Eames confirmed he has spoken with Williams, but said there is nothing being planned. 

“Dick Williams and I had a conversation the other day and that’s about it,” Eames said. “Nothing substantive came out of the conversation.” 


  1. This was inevitable. Tri-track was never created to be a series and its kinda silly to have 7 races and be called the Tri Track series. James and Dick created something great and it has been watered down. Good luck trying to find all the Money James and Dick raised for this series as well. It seems impossible for anyone in racing to work together anymore. Man I do miss one thing about the old days. Remember when every pace car from every track would be at places like the Ice Breaker and Sizzler? That’s when people knew how to work together for the better of the sport.

  2. Captain Obvious says

    It is I, Captain Obvious here!

    If Williams and Schafer quit Friday morning BUT also have had conversations with Terry and Claremont then I, Captain Obvious, have to surmise that they had those conversations either;

    A. Immediately after telling Wayne on Friday morning (Captain Obvious says that doesn’t add up)


    B. Williams and Shafer were having those conversations behind Tri-Tracks back before resigning.

    Obviously the answer is B and shame on them for doing such dastardly deeds.

    Until next time, Captain Obvious awaaaaay!

  3. If I had to pick a horse to bet on in this race I would be with Shaefer and Williams. Those guys really put the heart behind the modifieds and did a tremendous job getting money for the modified drivers. I remember at the original race at Lee I believe. Shaefer said if they made a certain amount of people in the grandstands he would add to the purse. I remember the winner or maybe even top 3 in the last chance race who didn’t qualify for the feature said it was the most money he ever won racing. I wish both groups luck. I think Tri track at the end of the year is the number 2 series for tour type mods in the Northeast. I will support them initially and see how it goes. I believe Shaefer and Williams has earned my support for whatever they put together just because of what they were able to accomplish with Tri Track. It stinks no one likes to see their favorite band break up.

  4. I agree with Todd. LI and Dick did this for the love of the sport. It’s gotten too big too fast and it’s just another series now. Those guys should be proud of what they did. They made racing fun for the period of time they were involved. Thank you for all the hard work.It was appreciated by many. I hope they haven’t lost the passion for this great sport in all of this.

  5. Crazy Larry says

    This must mean no more money for M H, Big money Let”s stir the soup ! Tri Track must want to have real tech with out certain teams knowing what”s going to be Tech-ed ! Stir the soup

  6. knuckles mahoney says

    Drivers who don’t race full series for championships will go to the races that pay the most. Simple economics. Pay big money and they will come.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Jim Schaefer, Dick Williams, and the Racing Guys did the impossible; they formed an “old school” racing series and worked tirelessly to raise money for the racers for events that were incredibly good to go to as a fan. Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett have built upon that and turned it into something a little different from the original, but still are good quality high paying modified racers that as a fan are my first priority to attend. I am sorry to hear that they are parting ways for what sounds like philosophical differences, but I do hope both factions are able to be successful in their endeavors. These two groups still have put on the best short track modified races I’ve been fortunate enough to see.

  8. If it were me and it’s not so I won’t be that guy but, if was me.. it would have stayed a 3 race series for ever and always. Every type or form of racing needs to have pinnacle races. Whether it be one, two or three races, there has to be something that shines above all else. Adding more races was not the answer in this case. Adding to the purse would have been. Make it the three biggest races for tour type mods period anywhere. Attract the crowds, the talent, the cars. This series should have been reinvesting into itself rather than spreading itself out making just a watered down series just like the others. They should just call it the Super 7 series or some other name. The Tri-Track name has lost it’s meaning IMO.

  9. How do you start a series, bring people in to help run it, and then lose control of this thing that you created? Seems odd.

  10. NH Mod Fan says

    Thanks Dick Williams, Jim Schaefer and Wayne Coats
    Your ideas and hard work have had a big impact on rekindling modified racing in the Northeast over the last 6 years. Places like Stafford took notice and started to have their own open shows again. I also think a new generation got to see a glimpse of older type modified shows where teams came from all over and you had to race your way in. I know you guys are race fans too so I look forward to seeing you in the stands in the future.

  11. This changes everything. Schaefer and Williams were the heart and fund raisers of TTOMS. All that lap and other money came from their efforts. What will TTOMS do to replace that?

    If Schaefer and Williams start another “series”, and they do their magical fund raising, it can impact whatever other series may have an event around that time. Schaefer and Williams created an old school feel, the old time run whatcha brung kinda thing. Good funding and incentives. They are great promoters.

    Here we go…

  12. NH Mod Fan says

    Dareal, don’t think you need to worry about them running another series. The reason they moved the series to Wayne Darling in the first place was because they didn’t want to run the series over the long haul. Not because the series wasn’t working as was mentioned in the article. Go back 3 and 4 years ago the series was doing fine, tracks were making a profit, drivers got good purses and the car counts were great. I think they did want to stay involved and have an influence for the time they put in gathering sponsors. It wouldn’t surprise me though if one day there was a single show but another series, don’t think so. JMO

  13. Long island guys did a great job getting it going and off the ground but if money was really as plentiful and abundant why did they need to bring on business partners. We should consider that the reason the series still exists is probably largely due to Darling and Bennett’s input and ability to run a profitable series as well as sanctioning already established events such as open wheel Wednesday at Seekonk and SBM 125.

  14. NH Mod Fan,
    I would argue one point there. Not that I was ever privy to their accounting books, but 3-4 years ago while car counts were good and purses good, I’d often hear that track operators weren’t thrilled with how they were doing hosting the series.

  15. Rich Oloff says

    Dick Williams and Jim Schaefer turned the tri-track series into, in my opinion the best of the modified series. Most impressive was the money they managed to pay to the competitors as well as providing very entertaining events. Their rules package as well as the money they paid guys that failed to qualify was unheard of elsewhere. The two of them poured their hearts into bettering modified racing. I hope whatever happens the Tri-Track continues to be a success. Thank you to Williams and Schaefer for many fantastic events and hopefully more in the future.

  16. NH Mod fan says

    I’m sure you have lots of good sources. I gave my opinion.
    I wish Tri-Track success for many more as I enjoy this form of racing.
    Signing out.

  17. I think the fact that everyone referring to TT as a series, including Mr. Bennett tells you everything you need to know about what went wrong. It was never intended to be more than three or four open shows. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the Star 125 and Seekonk Open going back to being the unaffiliated open shows in 2021.

    Is it me or Dick Williams and Stafford an ideal match if they were looking to do something in 2020. Those guys should do lunch as they say.

  18. When there are incentives to attend races, such as points and point funds, it is a series, not open shows. When a couple races are planned but are standalone events, then it is a couple open shows. Big differences. With a series, there is points racing. With a standalone open event, it’s all out racing.

    True open shows, standalone events, would be awesome. 😎 No points fund, all funds awarded for and at each event. That would be some old school racing. No need to squeeze cars with points to attend the races. The purse would do all the attracting.

    I’m having visions of Richie, Jimmy Spencer, Charlie, Bodine, Leaty, Kent, et al. That was the era of open show racing.

  19. Without Jim & Dick it will be interesting to see how 2020 goes that’s for sure. They seemed to be the catalyst for finding the sponsorship and funding for the competitors to enjoy the purses they raced for. TTOMS loss could be someone else’s gain? Who knows but thanks guys for everything you injected into the series.

  20. getserious says

    C’mon this is all you need to know:

    Darling – a former race team owner on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
    Bennett, a former Whelen Modified Tour team owner
    Pennink – a former Whelen Modified Tour team owner

    racing fan Jim Schaefer
    local promoter Dick Williams

    One type of person’s TOP priority is to make money and the other type’s TOP priority is to put on good races.
    It is extremely rare that you can do both, successfully, or even get them pulling in the same direction
    Bye Bye Tri-Track . It was the best show at one time.

  21. Have to agree with getserious. This looks like the beginning of the end of the TTOMS as we knew it. Darling/Pennink/Bennett got involved a couple years ago and I was impressed that the TTOMS stayed together as long as it has. Schaefer and Williams must have ceded some sort of control when those guys got involved. So it looks like the businessmen are going to show Schaefer and Williams how it’s done. [sarcasm]

    One group of guys is all about making money, the other guys are about recreating what was lost and desired in modified racing.

  22. Darealgoodfella,
    I’m just going to step in here for a second as I see these comments going down a particular path painting a picture that I don’t think is quite true. First, there’s a group of people here portraying Mark Pennink, Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett as some sort of Wall Street type speculative investors who got involved with the series to turn massive profits and line their pockets. These are three guys who ran race teams at the top levels of regional racing. You know a lot of team owners who run race teams on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and do it for the amazing profits they make? Nope, not any that I know of. These are three guys who have a wealth of history in Northeast racing, a wealth of history in Modified racing and have a passion for the sport that nobody should question. And they want to help to continue to build something special with the Tri-Track Series. Painting them as suit and tie bean counters who are there to create a profit driven business is absolutely painting a picture that is the furthest from the truth. And conversely it’s no knock on Jim Schaefer or Dick Williams – who are both guys that are also very passionate about Modified racing – but painting the picture that these two men have done this since 2014 and not made any money for themselves doing it is also not true. They have most certainly not been just volunteering their time for six years with nothing to show for it. And well they should be paid for what they’ve done, I’m in no way saying they shouldn’t be. But portraying them as 100 percent volunteering their time to do this is entirely spinning a fairy tale.

  23. For years it’s been a common assumption that the TTOMS has been more participant charity then profit centered endeavor including this fan. Perception apparently is not reality. I for one celebrate the expansion of the series. You can call it Opens or anything you like and it’s a good thing. Hopefully the tracks they race at and the guys managing the series make money and the more the better.

  24. Not totally related to this story, but I think the series is making a couple of scheduling mistakes next season. First is having the Claremont race the day after the WMT runs at Jennerstown. I know there are a couple drivers that have separate teams for both series, but there are a few others that do use the same car so they probably won’t show up. Then there is the idea of running a race the day after the Musket 200 at Loudon. That race would almost have to be in New Hampshire too since I don’t think Seekonk would have third race. Probably lose some care for that too and likely fans as well.

  25. Shawn where you at the tritrack race on Mothers Day when Jim had to pay over 20k out of his own pocket because the race flopped? No you didn’t go to that race and actually bad mouthed the series because you didn’t get credentials. Saying that Jim made money is the farthest from the truth and it almost went belly up right after that. Very reason why he had to get some other guys behind the series. Im not here to start a pissing contest but you always correct everyone so I think I needed to correct you as well saying anything about Jim making money. It was his money and the boys from LI that started this out of their own pockets.

  26. Knew it was coming but is gut wrenching to see it im print. For sure good luck going forward with TT but I don’t think they are in for what it takes to go hustle the bucks from fans , sponcors and potential sponcors and build the series from it’s roots. TT was a godsend to those without the deep pockets or the stamina to run the Tour. Good pay all the way back,a point fund with a 3 of 4 ( dropping your lowest finish ) and still be in the running was brillant. Last chance races with the buy in and provisionals for loyalty are by the wayside now and that’s a shame. Hope it doesn’t go NASCAR lite on us. I’ll be done with it if it does
    .thx a ton Jim and Dick.

  27. Todd Carey,
    If you’re going to argue you here you should probably get your information correct. Yes, I was at the event on Mother’s Day 2014 at Lee USA Speedway that you’re referring to, and I did cover it. Here’s the race story from that day: Money Man: Matt Hirschman Rolls To Bullring Bash 100 Modified Win At Lee USA Speedway.
    Also, heres another story I wrote from that day at Lee USA Speedway: Crashing The Party: Dennis Perry Surprises The Podium At Bullring Bash 100 At Lee

    I was declined credentials for the May 2015 event at Lee, and not because I “bad mouthed” the series, but because I wrote a column about how the track surface at Lee unfortunately created sandbag racing. Series management didn’t like that everything that was published on this site wasn’t 100 percent promotional and positive for the series and events.
    Also, nowhere did I say they turned a profit on every event they put on. I said they didn’t do this as volunteers for six years. There are nights the management at a short track doesn’t make money, it doesn’t mean they’re doing what they do for free. A lot of businesses don’t make money every day, it doesn’t mean they’re in business to not make a profit.

  28. Jonald Dump says

    People are overrating how involved Dick and Jim were with TTOMS over the last several years.

    If Jim had his way he would’ve given Hirshman points for the Monadnock race that he didn’t even race in and Matt would’ve won the 2019 TTOMS championship, lucky for the fans guys like Wayne and Ed had the brains to not let Jim do that. Wayne and Ed saved the credibility of the series that day and Jim is still crying about it to anyone who will listen.

  29. Common Sense says

    The operative word on the aforementioned NASCAR owners is “formerly”. I’m not entirely sure why NASCAR even bothers with the tour, the day may come when they don’t. NASCAR provides support and coverage of their oldest division, but with that comes a lot of BS. You know, the NASCAR stuff. The stuff we’ve all been b*tching about on the internet for what feels like decades now.

    The need has always been there for a highly competitive alternative to NASCAR WMT. And it’s encouraging to see disaffected NASCAR owners with something cool in their hands…another racing series is a good thing, more of NASCAR’s “let us tell you how [..]” is not. I hope for the best for the TRI Track (can we change the name now? No offense) and I especially hope these guys remember why there is a growing and growing list of “former WMT owners”

    As for the LI mod maniac, I have nothing but love for that guy. I can remember 10+ years ago when he started raising money over that crappy “flash race” deal. He’s a huge asset in the modified community and I’m glad to hear he’ll still be at the races. I don’t know if this makes him feel any better, but Ancient Rome is considered the pinnacle of human civilization, and that was founded by Romulus and Remus, 2 wolf children. Times change, the world evolves. See y’all at South Boston and Martinsville. And also Seekonk, Monadnock and Star.

  30. I hate how people like Common Sense turn various owners who retire after reaching a particular age in their lives as a negative against the tour. You can’t play that card. All the owners leaving were highly successful who had plenty of opportunities to go race other tours. They didn’t. All of them have said it was just time to move on. Not a one bashed the tour on the way out. Its not a crime to retire. Everyone retires at some point. All of today’s owner will leave someday. I don’t see many 90 year olds working the pits. I also love people who come on here, bash Nascar and immediately announce which Nascar races they are going to. It’s like when people complain about Trump but then vote for him regardless. Zero credibility.

    It’s ironic that those former Nascar owners can’t get any of those so called disgruntled WMT teams to come run their tour. I didn’t see the 2, 16 or 4V at very many TT races. The one time the 2 did show he blew away the field at Seekonk.

  31. NWMT vs TTOMS. The pinnacle of civilization ancient Rome vs the cradle of civilization ancient Greece.
    Not a fan of the tour vs tour deal but any time you can include Romulus and Remus into your comment hats off in the creativity department.

  32. The NWMT 2 team spokesperson said they ran Seekonk as a test for the NWMT event.

  33. Shawn, you want to make a small fortune in racing? Start with a huge fortune.

    Darling got lucky with Coby. The 52 was never a contender with MH. Pennink was never a contender running his own operation. Darling was a shoe string operation, joined resources with another owner, eventually closed up. Coby left Darling because it wasn’t a secure operation. Hirschman took the seat in the 52 and couldn’t make it work. The Pennink operation had all the best equipment possible, changed crew chiefs more often than underwear. Had signs of potential, but was never a top contender. So lauding these guys as wicked awesome top notch HoF owners isn’t gonna stick. There are lots of people with the money to run a car, but are also wicked short on talent to be competitive. It’s one thing to run a car, another to be competitive. Take the top 20 cars on the NWMT, effectively SPEC cars, SPEC motors, manufactured chassis. What makes some better than others? Talent. Take the Pennink operation and put it in the hands of a Moran, Stone, or Kuhnel and it would have been unbeatable. The Bennett operation had a couple good years placing in the top 3. But not too many folks will remember that operation. They were good, far from great and memorable.

    Running a NWMT team and running a racing series are two very different animals. Running a racing team is a selfish act to fill a primitive need to compete, conquer, crush, and destroy. Running a car in the NWMT is a hobby, an addiction, a passion, a money pit. If it were lucrative, everyone would be doing it. Running a series is a venture to make 💰💰💰💰💰💰. Why else? When TTOMS was three races, it was not a series. Now that it is expanding, with incentives to run events, it has become a series and that also means a larger cashflow. 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑

    Shawn, remember that TTOMS started with LI Mod Maniac raising funds to add to the NASCAR payouts and those flash events. Once that became successful, it was only natural to try to do it himself, and he did it with TTOMS. Kept it small and simple, made it all about the teams, not himself. LI Mod Maniac knows that payouts have gone down over the years, make that decades, while expenses to run a modified car have skyrocketed. He wanted to recreate that era by bringing payouts up and the excitement of the old open events.

    The three businessmen are just that… businessmen. Very successful, entrepreneurial businessmen. So successful at that they ran NWMT teams. They ran NWMT teams because they could afford it. For example, the 93 was the Pennink family operation, sponsored by a business owned by the Pennink’s. Multiple cars, double stacker, Hutter power, all the best equipment available. Many sponsors on the cars are just that… the business owned by the team owner one way or another. Or a sponsor has a rather close relation with the owner. The operation of the car is an expense. It pays for the hobby. These guys are in a league that is very different than LI Mod Maniac who goes around trying to collect lap money here and there, and a few bucks here and there. That takes hustle. LI Mod Maniac was a career school teacher, a respectable and noble career. A wild fan of Modified racing. How many school teachers are fully self-funding and running competitive NWMT race teams as a hobby? If you pay attention to the news, many teachers today have second jobs to make ends meet, or are young teachers that are still living with their parents. I’m not sure of the background of Dick Williams, but I doubt he’s an independently wealthy well-heeled entrepreneur helping LI Mod Maniac collect $20 buy-a-lap-fees. Just thinking of Darling, Bennett or Pennink hustling out there, scraping up sponsors for a couple hundred bucks here and there, and dealing with the public for $20 lap money is freaking hilarious.

    The TTOMS is reported to have paid out several hundred thousand dollars in a season. That’s a short schedule, like a handful of races, so that sounds impressive. It is potential growth 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 💰💰💰 to guys that own business enterprises that allow them to afford a hobby that costs more per season to operate than the TTOMS paid out in a season. The cost to operate a NWMT team for one season is several times that of a salary of an American career school teacher. (The season tire bill alone is close to that of an American teacher’s salary.) However since the TTOMS has grown to seven events, clearly the new operators see 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 💰 potential and plan on growth, growth and more growth. Bennett, Pennink and Darling weren’t doing this for free or out of some deep, philanthropic generosity to give these racers places to race and pay some pretty decent purses. They aren’t increasing the number of races to give away or lose more money. They are doing it to make 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑, 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 and more 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰.

    I certainly hope Schaefer and Williams compensated themselves, paid expenses, something for all they did. These guys are supposedly retired, so this is their retirement passion. Probably more fun than gardening and shuffle board. Everything I have read says that TTOMS poured all revenue into the series and paid the racers. I would have no problem at all if they paid some expenses, travel, motel, meals etc. with funds raised. It should be expected. But for sure, I doubt Williams and Schaeffer are looking to buy a chalets in Jackson Hole or beach property on Nantucket as a result of running TTOMS.

    Keep this in mind… TTOMS had good purses, payouts, etc. That’s why the cars showed up. They hustled to get revenue, they paid purses. They clearly had minimal expenses. With Darling and Bennett left running the TTOMS, who is going to work the phones, hustle the sponsorship, run the lap money collections, etc.? They are most likely going to have one, or more, of their PAID employees take this on. That will result in costs and expenses that must be taken out of the revenue, which means less to be paid out to the racers.

    High rollers get involved because they see the potential to make BIG 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰. How many racing series are run as charitable or philanthropic entities?

    Shawn, if Bennett, Pennink, and Darling were not doing this to make bank, then why did they get involved in operating the TTOMS? They already have successful enterprises to run and occupy their time. They can afford a hobby that requires a seven figure capital investment and hundreds of thousands of dollars a season to operate. (Tires alone can run about $55,000 for a NWMT season, plus test sessions, non-points events, and open events. Going by the invoices I’ve seen and the number of tires purchased per event and test sessions.)

    Let’s see if Darling and Bennett are as good at promoting, securing sponsorship, selling laps, collecting lap money, PAYING PURSES, etc. as Schaefer and Williams are. The TTOMS series is successful because they produced the purses. If you pay it, they will come. Think about that. The TTOMS is successful because of the purses, lap money, payouts, etc. Let’s see if Darling and Bennett can produce that income revenue to keep those purses, lap money, start money, etc. where it needs to be to entice the car counts the series has been attracting. Keep in mind that Schaefer and Williams got started by promoting and raising funds to increase purses/payouts of NWMT events, effectively doing NASCAR’s job. Will Bennett and Darling be as successful as Schaefer and Williams?

    High rollers have moved in. They don’t get involved to lose money. They get involved when there is potential for lucrative cashflows 🤑 🤑 🤑 🤑. They are not going to do the hustle that Schaeffer and Williams did to promote and raise funds. And they are certainly going to reduce payouts to the racers. That’s the only way they can divert money to themselves and pay the expenses they will incur. If the three high rollers were promising to fund the TTOMS, support historical payouts, etc., so Schaeffer and Williams could scale back their efforts to raise lap money, etc., why would Schaeffer and Williams leave?

    You also need to understand that the success of the TTOMS with Schaefer and Williams was because these two guys are characters. SCHAEFFER AND WILLIAMS ARE TTOMS. When someone gets a call from them, they knew what was going on. The sponsors, donors, lap buyers, all knew the LI Mod Maniac. Now, Bennett and Darling are not going to be the ones working the phones, emails, online activity. Some minimum wage employee will be doing that. All the passion and entertainment value of the LI Mod Maniac is G-O-N-E from TTOMS.

    It won’t be long before TTOMS announces that the larger schedule has increased costs and therefore payouts will be reduced, entry fees will increase, etc. Don’t be surprised when the seven race schedule is reduced.

    So here are my predictions: TTOMS revenue will decline, TTOMS expenses will increase, payouts to the TTOMS racers will decrease, and the TTOMS will wither.

    The revenue and racers will probably go with the LI Mod Maniac. Can’t wait to see the new name of the racing schedule Schaeffer and Williams will be promoting.

  34. Crazy in NY says

    The 52 was never a contender with MH.
    2008 25 16 of 16 2 6 11 1 2286 224 41,804 2 7.9 8.3 16 15 0 0

    Did you say never? Zero cred you have…..none.

  35. I thought Pennick stepped back around the time Rowan stopped racing. That’s when Bennett came in. They previously were together running their cars part time for the full season. Maybe for Hirschman?

  36. Fast Eddie,
    Yes, in 2008 Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett brought their teams together to run full-time with Matt Hirschman on the Whelen Modified Tour. Matt finished second in the standings that year to Ted Christopher.

  37. Tri Track was Williams and Schaefer, they were the Direct link to the teams for Registration, payout information, rule changes, answered questions and concerns. They did the Social Media Hype, kept track of entry lists, tire order lists, sold lap money, sold T-shirts at the Tracks. If you think Darling and Bennett are going to keep up with all that you are nuts. Schaefer and Williams were the reason the Purse’s were not reduced already, now with them gone look out!

  38. Crazy in NY wrote, “The 52 was never a contender with MH.
    2008 25 16 of 16 2 6 11 1 2286 224 41,804 2 7.9 8.3 16 15 0 0

    Did you say never? Zero cred you have…..none.”


    Looks like more covfefe.

  39. Thanks Shawn for confirming my “maybe”. Also, thanks for all you do on this site!

  40. Dick Williams is a modified racing treasure.His passion and excitement for modified racing is incredible and only eclipsed by his promotional expertise . He runs his dinosaur Buick to every race shop in New England to secure the commitment of drivers , owners and sponsors alike . Total , selfless dedication best describes this great man .

  41. The thread respondents seem to be picking up sides and that’s unfortunate but it really started with what the principles said in the article.
    It’s a good old fashion too many cooks in the kitchen deal. Too bad they couldn’t agree not to air their dirty laundry in public. If they each had different agenda’s why is this so surprising. If William and Schaefer have one priority, bring in other guys looking to expand which is a different priority why would they be so surprised they aren’t on the same page?
    Williams says he doesn’t want to hurt the TTOMS but is already noodling new offerings. Sounds like competition to me. Sounds like grudges and bad feelings all around.
    All the talk by about honoring this and that and doing what’s good for the race teams. Agreed, it’s wonderful then why didn’t you keep it that way in the first place? Three races, a cool logo, two guys with sterling reps and a posse respected by all. But no. You bring in more cooks that are saying we’re buying the groceries so we think we should have a say in how the meal is prepared and now the fur is flying.
    I really don’t see how Bennett and Darling all of a sudden are the bad guys with some really greedy motivations being attributed to them. Unless you’re a legacy track owner like the Arutes it seems like if you are money motivated the last thing you’d put money into is anything connected with local racing and take all the crap being dished out in social media. They’ve been involved with the series for a while. A season by all accounts that was a success so what’s the problem? If they have deeper pockets, if they have modified experience and want to expand it further then how is that not a good thing? Will the purses be smaller, the promotion second rate and the fields anemic? Here’s an idea, wait until it happens before you trash them.
    If they all are professionals then act like it. Coordinate and communicate. Not working together but work in concert with each other. If Schaefer and Williams are planning new events great but just make it so it isn’t competing or perceived competing. The TTOMS is your legacy that you will be credited with starting so the last thing you want is to be perceived as undermining it.You might even think about cross promotion.

  42. Or this… Darling and Bennett back away from TTOMS claiming they want to “spend more time with the family.” 🤣🤣🤣

    Without Schaeffer and Williams, the TTOMS can not thrive. They provided the character and sweat equity that will not exist without them.

    It’s not hard to see what’s going to happen. Like with the NLWS/Bemer situation. When Bemer was arrested and admitted to the deeds, I posted what was going to happen and what was not going to happen. I was right. That was incredibly obvious. The NLWSB was at a crossroads of trouble. It was dilapidated, needed rehabilitation, and the owner gets in really big legal trouble, trouble that rendered the ‘bowl insignificant to Bemer. The ‘bowl became collateral damage.

    Look at all the other series that are limping, failed to launch, and scattered by the waysides. Get it yet?

  43. darealgoodfella,
    Comparing the Tri-Track Series having a management shakeup to a track owner being convicted as part of sex trafficking ring is quite a stretch. The circumstances of each situation aren’t even in the same galaxy of similar.

  44. Dareal just likes to point out OVER N OVER N OVER N OVER he was right about Waterford not opening or any other points he makes over n over n over!

  45. In a fairness I don’t don’t think anyone predicted pretty much anything regarding the Speedbowl correctly. The whole saga wasn’t/isn’t a prediction it’s a novel waiting to be written.
    Thinking back it’s the moneyed savior of the Speedbowl in the early part of 2017 being charged with the most heinous of crimes and the fan base sucker punched in the process. What follows couldn’t be predicted. The better part of two seasons of racing completed under the management of two novices to race promotion as the owner awaits trial. The rancor, divisiveness, support, defections, reemergence and continued drama surrounding every event promoted. Conflicts with the racing press then reconciliation. Each unlikely season complicated more by the rickety stands that had no chance of being approved but were. The owner offered an escape hatch, refusing it, tried and convicted and the drama still continuing as he fights the conviction out on bail as well as the never ending civil suits. The track entering 2019 with hope of rebuilding and promises of racing but ending in a whimper with partial demolition and new stands on site left unpacked. The ever present promotion by the track manager on social media switched off like a light as if the 2019 Speedbowl season that was promised never existed.
    Compared to a squabble involving some pretty well respected racing guys. That also by the by was never predicted as they worked together during a successful 2019 racing season.
    Not in the same galaxy is not an overstatement at all.

  46. Shawn, I wasn’t comparing the TTOMS situation to the ‘bowl situation. I was pointing out that one should be able to see what’s going to happen. Look at the situation, the past history, the current conditions, and then extrapolate. Apply that technique to both situations. It’s a technique derived from and rooted in math. I did not compare the TTOMS and ‘bowl situations. I used one as an example of cause and effect to show how it successfully predicted the ‘bowl situation, and how the same technique can help show how the other case can play out. Let me explain.

    darealgoodfella wrote…

    “Without Schaeffer and Williams, the TTOMS can not thrive. They provided the character and sweat equity that will not exist without them.

    It’s not hard to see what’s going to happen. Like with the NLWS/Bemer situation. ”

    I did use the ‘bowl situation to as an example to explain cause and effect, and how it can be used to predict the future, and how I was right when I predicted what was and was not going to happen. It helps to tweak wmass01013. For whatever reason, he finds it annoying when I’m right. He can complain about me being right all the time, but I’m not going to start being wrong to make him happy. His problems are not my problems.

    The ‘bowl situation was obvious, IF one were objective and just mildly knowledgeable. You will have to have knowledge and experience of moderate finance and construction industry and municipal processes, and understand that Bemer had to freeze many millions (I believe it was reported to be $25 million) as security against future claims. Clearly he is worth well more than $25 million. Folks need to understand what that means. That’s a far different world than folks that dwell on what they are going to give up to buy a pack of cigarettes, tank of gas, another 6-pack, or weigh purchasing the Stafford season ticket package to save 83¢ per weekly admission. It was easy and obvious to know what was going to happen and what was not going to happen with the ‘bowl, yet many believed that the ‘bowl was going to be operating, and rebuilt in no time. It was posted over and over that the ‘bowl was just fine and would be operating as a rebuilt gem of a racing facility. The physical facts were contradicting. But many folks believed it, over and over and over and over. The stands were not rebuilt, the place was not rebuilt, the place didn’t open. Just as I said it would happen. I was just working off the facts. The ‘bowl was pocket change for Bemer, still is, and he couldn’t care less about it. He’s 65 years old, appealing a 10 year prison sentence, fighting off another case to disclose his HIV status and HIV related medical history, fighting another recent domestic disturbance case that might end his freedom on bail bond. Hey, if you knew you were HIV negative, would you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses to fight court ordered HIV testing? All of that could cost Bemer many times more than he paid for the bowl from increased damages in the civil suits. He’s settling civil suits as fast as possible, probably hedging against damages that could be much higher if HIV status is confirmed. It’s a matter of perspective. It’s all there, it’s all been published. Bemer doesn’t care about the ‘bowl or the fans and racers of the ‘bowl. He has to take care of himself, and the ‘bowl is insignificant pocket change to him. That the ‘bowl is withering is proof. And then there are the subset of humanity that do not want any of the true news of the ‘bowl discussed for they fear it will delay when they can get back to attending the ‘bowl. And the Neanderthal Deplorable cretin that was pushing the idea that the public needed to support the ‘bowl to make sure that Bemer was enriched even more as if that would be good for all his victims. That had to be one of the most disgusting, deplorable, selfish things I’ve witnessed. Too bad to all of you that put your selfishness above the victims. Shame on all of you.

    Let’s look at a brief summary: many years ago, it was announced that the ‘bowl would undergo rehab to replace the stands. The stands were supposed to be torn down immediately after the last race of the season. Never happened. The threat of the Town not permitting the ‘bowl to open loomed larger and larger. The debacle of the ‘bowl being leased to shield Bemer didn’t work. Bemer admits to his deeds. Then comes that Ryan guy, Mod Squad reporting (credentials terminated), that George guy (bailed), that Serlucha guy, et al. spewing train 🚂 loads of pure Grade A 🐂 💩. I called it as it was, pure 💩. I hit 🎯 after 🎯 after 🎯after 🎯 after 🎯 after 🎯 after 🎯. So while many of you were getting those sinkers removed and hooks disgorged, I was laughing 😂 🤣 😆 at many of you. Many of you relentlessly attacked me, yet during and in the end, I was right, 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯 🎯. Nailed it. It was easier than predicting a next breath. Doug, you still don’t think anything regarding the Speedbowl was predicted correctly? 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 Doug? What say you?

    Now look at TTOMS. TTOMS is a manifestation of the sweat equity and character of Schaeffer and Williams. They and they alone can create and maintain what they have achieved. Bennett and Darling are not going to do what Schaeffer and Williams did. They can’t, they have enterprises to run. Yet, what Williams and Schaeffer did was what TTOMS was built on and all about. Without what Williams and Schaeffer did, there will be no TTOMS as we knew it. So all I did there was look at what made TTOMS what it is, and considered who was going to do that without Williams and Schaeffer involved in the TTOMS anymore. Easy to conclude… nah, TTOMS ain’t gonna survive without Williams and Schaeffer.

    The same logical, informed, methodical cause-and-effect process that I applied to perfectly predict the ‘bowl debacle was applied to the TTOMS disappointment. I do believe my prediction for what will happen with what remains of the TTOMS will prevail. Y’all need to understand that there have rumblings of alternatives to the NWMT for decades and decades. MRS had a good run, then TTOMS has been the best alternative out there. It was built on the ambition of Schaeffer and Williams, and without them, it will not exist for long.

    BTW, any news on the ‘bowl? Stands up? New concessions? Site work? Sewer? Drainage? Electrical? Permits? Are we getting close to the 2019 banquet? How about the 2020 schedule? Any predictions?

  47. darealgoodfella,
    No new news on the Speedbowl.

  48. You DONT TWEAK ME, u have made your points about the WATERFORD SPEEDBOWL DOZENS OF TIMES!!!!!!! to me its A SAD situation that a track with a good fan base that was on the verge of foreclosure was SAVED by a RICH LOW LIFE individual which no one knew his actions at the time, and even more sad is that the track could be very profitable and provide great entertainment to many people but sit in LIMBO the last 2 yrs.
    Tri track was to me Long Island Mod Maniac, he started it at Riverhead with a goal to give teams MORE $$$$ then NASCAR was providing, NASCAR and WHELEN have stepped up payout and point fund money and tri track went to a more different direction, was the addition of BENNETT and DARLING a bad thing? I don’t think it was but obviously the people involved have now split for whatever reasons, you could be right about the future of TRI track but dozens of post about you being right gets tired QUICKLY.

  49. ” And the Neanderthal Deplorable cretin that was pushing the idea that the public needed to support the ‘bowl to make sure that Bemer was enriched even more as if that would be good for all his victims.”

    That would be me. And since you are trolling me once again for something I said over two years ago I guess it would be fair for me to remind you of what you said as things were developing on 5/9/17.

    “phil, look at Bemer’s age. NLWSB was his retirement entertainment.
    If you read the reports, Bemer owns several rather large and prominent businesses. The NLWSB is probably the smallest business in Bemer’s portfolio. If you had any business acumen, you would know that getting the NLWSB open and running to the benefit of the racers is not a priority. And then consider the severity of his arrest and that whole situation. Given the publicity, the NLWSB would probably operate at a huge loss until there is new ownership. Fans and racers have made it clear they are not going to the NLWSB under the present ownership. No racers, no sanctioning, no sponsors, no fans, means no revenue. It’s not in Bemer’s interests at all to open it up unless he wants to lose tons of cash. He’s going to have to sell, and that means he isn’t going to spend another dime on fixing the place up. That means that if the grandstand issue is real, it isn’t getting fixed.
    Anybody drive by recently and see work being done on the grandstands?”


    I stand by my statement that what happened over the last two years plus no one could have predicted Including you as well DGF.

  50. I think I get it DGF. Your logic was you were right on the Speedbowl and therefore your prediction on the TTOMS should be taken as credible.
    I don’t want to overstate how wrong you were about the Speedbowl because we all said a lot of things over the years most of which proved to be folly all around.
    My point is it’s one thing predicting doom and gloom for a guy that deserves it. Another completely for a couple stand up guys just trying to put on a few shows. I just don’t think they should be labeled as greedy carpet baggers until they do something to deserve it.

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